The Roundtable Sports Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Taylor McLean

A sports podcast focused on fantasy sports, gambling and fun. The Roundtable members bring insight to the people through film study and many long years of football experience.

EP. 295 NFL Week 3: Dolphins/Broncos Packers/Saints & Browns/Titans Breakdown

In this episode Taylor give his thoughts and takeaways from the first three games he watched this week:

Miami Dolphins vs Denver Broncos 
Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee Titans 

EP.293 Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts

After watching the coaches film in full, Taylor Talks about his takeaways from the Jacksonville, jaguars NFL week 1 win over the Indianapolis Colts. he discusses:

- The performance of Trevor Lawrence
- The impact of Calvin Ridley on the offense
- The  Disappearance of Christian Kirk
- The State of the Jags offensive line 
- The Travis Etienne/Tank Bigsby Isage
- The State of the offense around AR
- How did the Colts defense look

EP.292 Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons

In this episode, Taylor gives his takeaways from the Atlanta Falcons win over the Carolina Panthers in NFL week 1 including:

- The Performance of Desmond Ridder 
- The Bijan/Allgeier Running back tandem 
- Arthur Smith’s Offense
- Overall Falcons Play
- Bryce Young’s First Game
- the Panther “Weapons”
- Offensive Line 
- Panthers Outlook going forward

EP. 291 NFL 2023 Preseason Week 1 Takeaways

In this episode Taylor talks about his takeaways from 10 of the week one of the NFL 2023 preseason games including:
Houston Texans vs New England Patriots
Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks
Green Bay Packers vs Cincinnati Bengals 
Atlanta Falcons vs Miami Dolphins 
 Pittsburg Steelers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Commanders vs Cleveland Browns 
Denver broncos vs Arizona Cardinals 
Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills 
Tennessee Titans vs Chicago Bears 
New York Jets vs Carolina Panthers 

Listen To what he found interesting about each of these games, and what can be glean...

EP 290. Pre Training Camp Buzz And Signings

In this episode Taylor goes through the pre training camp news including Deandre Hopkins signing with the Tennessee Titans, Evan Engram and Quinnen WIlliams sign extensions, the repercussions of Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs and Tony Pollard not signing extensions, Javonte Willams health status and more

EP 289: Underdog Bestball Drafting Plus Deandre Hopkins Release Reaction

In this episode, Taylor reacts to the Arizona Cardinals releasing Deandre Hopkins and what it means for Nuke, Hollywood Brown and the Arizona Cardinals. Then he talks about his experience drafting 35 Underdog fantasy Bestball drafts including Bijan Robinson RB2 with a bullet, offenses that should get better (Chargers, Ravens, Patriots, Jets) where quarterbacks are going, stacking, tournament play and much more!

Ep 288: Exciting NFL Draftt QB/WR Fits and Notable Picks

In this episode Taylor goes over his thoughts about The exciting 2023 NFL draft. He talks about the pre-draft Lamar Jackson contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens, Bryce Young to the Panthers, the Houston Texans taking CJ Stroud and Will Anderson, Anthony Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, Jahmyr Gibbs, Bijan Robinson, Quinton Johnson and much much more

Ep. 287: Jalen Hurts Signs Massive Extension, Odell & Lamar & Pre Draft Quarterback Thoughts

In this episode Taylor talks about how he feels about the 5 year 255 million dollar extension of Jalen Hurts with the Philadelphia Eagles, Jalen’s place in the hierarchy of quarterbacks and how the Eagles offseason has gone so far. Then he talks about the How the extension frames the Lamar Jackson contract situation, how he feels about the signing of Odell Beckham Jr. and what his expectations are for Lamar Jackson contract is at this time. Finally He reviews where he’s at with the quarterback position pre-draft and where the potential first round quarterbacks might go. 

Ep 286: Lamar's Trade Request Revealed, Still Waiting on ARod & News

In this episode, Taylor talks about Lamar Jackson revealing that he requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens and what that means, laments and discusses the delay in the Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets trade and then goes over the Dallas Cowboy trades and other offseason news. 

EP. 285: Bears Trade #1 to Carolina Panthers + Jalen Ramsey Trade to Dolphins

In This episode, Taylor talks about the Chicago Bears trading the number one overall pick in the NFL draft to the Carolina Panthers for a haul of picks and DJ Moore. Talks about the ramifications for both the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers as well as the Houston Texans. He also discusses the Miami Dolphins trading for Jalen Ramsey and what that means for Dolphins defense