Your True Self

40 Episodes

By: Jaci Rogash

Hosted by Transformation Coach & Mentor, Jaci Rogash, Your True Self is a podcast about real life stories of transformation, navigating life and being able to show up in the world as your unapologetic self. We’ll talk about the ups, the downs, the ugly truths and the magical moments that we all experience, but often feel we can’t share, so we can bring to life the importance of having meaningful conversations and embracing our own journey in this crazy thing we call life.

125. Boundaries
Last Tuesday at 6:00 PM

Boundaries are SO important and one of my favourite topics to support my clients with. 

In this episode I’m sharing why boundaries are important and how you can start to implement boundaries confidently. 

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124. Self Compassion


Being kind to ourselves. ALWAYS. 

In this episode I’m sharing how self compassion can increase your confidence and 5 ways you can start practising self compassion today! 

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123. Admitting something's not right

Last week I decided to press pause on launching my new program, Inner Warrior Awakening because there are some things going on in my internal world that didn’t feel right. 

In this episode I’m sharing the challenges that I faced before making the decision and what happened after. 

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122. Everyday Struggles that we Accept as Normal

Overwhelm, self doubt, lack of self trust, drama, victim mindset, exhaustion, burnout, constant complaining - these are just some of the everyday struggles I see play out in peoples lives that should absolutely NOT be normal. 

I’m also sharing the biggest and most upsetting struggle we accept as normal that needs to be shifted. 

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121. The Cost of Doing Nothing

When we KNOW something has to change because we are not happy within our lives, why do we not take action? 

In this episode I’m talking about what inaction in your life is actually costing you, and what you can do to start to create permanent change in your life. 

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120. How to Feel Good

On Wednesday 23rd August I’m hosting a FREE Masterclass - How to Feel Good

In this episode I’m sharing WHY I believe it is really important right now, how the idea came about and what’s included. 

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119. What Younger Me Would be Surprised About

This episode title makes me laugh, because there are SO many things my younger self would be surprised about my life right now. 

In this episode, I’m sharing with you 2 of the main things my younger self would be surprised about. 

The most important one… 

That life gets to be fun, inspiring and uplifting. 

I get that not everyone feels this way, which is why I created my next FREE Masterclass, How to Feel Good. 

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118. A core belief of mine that recently changed

In this episode I’m sharing with you a core belief of mine that recently changed and how I came to the realisation that I no longer live by that belief. 

There are also 3 reflective questions for you: 

If you were to do a little stocktake on the beliefs you have about yourself - is there anything that is outdated and no longer true? If you were to upgrade that - what would the new belief be? How can you start to embrace your new belief and show up for yourself as your presen...

117. Being Pulled Out of Elation

We’ve all been there… 

Things in life are great. We feel energised. Excited. Liberated. 

We feel like we’ve got no problems in the world - and then BAM - something happens and we are quickly pulled out of our elation and feel like we’re back where we started from. 

In this episode I’m talking about why this happens and what the truth actually is, and I’m also sharing a pretty personal experience I had a few weeks ago. 

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116. The shifts that happen when we heal

Want to know what some of the shifts that happen to us when we heal are? 

In this episode I’m using inspiration from a recent retreat and what I witnessed in one of the ladies attending. It was nothing short of spectacular and incredible. 

It is entirely possible to heal and transform your life, you just have to be brave enough to say yes. 

Ignite Your Inner Warrior


115. Behind the Scenes With My Clients

I am so excited to announce that the doors to the next round of Ignite Your Inner Warrior are now officially open!!! 

This is my signature group coaching program and something I am so, so proud of. 

Rather than me telling you about how awesome it is, why it’s for you and why I might be the right coach for you, I thought I’d bring in some of my clients for a chat. 

In this episode we take turns in being the intervi...

114. Why we revert to doubt when things go well

Why do we revert to doubt or negative thinking when things go well for us? 

In this episode I’m chatting through the reasons we question ourselves when things start going well. 

I’ve also given you 5 journal prompts to work through after you listen: 

In what ways and when do you revert to doubt when things go well? Why do you do that? What are you avoiding by not allowing yourself to embrace the incredible things happening for you? What are you afraid of? What’s the limiti...

113. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

In this episode I’m taking you through a little life audit. 

I realise that for so many people in my community there is something missing, and often we don’t know what that is. 

In this episode I’m going to be breaking life down into 6 areas, and then asking you 3 questions for each area. 

Here are the questions: 

1.  Work / Career

Do I enjoy the way that I make money?  When it comes to my work, am I solely focus...

112. Ignite Your Inner Warrior Challenge

I am so excited to be running another FREE challenge for you. 

In this episode I’m sharing what the challenge is all about and why it is PERFECT for you!

