Wild Nights with Rocky Powell

40 Episodes

By: Rocky Powell

Reliving your wildest nights one episode at a time!

Kristen González

Rocky goes to Farm Aid for the second year in a row! Plus no one flirts in Raleigh, chewed up apples, and Stedman. Comedian Kristen González joins The Party God Squad this week with a fun & wild story that proves the good times know how to find her! If you want to help the victims of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico please visit the Wild Nights linktree and give what you can.

Ben Rosenfeld

Rocky shares the long awaited tale of The Rui Niaboa. Plus adventures in babysitting, Jerry Lee Lewis, and smear campaigns! Comedian Ben Rosenfeld joins The Party God Squad to teach us some lessons he learned in drinking school. He may be working in comedy now, but make no mistake he was a young entrepreneur over at Rutgers. Listen now!

Priscilla Davies ll

Rocky gives a shoutout to Queens. Plus, a new love for tennis, Facebook is the HPV of social media, and firemen everywhere! Returning member of The Party God Squad Priscilla Davies is BACK! Priscilla shares a WILD story that will teach you not to mess with her or her family. And we learn a little bit about the misconceptions of VooDoo. You don't want to miss this one!

TaTa Sherise

Rocky give her tips on how to have a kick ass time as a wedding guest! Plus, Irish guys, hippie spirit, and sound medical advice. Comedian TaTa Sherise joins The Party God Squad with a story that tests the limits of crazy. The gals swap war stories! How far would you go for El Diablo?

G-Su Paek

Rocky gets a new car, sort of! Plus, cuffing season, Big Cuck Energy, and ghosts under sheets. Comedian G-Su Paek joins The Party God Squad and teaches us all how to make a "Candyman Shot!" The two talk Saved by the Bell, Christmas movies, and improv, improv, improv! Could you beat Dustin Diamond at chess?

Nicole Phoenix

Rocky makes a bucket list. Plus, Woodstock 99, smashed mailboxes, and babies don't know song lyrics. Comedian Nicole Phoenix joins The Party God Squad this week with a story that will not have you headed home anytime soon!

Ronvé O'Daniel

Rocky is #TeamBritney. Plus, cigarettes by the pool, why did the chicken cross the road, and nymphos! Songwriter, musician, and so much more, Ronvé O'Daniel joins The Party God Squad this week. He talks all about a multi layered vacation and all the incredible things that are on his horizon!

Florence Friebe

Rocky reminisces about getting alcohol poisoning in Mexico. Plus, video surveys are the future, girl code and "the look", and Sweet Pete is single and branded! Comedian Florence Friebe joins The Party God Squad! The two talk going down under, ego deaths, and doing comedy in NYC. Come for the comedy, leave with some lessons!

Erica Switzer

Rocky writes a song inspired by the difficult, unhelpful strangers of the world. Plus NYC summers past and present, trolls and their riddles, and dirty ass beer taps! Comedian Erica Switzer joins The Party God Squad for one night of fun. Grab yourself a pint, and be smooth with it baby, you got a place to stay!

JP Murphy

Rocky explains what real freedom is while inhaling real pee fumes. Plus, the dentist hates drugs, gasoline is getting people high, and another murder hotel! JP Murphy (Good Pizza) joins The Party God Squad this week with some valuable advice for both car owners, and wannabe car owners alike. Rocky and JP discuss whats in store for cannabis in the future and the true definition of "Good Pizza!"

Meka Mo

Rocky shares some tips on how to be a better gym goer. Plus, a girls night gone wild, Atlantic City psychics, and a smoke sesh with the plumber! Comedian Meka Mo joins The Party God Squad to share a story that puts us one degree away from Buckingham Palace. Don't go home if you know what's good for you!

Jaclyn Passaro

Rocky goes to a Dead & Co show. Plus, Casper the "Friendly" Ghost is off the Zaddy's list, what is freedom, and Cousin Skeeter. Comedian Jaclyn Passaro drops by to join The Party God Squad with a story that will make us all think twice before trusting a stranger!

Mark Stetson

Rocky goes to yet another Black Crowes concert and it was indeed "Twice as Hard!" Plus bye bye to Bond St., everyone is banging, and thieves over at the Hyundai writers room. Comedian Mark Stetson drops by with a one message, "Protect Ya Neck!" Get the bubbly out, cause it's about to be LIVE!

Yamini Nambimadom

Rocky goes to see the 2022 Tony Award Winning Best Musical 'A Strange Loop.' Plus Roe V. Wade, weak jizz, and purse tequila! Comedian Yamini Nambimadom joins The Party God Squad this episode to share a story from her sorority days! What's your shot limit?

