Sports Pain Index

8 Episodes

By: David, Rashaud, and Ethan

Three life long friends join up to talk about sports, the one thing that we all love that brings us the most amount of pain! We discuss weekly football related topics from trades, outcomes, and fantasy! Follow our Social Media:@OffsideBeignets - Ethan@CienSports1 - David@SadCfan - Rashaud

Sports Pain Index Episode 032: NFL's Covid rules, USA Basketball EXPOSED, etc.

In this week's podcast, the group discusses NBA offseason topics, USA basketball woes, NFL covid sanctions, and early fantasy football ADP rankings. 

SPI 031: Giannis ascending?, looking ahead to Game 3, Connor McGregor, England Pain

This week's pod is recapping a great weekend of sports. Rashaud and Ethan talk about the Suns Vs Bucks game 4. They bounce around thoughts on Giannis's finals performances since coming back from Injury (4:00). Ethan brings up some offseason moves the bucks might make if they don't win the finals (9:00). Connor Mcgregor losing in back to back fights(16:00) and we touch on the EURO finale as England didn't bring it home (25:00)

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SPI EP NBA FINALS PREVIEW: SUNS VS BUCKS, Name Image Likeness ruling, and more

In this week's episode, the crew goes over the NBA Finals matchup of the Pheonix Suns Vs the Milwauke Bucks. We bounce around the potential NBA offseason news storylines leading towards the NBA draft and we get into NIL rulings

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SPI EP 28: The East/ West Finals has arrived! Philly's meltdown, upcoming offseason etc

David and Rashaud talk about the 76ers debacle, Atlanta's unforeseen path to a championship, Pelicans offseason, and more!

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Atlanta sports fan check in: Where is the city?

We are joined by our good friend sean as we dedicate they pod to Atlanta sports news and culture. We talk about the Julio trade and how the Falcons are going to move forward this season, Trae Young/ Hawks playoff run, and we get into our usual shenanigans.

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What the Bucks? NBA Playoffs talk, #freeluka, trail blazers blow up? and more

We back at it like craftmatic talking all things NBA playoffs! Listen to hear our thoughts on the Brooklyn Nets, Dame Lillard situation, second round picks and more!

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SPI Episode 24: NBA Playoffs Rd 1 reactions, The Trae young game, Wrong answers only

We talk about the first games of round one in the NBA Playoffs including the heart breaking Hawks/ Knicks game! We play a game called Wrong answers only as well! 

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Sports Pain Index Episode 23: All NBA Julius?, best NBA play-in teams, + more

On this weeks episode the crew bounces around the NBA and NFL talking fun storylines as things are ramping up! We talk about the NBA Play-in game potential match ups(5:00), All NBA selections(12:36), and the dumb new NFL jersey thing(22:00)! 

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