Ignite Your Inner Warrior Challenge

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111. An Insight Into My Inner Warrior Journey

I am very much leaning into the art of practising what I preach, so before I hosted my last online event, Meet Your Inner Warrior, I energy coached myself to meet my inner warrior. 

This journey was different to any other time I’ve done it, and what came through was powerful, wise and in all honesty, life changing and solidifying. 

In this episode I share what my journey to meet my Inner Warrior was like, and how my wise warrior supported me so deeply. 


110. Am I Broken?

The reason my clients work with me is because there’s something missing. 

They want more for themselves and aren’t sure how to get there

They might question their worth and whether they deserve what they want

Maybe they know that their patterns are NOT supporting them, but they just can’t seem to break away from them… 

And sometimes, no matter how hard they’ve tried, they feel like they are continually going around in circles and not getting anywhere, and ask themselves: 

“Is there something...

109. Who Am I?

Who am I? 

How can 3 words, 6 letters, put together in the right order - be so powerful? 

How can these 3 words have the ability to stop us in our tracks? 

Almost take our breath away… 

In this episode I’m sharing with you why this questions and going through a practice to answer this can be life changing. 

I also share how our old selves can sometimes try to take over our new selves… <...

108. We lost our baby

As you know I’ve been going through something pretty big lately, and that is the loss of our baby. In this episode I’m sharing with you my miscarriage journey, how I’ve felt throughout the journey and also the ‘anger’ stage of grieving. 

Content Warning: In this episode I’m talking about miscarriage, loss, grief and feeling let down by the healthcare system. 

If you feel any of these are going to be triggering for you, please feel free to skip this episode. 

If you would like...

107. Breaking My Habit

In this episode I’m sharing how only 1 week ago I was in the THICK of breaking my own habit and how uncomfortable it was to show up fully for myself by completely clearing my diary. 

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106. The Power of Shifting Your Fiery Reactions to Calm Responses

In this episode I’m sharing some insights into why we react to certain situations in a really fiery way and what we can do to respond calmly instead. 

I chat through 4 reasons why we have these responses and then 5 things you can do to start to respond in a more aligned, calm and easeful way. 

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105. Loren Honey: Returning Home

Today I have such a special treat for you. I got to sit down with the incredible Loren Honey where we chatted about her journey to self connection, how she supported herself to come back to herself and her journey with learning about her cycle and her lineage. 

Loren is an internationally sought-after, trained breathworker, intuitive life coach, women's circle facilitator and published author. She’s highly trained and embodies what she teaches with integrity. She is known for her grounded and intuitive approach, mixing together her fire, flow and sovereignty within a safe and sacred space. 

104. The Fears We Hold Around Cultivating New Habits

Creating new habits can sometimes feel like one of the most challenging things to do. 

We have the habits we do because of our subconscious programming and shifting anything from our subconscious takes time and repetition. 

What isn’t often spoken about is the fears we have when it comes to cultivating new habits, and that’s what I dive into in this episode. 

There are also 5 prompts for you to get curious with your fears in relation to your habits: 

What am I afr...

103. I got Triggered... BAD

In this episode I’m sharing with you a story that’s very raw and recent. 

While away over the weekend, I was triggered, really badly, and in this episode I’m sharing with you what happened, firstly so we normalise the severity that people can be impacted by, but also to demonstrate some of the patterns and habits that played out during this experience. 

TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode I speak of being triggered and sexual assault. Please listen at your discretion. 

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102. Taking Radical Responsibility

Today we’re talking about taking radical responsibility for our lives. 

In this episode I share 4 ways you can take radical responsibility for your life. It included: 

Getting to know yourself  Understanding your habitsWhat are you hiding?What do you want? 

Some journal prompts if you’d like to explore this further: 

What do I love and what do I hate? What am I passionate about and what bores me? Who am I? What are my habits? (thinking about the 3 areas I chat about)What do I do when I’m (in...

101. What Happens After an AHA Moment

It’s no secret that the work I do involves a lot of soul searching, uncovering stories, looking at what's shaped our lives, looking at how we hold ourselves back and what shifts we want to make. 

In this episode I’m talking about what happens when we have those infamous ‘aha’ moments.  

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100. Clients Take the Mic

100 episodes!!! 

Can you believe it! 

I was trying to think of something fun to do for this episode and I thought what better than to hand over the mic to some of the people who know me the best, my clients!!! 

I invited a few clients who I have been working with for years to come in and interview me for this episode. 

The instruction: “Ask me whatever you want and nothing is off limits”. 

This wa...

99. 6 Problems Women Face When Managing Their Emotions

It’s no secret that many of us struggle or have struggled with our emotions and managing them in a way that feels supportive all the time. 

As I’m preparing to host an amazing online event designed to support you to embrace your emotions, I was thinking about the main problems women face when managing their emotions…

Throughout this episode I chat through these 6 problems: 

Societal ExpectationsHormonal ChangesLack of SupportJuggles of LifeSelf DoubtTrauma

Please know these are based on my experiences and totally understa...

