Market, Scale, Grow: Facebook Ad Strategy for Teacherpreneurs

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By: Jenzaia

Welcome to Market, Scale, Grow! A podcast for ambitious teacherpreneurs looking to have a bigger impact on the work, find freedom, flexibility and ultimately make more money!Each week, I'll be sharing two new episodes with you!1) Tuesday Teacher Tales which will feature the inspiring story of a teacher business owner just like you.2) Saturday Strategy Sessions which will be short impactful tips and strategies you can implement in your business.I hope you'll join me on this journey!

58 | Three Tips to Nail Your Messaging
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

In this Saturday's Strategy Session,  I share my biggest tips for nailing your messaging. The truth is if you are not sure about your messaging, you won't be able to write amazing copy or create graphics that stop the scroll. You're going to want to grab some pen and paper because these are not tips you want to miss!

In this episode, I share my best tips for nailing your messaging such as:

Do Your Market ResearchFollow the Data 

And my most important tip, well I guess you're...

57 | My hopes, dreams, and goals for 2022 & beyond

In this Strategy Session, we will be taking an inside look at my vision and goals for 2022! As we ring in the new year, I strongly believe in reassessing and prioritizing your goals for the year. I share my vision not only as a business owner but I also share my vision for my family life. I started my business to create the life I want to live and by looking at my vision and goals for this upcoming year, I want to make sure they all align. 

In this episode:

I share my vision for b...

56 | 2021 in Review - A look back on Year one of JD Teacherpreneur Marketing

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session,  I take a walk down memory lane and recap 2021! We are so close to 2022, but before we ring in the new year I share with you how my business grew in 2021. 

We chat about...

Highlights from each quarter this year, including my intentional rest during Q3All that I have learned about growth and marketing this year and what I started doing in 2021 that helped my business boom Why this episode will be my last for 2021!

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55 | Facebook ads as part of your New Year holistic marketing strategy

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session,  I share all about how you can layer ads into your holistic marketing strategy to amplify the work you're doing

We chat about...

The three different types of ads I recommend you run to complement your holistic marketing strategy.How to work smarter not harder when you're still a solopreneur and trying to do ALL the marketing thingsThe three most important things to focus on for each piece of your marketing

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54 | Seasons of Growth in Your Teacher Business with Beth Hall

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Beth Hall from Coach Hall Writes.  I loved chatting with her about the different seasons of growth in her business.  It’s so inspiring to hear about how she has made the journey her own!

Learn how Beth Hall decided to make videos on YouTube and eventually on TikTok to teach AP language in one minute or less!

About Our Guest

In 2019, she began a YouTube channel called Coach Hall Writes as a medium to allow her to supplement her students’ instruct...

53 | Promoted Pins vs Facebook Ads with Emilee Vales

You finally decide to start running ads for your teacher business, but you're struggling to decide between investing in Pinterest ads or Facebook ads.

Join Jenzaia and Emilee Vales as they share all their strategy secrets about Pinterest and Facebook ads so that you can figure out which platform is right for you. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

What the main differences are when creating campaigns for each platformCompare how to get started on each platform Why it could be beneficial to diversify your paid advertising


52 | Paid vs. Organic Growth

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session,  I share all about the differences, pros, and cons of paid and organic growth when it comes to marketing your teacher business. There is a lot of misleading information out there and in this episode, we break it all down. 

We talk all about why paid growth is just necessary for the digital age that we are in BUT I also share the type of paid growth that I DON'T recommend I share my best tips for where to start when you're ready to start using pai...

51 | Is now the right time for you to hire a Facebook ads strategist?

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we take a deep dive into figuring out if you are ready to hire a Facebook ads strategy. Everywhere you turn on social media you see ads and you might be thinking to yourself that it is time that you take the leap. This is a notebook and pen kind of episode. Trust me!

We talk all about the initial steps and milestones in your business you should reach first before even running ads I share my top tips for what to look for when hiring a Facebook A...

50 | Gearing Up For a Launch in the New Year

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, I share with you the five tips for launching a new course, program, or membership in the new year! I also talk about something new that I've tried when it comes to emailing my list. 

Now we've all heard that to launch we need to have an email list, be everywhere, do all the things, but what are the most important things that we should focus on if we want to launch in the next few months?

I break down all m...

49 | From Classroom Teacher to Full time VA with Michelle Walker

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is from Michelle Walker. 

Michelle is a teacher turned Virtual Assistant. After her maternity leave, she decided to start her freelance business in the midst of the pandemic while still teaching remotely full-time. Her goal was to be able to work from home and be with her son. She began her business journey working with TpT sellers and other teacherprenuers. Now, Michelle has officially left the classroom and is close to being overbooked in her business, providing virtual assistant services to a variety of different clients.

