What's Your Story?

10 Episodes

By: Matt Story

What Makes a Superhero? Every story has a power. Every journey holds a secret. What if your life experiences could unlock a superpower to change the world?Welcome to “What’s Your Story?”, where your host, Matt Story, dives deep into the lives of leaders who've turned their personal journeys as people of color into powerful beacons for change, inspiration and success. With a passion for storytelling and a heart for community, Matt uncovers how each guest's unique background has shaped their extraordinary contributions to fostering a better world for all of us.This Podcast is For You If:You're Seeking...

When Entrepreneurship Finds You with Deb Dutta
Today at 12:00 PM

Deb Dutta, CEO of Criya, shares her journey as a female immigrant founder and the challenges she faced in the tech industry. She discusses her upbringing, the skills she developed, and her transition from a technical engineering role to product management. Deb also talks about the birth of Criya and how it helps individuals make stellar first impressions through AI technology. She emphasizes the importance of personal branding and the need to take control of how others perceive you. Deb shares her experience with Y Combinator and fundraising, highlighting the value of strategic partnerships and the supportive startup community...

Finding Trends with Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah Owyang, investor and founder, shares his journey in the tech industry, from his upbringing to his passion for uncovering new technology trends and helping companies connect with customers. He discusses the importance of community and public speaking, as well as the impact of his AI event series, Llama Lounge. Jeremiah also emphasizes the significance of health and fitness in his life and the need to find balance in various aspects of life. He encourages listeners to embrace their own unique paths and prioritize their well-being.

You will learn:

The importance of getting out in front...

Being an Everyday Hero with Jamien Sills

In this conversation, Jamien Sills, the founder and CEO of Herus Studios, shares his background and how his passion for shoes and design developed from a young age. He talks about the role of his community in supporting his journey and how he connected with shoe designers and mentors online before social media. Jamien then discusses his current project where he combines his love for footwear and sci-fi superhero films to create a unique storytelling and marketing approach. He explains how the shoes are integrated into the story and how the franchise will tell relatable stories of everyday heroes...

Overcoming Burnout with La'Vista Jones

In this episode, La'Vista Jones shares her journey from a quiet child to a certified coach and podcast host. She discusses her love for conversations and her passion for helping others shift their mindset around work-life balance. La'Vista emphasizes the importance of self-care and finding joy in the work we do to avoid corporate burnout. She also highlights the impact of motherhood on her career and the value of authenticity in her personal brand. La'Vista's story is an inspiration for those seeking to prioritize their well-being while pursuing their professional goals.

You will learn:
1) The behaviors...

Privilege of Choice with Elaine Lou Cartas

Elaine Lou Cartas, a trauma-informed career and leadership coach, shares her journey from feeling the pressure of fulfilling the American dream as a first-generation immigrant to redefining her own version of success. In her pursuit of success, she recognized the privilege she collected of having choices in her journey. She emphasizes the importance of asking for help and getting a coach to navigate career transitions and make choices aligned with personal goals. Elaine highlights the power of empathy in her coaching practice and the impact of reframing success to focus on creating a legacy. In this conversation, Matt Story...

Asking the Right Questions with Dee Hall

Dee Hall shares her journey from a precocious child to a successful marketing leader with over 20 years of experience. She discusses her childhood, college experience at Spelman, and her career at IBM. Dee also talks about the importance of culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. She emphasizes the power of connection and being authentic in the workplace. Dee offers advice for those interested in a similar career path. Throughout the conversation, Dee highlights the importance of asking questions and learning what are the right questions to ask.

You will learn:

not to forget...

Finding Power in Pain with Sonia Hunt

Sonia Hunt shares her journey of overcoming severe food allergies and the impact it had on her identity and outlook on life. She discusses the importance of shifting mindset and taking control of one's health. Sonia also explains how she applied her professional acumen to develop systems for her own health and well-being. She now helps marketing leaders thrive by prioritizing their health and well-being. Sonia emphasizes the importance of bringing one's authentic self to work and making tough decisions to stay true to oneself. She encourages listeners to take small actions every day to transform their health and...

Working on Your Game with Dre Baldwin

Dre Baldwin shares his journey from playing backyard sports in Philadelphia to becoming a professional basketball player and successful entrepreneur. He emphasizes the importance of education and self-improvement, as well as the value of logical thinking and effective communication. Dre discusses his transition to digital content creation and the impact of YouTube on his career. He also highlights the significance of writing and the written word in conveying ideas and building a personal brand. Dre's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and continuous learning.

You will learn: 

how taking initiative and putting i...

Your Gift to the World with Kamini Wood

Kamini Wood, an author, speaker, and certified life coach, shares her journey of finding her authentic self and building a successful coaching business. Growing up as a shy and introverted young person, Kamini learned to fit in by pleasing other people. However, through self-reflection and self-advocacy, she discovered her passion for helping others and created her own path. Kamini emphasizes the importance of self-trust and kindness in owning one's story and offers tips for those on a similar path. 

You will learn:

how to recognize that your uniqueness is your gift to the world. to focus on...

Moving the Story Forward with Vernon Beckford

Vernon Beckford, CEO of Diversified Lending Solutions, shares his journey from childhood hearing he would do big things to becoming a successful executive in that brought the story to fruition. He discusses the impact of his upbringing, education, and early career experiences on his professional growth. Vernon highlights the importance of connecting with people and building strong relationships throughout his journey as a superpower. He also emphasizes the significance of self-advocacy and the role it played on his way to CEO. He concludes by discussing the transformative effects of husbandhood and fatherhood on his life.

You will...