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Why do we, the young Indians, need to understand politics? Because we are the future of our country and we need to represent it in a manner that is well-informed, sensitive and intelligent. Also because, understanding how events around the world affect our country from a historical, economical and political standpoint, is a lot of fun! Don't agree? Tune into Politics for Dummies with RJ Aniket from Radio One and Ambassador KP Fabian, an Indian Diplomat, who served in the IFS from the crucial years of '64 till '00. In this podcast Aniket, our obvious student asks all those questions...

Elections, Voting & Democracy - All you need to know
Last Saturday at 7:02 AM

India has a parliamentary system as defined by its constitution, with power distributed between the central government and the states. But from where did it all start? How did the historic events take place? Tune in with Radio Aniket & F.P. Kabian to know all!

The troubled Triangle - China USA and Taiwan

Have you ever wondered what's this love/hate triangle like? Well, today's episode explains it all if you know what Fabian means. Join Aniket in understanding the story of these diplomatic relations and let's get the age-old answer, why is China like this!

Is Ethiopia rushing to self-destruction?

Ethiopia was struggling with significant economic, ethnic, and political challenges long before a feud between Abiy and the region's former ruling party Tigray. But now, Ethiopia is at war with itself. How did the conflict start? What atrocities have been committed? What is happening now and why and most importantly, What the international community is doing to restore peace? Prof. Fabian and RJ Aniket are here to educate you about everything you need to know about the conflict. hnic strife is once again threatening to tear apart Ethiopia,

COP26 : Key outcomes from the Glasgow Climate Change meet

The United Nation Global Climate Summit ended in Glasgow, Scotland with an agreement of over 200 countries to accelerate their fight against the climate crisis. RJ Aniket and Prof Fabian are back to share some interesting insights on this summit. They discuss the accomplishments and failures of the summit and further talk about India’s current situation and how much time do we actually have in hand to slow down the climate catastrophe .

Climate Change : When did we mess up?

Mother nature has been trying to tell us some things which we, the humans, are constantly ignoring and avoiding. One thing that has rapidly changed is the global climate. Rising temperatures, droughts, declining water supply and much more are the vital signs of how unitedly we all have deteriorated the environment and our future. Obviously there is a political angle to it as well, hence we have RJ Aniket and Prof Fabian who discuss how the world got into this mess and comments on India's position in it. Further they promise to revert back on Glasgow meeting in the upcoming...

From WW1 Propoganda to Social Media

The word propaganda originally was a very respectable term. But since World war-I, the meaning entirely changed and furthermore intensified with the emergence of social media. In essence, it is about propaganda before the social media came in and now. History is full of twists and turns. In this week’s episode, Prof Fabian attempts to answer some of Aniket’s questions about Propaganda. Tune in now!

Why is there a fear of leak of Pandora papers?

To know about meaning of Pandora, we need to go back to Greek mythology. Taking a tour at history, we get to know the entire story about it. In present times, they help to create shell companies. The history is full of twists and turns. In this week’s episode, Prof Fabian attempts to answer some of Aniket’s questions about the Pandora. Tune in now!

AUKUS- The new defence treaty

This is an acronym that may sound weird. AUKUS stands for Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom. The story behind the establishment of AUKUS, which is a new defense treaty, started back in 2016. This was an outcome of series of events that took place. The story is full of twists and turns. In this week’s episode, Prof Fabian attempts to answer some of Aniket’s questions about the Aukus. Tune in now!

Mahatma Gandhi and his Political Philosophy

Gandhi ji was not born a fighter. He was not born with heroic qualities. There were series of events when he failed. But, he kept on moving. Being a person who did not demand for respect but earned it, his journey is full of beautiful tales. In this week’s episode, Prof Fabian attempts to answer some of Aniket’s questions about the inspirational life journey of his ideal Mahatma Gandhi.

How an elected authority can be removed in a democracy?

In a democracy, we can choose our representative. But can we call them back? What are the names of various countries that allows this. And also how democracy of different countries work. Focusing on India, Fabian provides great insights about it. Fabian educates his favorite student Aniket about how can we elect, reelect and impeach our representatives. Tune in now!

