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Joe Plummer and friends share their stories from life on the road. We hear funny, sad and sometimes scary tales from musicians and comedians. He's also "Checks-In" with artists to hear new music, find out what they've been up to and whats next on the creative docket. Have a tour story? Want to get in touch with Joe? Send a message to Tour Stories is produced by Ruinous Media.

The Check-In with Vera Sola

Vera Sola is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and poet based in Los Angeles, CA. Her newest album, Peacemaker (out February 2 via City Slang) is a sprawling and lyrically ferocious follow up her first record Shades and will take the listener on a joyfully painful sonic journey through the cinematic west. In this episode Vera tells us how cinematic framing shaped the new record, why anger may be the driving energy and why she was "psychotic" about the final mix. Vera shares how a plant ceremony inspired her to make her first record, why David Beeman’s patience was crucial to he...

The Check-In With Brett Netson

Brett Netson is a guitarist, singer and song-writer from Boise, Idaho. He has toured and recorded extensively with Built To Spill, Mark Lanegan, Earth and is a founding member of Caustic Resin. His most recent contribution is a re-imagined version of Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine by Earth, and is out now on special "low frequency" re-release of the classic Earth 2 record on Sub Pop Records. In this episode, the longtime friends and forever ago bandmates discuss the state of "work", why Brett quit playing music for a short period of time, and what brought him back. Brett...

The Check-In with Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards: Deap Vally

Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are the drummer and guitarist respectively for the Los Angeles based band, Deap Vally. Since 2011 they have recorded and released four LP's three EP's and have consistently toured the world. On February 1st , they will release Sistrionix 2.0, a newly recorded version of their 2011 LP Sistrionix. In this episode, we hear what motivated the two to form a band, how early childhood experiences influenced their interest in performance and why a knitting shop brought them together. Lindsey and Julie share their un-healthy and stressful stint on a major label, why they re-recorded their record and...

The Check-In with Shilpa Ray

Shilpa Ray is a singer, songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist based in Queens, NY. She has been recording, releasing and touring on records in various incarnations from 2006 to the present. Her most recent release, Portrait Of A Lady (via Northern Spy Records) is her most personal, direct record to date, and delivers a jarring honesty that keeps the listener engrossed in the wide batch of sonic and lyrical intensity. In this episode Shilpa tells us why her first instrument was a harmonium, how The Side Walk Cafe's nurturing environment help her get her start in live performance and why drums...

The Check-In with Jim McCullough-CIVIC

Jim McCullough is a founding member and singer for the Melbourne based proto-punk band Civic. Civic has embarked on their first North American tour with three-pronged support of their most recent single Hourglass, the US release of their record New Vietnam and their most recent record, Taken By Force (all available via ATO Records). In this episode, Joe and Jim discuss the punk evolution of the band in a relatively short amount of time, what drives them to write great songs and why it's important to keep rock n roll alive. Jim tells us why the Civic live show...

The Check-In with Justin Moyer-Light Beams

Justin Moyer is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Washington D.C. dance punkers, Light Beams. He's also an original member or El Guapo, Antelope and a reporter for The Washington Post, where his work with the Post team was honored with a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the January 6th Capitol insurrection. Light Beams newest record, Wild Life is out November 3rd via Dischord Records/Mud Memory. In this episode, Justin shares his firsthand experience with a school shooting, which is directly addressed in Light Beams current single, Coming Our Way. We hear about his musical...

The Check-In with Jenny Pulse-Giddy Skelter

Jenny Pulse is a visual artist, singer, songwriter and one half of the collaborative duo, Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse. They're newest release, Giddy Skelter (out now via Kill Rock Stars), is a multi-textured collage of live instrumentation, samples, electro beats and experimental hooks. The recording is accompanied by a beautifully written zine titled Giddy Skelter : A Case Study. How to Make The Album You're Trying To Make, which functions as an illustration and manual to the process of making the record. In this episode Jenny shares how a karaoke rig and an old synthesizer were the gateway to...

The Check-In with Caleb Nichols

Caleb Nichols is a poet and singer/songwriter from San Luis Obispo, CA. He has written, toured and recorded with Churches, Port O'Brian and many solo endeavors. Caleb is a PhD candidate in Creative and Critical Writing at Bangor University in Wales where he's writing about queer ecopoetics in contemporary poetry, films, and media. His poetry and prose have been published worldwide. His newest record Lets Looks Back, is out on October 13th via Kill Rock Stars. In this episode Caleb tell us why he stopped playing music for nearly eight years, what took its place and why a...

