Everything Fastpitch - The Podcast

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By: Tory Acheson & Don McKinlay

Everything Fastpitch is a podcast hosted by Coach Tory Acheson and Coach Don McKinlay. Tory and Don are former college coaches that are now full time instructors and travel ball coaches. Since retiring form active collegiate coaching they have committed themselves to providing educational materials to the fastpitch community. This podcast is one of the resources they are providing. Their website has 500+ blog posts and they have a YouTube channel. All of these cover fastpitch softball from coaching and training beginner athletes up through college athletes. It is a great resource for players, parents and coaches. Whether it be training...

Defensive Ready Steps
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

Newton's first law of motion states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion".  This applies to softball and the coaches discuss how players should be moving into a  ready state instead of reacting from a stationary position. 

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Obligations of Runner and Catcher on a dropped 3rd strike / Why taking a break is bad is a myth / Message from a recruiting service / Please call the strike zone / Work your A's off
Last Wednesday at 9:00 PM

This week's lineup

Warmup SegmentListener Question: Batter/Runner and Catcher's obligation on a dropped 3rd strike? (@13:15)Paige's Power Play: Why taking a break is bad is a myth (@19:00)Interview with EAS recruiting service (@22:31)Please call the strike zone (@39:46)Work your A's off (@53:53)

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Has new equipment changed the game?

The coaches discuss the impact of equipment on the game of softball. Their decades of experience give them a unique perspective to the changes.

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How much warm up for a pitcher / Part 2 of interview with Justin McLeod of D1Softball / Observations from early season games / Apply a quote from Usain Bolt

This week's lineup

Warmup SegmentListener Question: How much should my daughter warm up before each game? (@12:21)Paige's power Play: Free Parent Training (@19:05)Part 2 of Interview with Justin McLeod of D1Softball (@21:38)Observations from games I've seen at the beginning of the season (@42:25)Quote from Usain Bolt and how it applies today (@54:55)Support the show

Rethink any set philosophy you have for all players to follow

We often hear from students and former students that their coach wants everyone on the team to do something the same way. In this episode we discuss that all players are not physically and athletically the same and maximizing their performance may mean that having a set philosophy is not the best thing.

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Clarification on being hit by batted ball / Interview with Justin McLeod of D1 Softball / Infield Fly Rule / Story telling

This week's lineup

Warmup SegmentListener Question: My daughter was called out after being hit with a batted ball while standing on second base. Is this the correct call? (@8:39)Paige's Power Play: Free Parent Training (@12:21)Interview with Justin McLeod of D1 Softball (@15:17)Infield Fly Rule (@42:30)Action Coach Tip: Story telling (@50:48)Support the show

Each family's financial situation affects team dynamics

This is a podcast that every coach and parent of a team should listen to. The financial situation of a family plays a part in the dynamics of a team. Coaches are not expected to investigate a family's financial situation, but they have to understand that a family commits to a team based upon the coach's plan during the formation of the team. Every team will have families with a diverse range of financial abilities and every one on the team needs to understand and respect that. It is the head coach's duty to stay within the financial boundaries...

Reaction to a survey / Stop worrying about what others think / Reaction to a quote by a top coach / Maximizing coaching staff

This week's lineup

Warmup SegmentListener Question: What is you reaction to this survey of parents on their expectation of playing softball? (@10:10)Paige's Power Play: How to stop worrying about what others think. (@17:50)"How do you coach in an environment where the players feel they owe you nothing and you owe them everything" Geno Auriemma  (@21:21)Maximizing your coaching staff. Do everything or spread the responsibilities? (@33:05)

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Team Bonding Activities - Good or Bad

 Lots of teams talk about having team bonding activities. The coaches discuss whether these are important for teams and have a benefit. They talk about the challenges of planning them and the trade off with less practice time.

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Concern about a coach's message / Help your daughter with boldness / College Camp Strategy for a catcher / Strong Statement of a coach / Community Service

This week's Lineup

Warmup SegmentListener Question: Parent is worried about statement a coach is making. (@10:18)Paige's Power Play: How to help your daughter play with boldness. (@18:43)College Camp Strategy for a catcher (@21:50)Discussion of statement "My job is to find someone better than you, your job is to make sure I can't"(@31:53)Community Service (@41:06)Support the show