False Leaders and Fraudalent Leaderships

What sets good and bad leaders apart has always been a disputable matter of discussion. If we look at history, we'll come across all kinds of leaders, good and bad. Interestingly, most of them are good in parts and bad in parts. In this episode, prof Fabian educates his favorite student Aniket about different leaderships and leaders in history, and what sets their ideologies apart. Tune in now!

76th Session of United Nations General Assembly

United Nations! Almost each one of us is aware about this organization. We all have studied about it in our textbooks as well. If we look at today's time, almost every country in the world is represented in the United Nations. But, do you have wholesome knowledge about the organisation? In today’s episode, the power pack duo, RJ Aniket and Prof Fabian are back to take another political class and the topic is the United Nations. As the 76th General Assembly meeting is around the corner, they decide to take a class on what the UN is and its fu...

Talliban Takeover : What it means to India?

With Afghanistan under the total control of the Taliban, the future looks bleak, but before understanding what is going on in Afghanistan, we need to touch bases with Afghanistan’s history. Join in today's class as Aniket and Prof Fabian discuss the Dark Days of Afghanistan and their return, why the USA invaded Afghanistan in the first place, why nations are not helping Afghans, and what the Taliban's takeover really means for India and much more tune in now.

Quid Pro Quo II

We’re back with another edition of Ask Fabian Anything Politics. In today’s fresh episode, Prof Fabian along with RJ Aniket, will answer the top 3 questions that were asked by the audience on various social media platforms. Tune in for some Q&A worth listening to.

Special: Indian Independence and Friendships

Since friendship day and Independence day are around the corner, our famous duo Prof Fabian and RJ Aniket decided to take an extra class this week to talk about some famous Political friendships, the state of India and the significance of 15th August in our lives. Remember, special classes are always worth it. Tune in now!

World War 1: The war of the nations

In our last class, we learned about World war II and how it changed world politics forever. World War I was an international conflict from 1914 and lasted for 4 years which involved most of the European countries. In this episode, RJ Aniket and Prof Fabian will dive deeper into history and talk about World War I one of the great watersheds of 20th-century geopolitical history and how It led to the fall of four great imperial dynasties, becoming one of the deadliest conflict in the world history.

World War II: The Holocaust

World War II was the biggest and deadliest war in history, involving more than 30 countries. In this episode, RJ Aniket and Prof. Fabian dig deeper into the war through a political lens. Tune in to learn some unheard facts about Hitler and other interesting events that took place during the war

Nelson Mandela: The liberator of South Africa

Known and loved around the world for his commitment to peace, negotiation, and reconciliation, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was South Africa's first black democratically elected president (1994-1999). He stood for justice and fought for freedom, sacrificed his entire life for the sake of humanity. In this episode, RJ Aniket and Prof.Fabian talk about the African Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and discuss his early life, how he got his name, his link with Mahatma Gandhi, and his international legacy.

US-Russia relations: Adversary or potential partner?

In 2014, when Russia illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula, this pushed relations between Russia and the USA to their lowest point since the Cold War. Then with every passing year, further ruptures have deteriorated the two country’s relations. This episode has an exciting conversation between RJ Aniket and Prof. Fabian on the challenging relationship between the USA and Russia, how it got deteriorated, and more. Tune in for this political ride!

China: The emerging Superpower?

China receives continual coverage in the popular press of its emerging superpower status and has been identified as a rising or emerging economic growth and military superpower by experts, but how did china become so powerful? Join Prof. Fabian and RJ Aniket for a class on China to find out; How did china become so powerful? And how is it becoming so powerful? Tune in to know more!

Merger of Princely States: A challenge to the Nation

In our last class, we all learned about how India and Pakistan became India and Pakistan but somehow India reeled through the aftermath of this Partition for quite a long time. Soon after India got its independence, it faced the great challenge of joining all scattered princely states into the Union of India. Are you also wondering, what are these Princely states and how did we convince them to join India? Here the bell rings, see you in our today's class with Prof KP Fabian and RJ Aniket.