The Check-In with James Bertram

James Bertram is a bass player, guitarist and founding member of Northwest indie luminaries Lync. He has also toured and recorded with Built To Spill, 764-HERO, Beck and Red Stars Theory. This episode not only celebrates James's experiences in the 90's DIY scene, but the re-issue of Lync's 1994 record, These Are Not Fall Colors, out via Suicide Squeeze records October 20th. James takes through his journey of the far-reaching communal music scene that supported Lync, his peers, and his many other endeavors. Joe and James talk outfits, venues and general vibe of the slightly grunge adjacent scene in 90's...

The Check-In with Juicebumps

Juicebumps is a zany no-wave tinged post punk four piece based in Oakland, CA. With an ever-changing and strong visual aesthetic, Juicebump's look, performance and supporting graphic design carries the band as much as their heavy synthesizer base and angular guitar hooks. Their new record Jumbo is out October 13 on Rocks In you Head Records. In this episode, Joe talks with Parker, Spencer and Shaina on the origin of Juicebumps, how a fear of boredom drives their artistic output and why the goal of the band is to make people move on the dance floor. The band shares their...

The Check-In with Jenn Champion

Jenn Champion is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. She is a founding member of the legendary gloomers Carris's Wierd, recorded 4 records under the moniker "S" and now releases material and performs as Jenn Champion. Her newest self produced release, The Last Night of Sadness (out Oct. 13 via Gay Forever) is a rich and confident journey, tinged with heavy synth/pop riffs and hip hop nods, all coated in with a sheen of real life darkness and humor. In this episode, Jenn's shares her life and musical experience "pre-Carrisas Wierd" and how the band's relevance periodically...

The Check-In with Vice Cooler-Thrash Palace

Season 5 debut with Vice Cooler! Vice Cooler is an artist, musician, producer, director, and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. As a teenager, Vice co-founded the influential no wave band XBXRX in Mobile, Alabama and later he became a member of The Raincoats along with touring as a member of Chicks on Speed. Vice has gone on to work with Peaches, Linda Lindas, Kim Gordon, Ladytron, Deerhoof and dozens of other artists in production, performance and video capacities. In this episode we hear how Thrash Palace, his newest effort with EMA and Sarah Register, was formed and signed to S...

Tour Stories Presents; Hyphenate with Randy Randall

This week Tour Stories presents Ruinous Medias newest podcast Hyphenate with Randy Randall. On today’s Hyphenate with Randy Randall, Randy sits down with legendary Skateboarder/Photographer/Guitarist Ray Barbee to talk all things skate, music, and photos. Getting started skating in the early 80’s and continuing to follow the creative stoke through music and photography. Ray is a legend in the Skateboard industry for not only his skills on the board but also his contributions to the culture of skateboarding through his amazing black and white photography as well as his groove on guitar documented on his many solo...

The Check-In with Ryan Patterson-Fotocrime

Ryan Patterson is the singer, song-writer, guitarist and founding member of Fotocrime, a cinematic tinged post-punk synth-electropop band based in Louisville. Their fourth record, Accelerated (out on Artoffact Records September 8th) takes the band a step further into the dark wave, this time with a richer melodic landscape and more inclusive genre portfolio. In this episode Ryan shares his lyrical process and inspiration for the new record and how it connects to previous releases. He tells us about his experience of growing up in rural Kentucky as a DC scene obsessed kid and how that influenced his industrious work...

The Check-In with Tim Rutili-Califone

Tim Rutili is a musician, film maker, visual artist and founding member of Califone. The newest record, villagers (out now vie jealous butcher) is a celebration of noise, experimental soundscape and elegant melody garnished with the silk of 70's AM radio and the smooth of classic pop. In this episode Tim tells us how death is a motivator behind his 30+ year musical journey and why the search continues. He explains the ridiculous notion behind the song the habsburg jaw, why he considers himself an "anarchic noise maker" and why he see's beauty in dissonance. Joe and Tim discuss their...

The Check In with Sarah Mary Chadwick

Sarah Mary Chadwick is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Melbourne. She will release her eighth studio record Messages To God on September 15th via Kill Rock Stars. Produced by Tony Espie, this playful and raw romp through personal darkness leaves the listener "entertained" and surprisingly optimistic. In this episode Sarah shares the reason for her early piano training and how it played a role in her early childhood home-life. She tells us how the low entry barrier of the of her local hardcore scene allowed her to get involved in live performance and why she stuck with it. J...

