Calling Strikes

40 Episodes

By: AJ Torres

AJ Torres talks about the overall news and debate topics going on in the MLB world.

Ramon Laureano Busted

Ramon Laurano tested positive for Nandrolone or anabolic steroids. This substance is banned because of testerone levels. This deadly hurts the Oakland A's.

Worst Trade Deadline Team In MLB History (2014 Phillies)

Ruben Almaro Jr the worst GM in MLB at the time missed huge opportunities for a fire sale. The Phillies rebuild took much longer because of him. Just remember, if the player is walking away or doesn't have a place on the team, get as much value as you can.

Kumar Rocker Situation

The New York Mets did not sign Kumar Rocker because of something they saw in his elbow after an MRI. The Mets are banking on two first round picks in the 2022 draft as Kumar Rocker decides if he goes back to Vanderbilt, independent league, or pro league in another nation. Ouch. The MLB and Union need to fix the system. This is awful.

2021 MLB Trade Deadline

The deadline is at a close. The most exciting probably ever. Best since 2015. There are the winners, neutrals, and losers of this time. Some may surprise you.

Joey Gallo Yankees Trade Reation

Before Rizzo was coming to New York, I was not found of the Gallo trade. Honest thoughts.

MLB On Ice 7/25/2021 Trade Deadline, Bullpens, and More

Padres weird trade, bullpen woahs, and a wrap up around Sunday baseball.

Brooklyn Bridge Meets Bay Bridge

Maddux from Bay Bridge Sports (part of Undrafted Sports Media like myself) comes on the show to mainly talk Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants. Why discuss the Giants contending halfway through a rebuild, Posey being back and dominant, playoff pushes, and more.

MLB On Ice 7/21/2021

The standings of MLB before the trade deadline and who is in. Yankees and Mets have questions as the Bay teams are in but there is a little concern on where to go from here.

MLB All Star Game 2021

Covid aside, it was a great year. Then MLB's rule changes for the better and the pledge which is controversial to many.

Doh The Pain Preview - 2004 Yankees Collapse Could Have Been Prevented

This podcast is Doh The Pain exclusively on YouTube. In the meantime, this is about how the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS Collapsed to the Red Sox losing a 3-0 game series lead. How could have this been prevented? One man. Andy Pettite. Here is why.

Chase From Friar Talk

Chase from the Undrafted Sports podcast Friar Talk for all your Padres baseball needs comes on the show to talk Padres. Chase, Matt, and Issac always put on a good time.

Toronto Blue Jays Bullpen Crisis

The Toronto Blue Jays that were a dark horse team for an AL Wild Card spot is in a dire crisis because they currently have ten pitchers hurt. What does this all mean? It means if they want to compete they might need to add weapons at the deadline. Here are some options.

A-Rod The Owner

A-Rod will be the leader of an ownership group to buy the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2023. He said he plans on keeping the team there. But, can the fans and media trust the most controversial baseball player in history? And one of the most in all of sports history? Let's see.

Tyler Glasnow Whistle Blower

For the first time since Mike Fiers with the Houston Astros cheating scandal, a player came forward and went off. He told the media on a Zoom call about what substance he used and he thinks the one game he went without using it is why he has a UCL injury and is trying to avoid Tommy John surgery. 

MLB's New Rule For Foreign Substance.

Doctoring the ball has been a thing since the late 1800s. But it went from spit, to pine tar, to now a substance that is more effective than steroids. Basically what play call super glue on the ball. And with offense in a downward trend, they are putting foreign substance watch into effect mid year. All of it explained.

Left Field Fan - Dennis Blagajcevic

Dennis is from Germany and we talk how it's like being a fan across the pond and over in Germany with the NFL and MLB wanting to host games there. And its amazing to many that a fan that's new to the party knows so much about not only sports, but the passion to match.

His Name is El Mago! - With DeFran

First game of a series between Cubs and Padres. There is a rivalry with two guys at Undrafted. DeFran who is a Seahawks and Cubs fan and Matty K's from Friar Talk that is a 49ers and Padres fan. There was much that went in as DeFran is finally feeling positive about his Cubs. We talk Javy, Bryant, and the Cubs as a whole as they are fighting plenty of injuries.

The Left Field Fan - The Blue Bloods

A college football podcast from Undrafted Sports. Zach and Brandon come on to talk their stories and we call some shots. This was funny, hilarious, and we hope for a part 2 on their podcast in the future. 

Podcast -

Thor Goes Down

Noah Syndergaard is shut down for six weeks and will be reevaluated. Another blow for the Mets putting them in a tough spot.

