Disruptive Successor Podcast

40 Episodes

By: Jonathan Goldhill

The Disruptive Successor Show is a podcast for next-generation leaders in family businesses and entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the status quo to grow their business and take it to the next level. We all know that what got us here isn’t going to get us there. If you are taking control over your family’s business or trying to get your business to the next level, you will need inspiration, advice and resources to help you create a massive impact. Listeners of my show include not only the millennial or Gen Z but also the Baby Boomer and Gen...

Episode 109 - Three Enduring Principles for Wealth, Family & Legacy with Wealth Manager Robert Balentine
Last Wednesday at 1:18 AM

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with Robert Balentine, the Chairman of Balentine, Founder of Southern Highlands Reserve, and Author of First Generation Wealth. Today, Robert discusses his book and the 3 principles to create enduring wealth, family, and legacy. 

Robert also digs into the phenomenon of going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations and how first-generation wealth builders can secure their legacy. In Robert's experience, generations who have been taught by parents with aligned mindsets and the opportunity to fail early fare make for better stewards of the business. 

He shares ho...

Episode 108 - Building Healthy Teams with Matt Lesser

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with Matt Lesser, the Founder, and CEO of Uniquely Normal and best-selling author of UnSatisfied. For over two decades, Matt has facilitated and trained leaders, teams, and boards of directors in dozens of countries on six continents.

He has served in various C-suite roles in private equity, banking, and commercial uniform industries. He also launched and operated several businesses in the Midwestern petroleum industry.

Matt shares how he learned that business is all about the people after his family business failed. He talks about taking...

Episode 107 - Learn to Observe and Let Energetic Sensations Dissipate with Darren Fleming

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with Darren Fleming, behavioral scientist, author, trainer, and peak performance strategist for senior executives who helps teams remove blockages that prevent peak performance.

He shares what energetic sensations are and how these can be the driving force behind decision-making. By honing your power of observation, you will be able to spot these and allow them to naturally dissipate, thereby allowing you to do the task you really need to do.

What Darren teaches is a less difficult way of overcoming distractions. Instead of creating scaffolding...

Episode 106 - Family Time, Holidays, It's a Wonderful Life (Part 2)

In this holiday episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, we sit back and recall some of the most impactful moments with our esteemed guests. We bring you more of the best insights, lessons, and strategies from these disruptive successors that we sat down with last year in 2022:

Bill Yoh - Chairman of the Yoh Group and Co-Owner of Day and ZimmermanJeff Jappa - CEO and President of JMC Wood Manufacturing (formerly Jappa Construction Company) Avi Arya - Founder of Internet Moguls Nick Gray - Founder of Museum Hack and Best-Selling Author Phelps Wood - Advisor, Executive, and Director wit...

Episode 105 - Family Time, Holidays, It's a Wonderful Life

In this holiday episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, we sit back and recall some of the most impactful moments with our esteemed guests. You’ll hear the best of the best insights, lessons, and strategies from disruptive successors from all industries and levels of growth: 

Bill Yoh - Chairman of the Yoh Group and Co-Owner of Day and ZimmermanJeff Jappa - CEO and President of JMC Wood Manufacturing (formerly Jappa Construction Company) Avi Arya - Founder of Internet Moguls Nick Gray - Founder of Museum Hack and Best-Selling Author Phelps Wood - Advisor, Executive, Director with a Family...

Episode 104 - Why Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than You Think with Phil Johnson

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with Phil Johnson, Founder of Master of Business Leadership Inc. Emotional intelligence is the ability to feel the fear and anxiety that changing innovation triggers in us and move through it towards what it is we're trying to achieve, as opposed to allowing that fear and anxiety to keep us trapped in our comfort zones.

This definition is different from what most people think emotional intelligence is, which is the ability to read people and sense where they are coming from. However, both definitions are important in...

Episode 103 - Bill Yoh Talks about Leadership of His Family's 45,000-Employee Company

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with Bill Yoh, Chairman of the Yoh Group and Co-Owner of Day, and Zimmerman, a 45-thousand-employee, century-old business. He is a third-generation owner and the youngest of 5 siblings and has a personal view of the human dynamics behind large, multigeneration family businesses.

He regularly writes about leadership, relationships, and family business using his proprietary methodology called famlylitics. He recently published Our Way, a biography on his father and family which has been hailed as a transgenerational saga. Bill also teaches a class at Wharton on the family...

Episode 102 - Manufacturing Entrepreneur and Family Business Owner Fires His Family After Getting Fired - The True Story of Jeffrey Jappa's Company

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with Jeffrey Jappa, the CEO and President of JMC Wood Manufacturing (formerly Jappa Construction Company). Jeffrey's father started Jappa Construction in 1972. His father, being a handyman by trade, decided to enter industrial manufacturing. 

