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Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.

Mutual Aid, Mother's Day and mental health.

This show aired on Mother’s Day today in Australia and our discussion covers heavy topics such as violence, death and the genocide in Palestine. We recognise that trauma is widespread and that many listeners may have experienced traumatic events in their lives, and so mention these topics up front. Mother’s Day:We discuss issues of speciesism around animal mothers and talk about the story of Clarabelle the cow and her baby Valentine who are living together at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. story Families for Palestine on Instagram carousel...

Emma Hakansson's new books - Total Ethics Fashion & Sub-human

Our guest is Emma Hakansson, the founding director of Collective Fashion Justice, a not-for-profit dedicated to creating a total ethics fashion system which prioritises the wellbeing of people, our fellow animals and the planet, before profit. We chat about Emma's books Total Ethics Fashion and Sub-human: A 21st-Century Ethic; on Animals, Collective Liberation, and Us All, and some of the campaign updates from Collective Fashion Justice.  Links: Collective Fashion Justice The CFJ Manifesto Willow and Claude is a multi-award winning short documentary film and proof of concept knitwear collection created by Colle...

The Orca Revolution Part 2

Join us as we revisit the fascinating and ongoing saga of orcas attacking boats off the Iberian Peninsula. Since May of 2020 orcas have been attacking, damaging and in some cases sinking boats off the Iberian Peninsula between Morocco, Portugal and Spain, and no one knows for certain why. What are their motives? How has this negative human/orca interaction played out? Is it escalating? What will the clashes lead to? Listen to the first Orca Revolution episode below: The Orca Revolution Part 1: Marine biologist KP's website: Website for furt...

Getting Things Done in Animal Advocacy

Dilan Fernando gives some tips that animal advocates can use from the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. Dilan discusses how he uses these tips in his own life and in the organisation he is a part of ‚Äď Animal Think Tank. This advice can help individual animal advocates and animal advocacy organisations get on top of their inbox, their tasks more generally and gain greater headspace for creative thinking as a result of no longer keeping tasks in their head.¬†¬†Links:¬†Getting Things Done -¬†The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen: https://gettin...

How AI Can Help Animal Advocacy With Kyle Behrend

Our guest today is Kyle Behrend,  a seasoned animal advocate and not-for-profit professional with a passion for AI and how it can assist the animal advocacy world.   He has over his 13 years working with farm animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission where his roles have spanned from on-the-ground animal care to Operations Manager. This broad experience has cultivated a unique skill set including effective communication, teaching, and problem-solving.   These days he is using his on the ground skills and fascination with AI to help not for profits more effectively get the word out, engage with the public and media, train their volunteer...

Can Chat GPT Predict A Vegan Future?

Adam, Lottie and Nick discuss the article AI Predicts Most Of World Will Be Vegan By 2075, by Adam Protz in Plant Based News:¬†¬†We cover the problems of using AI to predict anything, some of the tipping points identified in the article regarding shifting towards a vegan world and our thoughts on how we can work towards a societal shift away from animal agriculture.¬†¬†Additional articles/organisations/documentaries referred to throughout the discussion:¬†Faunalytics article by Jo Anderson:¬†Sentient Media ‚Äď animal-focused news organisation:¬†Plant Based Universities campaign: https://w...

Dogs, Ducks, and Dickheads

Our guest Kristy Alger from Animal Liberation Tasmania shares updates from their extensive campaign Defund TasRacing. ALT has released extensive videos and photos showing the reality of life for greyhounds on trainer, owner and breeder properties in Tasmania. The conditions that greyhounds are kept in, for often up to 23 hours a day are truly shocking. The campaign has had great impact including mass media coverage, and recongition from multiple politicians and with an upcoming state election is putting greyhounds firmly on the election agenda. We also talk about the duck shooting campaign in Tasmania which has just opened this weekend, and...

Vegan parenting: Raising the Next Compassionate Generation

Join us as we speak to two parents raising vegan children in a non vegan world.  Mark and Lydia join us in the studio as we speak of the ups and downs of raising the next compassionate generation. How do vegan kids deal with the issues facing them? What about pushback from society on the parents who decide to raise their children vegan? Do vegan kids change the perception of veganism for other kids? How has raising compassioniate kids changed over the decades? We discuss all this and more on this episode, and reveal the very different lived experiences vegan paren...

Dr Leila Dehghan - Plant-based Health Justice

On this show we speak with Dr Leila Dehgan, doctor, plant-based nutritionist and Founding Director of Plant-based Health Justice. Born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in Vienna, Austria, Leila is a plant-based nutritionist and social justice activist. With a background in medicine, Leila had to pivot her career path due to debilitating migraines.Although Leila’s journey to veganism started as an animal rescuer, she later discovered the power of a whole food plant-based diet and healed her migraines through diet. This experience shifted her professional interests. She pursued a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate at eCornell, part of Cornell University, and obt...

Animal Trivia - Subscriber Week edition

3CR Subscriber Drive Monday, February 12 ‚Äď Sunday, February 18. This week is 3CR Subscriber Week and we thought it's a great time for another Animal Trivia show! See if you know the answers to the questions that baffled the team.¬†3CR is one-of-a-kind! We have 400 volunteers and cover an incredible array of programming content. From special broadcast events on Invasion Day or Trans Day of Visibility to any of our 120 weekly shows, 3CR has got your radical radio listening covered.¬†We need our listeners to be subscribers to ensure the survival of the station. We‚Äôre a not for profit, community radio licenc...