Partition of India : An untold story

In today's class with Prof. KP Fabian and his favorite student, we're gonna be learning something that we all have already learned in our schools and probably discussed our entire lives. But, here's something nobody told you about. What? Hop on and take a walk with us back to June, 1947.

Special Episode : Quid Pro Quo

Sometimes when we're stuck in the loop of 'whys' it is worthwhile to go ahead and ask an expert about it! Well, your favorite duo got you covered as in this class Professor, KP Fabian, along with the RJ Aniket attempt to answer some questions from our listeners. Tune in to know more

Diplomacy from a Diplomat

When a diplomat says yes, he means perhaps; when he says perhaps, he means no; when he says no, he is no diplomat. In today's class, we are going to learn diplomacy from the diplomat himself. Listen in as Professor KP Fabian, along with RJ Aniket walk us through the true understanding of what diplomacy really is and where did it originate from. If you're wondering if you could ever be a diplomat? Sure, 100%. How? We got your back. Tune in!!

Israel- Palestine Conflict : Where are we heading?

After more than 50 years of war, terrorism, negotiation, and human suffering, Israel and Palestine remain as far from a peaceful settlement as ever, and the conflict between the two nations continues. Join in today's class as Aniket & Prof. Fabian helps you understand what is happening now between Israel and Palestine, Why is it happening and, when such things happen, why do country leaders tend to take a very templatised approach?

People in Power: Conquests and Conquers

The desire for power was very strong in history's emperors. What is clear is that from Napoleon to Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, were some of the greatest conquerors who shared similar motivation. But, what drove them to conquer? Well, that's what today's class gonna be about. Pull up a chair and join Aniket & Prof. Fabian as they narrate some of the most epic moments from lives of the most prominent leaders across the world.

Decoding Democracy: China, Myanmar, US, India

If democracy is government "of the people, by the people and for the people", why are we left wondering if it is the perfect form of ruling or the closest form of perfection to ruling? Join Prof. Fabian and RJ Aniket for a class on Democracy to find out ; Will China ever become a democracy? What really happened in Myanmar? Is India still a democracy and, Is there more to democracy than majority rule?

The Russian Gambit: Putin's rules of the game

Since how long has been Vladimir Putin leading Russia and why is there no opposition to stand in his way? What makes Putin's rule so controversial? What is his story? Like us, if these questions also keep swirling around in your head, Prof. KP Fabian and RJ Aniket got your back. Join them for a class on the dynamics of Russian Geopolitics and changing Indo-Russia relations.

A man-made pandemic : Virus for the rich?

In the middle of a second deadly wave what feels like we're back to square one, yet most of us still lack definitive answers. What exactly is this pandemic situation like? What does it mean for us on a local, national and global level? Could it have been prevented? What happens in the coming few months? Join Aniket and KP Fabian, for a discussion on the whole aftermath, beforemath, and ongoing math of this pandemic.

How Bangladesh was born: A witness from Vienna?

Today our professor KP Fabian gave us an exciting free period and walked us all, along with Aniket through his most memorable moments from a war that he had experienced first hand. But before diving into the story, how about we touch upon the basics and discuss wars in general first? Well, your favourite duo got that covered too. Join them for an enlightening session.

The Quad: The four horsemen

Right after a brief discussion on Suez Canal, Aniket and Fabian are taking a long route to understand The Quad. Who are they, what are they and let me do you one better, why are they! the answers lie ahead, go listen, be educated and come back for more! psst, it's USA, India, Australia and Japan together.

Is Megxit the new Brexit?

Before we seek an answer to that, it's only reasonable that we first try to touch upon the basics. What are these Royal Protocols? What is Brexit? Does Democracy still exist? How does the Monarch and the UK affect India? What happens next? Well, that's what RJ Aniket and KP Fabian attempt to uncover in this episode. Tune in now!

Donald Trump: A Bull in a China Shop?

Why was Biden vs Trump election so important? Why did Trump, despite the many ways in which he has failed his government, still garner 232 votes? Can potential candidates like him run for elections independently? How does all this affect India? Join RJ Aniket and KP Fabian, ex-Indian Foreign Services officer, for a lesson on American politics!