The CC Talk

22 Episodes

By: Hsun-Ching Hung and Yi-Chen Lin

An English podcast co-created by Cutefish and Yi-Chen (Mom in Taiwan and son in Canada) explores interesting and inspiring topics of all kinds, educational, cross-cultural, news and life experiences!

Happy birthday to me!
Last Saturday at 6:42 AM

Today is my 45th birthday. Looking past the past 2 decades, I feel I am more appreciative and mature now. I am willing to share my joys and sorrows with my friends. I can even smile with my eyes brimming with tears.

Farewell to 2021

There are lots of ups and downs in 2021 but it is still a very significant year that is worth memorizing.

I’m definitely a slashie!

I didn’t aim to be a slashie. Being a slashie is just the outcome of my way of leading a life! Hope you guys can live your lives differently!

My home country, Taiwan!

Happy birthday to Taiwan! I am proud of living in this beautiful and awesome country!

A different world!

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2019, everything has been different! What do we face and how do we cope with it?

Preparing for exams is the greatest learning!

Don’t hate exams. You will benefit A LOT from preparing for them!

Potential negative effects of technology on teens’ mental health

The first Mother and Son talk and Yichen is the host of the CC talk today!

Work from home!

99% of teachers in Taiwan are working from home since the pandemic outbreak! I love it soooo much! Listen for my reasons!

A bad episode

Examine the bad routines in our lives and change them into good ones!

Set a new goal!

I can’t wait to set a new goal in spring, a time of hope and a brand new start! How about you?

Feedbacks of my YouTube videos and podcast!

After the first season (10 episodes), it’s time to share with you guys all the feedbacks I got.

About money

How I use money and view money!

I love self-study!

In the era of Internet, we can self-study everything. Here are the 6 tips you need to know before your journey of self-study.

Rapid advancement and effects of technology on the gen z

Many thanks for Kaitlyn Lin, who is willing to share her very first podcast with us! The male voice is Yichen, my son.

A birthday trip to Taipei and Hsinchu

A very special and memorable birthday trip!

Retrospect of 2020

Recall what I did in 2020!

Exercise is a LONG way to go!

I like to exercise my brain not my limbs!

Being super busy

Share what I have been up to and why I failed to record the episode on time!

I am a SUPER Capricorn!

A unique Capricorn mom and teacher!

Students now and then

I miss my old students. I hate my old students. As for the new students, I told myself to open up my mind to embrace them!

Being a teacher is really against my nature!

Many people envy me being a public high school teacher. But who knows it is really a tough and challenging job for me!

The Introduction of The CC Talk

Share my background and reasons why I decided to make an English podcast grogram even though I am not a native speaker!