Tour Stories

40 Episodes

By: Ruinous Media

Joe Plummer's friends share their stories from life on the road. We hear funny, sad and sometimes scary tales from musicians and comedians. Have a tour story? Send a message to Tour Stories is produced by Ruinous Media.

The Check-In with Anna Mieke
Yesterday at 8:00 AM

Anna Mieke is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Wicklow, Ireland. Her newest record, the potent, droning folk soundscape, Theatre,  is both a freer and more focused follow up to her well received first release, Idle Mind.  In this episode, Anna shares the process of making Theatre, why the live setting was crucial to the final recording, and what made it such a special experience.  Joe and Anna discuss their shared love of drone and the role it plays in Anna's songwriting.  She also tells us how she found herself back in her home town and why she might alre...

Nate Mendel: Live Nude Guys

Nate Mendel is the bass player of the Foo Fighters.  He cut his teeth in the Northwest punk rock scene touring and recording with  Diddly Squat, Christ On A Crutch and Sunny Day Real Estate, to name a few.   In this episode Nate shares the curious history of nudity in his rock n roll career. 

Music by Nate Mendel, Lieutenant, and Joe Plummer.

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Go t...

The Check-In with Adam Halferty

Adam Halferty is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles by way of eastern Colorado. He has toured and recorded extensively with his band American Tomahawk and Nick Thorburn's band Islands.  In this episode, new friends Joe and Adam talk touring recovery,  the important role of humor on the road and what makes a good and bad hotel roommate.  They discuss Adams new record,  cc  fAult,   what stemmed the solo effort and his song writing process.  They flirt with the idea of acting as a profession and we hear a couple tunes.

The Check-In with John Mark Lapham-Old Fire

John Mark Lapham is a composer, producer and animator from Abilene Texas.  His newest effort Voids, under the moniker Old Fire, is a collaborative audio collage that illustrates the isolation and the cinematic landscape of his West Texas upbringing.   In this episode Joe and John Mark discuss the dark inspiration behind the record,  why his music tends to celebrate the visual,  and why he  worked with multiple vocalists (Bill Callahan,  Emily Cross, Adam Torres, and Julia Holter) . John Mark shares the long process of making Voids and we hear a couple tunes.


The Check In with Adam Luksetich, The Numero Group, Bound For Hell-On The Sunset Strip

Adam Luksetich is a musician, DJ and resident "metal head" at  The Numero Group.  He is also the producer of Bound For Hell-On The Sunset Strip, a multi-medium release that explores and celebrates the lesser known bands of the early 80's Los Angeles glam rock scene, just before the ultra popular Poisons and Motley Crue's of the same era.   In this episode, Adam shares what he gleaned from his extensive research, why some of these bands went unnoticed and the difference between "glam" metal and "hair" metal.  Joe and Adam speculate on the demise of the genre,  the influence behin...

On Tour with Man Man: A Tour Stories Special with Ryan Kattner

In this Tour Stories special,  Ryan Kattner (Man Man, Mister Heavenly, Honus Honus) and Joe recount their recent Man Man tour in the southwest,  where Joe sat in on drums for the first time.  The conversation is supplemented and enhanced with Joe's audio diary, which sheds light on what these rock n rollers do off the stage,  after the show and on the long drives in between.  We hear from the entire band,  hit the Bushyhead  Festival in Kansas, Oklahoma and meet multi-personality driver extraordinaire, Coach Steve.

The Check-In with Scout Gillett

Scout Gillett is a singer songwriter living in Brooklyn by way of Kansas City.  Her debut LP,  no roof, no floor  (Captured Tracks) is a meditation on loss and vulnerability that’s sonic quality replaces any hopelessness with a sense of openness. In this episode Joe and Scout  discuss the inspiration behind the new record and the experience of tracking the songs in a barn, in the dark. Scout also tells us how the DIY community has shaped her view on the music industry and why that led to her starting her own booking agency.  She shares her upcoming touring...

The Check-In with Gustav Ejstes- Dungen

Gustav Ejstes is the singer, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Dungen. After a six year break, Dungen has released En √Ąr F√∂r Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog (One is Too Much and a Thousand is Never Enough) on Mexican Summer. In this episode Gustav explains¬† the process of working with producer/collaborator Mattias Glav√•, and the role Mitch Mitchell, Public Enemy and Jungle play on the album. He shares his touring plans and we hear a couple tunes.




