Understanding Body Matters Podcast

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By: BodyMatters Australasia

The Understanding Body Matters podcast helps those impacted by eating disorders to understand more about the conditions and be inspired towards recovery. Developed by psychologists with significant experience providing treatment for eating and dieting disorders, body image issues and problematic exercise, the podcast provides reputable and reliable information. Hear from a range of speakers – including industry leaders and advocates, mental health experts and stories of hope from those who have recovered.

Feeling Stuck with an Eating Disorder with Director Jo Money & Dr. Christie Bennett

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing you to two lovely practitioners from ‘Eat Love Live’ in Melbourne, Director Josephine Money and Dr. Christie Bennett. Eat Love Live is a clinic that offers Dietetics and nutrition, physiotherapy, movement classes, music therapy, dance therapy and education from a range of different health professionals. Jo and Christie are both the co- Founders for Eat Love Live Education and have both really valued the role of lived experience in eating disorder treatment. Where ‘Eat Love Live’ has now developed a Framework called The Radical Centred Framework which utlises li...

Building Self- Confidence with Psychologist Dr. Daisy Gemayel

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing you to our next special guest to Principal Psychologist of the Mental Care Clinic, Dr Daisy Gemayel. Daisy grew up in Lebanon and then travelled to the U.S where she attended Harvard University at Cambridge in Massachusetts. After studying in the U.S she then travelled to Australia to gain her PhD in Psychology from Charles Sturt University. Alongside her studies Daisy has had many years of experience working in private practice, research, community mental health and hospital settings. Where Daisy has conducted clinical screenings, psychological as...

Eating Disorders are Only Growing Globally with Director of BMA Sarah McMahon

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be bringing one of our much loved guest, Director and Psychologist here at BodyMatters Australasia, Sarah McMahon. Sarah is a Registered Psychologist and the Director of BodyMatters Australasia clinic which is an eating disorder treatment clinic which has clinics all around Australia. BMA utilises the discipline of Psychologists, Dieticians, Paediatricians, Social workers, Psychotherapists, as well as multiple other stakeholders. Sarah Co- Founded BodyMatters with Lydia Turner in 2009 as a way to go beyond the biomedical model in the treatment of eating disorders. Sarah is also the Founder of the gr...

Movement and Eating Disorders with Physiotherapist Bec

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing you to our next special guest Physiotherapist, Rebecca Gawler. Bec works at two clinics in Melbourne at ‘Eat Love Live’ and Balance North as Physiotherapist. Working as a Physiotherapist with her own lived experience of disordered eating, Bec began to notice the link between physiotherapy presentations and struggles with disordered eating.  Especially when working with a lot of athletes, those who overexercise or those who have sustained injuries as a result of a rapid increase in exercise. Not only that, but Bec sees people who have struggles with bo...

Eating Disorders Across the Age Spectrum with Dietitians Meg and Susan

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing our next special guests non- diet Dieticians Meg McClintock and Susan Williams. Meg and Susan have joined together as non- diet dietitian's to make a positive change in the area of media literacy, body image, health and nutrition. Meg and Susan have founded the organisation ‘Meg and Susan’ together where they provide courses, workshops, webinars, and skills challenges. Where they are seasoned presenters for universities, schools, TV, corporates, and podcasts. They also have an amazing website which offers freebies, a blog and a podcast called ‘Life’s Too Short...

Athletes and Eating Disorders with Dietitian Tayla Clegg

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing you to our next special guest Dietitian, Tayla Clegg. Tayla lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and grew up in the world of athletics. This is where she personally went through her own lived experience with disordered eating. Having personally experienced the difficulties with disordered eating, Tayla then became motivated to be able to support other individuals within this space. Being able to support not only athletes but anyone looking to free themselves from disordered eating. Within her own practice Tayla promotes being able to break fr...

Storytelling as a Way to Heal Body Image with Dr. Anita Johnston

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing you to our next special guest Psychologist, Author, Co- Founder and Executive Clinical Director, Dr. Anita Johnston. As an International Speaker, someone with a PhD, a Supervisor and an Eating Disorder Professional Anita has been able to make a tremendous impact in the space of eating disorders. She has worked in treatment of disordered eating for over 35 years where she has been able to support various clients with difficulties with food and body. She is currently the Clinical Director of Ai Pono Hawaii eating disorder programs which in...

A Diet Culture Free Home with Dietitian Claire Gasper

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing our next special guest all the way from WA Perth, Claire Gasper. Claire is an Accredited Practicing Dietician and a Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician who works as a non- diet dietitian. She is a member of the LGBTQI+ community, has a diagnosis of ADHD and has a special interest in working with neurodivergent clients. Claire co-parents two little kids and is the owner of her private practice Diet Free Me. Diet-Free Me is a team of Dietitian's who work with adults and adolescents who have become disconnect fr...

Acceptance and Commitment with Psychologist Harriet

On this week’s episode, I am super excited to be bringing back our lovely guest and Psychologist here at BodyMatters Harriet Iles. Harriet has completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at the University of Adelaide.  Harriet did complete a degree in law however, new her true passions were really to become a Psychologist. This is where Harriet then completed her Honours in Psychology at the University of Sydney. Where Harriet is now a Registered Psychologist practicing at BodyMatters Australasia as well as at the Ramsay Clinic Northside, working in eating disorder treatment.


Your Health Matters with Paige

On this week’s episode I am super excited to be introducing you to our next special guest Paige Trbojevic. Paige is a 26-year-old female who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes from the age of four. Having managed her diabetes since she was 12-13 Paige now speaks about her past struggles with food, body, and diabetes management. Through modifying her food choices from such a young age Paige started to categorise food as good or bad. When transitioning into her teenage years Paige had to weigh her foods, was regularly weighed by her diabetes team, and had to count th...