The Left Field Fan - Sam and DeFran

The Left Field Fan - A sports fan that is in an area where he doesn't fit in. 

In this case, Sam a Seahawks fan where it is heavily Patriot fans. The Mike a Seahawks fan in Bears territory. This is all blast with these two. Both co-hosts of Always Compete a Seahawks Podcast. 

The Left Field Fan - Makana

The Left Field Fan. Being a different fan in an area that is uncommon. Makana a boss at Undrafted Sports is an Oregon boy that is a Ravens, Thunder, Braves fan.

We talk hate to the Oregon Ducks, how he became a fan, and much, much more. This was an amazing time and I had nothing expected going into this. I was blown away.

Tony La Russa Disaster

A Hall Of Fame manager. Not taking that away from him. Won't mention his faultss. But with his recent actions of not standing up for his players and lack of change, he is the worst thing for the Chicago White Sox. 

The Hicks Replacement

The Yankees have an outfield crisis going on at the moment as they deal with injuries and Tauchman being traded away. With injuries and a need of offense and defensive support, what are the options?

MLB On Ice 5/17/2021

Both New York Teams have the injury bug, The NL Dark Horse, are the Oakland A's that good, and the MLB Union is the best. 

Jacob deGrom And The Hall

There is an old school critique of who gets in the MLB Hall Of Fame. Any of it which is outdated. Jacob deGrom will never get anywhere near 300 wins. No one will ever again. That said, imagine no matter what happens, deGrom not being in. Regardless of his awards and years of dominance. We need change.

Anthony Kay Joins - Extra Innings, Rules, And Much More

Anthony Kay of Sports Fluent and Undrafted has very good takes on sports all around. Some will clash with him. But when you hear him out, he is just brilliant. 

The Mets Rat Incident - The Truth

The Rat Incident was rumored that Lindor and McNeil had went in the tunnel and a fight broke out. But, when talking to Lindor in the media, it was amazing that he was so curious about seeing a New York Rat. I mean... you can't make this stuff up. But at least he squashed everything. 

MLB The Shift - The Big Debate

The Shift in MLB is a rather controversial topic. What is the right answer?

Colorado Rockies GM Resigns

Why did some MLB resign in April of all times? Jeff Bridich got fleeced by the Cardinals for Nolan Arenado, but there is more to it. 

DeFran and AJ Talk Cubs 5/2/2021 Lose

The Cubs had a brutal lose on 5/2/2021 against the Reds that combined 25 runs in 10 innings. I also wanted to talk Cubs with DeFran for months. Always a good time with him. He lives in the Illinois area and is quite the character. 

MLB Las Vegas Team

MLB keeps talking expansion. But you need teams making money, filling the ballpark, and paying free agents to a point. Why not the Oakland A's who are struggling and need a new stadium?

Was Moneyball Accurate?

Moneyball a baseball film staring Brad Pitt was based on the 2002 Oakland A's and how a team with a very low payroll got by to win big to be not only a good memory, but an evolution of the game. But was it accurate? Let's review.

Conspiracy Strikes - Pittsburgh Drug Trials

In the 1980s MLB had it's third biggest scandal of that decade with a cocaine debacle that surrounded the Pittsburgh Pirates and a few other players in MLB. Including Tim Raines and Keith Hernandez. I also go into the drug testing that MLB wanted and it was blocked by the Player's Union. Just right before the Steroid era took part.

Would Jose Fernandez and Tyler Skaggs be alive if these drug tests were enforced starting in the 80s?

Conspiracy Strikes - MLB Technology

With the Astros just recently getting in trouble with using technology to cheat, now we have tablets in the dugouts. Why? We are still slandering the Astros?

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Yankees Fans Suck! By A Yankee Fan

The New York Yankees aren't playing well. But there is someone much worse. Many of the fans.

MLB On Ice

4/18/2021 MLB coverage. Who is hot and who is not. Surprises through the first 15 games which in 2020 would be a quarter of the season. MLB On Ice will be a regular Sunday night segment throughout the year. Stay tuned for more.

Cubs Need Offense

The Chicago Cubs need offense badly! This was originally recorded before they scored 13 runs on the Braves, but they were scoring 2.6 runs per game which was MLB's lowest. Not good enough for those who are searching for a giant check.

Deferred Contract

Money well spent?

Jackie Bradley Jr to the Brewers

AJ discusses the Brewers' recent acquisition. 

Blue Jays Baseball with Professor Joe

Vlad Jr down 42 lbs! Today, we talk Blue Jays Baseball.