This Light In The Attic podcast is a companion piece to Words and Music, May 1965, an album of previously unreleased songs recorded by a young Lou Reed with future Velvet Underground bandmate, John Cale. It includes first known recordings of such iconic songs as "I'm Waiting for the Man" and "Heroin." These recordings will be released to the public for the first time on Light in the Attic Records.

Our host, Tunde Adebimpe sits down with Matt Sullivan (co-owner and founder of Light in the Attic Records) and Lou...

The Check-In with Sam Quartin

Sam Quartin is the singer, lyricist and founding member of The Bobby Lee's.  Their newest record and Ipecac Recordings debut Bellevue  will hit the streets October 7th. Bellevue is a ferocious follow up to the well received Skin Suit  and an intense journey of manic metamorphosis that will leave you demanding to see them live.  In this episode, Joe catches up with Sam from New York city, where she's in her car,  parked illegally.  We get Sams thoughts on touring after a busy year on the road,  how she feels about Hollywood culture from an actors point of view and she...

The Check-In with Harper-Simon

Harper Simon is a singer, songwriter, producer and journalist. His most recent effort is an album and accompanying art book entitled Meditations on Crime. . The release is a vast and collaborative multimedia project that incorporates  an eclectic collection of contributors including writers, visual artists and of course, musicians . It is indeed a full circle meditation on crime, expressed through song, images and word.  In this episode Joe and Harper discuss the genesis of the project and how his relationship to politics motivated him to choose crime as the subject. Joe and Harper talk about the  process of selecting contributors and...

The Check-In with Randy Randall -NO AGE

Randy Randall is the guitarist, co-producer and founding member of No Age. Their 3rd record on Drag City,  People Helping People,  will be released September 16th  with a full North American tour to follow.   In this episode, Randy shares the head space he and Dean were in at the beginning of the recording and why they were itching to get weird. We hear why they feel they are in a perfect position to do whatever they want and how operating  on the notion that "everything is valid" contributed to the sonic architecture of the record.  Randy also tells us why he...

The Check-In with Abraxas

Abraxas is a psych/rock/tropicalia duo of Uruguayan-born/UK-based Carolina
 Faruolo (ex-Los Bitchos) and Danny Lee Blackwell (Night Beats). They’re releasing their debut LP Monte Carlo on October 28 on Seattle-based label Suicide Squeeze.  In this episode Joe catches up with Danny on the road in France with his band Night Beats and Carolina at her home in Manchester.   Danny and Carolina share the process of making the Monte Carlo,  and how ease and telepathy translated directly to the final recording.  They also discuss how the diverse mixture of influences, the name Abraxas and record title Monte Carlo m...

Cody Votolato-JR SLAYER

Cody Votolato is a guitarist, singer and founding member of JR SLAYER.  He has spent the better part of his music career touring and writing with bands The Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love, Head Wound City and Telekinesis.  Now,  he has focused and boiled down his artistic output to JR SLAYER, with the new record Not Rotten out September 9 on Memory Music.
In this episode, Cody shares his perspective on writing Not Rotten  and the process of recording with Will Yip at Studio 4.  Joe brings up Cody's unique position as someone who has toured since his early teens, how he fe...

Eva Walker-The Black Tones

Eva Walker is a founding member, guitarist and singer for Seattle based The Black Tones. With one full length record (Cobain and Cornbread) and a Sub Pop single under their belts, The Black Tones are embarking on their first North American tour this fall.   In this episode, Eva shares her experience working with both Jack Endino and Don Farwell,  the importance of a groove and the role trust plays in their writing and performance.  We learn why Eva and Cedric share a free form of expression and how the root of that free spirit lies in both family and the...

The Check-In with Julia Kugel

Julia Kugel is the singer/guitarist and founding member of The Coathangers.  She will release her first full length solo record , Derealization  on September 30 with Suicide Squeeze Records under the moniker Julia, Julia.  In this episode Joe and Julia discuss why "giving in" is not "giving up" and how her idea of acceptance shaped the record.  Julia also tells us how she dealt with and recovered from losing her voice, why she wanted to sing quietly, and what the motivation was for truly making a record on her own.  Julia shares her fantastic idea to perform the new record live...