At the time his father started the business, Jeffrey was only twelve years old. His father shared the factory space with another factory which became his sole customer. He would run the business at night, after the client company's regular business hours. 

Jeffrey describes how his father ran the factory and sometimes he...

Episode 101 - Serial Entrepreneur Raine Mahdi on Childhood, Entrepreneurship, and Global Product Sourcing

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan speaks with lifelong entrepreneur Raine Mahdi, the Founder of Zipfox.com, as he shares his early exposure to entrepreneurship through the lessons of his parents, particularly his mother.

Raine grew up in San Diego, where his father's brother was managing Muhammad Ali's business. His mother, on the other hand, took a journey to the United States from Iran which itself was an entrepreneurial story.

He witnessed the radical transformation of his mother, who went from living on welfare to cashing in checks and proudly showing the...

Episode 100 - 3 Habits for Leaders Using Strategy Sprints for Rapid Growth with Simon Severino

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan has an insightful conversation with Simon Severino, the business strategy advisor behind the Strategy Sprint Method. This method teaches you how to double revenue in 90 days and is his way of creating a primary series that helps digital businesses.

In this conversation, Simon discusses the top 3 CEO habits for rapid growth: daily habit, weekly habit, and monthly habit. Understand that 95% of things are out of your control, so focus instead on the 5% that you CAN control.

Simon also discusses his background in business consulting and how...

Episode 99 - Talking about Conflict at Work in Family Businesses with Liz Kislik

Contrary to what we might observe, it's not always clear that there's conflict in the workplace. We might witness a scene when things fall apart but there are many factors before then that can be addressed to actually stop that conflict from happening! 

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan has an insightful conversation with Liz Kislik, President of Liz Kislik Associates, on why there's so much conflict at work. She also talks about handling conflict in family businesses and what leaders can do best.



Why is there so mu...

Episode 98 - 7 Keys to Leadership, Leadership Transition, Management & Business Growth with Jonathan Goldhill


Welcome to another exciting episode of The Disruptive Successor Show. In today’s episode, Jonathan goes solo as he talks about leadership, management, transition, and business growth. Tune in and learn more because today is going to be all about SE7ENs.



It’s about 7s on leadership and moreThe difference between leadership and managementLeaders must be willing to take great risks and failHave the right people in the right seats doing the right thingsSuccessful transitions need a clearly identifiable moment in time<...

Episode 97 - Talking with Disruptive Successor Avi Arya - Hotelier turned Internet Mogul Entrepreneur


In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan welcomes Avi Arya, a former hotelier and now businessman who found success in breaking away from the family business and taking his own path at the dawn of the internet age. Join them and tune in to learn about how Avi faced adversities in his journey and how he disrupted the course of his career to the next level.



Introducing Avi Ary...

Episode 96 - New Developments at Goldhill Group and Disruptive Successor Show


In this episode of The Disruptive Successor Show, Jonathan goes solo as he is about to bring us exciting news. Jonathan introduces us to new tools that can disrupt your business and push you to growth. Tune in as Jonathan calls out to family businesses and disruptive entrepreneurs to join him on the show and share their best practices and innovative ways.



It's time to slow downA call out to family businesses and disruptive entrepreneursJonathan's travels and new venturesIntroducing the Goldhill Growth Checklist a...

Episode 95 - A SEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER: The Disruptive Successor September Highlights


From transitions to doing good, to mindset, to leadership, we will deliver you the best moments of our guests for September 2022. Tune in and learn more from the great minds of Laurie Barkman, Bessi Graham, Tony Child, and Don Schmincke, only here, in the latest episode of The Disruptive Successor Show.



Business Transition Advisory Discussion with Laurie BarkmanHow Does Doing Good and Doing Well Go Together with Bessi GrahamElevate Your Mindset, Success, and Gratitude with Tony ChildBusting Myths on Leadership with Author Don Sc...

Episode 94 - Healthy Interpersonal Relationships at Work with Arno Koch


In this episode of The Disruptive Successor show, Jonathan welcomes Arno Koch, CEO, and Founder of Imagine Evolution LLC, and they will be discussing the importance of having healthy interpersonal relationships at work. Arno will be sharing his experiences and how his company helps leaders and other companies build a healthier environment for their employees.



Introducing Arno KochThe four horsemen of damaging communicationHow leaders shape the culture of the companyWhat motivates peopleThe four sub-states of be...

