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By: Robin Colucci

For aspiring authors, writing a book is a lifelong dream, but one that can seem to be just out of reach. The process of writing a book can be both exciting and frustrating. The idea can be there , but sometimes we get stuck and can’t seem to find the inspiration to move forward.If you are an expert in your field who is thinking about writing a book, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The Author’s Corner, a show where we will help you unlock your creativity and write the book of your dreams. Hosted by Robin...

Episode #155: Strategic Book Sales with Chris Benetti
Last Thursday at 7:00 AM


Ever wondered how top authors drive their book sales into the stratosphere?

According to this week’s guest, it's about strategically using a multi-pronged approach that helps you gain book sales while it raises your income. 

Today, Chris Benetti, joins us to share his expertise in how to successfully market your book without breaking the bank, and other secrets behind his clients' phenomenal success.

In episode #155 of The Author’s Corner,  Chris shares his proven strategies and practical tips on how to market books effectively, ensuring maximum reach and impact. Tune i...

Episode #154: Robin’s Riff on “The Censorship of LGBTQ+ Authors”


If you're concerned about the recent reinvigoration of book bans, especially those with LGBTQ+ themes, you'll want to listen to our latest episode of The Author’s Corner.

With Pride Month just behind us, it's crucial to reflect on the significant increase in attempts to remove or restrict LGBTQ+ books, particularly in school libraries. This alarming trend isn't just a fight over books; it's a fight over stories that need to be told.

In this Robin’s Riff, I will discuss the censorship of LGBTQ+ authors, share some of the recent data on b...

Episode #153: Robin’s Riff on “How to Write a Book Title that Sells” (Part 1)


You can’t judge a book by its cover, but a well-crafted book title can go a long way in taking someone from being a book browser to a book buyer.

But in this Robin’s Riff, I break down my secret formula for how to build a title that not only gains reader’s interest, but makes it easy for them to refer your book to others! 

In Episode #153 of The Author’s Corner, Robin Colucci reveals the key traits shared by all of the bestselling books of all time, including present d...

Episode #152: Publishing Mistakes and Triumphs with Matt Lesser


Getting your book published can be a daunting journey, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

From developing a concept to facing setbacks, not every author's journey is straightforward.

But what happens when the ghostwriting firm you hired ghosts you?!

In episode #152 of The Author’s Corner, Matt Lesser shares his experience with publishing his second book after a disappointing encounter with his first. He details his frustrations, financial losses, and his journey to regroup and find a new publisher. And he also delves into his experience navigating the Scribe shutdown sc...

Episode #151: Robin's Riff on “Why Expertise Isn’t Enough to Secure a Book Deal”


A common misconception among aspiring authors is that their years of expertise are enough to secure a book deal.

While expertise is needed, it is not the sole criterion for impressing agents and traditional publishers.

In Episode #151 of The Author’s Corner, Robin Colucci discusses why expertise alone is not enough to secure a traditional book deal and points out the key players in the decision-making process: literary agents and traditional publishers. Listen in to unravel the intricacies of securing a traditional book deal beyond mere expertise as we navigate the essential ro...

Episode #150: Unlock the Power of Resilience with Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier


Resilience is constantly thought of as something you inherently have.

But resilience isn't just a trait; it's a skillset, and a transformative journey.

In episode #150 of The Author’s Corner, Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier shares her insights and valuable advice on how to think about resilience, the intricacies of resilience, and its profound impact resilience has on overall health and performance.


Key takeaways:

The role of resilience in navigating adversityDefining resilience as an intentional investment not a fixed trait Recognizing burnout early in order to maintain resili...

Episode #149: Robin's Riff on “Why You Should Share Your Book Content Before It's Published”


Is sharing your book content before it's published a good idea?

It's a question that many aspiring authors grapple with, and today, I'm here to offer some clarity on the matter.

In Episode #149 of The Author’s Corner, Robin Colucci dives into the debate surrounding whether authors should reveal their book's content before its official release. Tune in as Robin addresses common concerns and myths surrounding this practice, and provides insights into why it can actually be beneficial for authors to share their content early on.


Key takeaways:


Episode #148: Exploring Author Business Strategies with Sharon Woodhouse


Ever wondered about the intricate process of building a successful author business?

It's a journey filled with innovation, strategy, and plenty of hard work!

In episode #148 of The Author’s Corner, Sharon Woodhouse shares her insights and valuable advice on how to build a successful author business and provides practical tips and strategies for aspiring authors to navigate the complexities of the publishing industry.


Key takeaways:

Taking an entrepreneurial approach to publishingCustomizing your marketing strategiesUnderstanding the needs of your readers to create a successful author plan.The imp...

Episode #147: Robin's Riff on “The Biggest Key to Attracting a Literary Agent”


Ever wondered what the first major step is if your goal is to sell your book to a traditional publisher? 

The answer is getting a literary agent to represent you. 

But the big question is how?

In Episode #147 of The Author’s Corner, Robin Colucci breaks down the essential first step in selling your book to a traditional publisher: securing a literary agent. Tune in as Robin shares invaluable insights into the do’s and don’ts of pitching literary agents. Learn why preparation is the biggest key to success in this...

Episode #146: Navigating Co-Authorship with Brianna and Matthew Penfold


Ever pondered the dynamics of co-authoring a book?

It’s a journey filled with twists and turns, and today, my guests, Brianna and Matthew Penfold, join us to offer firsthand insights into the complexities of this experience.

In episode #146 of The Author’s Corner, Brianna and Matthew share their insights on co-authorship and how they navigate the challenges that arise during such an intense collaborative process. Tune in to discover the secrets behind their successful collaboration and gain valuable insights from their co-authorship journey.


Key takeaways:

Unlocking the d...