The Check-In with Sara Lund-Unwound

Sara Lund is a drummer, drum teacher and the innovative percussive force behind the band Unwound.  After a 20+ year break, Unwound is back and already have a string of sold out shows starting in early 2023.  In this episode Sara shares the complicated and tragic story of the band falling apart and the difficult decision to start up again without founding member and friend Vern Rumsey.  She also explains that the reunion is a celebration of Vern and his contribution to the music and why Jarred Warren is helping them get back on their rock n roll feet again.  Joe and...

The Check-In with Pete Chramiec

Pete Chramiec is a founding member and guitarist for the pivotal hardcore band Verbal Assault.  After a 20 year break, Verbal Assault are playing again, with shows booked on both coasts in 2022 and throughout 2023. In this episode, longtime pals Joe and Pete discuss what is was like for Pete to get back rock n roll shape , what spawned the reunion and why the shows are so special to him.  They also talk Joe's 4th favorite subject, "crossover", how VA's lyrics have come home to roost and Pete tells us how Dave Grohl changed the trajectory of his music career with a...

The Check-In with Shaun Fleming aka Diane Coffee

This week Joe talks with Shaun Fleming-aka Diane Coffee.  Shaun is a singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist based in Southern California.  His 4th record, With People (out now on Polyvinyl Records) is a personal reach into the past and a closer, sometimes darker look at the people and experiences that have made him who he is now.  In this episode,  Shaun shares what motivated him to look back, why he sometimes masks painful memories with uplifting melody,  and why this record felt more therapeutic than his previous efforts.  Joe and Shaun discuss the process of making With People  with his for...

Carre' Callaway: Queen Kwong

Carre' Callaway-aka Queen Kwong- is a musician,  song-writer and podcaster.  Like most musicians in the last couple years, Carre' has had a challenging time maneuvering the sudden change in her vocation, but her situation is different.  On top of the touring limitations, Carre' was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and two months later,  her husband left her.  What did she do?....... Naturally, made a record. The newest Queen Kwong record, Couples Only  isn't your typical "divorce record" of reflective poetry, but rather a fiercely raw and emotional look at a great loss and a future recovered.  In this episode, Carre' and Joe...

Nabil Ayers: My Life In The Sunshine

Nabil Ayers is a writer, musician and the US President of the Beggars Group. He is also the son of musician Roy Ayers. His search for connection with his biological father is the subject of his new book,  My Life In The Sunshine.  This book is also a biographical journey of Nabil's musical life. 
   In this episode Nabil recounts what drove him to pursue his extended family and why he wanted to share this experience in a book.  Joe and Nabil discuss the uniqueness of he and his fathers relationship,  how writing replaced drumming and why his move from Ne...

Jessica Boudreaux

Jessica Boudreaux is a songwriter, guitarist and producer from Portland, Oregon. Though best known for her band Summer Cannibals, Jessica has recently released a solo EP entitled I Think My Heart Loves To Break that she self produced over the past two years, in which she not only endured an involuntary break in touring, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer.  In this episode, Joe and Jessica discuss her response to her diagnosis, the massive change it brought to her life and how she kept herself from being lost in the illness.   She shares how her perspective on touring ha...

Ruinous Media Welcomes ANTI-HEROES with Zach Blair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to welcome Zach Blair and his newest podcast ANTI-HEROES to the Ruinous Media Network!!!!!

Anti-Heroes is a podcast about guitar players that aren't on the covers of the guitar magazines but our host, Zach Blair thinks they should be.  Each episode we'll have discussions with players about their motivations, intentions and, best of all, their gear.  We'll talk about their careers and how they express themselves in the constantly changing world of guitar music.

Zach Blair is lifelong guitar obsessive with a career spanning almost thirty years. From his early day...

The Check-In with Jason McGerr: Death Cab For Cutie

Jason McGerr is a producer, song-writer and the drummer for Death Cab For Cutie. In this episode drummer pals Joe and Jason discuss Asphalt Meadows, the newest record from DCFC since 2018. Jason shares the extraordinary collective process in making the new record, why it was so satisfying and whats behind the ferocity of Roman Candles, the first single.  Of course Joe and Jason dig into drums,  drum fitness on tour and why Jason is obsessed with making odd times feel straight.  We also learn why his nick name is "CJ" on tour. We hear a couple of Joes favorite DCF...