Tour Story with Joe Plummer :Conway The Wrong Way

This week Joe shares a tour story from a show in Conway, Arkansas with The Black Heart Procession in 2002. What could go wrong could go right.

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The Check-In with Nic Gohl and Drew McBride from Deeper

Nic Gohl and Drew McBride are the guitarists and founding members of Chicago based Deeper. Their third release and Sub Pop Records debut Careful is out September 8th and is followed by an extensive North American and European tour. In this episode Drew and Nic share their musical backgrounds, how Deeper came together in their college years and the audio and visual evolution of the band to now. They discuss their progression of songwriting, share the experience of making Deeper in a fourteen day studio session and the role guitar layering has on the over all sound of the...

Tour of Appreciation. 25 years of Joe's bands

This week's episode is a playlist of the bands Joe has recorded and toured with over the past 25 years. This chronological compilation is a celebration and an appreciation of the people he's had the fortune to work with throughout his career as a musician. Take the journey and enjoy.


Positive Greed: Retribution, Bob's Song

Bare Minimum: Fox Channel 9, "6"

Replikants: Xxenogenesis, Jazz Horse

Caustic Resin: Unlucky

Magic Magicians :Cascade Express, Wet Pills Pt. 2

A Gun Called Tension: 10 PM Letter

The Black Heart Procession...

A Celebration of Rick Froberg: Pitchfork: Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Obits

This episode is dedicated to the life, music and art of Rick Froberg, singer and guitarist for the bands Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, and Obits. I can remember the first time I heard Pitchfork at Fallout records in Seattle. From the moment I heard his cracking voice, the hooky jangle of his riffs, I was hooked on everything Rick. His stage presence, his vinegary and potent version of Fuck The Man messaging and of course his visual art that delivered the same message in such a beautifully sarcastic fashion. I had that chance to spend time with Rick h...

The Check In with Heather Larimer and Brian Naubert- Corvair

Heather Larimer and Brian Naubert are the husband/wife duo that make up Portland based power-pop band Corvair. Their potent sophomore effort Bound to Be is out now via Paper Walls and Where It's At Is Where You Are. In this episode we discuss how their relationship plays into their writing process and how that has changed. They share their long game of record output and the process of making Bound To Be in Seattle, Portland and Oakland. Brian tells us why he's in happy song sad song limbo, Heather breaks down the idea behind new song Shady Town...

The Check-In with Night Beats...... Danny "Lee Blackwell" Rajan Billingsley

Danny "Lee Blackwell" Rajan Billingsley is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and founding member of Night Beats. His is, alongside Carolina Faruolo, one half of the Tropicalia infused psych rock band Abraxas and also a co-collaborator in the UFO Club with Christian Bland from The Black Angels. Rajan, the newest release from Night Beats, is a rhythmically humid psychedelic odyssey that touches on R&B, Anatolian funk, 60's pop and celebrates hypnosis of dub. In this episode we talk about Danny's parameter less approach to songwriting and the role of "rule breaking". Danny shares his point of view of "world rock"...

The Check-In with D.A. Stern

D.A. Stern (aka David Stern) is an LA based, New Jersey raised songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. His newest record, Don't Take Your Heartache Out On The World (Sept 13 via Symphonic) is a richly produced hook party that both globally and specifically addresses the trappings of love loss, infidelity and even "punkness", all in one sincere and at times humorous package. In this episode, David shares the journey of going from songwriter/protools tinkerer to landing as an engineer at the late Adam Yauch's Oscilloscope Laboratories and finally becoming a prolific self producing artist. David also tells us why...

The Check-In with Kate Stables-This Is The Kit

Kate Stables is a singer, song-writer, multi instrumentalist and founding member of This Is The Kit. British born Paris based Stables will be releasing her 7th full length record, Careful Of Your Keepers on June 9th via Rough Trade Records. The new effort is a complex, soothing and magnetic collection of songs produced and "toneset" by Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, Neon Neon). In this episode Joe and Kate discuss the lyrical origin and tone of the new record and Kate shares some insight into her general writing process and how that connects to the listener. Kate tells us...