We chat all abo...

Ep. 48 | What is CTR? Why is it important and how can it be used to drive decisions?

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about one really important metric that you want to be paying attention to in your ads manager. That is the CTR

CTR stands for click through rate and you want to pay attention to this when understanding how successful your ads are. In this short but jam packed episode, I talk all about the different ways to look at your data and why your click through rates matters.

To ask me questions all about CTR and other ways to l...

Ep. 47 | Instagram Tips & Strategy for Teacherpreneurs with Ashley Mikkelson

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Ashley Mikkelson of Srta Spanish & Teach the Teacher Author.

Ashley is a Spanish teacher turned small business owner.  She's been a teacher-author for years, researching and improving her social media strategy to streamline the process. increase growth and engagement, and of course, conversions.

Ashley started creating content and sharing about what she's learned to help other teachers who are working on their own businesses!  She particularly has a passion for Instagram as a way to grow a community and...

Ep. 46 | Finally taking that very step & supporting others with Shelly Leiser

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Shelly Leiser of

Shelley Leiser is a former teacher and owner of 

After teaching secondary ELA, Speech, and Theatre for over a decade, Shelley decided to take her interests outside of the classroom. In 2019, after years of listening to online business podcasts, Shelley decided to use virtual assisting and online freelancing as a means for earning money and writing her own exit ticket out of the classroom. 

In 2020, Shelley founded, a business dedicated to bridging the gap for...

Ep. 45 | Bust Through These Common Facebook Ad Mindset Blocks

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the major mindset blocks I encounter with people in my audience.

Four of the most common mindset blocks I see when it comes to Facebook ads are:

My business is too small for paid ads.They don't work for me.This is too hard.It's too expensive!

Are you experiencing any of these mindset blocks?  Take a listen to find out how you can bust through them! 

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Ep. 44 | Level Up ✨ Holistic Marketing Strategy

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the essential pieces to holistic marketing strategy.

There are three different pieces to a holistic marketing strategy. These include:

Content Marketing- we want the content that we're sharing with our audience to be highly valuable and very tangible, and leave them feeling like they actually got something from our content.Email Marketing- this is where we are building relationships and nurturing our audience. Let them get to know you, and commit to consistency with your messaging.Community Builder- the...

Ep. 43 | What to do when your ads just aren't working (A Case Study)

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we are diving deep into an actual ad campaign that started out working great then suddenly crashed.  We spent 3+ months working on getting it back up and running... here's a peek into how we did it!

It's inevitable that there are times when your ad campaign may not be working the way you want it to. In this episode, I talk about the process that I follow with my own clients when this happens.

If they aren’t working, then follow thi...

Ep. 42 | Embracing the Journey into Teacherpreneurship with Chloe Tascoff

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Chloe from Chloe Tascoff Video

After teaching 4th grade Reading/Ela for 4 years (plus 8th grade for 1 year), Chloe decided to quit teaching when her daughter was born. She opened up a Teachers Pay Teachers store and "accidentally" slipped into video marketing. From there, she has built a business around showing in-action footage of TPT products for herself and other sellers. Chloe specializes in messaging and marketing psychology, which she integrates into the videos. She currently lives in Michigan with her newborn son, her daughter, he...

Ep. 41 | Level Up ✨ Facebook Ad Creative Design Tips for Teacherpreneurs

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about my three tips to help you level up your ad creative the next time you are building out a Facebook ad campaign.

The three tips that I discuss in this episode are:

To consider your campaign goals when creating the graphics for your adsTo  ensure that your ads are going to stop the scroll To keep your ads on brand to help build your brand awareness

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Facebook Ad Targeting Groups for Te...

Ep. 40 | Organic Pinterest Strategy for Beginning Teacherpreneurs with Chelsea Hall

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat with Chelsea Hall from Chelsea Hall Social all about organic Pinterest strategy.

Chelsea helps teacherpreneurs strategically grow their email list, generate quality leads, and increase website traffic with the power of Pinterest! When she's not geeking out over Pinterest, you can find her spending time with family, working out, or exploring new restaurants.

As an avid user of Pinterest, I know some of the basics, but Chelsea helps me to better understand the business side of this powerful search...

Ep. 39 | Following your passion and joy as a teacherpreneur with Caileigh Dennis

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Caileigh Dennis of the Dennis Crew.

Caileigh is a former teacher turned graphic designer for TPT authors. She's a toddler mom and will soon navigate the life of 2 kids!