The Check-In with Andy Butler: Hercules and Love Affair

Andy Butler is a DJ, producer, songwriter and founding member of Hercules and Love Affair.  After a five year break,  Hercules and Love Affairs new record In Amber  brings long time collaborator and co-producer ANOHNI back into the fold, along with english drummer Budgie and singer Elin Eythordsdottir. In Amber  is a dark, jagged and heavy journey that questions faith,  false narratives assigned by social and religious constructs and ultimately celebrates perseverance and individual strength.  In this episode Andy catches us up on his projects over the last few years, how Black Metal plays a role on In  Amber and he...

The Check-In with Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs is a visual artist, singer and songwriter from Portland, Oregon.  On her newest record Found Light, (out July 8th on Raven Marching Band Records),  she addresses not only the loss of a spouse and working partner to divorce,  but the hardship of breaking away from the intermeshed identity that is the product of a longterm relationship.  In this episode Laura shares her experience of recording alone for the first time, what did and didn't work and why working with a new production partner proved to be a gratifying and liberating step in her career.  Joe and Laura discu...

The Check-In with Spencer Moody

Spencer Moody is a poet, visual artist,  songwriter and vocalist for the The Murder City Devils, Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death and more recently,  M.Krebs.  In this episode Spencer catches us up on his new life on The Big Island and how being a stranger in a strange land has influenced his work.  Joe and Spencer discuss the process and inspiration behind both the M.krebs record AND his newest project with Joe Jack Talcum, a split LP on This and That Tapes. We hear a couple tunes from M.Krebs and end with a very spec...

The Check-In with Torquil Campbell, Stars

Torquil Campbell is a founding member, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for the band Stars. He is also an actor, a play-write and podcaster.  Stars are getting ready to hit the road in support of their newest release From Capelton Hill (out May 27th on Last Gang Records/MNRK).  Torquil shares the story behind the title of the record, his historic relationship with North Hatley and why it's his only real sense of home.  Joe and Torquil discuss the sentiment that carries the record and how he and Amy Millan (singer/guitarist) are evolving towards more of a first person per...

The Check-In with Charity Rose Thielen, The Head and the Heart

Charity Rose Thielen is a founding member, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for The Head and the Heart.  Their latest record, Every Shade of Blue  is out now and the band is preparing for an extensive North American tour.  Joe caught up with Charity between rehearsals in Nashville.
 In this episode, Joe and Charity discuss the multi-producer process of making Every Shade of Blue , what sort of freedoms it provided and how it fell in line with the bands desire to go back to a more internal collaboration.  Charity tells us why she appreciated the universal break most musicians took...

The Check-In with ő£tella

ő£tella is a painter, singer and songwriter from Athens, Greece. Her Sub Pop debut, Up and Away is a lush, vintage pop odyssey that both adheres to traditional Greek sounds and explores current indie textures. In this episode,¬† ő£tella shares how her relationship with music ultimately helped her overcome shyness and why Greek melody has a grounding effect.¬† We learn how producer Tom Calvert (aka Redinho) and ő£tella teamed up and why their common influences made for an effortless working relationship.¬† ő£tella gives us the story behind the cover art and we hear a couple tunes from Up and Away.

The Check-In with Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten from Momma

Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten are collectively the singers, songwriters and guitarists for Momma. Their new record Household Name  (out July 1st on Polyvinyl Records) is not only a beautifully riff heavy nod to their 90's influences, its a thoughtful, personal and  dynamic listen from start to finish.  In this episode Etta and Allegra discuss their recording  process and why self control is key when you have an unlimited amount of time in the studio.  They share their point of view on 90's music, culture and why femme people playing guitar has transcended to the present.   Joe, Etta and Allegr...

The Check-In with Lou Barlow, The Folk Implosion

Lou Barlow is a singer, song-writer and founding member of Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoah  and The Folk Implosion.  Though known for his contribution to the "low fi" scene of the 80's and 90's, Lou has his roots in hardcore, punk and even the folk/country superstar Glen Campbell. 
   After a  20+ year break, The Folk Implosion (Lou Barlow and John Davis)  have released two new songs that without a doubt retain the pop/experimental beauty the duo achieved consistently in the past. Lou tells us what sparked the reunion.
   In this episode Lou also shares why he felt he should be...

