Your True Self

10 Episodes

By: Jaci Rogash

Hosted by Transformation Coach & Mentor, Jaci Rogash, Your True Self is a podcast about real life stories of transformation, navigating life and being able to show up in the world as your unapologetic self. We’ll talk about the ups, the downs, the ugly truths and the magical moments that we all experience, but often feel we can’t share, so we can bring to life the importance of having meaningful conversations and embracing our own journey in this crazy thing we call life.

150. Unfiltered: Building Love After Trauma

In this episode I’m speaking about building love after trauma. 

Do you love yourself? 

Do you love your life? 

Are you open (and I mean really, honestly and truthfully) open to receiving love? 

Are you prepared to give love without conditions? 

Are you prepared to accept yourself for who you are, your whole self, your true self and love every part of yourself? 

If you answered no to any of these - then we’ve got some work to do my friend...

149. Unfiltered: Building Relationships After Trauma

In this episode I’m speaking about how trauma can impact our relationships and how we can start to create and cultivate the relationships we truly desire. 

Journal questions to support you to do this:  

Who am I? How has my trauma impacted my relationships? What do I want my relationships to look and feel like? Who do I have unconditional relationships with? Are there any groups, interests, hobbies or anything else that I need to step away from? What do I need to let go of in order to create sp...

148. Unfiltered: Building Trust After Trauma

In this episode I’m sharing how you can start to trust yourself after trauma. 

I walk you through a 6 step process (you’ll need to listen for the full explanation for each piece); 

Uncover the reason why you don’t trust yourself.Start to move through and release any reasons that you don’t trust yourself. Shift your focus to yourself. Get to know yourself and let go of other peoples opinions. Each day write down all the ways in which you trusted yourself.Journal: What would life look and feel lik...

147. Unfiltered: Building Confidence After Trauma

This episode is designed to help you build confidence after trauma. 

Guided Questions: 

What does confidence mean to me? How would it feel to not take on other peoples projections and opinions? What are the areas of your life that you are NOT confident in? List what you would like to focus on first - last. What is the first thing I am going to do to focus on MY confidence?

Mamamia Article on Domestic Violence:

146. Sweeping it under the rug

How many times have you heard one or all of the following really annoying and unhelpful comments: 

You should just get over it?Are you still talking about that?Just don’t worry about it? I didn’t realise it was that much of a deal to you?Why do you let it bother you so much? That was so long ago. 

In this episode I’m chatting through: 

What sweeping it under the rug means or looks likeWhy we do itThe damage and harm it causes and creates. 

145. Unfiltered: Working Hard as a trauma response

In this episode I’m speaking to why we can sometimes become work horses as a trauma response. 

This includes: 

What it isWhy we do itSome questions to identify how to move past it. 

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144. Unfiltered: The challenges of becoming a mum

In this episode I’m sharing stories from members of my community who share their challenges through either conception, pregnancy, birth or motherhood. 

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143. Unfiltered: Stalking & it's complexities


Stalking is probably one of the most complex and misunderstood crimes. 

In this episode I’m breaking down what stalking is, sharing my story and also providing an opportunity for you to heal from any trauma you’ve had relating to stalking

If you have experienced stalking, I have some questions for you: 

How did that make you feel? How has it impacted you since then? What did you have to do in order for it to stop? What would you love other people...

142. Karen Marie Johnston: Addiction, abandonment and a life of bravery

Hold onto your hats folks - today’s interview is nothing short of incredible! 

In this episode I had the absolute privilege of interviewing Karen Marie Johnston, where she shares her story with me so openly. From a childhood that was unsafe, acting out at school, falling into a life of addiction - and all that that entails - to being saved by an incredible social worker and now supporting women in the way she once was. 

Karen is a multi award-winning coach, registered social worker, supervisor & trauma and nervous system informed 'She Recovers' yoga teac...

141. Unfiltered: The silent soul crusher: Bullying

Today I’m chatting about bullying. 

I’ll be sharing: 

What it isWhat it is notThe impact of bullyingWhat we can do about it. 

Move Beyond Your Trauma

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