We chat all about 

how she got started on TPT and then shifted her business towards graphic designthe transition to motherhoodthe importance of prioritizing what you love and enjoy doingcommon challenges we've both faced from pricing to disappointing clients

and so much more!


Ep. 38 | More than 4% - Why Email Marketing Is So Important In Today's Digital Marketing Space

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about why your email list is ESSENTIAL right now.

Some key points to think about when considering email marketing include...

the differences between the social media algorithms and the email "algorithm"remembering that changes, like the massive iOS privacy updates, are inevitable, but as you grow your list you will have more security and success in your businessyou own your email list which allows you to nurture, market and sell no matter what happens on other platformsyou are in control of growing...

Ep. 37 | #RealTalk - Overcoming FB Ad Overwhelm

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the overwhelm people feel with Facebook Ads.

No idea where to start or what to do when it comes to Facebook ads? Then this episode is for you. So grab your favorite beverage and listen up for some real talk and a few good tips:

Start with baby steps- you don't have to do ALL the things. It's a learning experience!Have a marketing budget that you're willing to spend with potentially no ROI.Go in with...

Ep. 36 | From the Classroom to Fully Booked Out with Maranda Bullington

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Maranda of Mrs. Bullington's Primary Emporium.

Maranda is in her 2nd year as a full-time VA working on content creation for a few TpT sellers.  She previously taught 1st grade for 3 1/2 years in Denver, Colorado before stepping away from the classroom to pursue her VA business full-time.  She started offering VA services in April 2020 and was offered full-time work by July 2020.  She helps TpT sellers free up some space in their schedules and create engaging, quality, and brand-reflecting resources for their own businesses.


Ep. 35 | Level Up ✨ Facebook Ad Copy Tips for Teacherpreneurs

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about writing ad copy, and I share some of my best tips that will help you convert and get people to click on your ad.

We talk about four important parts of ad copy:

the length of your copy, whether it's long, short, or microcopy spacing and sentence lengthemojis, bold lettering, and capshooks and getting people to click that "read more" button

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Facebook Ad Targeting Groups for Teacherpreneurs

Ep. 34 | Long-Form Content Strategy for Teacherpreneurs with Hayley Klees

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is Hayley Klees, a Content Strategist for TPT Authors.

Hayley is your best friend when it comes to planning out your content! She is a former 6th grade ELA teacher turned small business owner.   She helps TPT authors feel less stressed & overwhelmed by creating a game plan for your store.   Hayley loves playing volleyball & is a former collegiate athlete and coach.  Being a business owner is a lot like coaching where it's important to know your audience & what they need at certain times of the y...

Ep. 33 | The Importance of Staying Organized with Melissa Seideman

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is from Melissa Seideman of Not Another Virtual Assistant.

Melissa is a full-time history teacher, wife, and mom to two little boys. She is an email marketing specialist who helps clients work less and maximize their earning potential with the power of a single email. She loves sharing her knowledge on Instagram and her email marketing Facebook group.

We chat all about 

how she got started with email marketingsome really helpful tips for planning your emails to build relationship and sell morehow she balances eve...

Ep. 32 | Plan with Me 📝 Diving Into My Business Finances

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the logistics of my business finances and how I plan for expenses.

Here are some of the logistics I break down:

Using Paypal & Stripe as a CanadianThe bank accounts/credit cards I use for my businessExchange ratesYNAB. (a.k.a. You Need A Budget)

For my expenses, I divide all the spending into five categories and am working to get one month ahead, so I have a bit of a buffer in my business.


Ep. 31 | Bottom of Funnel Marketing Tactic: Nurturing and Selling to Your Warm Audience

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about marketing tips for the bottom of the funnel that will help further nurture and sell to your warm audience.

For your audience to make it all the way to the "invested" step of the customer journey, they need to be both emotionally and financially invested in your business.

At the bottom of the funnel, it is important to be continuing to nurture your warm audience so they become more emotionally invested in you and your brand.   We also use sales a...

Growing and running her business with intention with Jamie Jasperson

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is from Jamie of Basic Girl Teaches

Jamie is a teacher, Instagram strategist, and instructional designer with an obsession for all things branding and Instagram. Jamie coaches teacher business owners through her Teachergram Connection Academy and is the founder of the Teacher Instagram Club, a free community for teachers of Instagram. She's passionate about helping teachers use Instagram to build a powerful brand, connect with their audience, and establish themselves as an expert in their field by developing strategies that are simple, effective, and personal.


Middle of Funnel Marketing Tactics: Using Facebook Ads to Gain Email List Subscribers

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about one of the most important parts of the customer journey -- getting your audience subscribed to your email list.

