Tee'd Up with Tyler Rothrock

14 Episodes

By: tyler rothrock

Comedian and hack golfer Tyler Rothrock tries talking about golf to whoever is willing to listen.

Tee'd Up with Tommy Pope (@tommyjpope)

Tommy is a comedian, actor, writer, podcaster and he joined Tyler to talk about his recent Super Bowl controversy, the entertainment industry, and how golfing with your dad is emotional warfare.   

Check out Tommy's Comedy Central show Delco Proper: https://www.cc.com/shows/delco-proper

Check out his recent Super Bowl Commercial here: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgWMcg3cYSg&t=0s

Check out Tommy's This is Not Happening set here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL5V-3zXTOg&t=0s

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Tee'd Up with Palm Golf Co (@palmgolfco)

Dustin from Palm Golf joins us for a chat!

Palm Golf began with a few buddies and a standing weekly tee time at a local muni course in Orange County, CA. In between numerous three-putts and duffed chips, we talked about ideas and visions on how to improve the game of golf. Since no one should trust us to teach the game of golf, we decided to find something we could improve -- the style. We looked at everything we could and found an often neglected, but vastly used product, the glove. Palm’s goal quickly became to...

Tee'd Up with @hackscomedygolf

Tyler chats with John Montague from the funny show Hacks! Check it out on YouTube and social media at @hackscomedygolf

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Tee'd Up with The Chip King

Comedian and sports broadcaster Noah Savage (@yoisthesav) has created an alter ego during the pandemic. 

The Chip King has his sights on breaking 90. Follow along to see if he achieves his dream.  

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Tee'd Up with @prisonpete

Tyler chats with old comedy pal Pete Mutino (@prisonpete)! 

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Tee'd Up with @youngborra

Tyler chats with NYC golfer and musician Jonas Young Borra (@youngborra).  They hit a bunch of topics ranging from golf to entertainment.  LIKE, 

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Tee'd Up with @estonianthunder

Tyler catches up with an old co worker from his New York City days. Tyler and Jaani slung clubs on Park Ave to the high society despite belonging to  low society.

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Tee'd Up with Gabe Mosser

Tyler chats with pro baseball player and avid golfer Gabe Mosser.  Gabe is a pitcher in the San Diego Padres organization. Check it out!

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Tee'd Up with PJ Chesson

Tyler sits down with former racing driver and founder and CEO of Duty TV, PJ Chesson! He talks about his racing career, starting a start up, and of course golf!

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Tee'd Up with Scott Harvey

Tyler talks about the upcoming Wyndham Championship and got on a rant about a recent encounter on a local muni track. Then Scott Harvey joins in a heated debate over who is the best fictional golfer of all time!


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Tee'd Up with Mary Lengle

This week we bring on Mary Lengle from Cogornogolf.com!  Mary is a producer and marketing wizard. She has teamed up with PGA instructor to create an online instruction program that has gained national attention and millions of subscribers and viewers from all over the world. Listen in as she gives us the breakdown of her story and how she ended up with the world of golf!

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Tee'd Up Podcast Episode 3 with racing driver Sage Karam

Sage has been racing cars for a long time now. His career includes appearances in many Indianapolis 500s, 12 Hours of Sebring, and 24 Hours of Daytona just to name a few.  As he continues to race, Sage has also picked up a new much slower paced interest. He has taken to golf very quickly and his club head speed can keep up with how fast he takes turn 4 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.   Enjoy the show!

Tee'd Up Podcast Episode 2 with guest JP McDade (@mcdadebaby)

Tyler (@tylerrothrock) is joined by stand up comic, writer, and single digit handicap golfer from NYC!

JP tells us about growing up playing golf in Connecticut, seeing Tiger up close, and doing stand up in New York City!

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Tee'd Up Podcast Episode 1 with guest Zach Juhasz

Tyler welcomes Zach Juhasz who is only 23 but already an extremely talented and accomplished amatuer golfer from the Lehigh Valley.

They talk about zach's career so far and what he has coming up for this strange tournament season.

Zach shares some insight into what goes on between the ears during a pressure filled round and they wrap it up talking about who the GOAT of all time is.

Also Zach and Tyler debate who could win in a 1 on 1 basketball match up.

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