MUJERES DEL SIGLO XXI (Women of the 21st Century)

6 Episodes

By: Baobab Tree Studios, Inc

Women go through a lot of hardships in this world. In each episode I will discuss a few topics with women from different Spanish speaking countries. I will be talking to many women from all sorts of backgrounds. We will discuss domestic violence and how to get help. We will discuss with women the ways they support their communities. We will discuss entrepreneurship and empowering women. MUJERES DEL SIGLO XXI is a safe space where women can express their real power, and talk about their journey of healing. Listeners to see how women have made it through hardships to success.

MACHISMO | Episode 6
Last Friday at 2:51 PM

Agustina hotel Rios psychology and therapist talk about the issue of machismo She tells us that machismo is the attitude or oppression towards women and it is bad because machismo attitudes contribute to rape, femicide, families that separate, abandonment of women and children to domestic violence. How does machismo cause trauma?

4 main traumas

1-abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, economic)





como el machismo impacta en la cultura?

la cultura impacta en el hombre identificar con el agresor y es...

Embracing cultures with CHICANA | Episode 5

Marilyn Castillo, a singer from a very young age, tell us about her career and her Mexican culture where mariachi is very popular.We discuss:·       the labels “CHICANA” or “CHICANO” ·       the problemd we have on the border of the Texas paso where women have disappeared in 1993 and 2005 ·       the drug trafficking and the war for power on the border ·       the city of Juarez Mexico where many mothers have no peace.


Women are taking power in leadership and creating generations of young activists, mothers to daughters.

Like Zeltzyn Sanches who comes from a dancing mother and activist from Mexico. Her mother is an influence in participating in activities in her community. Zeltzyn grew up in the USA and is a DACA student. She was brought here when she was 6 years old. Most recently, Sanches was with her mother on a hunger strike to raise $3.5 billion for immigrants who were excluded from the government stimulus checks.  These immigrants worked during the pandemic in the city of New York. Through this e...

Meet Norma Rodriguez Reyes | Episode 3

Norm Rodriguez Reyes, Publisher of La Voz Hispana/The Hispanic Voice shares with us stories about being a woman and hispanic in the 70s -  the push to forget the mother tongue  Rasismo in the puerto rican community, and  the opportunities that existed despite how difficult it was,  And how to overcome those issues WITHOUT forgetting the hispanic roots.

Healthy Boundaries - Domestic Violence | Episode 2

In this episode, with Denisse Chen, we dispel some misconceptions about healthy boundaries in Domestic Violence, and discuss ways more victims reach out for help.

Languages | Episode 1

Today we talk about the languages and how we are abused because we don’t speak the same language - ingles!