The Check-In with PONY-Sam Bielanski and Matty Morand

PONY is a guitar power pop duo from Windsor, Ontario by way of Toronto. Currently comprised of singer/songwriter/founding member Sam Bielanski and multi-instrumentalist/co-collaborator Matty Morand, the band has releasedVelveteen (Take This To Heart Records), a irresistible hook laden hyper catchy effort that dabbles with The Velveteen Rabbit as a vehicle for expressing the power of giving love and acceptance. In this episode, we learn why the duo are drawn to the more sugary side of guitar rock but at the same time don't feel confined to the genre. Matty and Sam also share their collaborative process...

John Goff: Funerals, Weddings and Vincent Gallo. The Pipes and Synth Story.

John Goff, also known as Cascadia Bagpiper,¬†has been a professional bagpiper since 1984. Originally from San Diego, he currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and plays memorials,¬†funerals, weddings, and¬†various¬†celebrations.¬†John is also an experimental musician, playing guitar, synthesizer and bagpipes with a wide range of musicians including Crash Worship, Neurosis, Merzbow, Steve Von Till, and N√ėISE, a collaboration with artist Shepard Fairey. In this episode, John shares a few of his many anecdotes, experiences and insights as an experimental musician turned professional bagpiper. We also get a brief history of the instrument, the outfit and the jo...

The Check with Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug -Sweeping Promises

Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug are collectively Sweeping Promises. Together, they have written, performed and recorded the last two records entirely as a duo, both efforts celebrating their unique and dynamic chemistry. Their newest record, Good Living Is Coming For You will be released on June 30th on Feel It (North America) and Sup Pop (ROW) with extensive touring to follow. In this episode, Lira and Caufield share their long journey between the records that landed them in their new studio in Lawrence, KS by way of Boston, Austin and Marfa. They discuss the intention behind their production, how...

The Check-In with Aviv Rubinstien: In Sync Podcast, Jacob the Horse

Aviv Rubinstien is a Philly native, musician, filmmaker and podcaster living and working in Los Angeles. He has written and directed several feature films both in the United States and Southeast Asia. A true hyphenate, Aviv is the singer for the rock n roll band Jacob The Horse, he teaches screenwriting and filmmaking at Emerson College and Hussian College Los Angeles and, along side Rachel Brodsky, he co-host of*IN SYNC, the podcast celebrating the perfect on-screen needle drop. In this episode, Aviv and Joe share their favorite needle drops and Aviv not only gives us a definition, but...

The Check-In with Se√°n Barna

Se√°n Barna is a singer, songwriter and has been playing drums professionally since he was 14, cutting his teeth in Floridian honky-tonks and eventually graduating to the touring broadway production of The Producers. Se√°n's interests have since turned to a more up front position, taking on both singing and writing for his solo efforts which has led him to recording 3 records and touring the world for the past several years. His newest effort ,¬†An Evening at Macri Park ‚ÄĒ "a character study of the dimly-lit Brooklyn queer bar, Macri Park, and the creatures who thrive within its walls" is also...

The Check-In with 79.5: Kate Mattison and Lola Adanna

79.5 is a Brooklyn based disco-soul, psychdelic-electro band started by singer-songwriter Kate Mattison. Following philosophical and lineup changes over the last two years, 79.5 is now fronted by both Mattison and Lola Adanna. In this episode Kate and Lola share the motivation behind the new self-titled record (out on Razor N Tape May 5th) and the single B.D.F.Q. The two tell us how their relationship started and why their camaraderie and collaboration not only enhances 79.5, but why it is important to them personally. We look into their writing-recording process , musical background and hear a few tunes. If Questlove...

Tour Story with Joe Plummer: Spain with a Black Heart

Finally, Joe Plummer tells a Tour Story of his own. He shares the true tail of a life threatening close call on a trip to Sevilla, Spain with his band at the time, The Black Heart Procession. A real life view into the romance, the love, the danger and the foolishness of life on the road from a seasoned touring musician. In this episode Joe is joined by a surprise (an mysterious) musical guest to accompany his story. Also, we hear the original version of Honeybear, the Tour Stories them song with the great Paul Jenkins from The Black...

The Check-In with Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo is a drummer, a drum innovator, a drumming enthusiast and a founding member of the seminal thrash metal band Slayer. Since his final departure from Slayer in 2013, Lombardo has kept himself busy touring, recording and performing with Fantomas, John Zorn, Mr Bungle, Dead Cross, Empire State Bastard and The Misfits, to name a few. On May 5th, we will see his first and long awaited solo effort, Rites of Percussion (Ipecac Records), a percussive rich, tonally conscious, cinematic drum record. In this episode, Dave shares the catalyst behind his solo debut, the process of writing and recording...