98. Bound By Our Emotions

Hands up if you fully trust your thoughts feelings and emotions? 

Lets’ be real - it is SO hard to fully trust your emotions, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past. 

It can also be hard to trust yourself if you’ve done that before and it’s led to you getting hurt. 

Whenever this happens, it’s natural to shut down, put up boundaries and start to limit the range of emotions we feel. 

In this episode I’m sh...

97. Diana Todd: Our Relationship with Money

Today I got to sit down with Diana Todd chatting all things money, manifestation and abundance. 

Diana Todd is a Registered Tax Agent and the founder of Balance Tax Accountants, an online accounting firm supporting small business owners in building wealthy businesses by taking the stress out of tax and educating them with the financial know-how to manage their business finances.  Diana is known for her fun down to earth and wholistic approach towards money management. 

We cover everything from logical money management to woo-woo manifestation and it was such a fun conversation. 


96. Compassion in times of Criticism

I’ve been a real jerk to myself recently, and it all related to how I look. 

In this episode I share with you how compassion became the key to moving through this funk and showing me what needed to shift and change for me to feel better. 

I also have 1 question for you: 

 In what area of your life do you need to show yourself more compassion? 

Hit reply and let me know. 

If you’d love some support wi...

95. Self-Inflicted Pressure

In today’s episode I’m sharing a story with you about a recent realisation I had about self-inflicted pressure and where it comes from - and it’s a juicy one so listen in. 

I share what was going on for me, how it showed up, how I discovered what I was doing - and then how I was able to work through it. 

If you’re ready to work through your own pattern of self-inflicted pressure, here is the process that I use to support me: 


94. Katherine Mackenzie-Smith: Embracing the Introvert

I am so excited to bring you the first guest for 2023. This week I got to sit down with the remarkable Katherine Mackenzie-Smith chatting all things introvert. 

Katherine is an award-winning business coach, guide, and content strategist for introverts and highly sensitive souls, an ideas alchemist, energy and soul medicine practitioner, and host of the Emerge + Expand podcast. Through her 1:1 mentoring, group programs, and brand new Secret Introvert’s Business membership, Katherine supports gentle leaders to create successful, sustainable businesses through their own innate wisdom and strengths, without feeling like they have to change who they are. 

93. Being Seen

We all want to be seen. 


I don’t care what you say - everyone wants to be seen, understood, heard and supported. 

In this episode I’m sharing my thoughts on what we need to do in order to be seen by those around us, and sharing some personal reflections. 

If you want to explore your need to be seen, here are some journal prompts for you: 

What does feeling seen mean to me? Where do I...

92. Accepting our Season of Life

Last week I had a bit of a meltdown because I felt like I was in limbo land - my feet half in a lot of areas and unable to really commit to something. 

I sat down to work out what was going on with me, and realised that this is the season of life I’m in and I need to be able to accept that. 

In this episode I’m sharing with you the process I went through to accept my season and how you can suppor...

91. Predictions on What Clients Want in 2023

In this weeks episode I’m sharing with you my top 5 predictions of what clients want and will be looking for in 2023. 

They are: 

1:1 or Small Group Coaching (they want to be seen)Want to go deeper (no surface level BS)It’s time for real growth (it’s time to be challenged)Will only invest in the right coach (no more splashing cash just because)Integrity is key (no more masks and sneaky tricks)

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90. My Intention & Word for 2023

Welcome to the first episode of Your True Self for 2023. 

In this episode I’m getting very personal and reading you my journaling and how I landing on my intention and word for this year, which is: 

Intention: Feel connected, happy and free. To deepen my service, my life, and stay true to me. 

Word: Connection (with a hint of adventure and joy)

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89. End of Year Wrap up

Well I am officially closing out 2022 in the business, and to celebrate what has been a wild ride, and to keep the annual end of year wrap up tradition going, here I am with my final episode for the year where I’m sharing more about what 2022 looked like for me both personally and professionally. 

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88. What are you going to do?

What are you going to do next year to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be? 

In this episode I’m asking you 2 questions: 

What do you want? What are you going to do? 

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87. Stop Downplaying your brilliance

Stop downplaying your brilliance

Do you think you're brilliant? 

Do you see that in yourself? Or do you just think that you’re an everyday person? 

Do you see the magic that you have?

Or do you just tell yourself that you don’t have one because you’re just an ordinary person?

I can tell you right now that you have a warrior inside you right now that is desperate to be seen! 

86. Speaking Your Truth

It sounds easy to speak your truth when you say the words, but I know that this is not always the case. 

In this episode I share with you my journey to speaking my truth as well as 5 ways you can start to increase your self trust and speak your truth. 

And if you want support to do this (because the journey is always better with others), then I would love to invite you to join me for Ignite Your Inner Warrior.