Esports Takeout

12 Episodes

By: Joseph Cheah, Yip Wei Jian

The Esports Takeout podcast discuss matters and business of esports, focusing on the Asian market, where we debate the legal regulations, theory, and value behind them.

#11 - Welcome Back Syah Badrul! Development of Wild Rift Esports, Amihan Esports BAN & DISBAND

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In this episode, we welcome back Syah Badrul, the President of GenBijak!

We got an update from him on his tournament. We then dive deep on age restrictions in Wild Rift, the fiasco that happened within Amihan Esports, and also whether Wild Rift can become a global mobile esports!

#10 - Session with Edwardo Gaming. Spoke about his successful private business, Berjaya Dragons, Wild Rift, and the Malaysian esports landscape

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In this episode, we have an amazing session with Edwardo Gaming, brand ambassador and marketing manager of Berjaya Dragons!

We spoke about this background, how he came into esports, his private business, Berjaya Dragons & more!

#09 - Malaysia's University e-League, esukan's National League, and The International outright rejected by Sweden

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In this episode, we talked about the launch of University e-League. Will big sponsors like KitKat Chunky, MSI, and Mountain Dew propel the league to the next level? And we also discussed about life after university.

We also talk about another tournament being played at around the same time - the Malaysia Esports League 2021. RM200k prize pool but what's the effectiveness of holding such a tournament?

Lastly, we spoke about Dota2's The International debacle...

#08 - Microsoft Excel as an esport, TSM bagged $210million deal with Crypto Platform, and why we think Mixer failed

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In this episode, we discussed about Microsoft's Financial Model World Cup, whether Microsoft can proclaim 'data sorting and management using Excel' as part of esport?

We also talked about the big one - TSM signed a 10 year $210million deal with cryptocurrency trading platform FTX. But Riot Games have stepped in to say that TSM are not allowed to use the 'FTX' name in  League of Legends and VALORANT broadcasts. Who's the winner in t...

How Franchise Leagues in Esports work & Olympics Virtual Sports

In today's episode, we speak about the Super League fiasco but how such leagues may work in the esports scene. We also talk about Olympics embracing virtual sports! Some of the games may surprise you!

#06 - We spoke about SEA Games 2021... And I Lost the Recording!

For some reason, I was unable to find our recording we did 2 days ago. So I tried my best to do justice to what we have discussed. We spoke about SEA Games 2021 - where they announced that esports will be a medal event, following the success at the 2019 Games. 

#05 - GenBijak's President Syah Badrul on how to raise esports awareness among students

In this episode, we had our first guest! Syah Badrul is the president of GenBijak whereby his team organize esports tournaments for primary and secondary school students in Malaysia. Listen as how he managed to convinced the government authorities on getting their approvals, how he was able to manage the tournaments in such a large scale, what impact he wants to put forward on the young generations, and more!

#04 - The need for Esports Players Association, The Protection of Players, A life cycle of an esports player

In this episode, we discuss about the need for an esports players association, the exposure and potential abuse by organizations when securing the players, the life span of an esports players as compared to a sports players, and more. 

#03 - Esports is being considered to be in the Olympics, North Esports Closure, And Fangirling over Hashtag United

In this episode, we discuss about the proposed categorization of esports and 'virtual sports' by the International Olympic Committee, what it means to the esports industry as a whole, whether this is the right direction moving forward, and the closure of North Esports, how best to set up an esports organization from the ground up, difference between passion and pure business, and so much more. 

#02 - LCS teams want Riot Games to remove import restrictions, PCS 2021 losing its competitive edge, how will Wild Rift do in the SEA market, Singapore to host the first Dota2 Major since January 2020

In this episode, we discuss the import restrictions that LCS owners want Riot Game to lift, how it would impact the grassroot development of the North American scene, the idea behind PCS and how it may not turn out how Riot Games have intended to,  the mobile gaming trend in the SEA market, whether Wild Rift can overtake Mobile Legends or PUBGM as a popular mobile game,  how Singapore would be able to cope and handle a Dota2 Major in light of the pandemic.

#01 - What is Esports Takeout about?

Hi all! Welcome to Esports Takeout.

This is a show where Joseph and Wei Jian will discuss and debate on the esports news and cover important events happening in the Southeast Asian region; but also leaving some space to talk about news all around the world.

Each episode, we will cover 2-3 topics / news that we think are relevant and important to the industry as well as giving our take on them.


#0 - Teaser

Welcome to Esports Takeout! A podcast where Joseph and Wei Jian will talk and discuss business matters of esports, focusing on the Asian market, as we debate and dive deep on the legal regulations, theory, and value behind them. 

This is our teaser episode. We will be releasing our 1st episode real soon! Subscribe!