Come and See

35 Episodes

By: All for Jesus - Living Waters Ministry

Your podcast for finding truth in a world of chaos. Join us to discuss news, spend time in the word, and receive answers to your personal questions about living life in God's truth. Brought to you by All for Jesus - Living Waters Ministry, with host and founder, Richard Case, and co-host and retreat leader, Kathy Rocconi.

Abiding: Requires Faith - Part 4
Last Friday at 4:00 PM

Continued discussion on the process of experiencing faith as we abide - understanding it is His work of completing what He authored/started by speaking to us and then having us stay hearing and abiding in His words to us that takes us to believing what He says which leads to us experiencing what is promised.

Guest: Jeff Hutcheon - Abiding
Last Thursday at 4:00 PM

Jeff heads up a leadership ministry called "Remnant" and is a 1A college football referee. Jeff shares his wonderful life story and his recent experiences with Abiding, which has completely changed his life.

Abiding: Requires Faith - Part 3
Last Wednesday at 4:00 PM

Discussion of the requirement of pleasing God through our faith (impossible to live without it) and that He is the initiator and finisher of faith (rewards us with the requirement - faith).

Abiding: Requires Faith - Part 2
Last Tuesday at 4:00 PM

Continued discussion of the purpose of abiding; Illustrating what exactly faith is (believing His word to us and why); on what basis are we called to live a life of faith.

Abiding: Requires Faith - Part 1
Last Monday at 4:00 PM

Discussion of the purpose of abiding: God's desire for intimacy with us; Him fulfilling His purposes by Speaking His Word (Rhema) to us; us walking in faith (believing what He says).

Abiding: Journaling - Part 4

Continued discussion of the importance and practical tools for how to journal in our time of abiding in the Word.

Guests: Rick & Nancy Hoover

AFJ - Living Waters worship leaders' discussion of their life as believers and their personal experiences with abiding that has led them to the abundant life.

Abiding: Journaling - Part 3

Continued discussion of the importance and practical tools for how to journal in our time of abiding in the Word.

Abiding: Journaling - Part 2

Discussion of importance of journaling; practical tips on how to journal.

Abiding: Journaling - Part 1

Update on current events; discussion of the importance of sharing abiding with spouse, friend and small group; Discussion of importance of journaling, reasons for journaling.

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 7

Discussion of praying the promises that God gives us personally — our choice to walk with Him into the fulfillment of what He is speaking and will bring about in our personal circumstances.

Guest: Tad Jones - Abiding

Tad Jones, CEO of a Denver company, joins us to share his life journey and the experience with abiding and journaling.

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 6

Update on Israel / Pipeline; discussion of journaling and enjoying the personal dialogue with God.

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 5

Memorizing scripture and learning the beauty and joy of journaling

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 4

Update on Israel and Pipeline: learning how to go deeper in your abiding by looking up Hebrew and Greek words and the wonder of that.

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 3

A continued discussion of practical tools for Abiding in the Word — cross referencing and receiving what the Word says versus us reading into it.

Guest: Dan Rocconi - Abiding

A discussion with guest Dan Rocconi, Kathy's husband, about their life together and Dan's experience with abiding.

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 2

A multi-part discussion of additional practical tools for Abiding in the Word — writing out the verses.

Abiding: Practical Tools - Part 1

A multi-part deep dive into the practical tools of abiding that will enlighten us to the wonderful process of enjoying the life and plans of God for us personally.

New Current Events: Economy & Israel

Discussion of most recent current events with our economy and Israel/Palestinian fighting/tensions — the impact on our world of chaos and our call to not go to fear & anxiety, but to seek God.

Christ as a Boy, Abiding

Luke 2: 42 - 52 - Discussion of Christ at age 12 revealed to us the keys to abiding in Him and His Word.

Guest: Linda Case

Linda, wife of Rich and cofounder of ministry, shares how the ministry started and her personal experience in abiding.

Validity of the OT

Answering a listener's question re: circumcision from the Old and New Testament; discussion of truth and validity of the OT for we believers today

Small Groups

The importance of authentic community in helping us live the abundant life that God has for us.

Truth Telling

Our role in speaking the Biblical truth to those that believe or think differently or are doing things in life that are contrary to Scripture.

Overcoming Adversity: Part 2

How to seek God and His solutions to our life difficulties through abiding.

Overcoming Adversity: Part 1

How to seek God and His solutions to our life difficulties through abiding.

The Head and the Heart

Luke 10: 38 - 42 - What is the difference between my own view of serving God vs. His heart for us to seek Him, abide with Him at all times — the story of Martha and Mary.

Left Behind?

Luke 2: 42 - 52 - What did Jesus do as a boy when He was left behind in Jerusalem in the temple with teachers? A beautiful description of His real example of abiding.

His Words from Scripture are Spirit and Life

John 6: 63, 68; John 17: 3 - It's not just a history book that we learn intellectually—it provides a work within us and around us by changing circumstances.

The Good News

2 Cor. 3: 4 - 6; 16 - 18 - We all can hear His voice because He is the one providing this capability — it does not depend on us.

God Reveals His Truth and Wisdom to Us

1 Cor 2: 9 - 16 - This is a spiritual process and not received (our role) solely through our logic and intellectual understanding — rather, it happens through His spirit within us.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

John 10: 3 - 25; 27 discusses the truth that all believers have the ability to hear God speak to them about personal things and personal issues in their life.

Dealing with the Culture Chaos of Abortion

What does it mean to abide in Him through this difficult subject? John 5: 16 - 23; 30 describes how Christ abided in the Father and only did what He was shown.

Abiding in the Vine - John 15: 1 - 5

Episode 1 covers the importance of this spiritual analogy—abiding in the vine—in helping us deal with chaos in the world.