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Smart people talking about politics, policy, culture and other stuff

Possible Palestinian and Ukrainian Futures (Robert Wright & Andrew Day)
Last Friday at 10:46 PM


Nikki Haley Voters Could Sink Trump (Matt K. Lewis & Bill Scher)
Last Wednesday at 1:23 AM

Can Trump win back Haley voters? ... Does it matter how many Democrats vote "Uncommitted" in Michigan? ... Is there any logic to Trump's messaging to African-American voters? ... Do people vote for president like it's a TV show? ...

Google’s AI, Biden’s Brain, and Other Enigmas (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)
Last Wednesday at 1:08 AM

Big trouble with Small Potatoes ... What makes a good podcast? ... Google’s AI goes wild(ly woke) ... Is Biden a “super-ager” or just super old? ... On the psychology of self-immolation ... Are we thinking right about mental illness? ... Heading to Overtime ...

Does AI Understand Things? (Robert Wright & Gary Marcus)

Gary’s background and place in the AI world ... Are Gary’s views on AI paradoxical? ... Bob: Searle’s Chinese Room argument is dead ... Have LLMs demonstrated "theory of mind"? ... Arguing the semantics of an LLM's “semantic space” ... Do LLM representations map onto the real world? ... Can (and should) we slow down AI development? ... Gary: I’ve never seen a field as myopic as AI today ... The (symbolic?) future of AI ...

What Navalny Meant (Robert Wright & Nikita Petrov)

Nikita’s memories of Navalny’s emergence as a political force ... The time Nikita was detained for protesting election fraud ... Navalny’s success as a political organizer ... What did Navalny represent? ... Navalny’s courageous post-poisoning return to Russia ... Heading to Overtime (plus: Nikita’s photo with Navalny) ...

Gazans' Displacement, AI's Acceleration (Robert Wright & Andrew Day)


Ukraine’s War, Putin’s Worldview (Robert Wright & Leonid Ragozin)

What MSM missed about Carlsons' Putin interview ... Putin’s litany of grievances against the West ... Russia gets the upper hand in Ukraine ... Why Zelensky hasn’t paved the way for peace talks ... Putin’s mafia-inspired approach to negotiations ... Do most Russians support the war? ... Why Zelensky fired his popular top general ... Heading to Overtime ...

Is the 'Age' Issue Old News? (Matt K. Lewis & Matt K. Lewis)

Does the NY-03 special election have national import? ... Will the special counsel report sink Joe Biden? ... Was Jon Stewart's monologue on the mark? ...

Inside the Mind of AI (Robert Wright & Nora Belrose)

Nora’s low score on the AI doomer test ... The messy math of AI alignment ... Teaching and (unteaching) concepts to LLMS ... Do we really want human-like AI? ... How the AI “mind” works ... How to change an AI’s mind ... Are LLMs reverse-engineering the human mind? ... Heading to Overtime ...

Putin's Monologue, Biden's Bad Day (Earthling Unplugged) (Robert Wright & Andrew Day)