Dillon Geyselaers

Rocky wishes the Zaddies a Happy Zaddies Day. Plus uber woes, cameramen, and nostalgia fill the rundown! Comedian and actor Dillon Geyselaers joins The Party God Squad to take it all the way silly and to talk about some upcoming projects. Don't blink, cause you'll miss us!

Yola Lu

Rocky goes to a biker bar. Plus, Tenafly, New Jersey, Exploding Head Syndrome, & eagles flood this episode. Comedian Yola Lu (Y'all We Asian, Uncomfortable) joins The Party God Squad with a wild story from her college days and the wrong side of rage! Look alert and listen now!

Ernest Stuart

Rocky has some tips to keep you having fun this Summer 2022! Plus, 7th Heaven, Carnivals, and Daddy Warbucks all make an appearance this episode. Musician Ernest Stuart joins The Party God Squad and takes us over the pond with his wild night story. Remember "almost" only counts in horseshoes, hand-grenades, and on this episode so listen now!

Jacob Williams

Rocky is reluctant to go anywhere. Plus, Bet on Beto, UNREAL Housewives of Beverly Hills, and a The WHO concert at MSG! Comedian Jacob Williams (MTV's Wild N' Out, Unemotional Roller Coaster) joins The Party God Squad this week with a story that'll teach us all to step out of our comfort zones. If you're a podcast 'Seeker' seek no more!

Chelse Greaux

Rocky shares the thoughts that Kendrick Lamar's 'Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers' album sparked. Plus, cat calling gets bonkers, celebrities from The Office, and more problems at the laundromat. Comedian Chelse Greaux joins The Party God Squad this week and shows the world why she is a clutch friend on a wild night out!

Mateen Stewart

Rocky shares some sadder words to start. Plus, a coffee detox, a sniffing detox, and Lizzo sync ups! Comedian Mateen Stewart joins The Party God Squad. His 21st birthday was unlike anything you've ever heard so jump in for all the surprises he's got in store!

Cara Connors

Rocky discusses the elephant in the womb. Plus, popcorn hip, a hilarious martial dispute, and another push to get listeners in "Rocket City", Alabama. Comedian Cara Connors (E!'s Dating #nofilter, Straight for Pay) joins The Party God Squad! Put your helmet on because you are in for one bumpy ride!

Von Mychael

Rocky randomly remembers quirky moments from her adolescence in the days leading up to her 34th birthday. Plus, all the fun of this past birthday week recapped. Comedian Von Mychael joins The Party God Squad with a story that packs a one two punch. Grab your french fries and put your head down because this wild night is sure to knock you out!

DoRi Dimplez

Rocky shares a story from the cliffs of Ireland. Plus, another fleeting love story leaves her with an extra business card, a call to action, and a listener writes in to help crack a code from last week. Comedian DoRi Dimplez joins The Party God Squad with a story that'll teach us all to follow the fun!

Stan Talouis

Rocky's heart is with the subway this week. Plus, New Orleans body lag is real but that didn't stop the leader of The Party God Squad from hitting the streets this weekend. Comedian Stan Talouis drops by for the 69th episode with a really sexy story! It's not all bustin' nuts though. Rocky and Stan get vulnerable and share some honest thoughts about therapy and healing!

Dylan Adler

Rocky has some travel hacks that are sure to make you a more chilled out explorer of the world. Plus, the gang goes to New Orleans to get our besties hitched. Laissez les bon temps rouler, and that they did! Hear about the wild and wonderful trip in this episode. Joining The Party God Squad this week is comedian Dylan Adler! Don't be shocked if you see Dylan in the world and think you're seeing double. His story is epic and he is simply wonderful! Tickets to his show in NYC Friday April 15th can be found here: https://caveat...

Teresa Morrison

Rocky talks about the slap. Plus, a little karmic reward at the incense store, some sex tally data, and who was Tony Robbins BEFORE? Actress and comedian Teresa Morrison joins The Party God Squad! She goes down the wild road of memory lane, and the girls find themselves in a Sticky's Chicken at 2am. This episode is finger lickin' good!

Clint Coley

Rocky misreads a party invite. Plus, covid finally came knockin' and Netflix & Chill woes. Comedian Clint Coley (Advice From a F*ck Boy podcast) joins The Party God Squad with a story that'll make you cautious of who you let into your world. Don't lose your cool, this episode gets wild!

