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Catch two of British Columbia's most admired and respected sports journalists Monday to Friday on CHEK. Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal host Donnie and Dhali - The Team. Follow along with Donnie and Dhali as they interview guests, and have fun discussing the latest in local sports news. Tune in live from 10am to 12pm on CHEK, the CHEK+ app or download the Podcast to listen whenever!

March 4th 2024
Yesterday at 8:21 PM

Today the guys react to Elias Pettersson's contract extension becoming official over the weekend and the Canucks win in Anaheim.

Joining the show is Pettersson's Agent J.P. Barry (17:39) and Dan Murphy (51:13).

March 1st 2024
Last Friday at 8:13 PM

Today the guys look back on the Canucks loss to the Kings, Friedman's report on Elias Pettersson and more.

Joining the show is Thomas Drance (19:30) and UBC Men's Hockey Head Coach Sven Butenschon (52:20).

February 29th 2024
Last Thursday at 8:28 PM

Today the guys react to a potential breakthrough in the Elias Pettersson contract situation, the Canucks taking on the Kings tonight and more.

Joining the show is Brendan Batchelor (17:47) and John Shannon (50:32).

February 28th 2024
Last Wednesday at 8:25 PM

Today the guys recap the Canucks loss to the Penguins, the play of J.T. Miller and more.

Joining the show is Farhan Lalji (17:21) and Vanni Sartini (52:22).

February 27th 2024

Today the guys look ahead to Canucks vs. Penguins tonight and Rick updates the latest with Phil Kessel and Jake Guentzel.

Joining the show is Josh Yohe from The Athletic in Pittsburgh (18:15) and Craig Button (51:36).

February 26th 2024

Today we respond to our controversial poll question, look back on the Canucks win against the Bruins and more.

Joining us is Iain MacIntyre (18:82) and Elliotte Friedman (51:33).

February 23rd 2024

Today the guys chat about the Canucks fourth straight loss in Seattle last night, Rick Tocchet's frustration and more.

Joining the show is Thomas Drance (17:54).

February 22nd 2024

Today the guys setup the Canucks visit to Seattle, chat about Arshdeep Bains getting promoted and more.

Joining the show is Ian Furness (18:48), John Shannon (51:47) and Barclay Parneta (1:02:00).

February 21st 2024

Today the guys recap the Canucks loss over the Avs last night and the debut of Arshdeep Bains.

Joining the show is Nick Taylor (19:19), Farhan Lalji (49:34) and Robin Bawa (1:00:40).

February 20th 2024

Today we return from our long weekend to recap the Canucks meltdown in Minnesota and look ahead to their visit to Colorado tonight.

Joining the show is Mathieu Betts (18:44) and Craig Button (57:32).