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FBI Reveals Who's Behind Colonial Pipeline Attack; Georgia Bans ‘Defund the Police’ Efforts | NTD
Today at 1:13 AM

1. FBI: Darkside Behind Colonial Pipeline Attack

2. Expert: Pipeline Attack Impacts All Consumers

3. Fraud Targets Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

4. Model Estimates 40% Increase in Covid Deaths

5. Pfizer for Children Under 12

6. Report: HHS Sec. ‘Frustrated’ by White House

7. 44 Bipartisan Ags Oppose Instagram for Kids

8. Veteran Attacked in Portland, Hospitalized

9. Georgia Bans ‘Defund the Police’ Efforts

10. Del. Gun Rights Rally to Stop Anti-Gun Bills

11. Former NASA Head Warns: Protect U.S. in Space

12. Times Square Shooter Identified by NYPD

13. Mandatory Vaccines...

Texas Moves Toward Permit-Free Gun Carrying; First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in US
Last Saturday at 12:14 AM

1. Biden Defends His Plan After Weak Jobs Report

2. Expert: Several Reasons for April Jobs Figure

3. Dem Rep: Biden Playing ‘Shell Game’ w/ Border

4. Texas Moves Toward Permit-Free Gun Carrying

5. Texas House Advances Election Bill

180 Illegal Immigrants Found in Stash Houses; Teachers Unions Influencing CDC Guidelines?
Last Friday at 12:35 AM

1. Fla. Enacts Law to Prevent Voter Fraud

2. Outcry Over Teachers’ Union, CDC Allegations

3. 180 Illegal Immigrants Found in Stash Houses

4. Record Number of Migrant Children in Custody

5. Harris Trip Won’t Include El Salvador

Judge Tosses Eviction Moratorium; Biden Blocks Rule on Gig Workers; Expert on Bill Gates’ Divorce
Last Thursday at 12:13 AM

NTD Evening News—5/5/2021

1. Facebook Oversight Board Upholds Ban on Trump

2. New Alliance to Fight Election Fraud

3. Trump Endorses Bid to Oust Rep. Cheney

4. Biden Blocks Trump-Era Rule on Gig Workers

5. Federal Judges Tosses Eviction Moratorium

6. Arizona Parents Declare New School Board

7. DeSantis Plans to Give FL Police $1,000 Bonus

8. Big Corporations Oppose Texas Election Bills

9. Two Arrested, $3 Million in Heroin Seized

10. Laws Need Updating to Protect Minors: Family

11. Expert: Bill Gates’ Divorce Sets Bad Example

12. Derek Chau...

Man Shot Outside CIA Headquarters Has Died: FBI; Derek Chauvin's Legal Team Asks for New Trial | NTD
Last Wednesday at 12:00 AM

1. WH Wants 70% of Adults Vaccinated by July

2. Man Shot Outside CIA Headquarters Has Died: FBI

3. Congress Negotiating Lowering Drug Prices

4. Organ Transplant Waitlist Sparks Concerns

5. Doctor: Stop Forced Organ Harvesting in China