The Check-In with Will Brooks (aka MC Dälek)

Will Brooks (aka MC Dälek) is a founding member, vocalist and producer for the group Dälek.  For close to 20 years Will has been releasing dark, experimental hip-hop records and collaborating with a wide range of like minded artists that include Kid 606, Faust, The Black Heart Procession and Techno Animal.  In this episode Joe and Will discuss the process of making the new Dälek record Precipice (out 4.29 on Ipecac Records), why he abandoned the first version and how Adam Jones from Tool  wound up contributing to a song.  Will tells us how his collection of improvisational recordings known a...

Tour Stories and Ruinous Media Welcome THE HIGH GAIN PODCAST

This week we salute our partnership with The High Gain Podcast, a podcast that celebrates the guitar. Each week John Kieltyka and Ed Peterson will introduce you to a guitar, share its cultural significance and provide you a slew of questionable (and likely very funny) facts on its origin and history. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll realize that this podcast is not just for guitar enthusiasts, but anyone who enjoys a good time.  

Episode 206

  The CBS-Fender deal went down in 1965, but the story started well before then. Enjoy!

- 1966 Fender St...

The Check-In with Brian Cook: These Arms Are Snakes, Sumac, Russian Circles

Brian Cook is a bass guitarist and song-writer from Seattle. He's an active member of Russian Circles and Sumac, writing, recording and touring extensively.  After a ten year break, his band These Arms Are Snakes with be playing a handful of shows in celebration of the release of Duct Tape and Shivering Crows, a collection of rarities, covers and demos out April 15th on Suicide Squeeze Records. In this episode,  Joe and Brian discuss how a recent break has helped him recognize his autonomy,  why his solo record made him a better band member and the importance of rehearsing cha...

The Check In with Gavin McCarthy

Gavin McCarthy is a drummer and songwriter from Boston, MA.  He's written, recorded and toured with a multitude of bands and projects over the last two decades, with his main efforts focussed on E and Karate.  After a long period of chasing down the masters, Karate is re-releasing their entire catalog with the Numero Group. In this episode Gavin catches us up on his life during the involuntary break, gives us the low down on the Boston venue scene and tells us how taking a break from music changed his self-identity. He also gives us his thoughts on reunion to...

The Check-In with Joel Jerome

 Joel Jerome is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA.  His solo debut, Super Flower Blood Moon  (Dangerbird Records)  hits the streets on May 13th, and promises a dark,  folky trip that celebrates his 90's indie rock influences as much and it pays homage to his latin roots.  In this episode Joel tells us how the pandemic opened his eyes to activism, how that's translated to his work with The Union of  Musicians and Allied Workers  (UMAW) and why unions are important to working musicians.  We hear how his long time pal Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse, Grandaddy, All Smile...

Mark Watrous. The Axman, The Boarders and a Check-in

Mark Watrous is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a producer. He's recorded and toured extensively with The Shins, Shudder To Think, The Raconteurs and is a founding member of Loudermilk and Earl Burrows.  Before hearing a pair of tour stories involving a reckless tour manager and a meth fueled ill-planned show in Sandpoint, Idaho, Joe and Mark catch up. We hear what Marks been up during the Shins break and he reminds us that WE'RE All waiting for vinyl.  We hear Joe's favorite Earl Burrows tune and..........BONUS!!!!!! the debut of a very special cover of The Fixx's One Th...

The Check-In with Walt Disco

Walt Disco is a young stylish band from Glasgow. Over the last two years they wrote, recorded and self produced their debt album, Unlearning  (Out April 1st on Lucky Number Music).  In this episode Joe talks with 2 members of the sextet, singer James and keyboardist/guitarist Finley.   James and Finely share the process of making Unlearning , why they wanted it to sound "scrappy", how that forced them to think differently and why self producing gave them a sense of childlike wonderment.   We learn what drives them to have a strong stylized aesthetic and they share a couple stories from their...

The Check-In with Sam Tallent

Sam Tallent has earned his PhD in touring as a stand-up comedian, an author and drummer. He's been on the road since his late teens,  has a best selling novel and an ever growing career in comedy to show for it.  Joe and Sam discuss his current reluctance to become a parent, why it was good for him to be something other than a comedian over the involuntary break and what touring feels like now.  Joe gets a lesson on the hierarchy of comedy performance, and not only do they discuss Sams newest novel Running the Light,  but we hear...