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Becky Pearson, MPT, LAPT, CERP, has been treating human patients with physical therapy since 1996. She obtained her master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Findaly, Findlay, Ohio, in 2005 and opened her own private practice in Broken Bow, Nebraska, in 2011. Over the years and seeing the benefits from physical therapy on people, she knew the same techniques could help the equine athletes. She spent years of studying, observing, competing, and living within the horse world and completed the Equine Physical Rehabilitation Certification Program at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon completion of the program, she be...

27. Dr. W. Lee Warren
Last Friday at 7:23 PM

Neurosurgeon and author Dr. W. Lee Warren joins Becky today for a conversation about his practice of neurosurgery, as well as his talent for writing and podcasting. Dr. Warren talks about how his faith and how his gift of sharing his faith has helped him and his family through the hardest time of their lives as they lost their son.

26. Joint Injections

Joint injections can be very helpful, but they are not an end all, be all solution to joint pain and dysfunction. In this episode, Becky describes what more you can do for yourself or your horse that has had joint injections recommended as the next step in managing joint pain.

25. Finding Your Passion Through Coaching with Steve Thompson

Sit in and listen as Becky visits with Steve Thompson, PT and business coach, about how to discover your purpose and passion in your business and your life.

24. Shoes – The good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

How do you know what the best type of shoe is for your foot and your activity? Do you have super flat feet? or really high arches? These two foot types require very different types of shoes. Listen to Becky's advice on finding the best shoe for your type of foot.

23. Kickin’ Incontinence

Do you leak a little when you sneeze or cough? Do you make a great barrel racing run, then have to run to the trailer to change? Then listen up - it doesn't have to be a natural part of aging!

22. Solid In The Saddle

Today Becky talks about a program we offer online for riders to help them manage their pain and build strength so that they can ride better, faster, and with less pain. You can find these online courses at pivotpointequine. com under the "Classes" tab.

21. Finding the feel in 2020

In this episode Becky is joined with her daughter Emma to talk about developing feel and recap 2020.

20. Back Pain and Sciatica

Becky gives a quick look into the causes of back pain and sciatica, while offering some solutions to manage your pain without pain meds or surgery.

19. Direct Primary Care: You can have a personal relationship with your doctor again through DPC.

Do you long the for "good old days" of healthcare when you could actually talk to your doctor any time of the day? Are you wanting a doctor that knows who you are personally? Listen up to find out what direct primary care is, and how it might be right for you.

18. What can PT do for me?

October is Physical Therapy month and Becky Sat down with Andrew Mason, PT to chat about all the different things that PT can help with.

17. Horsemanship with Kisha Zieffle

Are you getting tipped forward in your turns? Hitting barrels? Have trouble with ground conditions? Or are you a parent of a youth barrel racer? This podcast is for you! We sit down and talk about these topics and many more.

16. Neck Pain and Dry Needling with Kisha Zieffle

Do you have neck pain and headaches? We discuss the use of dry needling to treat neck pain and headaches.

15. Lets talk foot pain! Plantar Fasciitis to be exact

This week we talk to Scott West, who has had some great outcomes getting over his foot pain and plantar fasciitis. We give you some practical tips to help your pain.

14. Tales from the Rodeo Trail

In this episode I am joined by my 12 year old daughter Gracie to recap our busy week of Rodeos and Barrel Races. We discuss her Jr High Rodeos, BBR world finals, WCRA stampede and the E, and much more.

13. Running Series Part 3: Technique

Technique is such a big thing if you want to get the best our of your run. You can go further, faster, with less pain with good technique

12. Jarrett Rasmussen: Steer Wrestling Rehab

This was a ton of fun talking to Jarrett Rasmussen about steer wrestling and his rehab after tearing his ACL, MCL, and LCL. We talk a little Rodeo, Rehab, and a whole lot more.

Horse Swapping Girl Talk

This episode is a conversation between Becky and her daughters about the barrel horses they share and how they get the most out of riding together and helping each other with issues. Hopefully you find it entertaining and informative.

10. Part 2 of “Ready to Run” Series – Injury Prevention and Recovery

This episode covers common running injuries and ways to prevent them on your way to becoming a healthier athlete to ride your horse to the best of your ability. We talk about stretching, cross training, and strengthening. Our goal is to help you and your horse run "Further, Faster, and With Less Pain!"

Are You Ready to Run?

We want to help you run further, faster, with less pain. Join us in the first of our multi-part series on introduction to running - how to keep running once you start.

8: Chiropractors and PTs. Are we allies or enemies?

In this episode we talk to Marie Ernesti, DC about the benefits of chiropractors and physical therapists working together. Most people think chiropractors and PTs do not get along or are at odds with each other. Marie and Becky share a different side of the debate as they talk about how the two professions can work together to get people feeling better quicker.

7: Hip talk with Dr. Sextro

Dr Sextro of Central Nebraska orthopedics talks about a minimally invasive total hip replacement. In the past, this has been a very involved surgery with a high chance to dislocate the new hip if the patient moved wrong. Listen to this episode to see what the new techniques are and how they could help you or someone you love that has wore out their hip.

6: Barrel Racing and Equine PT

In this episode, Becky, Emma and Gracie talk about the physical therapy modalities that they use on their horses and their pre-race routines to keep their horses feeling and working great.

5: Medicare Ins and Outs

Medicare can be confusing. In this episode, Becky gets the low down on Medicare and the Medicare Advantage plans from Sheila Kennedy from the Area Agency on Aging in Kearney, Nebraska.

Dr. Wray Interview

Are you having foot pain? Becky talks to Dr Wray, a podiatrist with Great Plains Foot and Ankle Specialists, as he discusses foot and ankle pain and  what can be done for it.

Ty Hillman Interview

Being mentally strong in today's world can be difficult. Ty Hillman talks to Becky about how we can sharpen our mental skills to be at the top of  our game.

Dr. Crockett Interview

Do you have shoulder or knee pain? Dr. Crockett of New West Sports Medicine discusses joint pain,  physical therapy, and choices that can help your overall joint health.

Pivot Point Podcast Introduction

An introduction to the Pivot Point podcast. Becky sits down with her daughters to give a little insight into what is to come. There will be health and wellness tips and topics, as well as discussion about horses, kids and everything in between.