Your email list is one of the greatest assets in your business.  It is ESSENTIAL you work to get people over this hurdle from "interested" in your business to "subscribed" to your business.

We discuss three different types of funnels frequently used to grow an email list
1. Free Lead Magnet Opt-In
2. Launch Events (i.e., webinar, challenge, v...

Top of Funnel Marketing Tactics: How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Awareness & Interest

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about top of funnel (TOF) ad strategies.  This is part two of our four-part Customer Journey series.

Listen to the rest of the series   Part 1

In this episode, we dive into my fave three ad types and my top 5 tips for running TOF ads.

If you want support setting up and running your ads, book a strategy session today!

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Facebook Ad Targeting Groups for Teacherpreneurs

Taking the Leap Even If You Aren't Ready with Kelly Harvill

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is from Kelly of Speaking Of Images.

Kelly is a Preschool SLP, National Board Certified Teacher, and Professional Photographer. She helps Teachers with  Online Businesses to level up their business branding with modern images and mock-ups designed for Educators. Members of her Image Maker Membership have access to over 3500 images to customize for their use on TpT covers, thumbnails and previews, Pinterest Pins, blog posts, marketing assets and all social media posts.

We chat all about 

how Kelly got started on TPT her shift into...

The Customer Journey Steps for Teacherpreneurs

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the customer journey steps that your audience takes to go from never having heard of you to raving loyal fans!

It's important to be aware of the phases people go through as part of your customer journey so that you can help move them through the phases.

The five phases of the customer journey are...
1. Aware
2. Interested
3. Subscribed
4. Engaged
5. Invested

Two really important questions are...
- How are you getting more people...

Reverse Engineer Your Success

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about how to reverse engineer your goals and expectations for your upcoming course or membership launch (whether or not you plan on running FB ads).

It's so important to start with the end in mind when you're planning a launch and an ad campaign.  This will allow you to have more confidence in the campaign (whether or not it's actually doing well) because you'll have targets you're trying to hit.

Even if this i...

A Circuitous Journey into Entrepreneurship with Aubrey Watkins

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is from Aubrey Watkin of The Modern Science Class

Aubrey is a fifth-year science teacher who came into teaching in a circuitous route and earned her teaching credential through an alternative pathway. She has taught both middle school and high school science and loves sharing her passion for science with students to help them explore the world! She started creating resources to use in her own classroom and began selling resources while on unpaid maternity leave. Her favourite social media platform is Instagram because of the ease of use an...

Level Up ✨ How to Stay Focused as your Business Grows

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the importance of staying focused on ONE thing as your teacher business grows.

We chat about how your level of focus will change and level up as your business grows..

What is your ONE THING?
Your one thing is what will take you to great heights and allow you to truly scale your business.  It could be a course or a membership or a signature service. 

As you are just starting your business, you will likely have ma...

Three Ways to Use Testimonials in Your FB Ads

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about how to use testimonials as part of your Facebook ad strategy.

Testimonials are an extremely powerful form of social proof and should definitely be used in your marketing strategy from IG posts to your website to FB ads to your sales page, make sure you're using them!

Be sure to set up systems that allow you to regularly and efficiently collect testimonials from course participants, members and clients.

Here are my 3 favourite ways to use testimonials in your...

An Accidental Journey to Teacherpreneurship with Brittany Verlenich

This week’s inspiring teacherpreneur journey is with Brittany Verlenich creator of the Audience and Authority Facebook group.

Brittany is a cat lover, travel fanatic and group growth strategist - on top of being a teacher. She loves helping educators build thriving communities around their brands with Facebook groups, so they can serve more clients and customers.

We chat all about her accidental journey to becoming an entrepreneur and how she started her business as a way to form connections with other teachers who love to travel.  Brittany also gives a TON of ama...

Plan with Me 📝 FB Ads for Your Live Launch Campaign

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about how to plan out your Facebook ads to amplify your upcoming course or membership launch.

If you're thinking about running ads for an upcoming launch, it's important that you're running ads to a proven offer.  This means you've previously sold the course/membership a handful of times.

Once you're ready to use ads to amplify your launch, you'll want to be sure to plan for the Registration phase, the Launch E...

The 6 Data Points I Track Every Day For Email List Building Campaigns

In this week's Saturday Strategy Session, we chat about the 6 key data points I track when I'm running a list-building campaign for a client.

Ad Spend: I recommend starting with a minimum of $25/day to ensure the FB algorithm is able to fully optimize.Number of New Leads: I track this in the email management program (NOT the FB dashboard) and it might be the MOST IMPORTANT METRIC because it tells you if it's actually working!!!Cost/Lead: for a free lead magnet the average Cost/Lead is $1-$3 depending o...