Episode 93 - Busting Myths on Leadership with Author Don Schmincke

Becoming Samurai, and How To Slay Dragons.

As weird as it sounds these are actually management course titles, it is fascinating to learn, these are actual and real projects and not just myths. Join Jonathan today as he welcomes Don Schmincke, a Strategic Growth Advisor, Author, and Keynote Speaker, as he shares his experiences and how to bust myths about leadership.



Introducing Don SchminckeBecoming an anthropologist rather than a physicistThe benefits of cohort models in business trainingThe importance of having a coachHow to deal with family issues that sabotage the businessThe b...

Episode 92 - Elevate Your Mindset, Success, and Gratitude with Tony Child

How does gratitude relate to your success?

This is an interesting question, which will be answered by Tony Child, Founder, and Owner of Elevated Worldwide, which will share the light with us to have the right mindset in achieving success. Join Jonathan and Tony and learn more in this latest episode of The Disruptive Successor show.


Introducing Tony ChildWhat's the sense of gratitudeConfusion between gratitude and satisfactionDefining what success isThe formula to success


Tony - Einstein’s hostile and friendly universe:

“There's one quote that, like dictates ever...

Episode 91 - How Does Doing Good and Doing Well Go Together with Bessi Graham


Many people are not too convinced that doing good for others while doing well in your own personal life can go together. In this episode, Jonathan welcomes Bessi Graham, a coach, podcaster, and co-founder of Benefit Capital. Bessi will give us new light on this matter and will be sharing her own experiences on this discovery, only here in the latest episode of The Disruptive Successor show.


Introducing Bessi GrahamDoing well while doing goodGrowing up in search of making an impactThe sense of fulfillment that money can't...

Episode 90 - Business Transition Advisory Discussion with Laurie Barkman

Sometimes, what’s difficult in moving on is not about whether you do it or not, it’s about how you will do it and with whom you are doing it.

In this episode of The Disruptive Successor show, Jonathan welcomes Laurie Barkman, CEO, and Founder of SmallDotBig, who works to help business owners add value to their businesses and successions. Laurie will be sharing her story and advice to business owners who are planning their exits and successions along the way.


Introducing Laurie BarkmanExits and successions are as important as building and runn...

Episode 89 - How to Live a Great Lifestyle with Luke DePron


Are you fit enough to work on your business? Luke DePron, the host and founder of Live Great Lifestyle is with Jonathan to discuss the ins and outs of getting fit and healthy for a more productive and positive way of running a business. Tune in and learn more about how you can achieve a fit and healthy body while achieving your business goals in this latest episode of The Disruptive Successor podcast.


Introducing Luke DePronEngaging in the bicycle businessWhy are...

Episode 88 - Working with Your Parents - Talking with Nick Gray, Entrepreneur, 2x Exit Personality

Hosting a party is the easiest way to gather and get connections.

This is the highlight of Nick Gray’s non-traditional book called “The 2-Hour Cocktail Party” where you learn how to party with rules and start new relationships that could potentially lead to business. Nick is the founder of Museum Hack and worked closely with his parents in Flight Display Systems, where he had his first taste of running a business, an experience he will be sharing here in the latest episode of The Disruptive Successor. 


Introducing Nick GrayFather-son bonding with sellingGetting closer...

Episode 87 - Transition of a Family Business – A Case Study with Phelps Wood


Very common words that are said by many but not applied so often by people, especially with matters of succession and exits. In this episode of The Disruptive Successor podcast, Jonathan welcomes Phelps Wood, a Family Business Advisor and Founder of Tres Across. Phelps will be talking about the importance of Succession Planning or Exit Planning through a case study on his personal experience with their family business, and what are the things you need to know before doing so.


Introducing Phelps WoodExits or successions should...

Episode 86 - The Value of Employee Engagement with Brandon Miller of 34 Strong

Why spend your time fixing weaknesses when there are strengths that you can build on? 

Jonathan welcomes Brandon Miller, Co-Founder, and CEO of 34 Strong, a company dedicated to help organizations elevate to be one of the best places to work. Brandon will be sharing how he uses assessments on his own kids and cite them as examples in his discussions, and discover what StrengthsFinder is, and what 34 Strong does. So tune in and learn all these in this latest episode of The Disruptive Successor podcast.


Introducing Brandon MillerWhat is StrengthsFinderThe ideal assessment to u...

Episode 85 - Talking Stages of Growth with Madelyn Dunlap of ReWild Group

As a Business Development Strategist, Madelyn Dunlap focuses on company growth and how to proceed with the growing process properly. Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Madelyn in this latest episode of The Disruptive Successor, as they talk about the 7 stages of growth and many more.