The Check-In with Yvette Young, Covet

Yvette Young is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for Covet. The new record, Catharsis is out now on Triple Crown Records. In this episode, Yvette shares her process the risks and the inspiration behind this new record. Joe and Yvette discuss the collaborative effort it takes to make a record, the power of instrumental music and the conflict between writing music verses touring. We learn that Joe and Yvette share some of the same post hard-core influences and we hear a couple new tunes.<...

The Check-In with Hayden

Hayden Desser is a seasoned, self-producing singer songwriter from Toronto. After close to a 8-year break, Hayden has released a full length record via Arts and Crafts. This newest effort, Are We Good, celebrates a new writing approach and collaborations with Matt Berninger (The National) Leslie Feist (Feist) and Aaron Dessner (The National). In typical fashion the record is accompanied by thoughtful, cinematic videos that include a cameo by pal and collaborator Steve Buscemi. In this episode Joe and Hayden discuss his 8 year "break" and how it resulted in a new record and a stronger sense of patience. Hayden...

The Check-In with Shannon Lay

Shannon Lay is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and Sub Pop recording artist from southern California. Her newest release Covers, Volume 1, is a 9-song collection of cover songs that celebrate Shannon's influences as an artist and serve as a vehicle to share her artistic perspective with her listeners. In this episode, Joe and Shannon discuss her musical roots and what stemmed the idea to release a record of other people's songs. She also shares the process behind selecting the songs, how she recorded them and why she thinks releasing a collection of covers is important. The two delve into their...

The Check-In with Alex Edkins and Graham Walsh-Noble Rot

Noble Rot is the studio project of Alex Edkins (METZ) and Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck). Long time collaborators and friends, the two began working on Noble Rot following the cancelation both of their respective tours. In this episode we hear how the two met, what was behind their drive to document this sonic exploration and what kept them dedicated to the project. They share process of recording Heavenly Bodies, Repetition, Control and why visual artist John Smith is so important to the overall experience of the release. Joe urges them to take the record from a "studio project" to...

The Check-In with Piper Torrison- Mediocre

Along with Keely Martin, Piper Torrison is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and 1/2 of the Boston based rock duo, Mediocre. Their newest effort , To You Know You're Screwed is due out April 7th and is their first release with Dangerbird Records. In this episode, Joe and Piper discuss the bi coastal effort it took to make the new record, how Piper and Keely are artistically joined and the idea behind "knowing you're screwed" and how it relates to entering adulthood. Piper also shares the meaning of the newest single Pop Song Baby , and why this perspective goes beyond the fem...

The Check-In with Hew Time

This week we hear from Joe's other voice, his drums. In the winter of 2012 and 2013, Joe found himself on a dreaded break. Mister Heavenly, The Shins and Cold War Kids were either between tours or between records, leaving him in his least favorite position, idle. He was still playing and recording almost daily, but with records rather than bandmates. One day during a "shuffle session" ( he would hit record, shuffle his music library and start playing with whatever tune came into his ears), he got the idea to not only pay homage to one of his favorite drummers Max...

The Check-In with Ed Rodriquez and John Dieterich of DEERHOOF

Ed Rodriquez and John Dieterich are the guitarists for Deerhoof. Though they branch out with other projects, they have both been dedicated to the band for over 20 years and are celebrating the bands 19th album Miracle-Level (out March 31st on Joyful Noise Recordings). As standard with Deerhoof, the new record shimmers with newness and is full of sonic and lyrical surprises, but what stands out most is that this is the first "studio record" they've recorded in their long career. In this episode John and Ed share the recording experience and the motivation behind it. We also learn how...

The Check-In with David Dickenson-Suicide Squeeze Records

David Dickenson is the founder of Suicide Squeeze Records. Based in Seattle, David's first release was a¬†7‚ÄĚ from indie duo 764-Hero in 1996. Following its success, he used his label to release singles and EPs by local acts like Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith, and Pedro The Lion.¬†Over the past 27 years, David has greatly expanded his roster outside the Northwest with releases from The Black Keys, The Melvins, Iron and Wine, The Coathangers, Death Valley Girls and Holy Wave. In this episode, David catches us up on the newest at Suicide Squeeze, what motivated him to start the label in the...