Nonye Brown-West

Rocky goes back to Atlantic City, but this time as Lenny Kravitz. Plus, boundary issues, synchronicities, Missy Elliot, and Vicks Vapor Rub shape this episode. Comedian Nonye Brown-West drops by the show with a wild night story that may make you thankful that you're single. Swipe right on this episode and see if there's chemistry!

Jay Light

Rocky writes a letter to Kim Kardashian. Plus, adventures at the 'dromat keep things interesting on International Women's Day. Comedian and writer Jay Light (Good Guy with a Gun, Domino Masters, Blockbusting Podcast ) joins The Party God Squad! He tells us all about the right kind of dicey, and talks about writing on the new FOX show, Domino Masters!

Jordan Foster II

Rocky reports back after Saturday night out in Manhattan. Plus, a Wuhan trip, a car accident, and razor burn thirst trap all in one week. The Party God Squad welcomes back Jordan Foster (103.5 KISS FM Chicago) with open arms! He recalls a competitive wild night that redefines the power of a wingman.

Ashley Ray

Rocky issues a public apology. Plus, John Mayer played Madison Square Garden last Monday and you get an inside scoop on what went down at the show. Comedian and writer Ashley Ray joins The Party God Squad with an epic wild night story. Come find out what a "double hippie backflip" is and hear all about her new show Alabama Jackson on Adult Swim!

Kalea McNeill

Rocky sings "The H-A-N-G-O-V-E-R Song." Plus a bar hang, an invisible knife, and a winter squall drop by this week! Actor & comedian Kalea McNeill joins The Party God Squad with a story that had her running at sea. The two talk heroes, & rotisserie in this jam packed episode!

Fat Carrie Bradshaw

Rocky tells us a hip hop fairytale. Plus, spotting a gremzie in the wild, and whats the root of making fun of people? Comedian Fat Carrie Bradshaw is here telling The Party God Squad all about a high school wild night that surely built character in the long run, and the most fun place he ever got recognize! This description doesn't even begin to give this episode "justice" so listen now!

Gwen Sunkel II

Rocky tries to get to the bottom of who's spying on her in her latest dream. Plus, no new friends, traffic jams, cougartown, and halftime predictions in this weeks rundown! Comedian Gwen Sunkel returns to Wild Nights as The Party God Squad's first ever member of The Twosie Club. Her wild night story will have you trying to piece together the night with the help of some strangers. Look out for Gwen's new comedy album dropping at the end of February!

Rob Smallwood

Rocky is seduced by Meal Kit commercials. Plus Hulu mishaps, a Neil Young whoopsie, and another solid idea for a dating app! Comedian Rob Smallwood joins The Party God Squad. This jam packed episode is a little bit east coast, a little bit west coast, and a lot a bit Saturn! Fill up your gas tank, and pay attention. This story's explosive!

Lexie Grace

Rocky finishes part two of a wild tale from the first date vault. Plus, seeing SCREAM, dating woes and woes not, and a bad dream, jam pack The Rundown this week! Comedian Lexie Grace joins The Party God Squad. Not only is she a fantastic surprise plus one, she's also fully stocked on life hacks. Listen now to get some of that fantastic positive energy that Lexie radiates!

Lyssa Mandel

Rocky shares part one of a story from the first date vault. Plus, how long can you be kind for? Lyssa Mandel (What Betwixt Us, The Bitch Seat) joins The Party God Squad to share a very romantic wild night. The two also tackle, shrooms, trips, and optimism in the new year!

Daphnique Springs

Season two is here, and so is Omicron! Rocky has managed to duck the new variant, or is it the other way around? Plus, catch up on all that's gone on during the holiday season. Comedienne Daphnique Springs joins The Party God Squad, and is kicking off the first wild night of the new season with a bang! Literally. Hear the unforgettable tale, and some exciting goals she has for 2022!

Suni Reyes

Rocky writes "Winter Wonderman" for the season one finale. Plus, celebrating besties birthday's, 90's dance parties, bi-racial brain protection, chipotle, drug smuggling, and LOTS of thank yous in this episode! Comedian and actress Suni Reyes joins The Party God Squad with a story that shows mom's can be wild too, even if it is by accident. Walk around your neighborhood while you listen to this one. You never know who you'll run into!

Christiana Jackson

Rocky is in Jamaica for a wedding, but it wasn't easy getting here. Plus, she's still in Jamaica! Get on island time and hear the recap of this aforementioned, epic wedding! Comedian Christiana Jackson joins The Party God Squad to recap the time she danced with the devil. And find out if you're right when it comes to predicting which sign is worst at sending dick pics!