Introducing Madelyn DunlapFascination with data in businessMadelyn's 7 stages of growthThrough flood zones and wind tunnelsExplaining the stages


Madelyn’s fascination with data:

“I was fascinated with not just data, but what data can do for us and how we can use this information to make better deci...

Episode 84 - From Black Hawk Pilot to Payment Processing Professional - Karla Dembik's story

Most of us know only a few women in the military, and it’s even harder to find one who shifted to being an entrepreneur. Karla Dembik is one example of a strong woman from the military who founded her own business, Phoenix Payment Processing. Tune in today as Jonathan Goldhill interviews Karla and let’s all learn together about her amazing story.


Introducing Karla DembikKarla's early fascination with the militaryThe gift of camaraderieA better way of treating business ownersIn pursuit of innovationRecruiting from militaryThe threat of Inflation


Karla’s dream to be...

Episode 83 - Business Owner Financial Blindspots with Barry S. Rutten, CFP®️

Like any other field of vision, business financial aspects still have blind spots, and these are the things that Barry Rutten aims to solve. Barry is a partner and co-founder of Wealth Defense Financial Advisors, which provides financial planning, investment advisory, and wealth management services to individuals, families, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Tune in and learn more about Barry and how he uncovers financial blind spots and how he solves them, only here in the latest episode of The Disruptive Successor show.


Introducing Barry RuttenGenerational business turnoversCoaching with the doctor modelAvoid financial...

Episode 82 - How Bobby Marchenese Turned His Family-Owned Car Wash Into A Multi-Location Operation

From a simple carwash that he bought from his father with his college savings and money from selling his car, Bobby Marchenese has turned this family business into a 6-site 70-employee operation. Bobby’s original plan was simple, go to wall street and get busy with finance, but something held him back, and what is it? Find out more about it by tuning in to Bobby and Jonathan Goldhill in this latest episode of The Disruptive Successor podcast.


Bobby's business backstoryHold back to give the business a shotBuying a carwash location from his dadTurning things ar...

Episode 81 - The Alex Ramirez Story: How Does One Man Go From Zero to Hero in 3 Years

Be a part of the league of Modern Gentlemen by tuning in to the epic life story of Alex Ramirez. Alex is a 45-year-old wisdom-fed, purpose-driven gentleman stuffed in a 21-year-old’s body. He leads a movement for men’s mastery of self and mindset by learning the 4 levels of freedom. 


Alex's epic backstoryThe 4 Levels of FreedomDiving in the same cycleThe miracle that broke the cycleThe drive to help people build wealthDon't find your purpose, CHOOSE IT


Alex: “There are strong men who build good times, and then those good times build w...

Episode 80 - How to Live a Legendary Life with Tommy Breedlove


Too many to list down, but that’s how we would describe the amount of value that Tommy Breedlove brings to the show, as he joins Jonathan Goldhill in another exciting episode of The Disruptive Successor show. Stay tuned as Tommy shares his life story, what events led to writing his book, how he worked on himself, and the cool change that set the motion for his legendary life.


Tommy's life before becoming legendaryLegendary life to Legendary bookMeeting his mentorTime for a cool changeYou are the problem and solutionMake a...

Episode 79 - 3rd Gen CEO Bill Smith III Talks about Royal Cup Coffee & Tea

Let’s sit and take a sip from a Royal Cup of value with Bill Smith III in this latest edition of The Disruptive Successor show. Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Bill and they will be unpacking the story of Royal Cup’s humble beginnings, its succession through generations, and each generation's disruptive strategies that evolved the company from a regional to a national scale.


Royal Cup Coffee and TeaFrom grocery shelves to office coffee spacesFrom grandfather to father to BillBill's Immersion at a young ageGenerational Transitions In the FamilyInternal Growth by promoting within



Episode 78 - How Sweet it is to Have Great Processes with Owen McGab Enaohwo

Businesses are full of processes, and it is such a pain to manually document them all in one centralized file, not to mention the need to update them to cope with the times. In this latest episode of the Disruptive Successor show, Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Owen McGab Enaohwo, CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess, and he will be sharing his personal journey in outsourcing, the proper and efficient way of preparing processes, and how SweetProcess is the way to go for your processes needs.

PLUS: Make sure to finish until the end of the episode as Owen and...

Episode 77 - SQUIRREL! Stop the Distractions in Your Head with Michael Neill

Squirrel squabble… One of the reasons businesses or even just individuals fail is being they have too many distractions in their heads. Today in the latest episode of the Disruptive Successor show, Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Michael Neill, a Transformative Coach, Best-selling Author, and CEO at Genius Catalyst, to talk about his work in helping people clear their heads. Tune in as Jonathan and Michael discuss how the vertical dimension of coaching works and how to transform squirrels into humans.


