Finding Joy in Motherhood, Janet Quinlan

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By: Janet Quinlan

Hi, I'm Janet Quinlan and this is Finding Joy in Motherhood - a podcast for Catholic women who are looking for practical tools and words of encouragement to create an orderly, joyful, faith & virtue driven home. I'll help you transform the sometimes "messy days of motherhood" into a journey of growth and fulfillment. I'll share tips to create mindset shifts that change the way you discipline your children, love your husband, and enjoy your day. This podcast is about coaching women to be the best woman God is calling her to be. I'm a former elementary school teacher and homeschooler...

Choosing the Life You Want
Yesterday at 4:00 PM

What thoughts do you have that create joy and what thoughts do you have that create anxiety, stress, or discontent?

Do you approach your life with confidence or have you decided that you’ll never be enough or you’re stuck or a victim? 

Learning the skills of marriage, motherhood, and keeping a home are important, but whatever you think, will be your reality.

Choose your thoughts to serve you rather than enslave you.

Stop believing the past defines you and know that you have the power to define yourself now.


For the Boys

Make sure to listen to the previous Episode 83 "What Your Daughter Needs" to give you the basics of what all your children need.  This episode is for the boy moms!

What Your Daughter Needs

The Husband Manual

On our wedding day, many of us came to our marriage with expectations – our book of instructions for our husband about the kind of husband he is supposed to be -what he is supposed to think, do, and say:  The Husband Manual.

Reimagine Your Motherhood

Uncover and choose the thoughts that will empower you with positive feelings so that you can work towards creating the motherhood you have always dreamed of with confidence rather than with feelings of defeat.

What Your Teen Needs

Why Do You Feel the Way You Do?

Did you know that your feelings come directly from your thoughts?

They don’t come from what someone else did or didn’t do to you.

They don’t come from what your parents said to you many years ago.

They come from what you think about the actions or words of another.

If you want to enjoy positive, happy feelings create thoughts that bring those feelings.

The Why and How of Life

Monday Mindset - Creating Joy

Guilt and Worry

How to Argue with Your Husband

Your Husband is Not God

Words Matter

Monday Mindset: Life is a Mosaic

The Quarterly Sprint

Key Elements to Creating a Happy Home

Parenting 101

4 Keys to Effective Communication with Your Family

Monday Mindset: Choosing to Live Interior Peace

Take Up Your Cross

The Strength of Women

Teaching Manners

Marriage is About Becoming

Monday Mindset - Living with Intention

Human Interaction

Freeing Yourself from Mom Guilt

Don’t let yourself be a victim of the world and its arbitrary expectations.  Resist the temptation to judge yourself according to other people’s standards and fall victim to mom guilt.

 Ask God to help you do your best, love your best, and live His will for you the best you can.  He loves you, your husband, and your children more than you do.  He will give you all that you need to love them, care for them, and find your generous spirit in your motherhood. 

Sibling Arguments

Sibling Arguments don't have to result in full blown hate speak and physical violence.  People who live together will always disagree from time to time.  As parents, our job is to teach our children how to disagree with respect for their sibling.

Spring Cleaning Your Soul

St Josemaria says that you can tell a great deal about the state of one’s soul by looking in her closet.

The Past Doesn't Define You

Encouraging Respect and Affection for Dads

Three Tools to Create the Life you Love

Whether we’re talking about our relationship with our spouse, the way we parent, or the how we keep our home, in order to be effective we need to attend to 3 tools in our lives.

Children with Integrity

CS Lewis said, “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Mary Our Model of Trust

During this time of Lent, I often think about Jesus’ mother, Mary.  I think about the conflicting thoughts and feelings she must have had about His life.

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify with the suffering of Jesus because it is just so much. But surely as women we can identify with empathy and compassion, the suffering of His mother.

Reading and Bonding

Give an emotional boost to your children and to you and commit to reading together every day.

Thoughts and Truth

Freezer Meals are the Answer

Freezer Meals are the greatest invention to save time, money, and your sanity!

Seek to Forgive

Not forgiving someone doesn’t punish them, it punishes us.


Don't Deny Your Genius

Our gifts are super powers.  When we use them for the good the potential for change is unlimited.



The Spirit of Detachment

The spirit of detachment doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our life or the people in it, it simply means that we don’t depend on the exteriors of our life for our happiness.

What is the One Thing?

We try to do EVERYTHING everyday and often that leaves us with getting nothing done because we’ve given into the feeling of overwhelm, and procrastinated the day away.

Decide the night before what the one thing is that you must do the next day to feel like a success.