Michael's Vertical Dimension of CoachingManaging Humans vs. SquirrelsMichael's coaching processTransforming squirrelsEffects of an isolated environmentSettling down in...

Episode 76 - How to Handle High Conflict Personalities with Megan Hunter

Is there someone bringing a lot of drama into your family business? You’re probably dealing with a high conflict personality and in this latest episode of the Disruptive Successor show, Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Megan Hunter, the CEO of the High Conflict Institute to give us some insight about HCPs. Megan will be sharing the different personality types to watch out for and how to handle HCPs and avoid unnecessary costs to your company.


High Conflict Personalities4 types of personality issuesHCP in family businessesHandling HCPsExample of HCPs


Megan: “it's not a diag...

Episode 75 - Step Into a B.R.A.V.E. New World with Heather Vickery

As a Leadership Coach, Author, Public Speaker, and Host of not just one, but two podcasts; “The Brave Files” & “Was A Chance”, Heather Vickery is all about empowerment and a tough cookie to crumble. Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Heather in another exciting episode of the Disruptive Successor show. They will discuss the B.R.A.V.E. Method and the qualities you need to take note of when leading a business.


Stepping into leadershipFear is there to save youThe B.R.A.V.E. MethodBoundaries X Core ValuesReassessment, Reframing, and ResilienceAction and AccountabilityVulnerability to be authentic about yo...

Episode 74 - Talking with Visionary-Abundance-Mindset Genius Entrepreneur Justin Breen about Entrepreneurship

IT’S A GENIUS ENCOUNTER as Jonathan Goldhill welcomes genius entrepreneur, Justin Breen in the Disruptive Successor show. Tune in as Justin shares with Jonathan and the audience his entrepreneurial journey, why taking action is better than overthinking, and his knowledge of Kolbe's assessment.


Justin Breen's entrepreneurial journeyThe Kolbe indexTaking action overthinkingBusiness owners VS. true entrepreneursStrategic coach program


Justin: “I'm just 100% simplifier, living in my zone of genius and spending time with my family.”

Justin: “One of the passages in the book is, meaning is not an idea to be agree...

Episode 73 - Behind the Scenes of Media Buying with Mary Ann Pruitt

It’s all about media today as our host Jonathan Goldhill welcomes the CEO and President of Mosaic Media, Mary Ann Pruitt. In this latest episode of the Disruptive Successor show, we're going to be talking about media, media buying, and how to target people in the media using generational thinking.



Managing a business from far awayHow COVID changed the face of mediaDifferent media consumption per generationTarget marketing in mediaMary Ann on the evolution of media buying


Mary Ann: “Our team is broken up in the various time zones of wh...

Episode 72 - Don't Retire... Graduate. Talking Succession Planning with Eric Brotman

Today it’s host to host in the latest episode of The Disruptive Successor show. Jonathan Goldhill welcomes the host of the “Don’t Retire…Graduate!” podcast, Eric Brotman. Eric is a certified financial advisor and the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors. Eric and his team are firm believers that financial literacy is the key to financial freedom, which inspires them to provide free and affordable educational resources and accessible financial planning with no asset minimums.



Key elements to a good succession planning frameworkEric on successions and exitingEric on giving the equityEric’s role in the s...

Episode 71 - Create a Legacy, Start Your NonProfit with Christian LeFer

Disruptive Successor’s latest episode is going to be unique as Jonathan Goldhill welcomes Christian LeFer, who is very passionate about nonprofits and social enterprises. Christian is the founder of InstantNonprofit, an organization that helps leaders and influencers create impact and build a legacy with the integration of a charitable entity into your life’s work.


InstantNonprofit: What it is and how it startedChristian’s inspiration in getting into nonprofitsWhy should you start a nonprofitGetting paid while doing a nonprofitConcentric circles5 stages of a nonprofit


Christian: “I just got this moral outrage...

Episode 70 - Talking Legal with America's Legal Coach Scott Reib

The Disruptive Successor meets America’s Legal Coach.

Today on the Disruptive Successor Podcast, Jonathan Goldhill will be talking to Scott Reib, where they will unravel how seeking legal advice doesn't have to be intimidating or expensive. Scott has a legal career spanning two decades and has served as the official Zig Ziglar small business lawyer and a Ziglar legacy certified trainer. 


Disrupting using the subscription-based access planScott’s client baseThe concept of shatter-proofing your businessWhen should people start thinking about lawyers?Mistakes people make with their legalImportance of written agreementsThe Recurring Revenue Model...