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Join in as we explore the forever changing front line of dentistry. Heard through the amazing dental professionals we are fortunate to spend time with.

Practice Growth With Scope of Practice - Dr. Dennis Marangos
Last Friday at 10:00 PM

Practice Growth With Scope of Practice - Dr. Dennis Marangos, Yorkville TMJ Center 

Stop focusing solely on acquiring new patients and start utilizing the full potential of your current patient base. 

Instead of promoting individual procedures, shift your focus to providing comprehensive solutions for your patients' dental needs. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach to dentistry, you can not only improve patient outcomes, but also increase the overall success and growth of your practice.

Join Dr. Dennis Marangos and James Neuber - RDT to learn how to transform your practice for the better.


Dental Bytes Ep. 46 Empowering Your Front End Team

Empowering Your Front End Team

In this conversation with Mauritz Lundt, Practice Manager JVR Dental and Monica Watson Blossom Dental Consulting, we discuss:

Key points to improve the effectiveness and satisfaction of the front end team, how the front end team plays a crucial role in the success of a dental practice, tips and strategies for empowering and supporting this important group of employees, communication with their front end team, handling difficult situations, and creating a positive and productive work environment. 

Whether you're a dental practice owner, manager, or member of the front e...

Patient Consultation - With Ed. Lowe

We spend some time with the prolific Dr. Ed Lowe to discuss his thoughts on patient consultation and how it sets the foundation of his relationship with his patients.

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Who We Are - What We Do - Who Are You?

There is always the question in the beginning, "What does Dentist on Demand Do?

In this episode, we cover the who, what, why's and more!

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Dental Business With - Bob Piercy - Desktop Health

Business is build on these fundamental pillars:


With the forever accelerating advancement of technology, keeping these three important pieces in harmony is the key to building a successful business. 

Sharing success with society is the responsible next course of action. Life is short, legacy in built on the impact you can make on a scale bigger than ones self.

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DOD Special - "Practice Build Begins"

Our contractor specialist walks us through the initial steps of a typical slab on grade practice build.

Knowledge of an experienced contractor will save you precious time on your budget and increase the chances of allowing you to turn that key for the first time.

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The Dental Build Series With Ameer - TheDentalBuild - Seasons Contracting - ep. 1

Marc joins Ameer from "TheDentalBuild". For a day of insight into the detail packed process of what it means to build a practice. Where every square inch counts.

Having a contractor on your side like Ameer can mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to error in process and added unwanted delay to your build.

This is the first episode in a 4 part series. Hope you enjoy 

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Dental Bytes Special - CareCru With Terry Burns. ep. 1/3 Patient Acquisition. Using Front End Tools to Increase Percentage of Conversion.

The fear is that technology will take over jobs, in some cases that is true.

At the front end of a practice, there isn't enough time in the day to:

     A: Identify every opportunity that exists, both internally and externally. 

     B: Prioritize tasks based on level of importance.

     C: Manage recall to the full potential and to clearly see who needs to be contacted.

The list can go on the front end only enhances the teams ability to ultimately bring patients in and back to the practice. You may ar...

Dental Bytes Special - CareCru with Terry ep 2/3. The Power of Automation.

Do you have a system in place that automatically priorities tasks? Even better - Do you have a system in place that automates tasks that is based in artificial intelligence? 

This is a total "no brainer"...get it? Why not let a software take care of low value tasks so that the team can handle more high level, practice building work? 

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Dental Bytes ep. 17 - Eric Kukucka and His Digital Denture Thing.

Eric takes a moment out of his extremely busy schedule to talk about the world of digital dentures. 

Long story short - The pros now outweigh the cons on implementing digital dentures in your practice. If you have an IOS in your practice and you aren't doing digital dentures, you're missing out...

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Dental Bytes Special - CareCru With Terry Burns ep. 3/3 - Analytics and Insights

Data is king! Are you managing your practice based on good data sets? If not...why!?

Don't fly your aircraft without flight instruments, make sure your decisions are based in solid data. Listen to how it's done!

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Dental Bytes Special - CareCru with Terry Burns. Frontend Dashboard 30,000 Foot View

There is absolutely no reason in this day in age to not implement a front end software to monitor your practice. Front end date is crucial in making decisions regarding marketing, to determine missed opportunity within the patient base. 

Are your patients leaving your practice? 

You can't manage what you don't measure. 

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Dental Bytes ep. 12 - "How To Boost Your Google Reviews"

How To Boost Your Google Reviews

Beyond thrilled to have Kianna Friesen from Chekkit back on the show.

Google reviews are crucial for our SEO. Kianna has a magic key in her pocket that unlocks an easy to use review amplifier. As just one of the many benefits of a value packed system.


#reviews #messaging #SEO #modernmarketing #SaaS

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Dental Bytes - ep. 15 "Setting Expectations With Your Marketing Team"

Dental Bytes - ep. 15 "Setting Expectations With Your Marketing Team"

Kyle Smendziuk CEO - WebMarketers, joins Marc to discuss what is the best bang for your buck when it comes to marketing. Putting every dollar invested into marketing into use.

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Dental Bytes: ep. 14 "The Power of Storytelling" With Dr. Nekky Jamal.

There is more to a picture than 1000 words. The choices we make in life are determined by how we trust and feel. Marketing is an art-form of these elements.

How do we bring the best out of content. We believe that it's lazy to use stock photo and video. There is a rich form of marketing in telling an actual story about your service or product. In our case, about the dentist in the practice and the team that surrounds them.  

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Dental Bytes - ep. 11 "The DoD Why" With Sadie, Swim Drink Fish.

Join us for our conversation with Sadie Caron, AKA "Protector of Water", "Environment Super Hero", "Fraser Riverkeeper Superstar", "Swim Drink Fish Ambassador". As we discuss our partnership with Swim Drink Fish and the Fraser Riverkeeper "The Vancouver Plastic Cleanup Coalition".

We are very proud of our environmental feather we have put on our cap, with our work with Swim Drink Fish and The Fraser Riverkeeper. As part of "The Vancouver Plastic Cleanup Coalition" and the False Creek Seabin Project. 

This is only the beginning of this amazing project! We can't wait to see what the f...

Dental Bytes - "Actual Cost of New Patient Acquisition" - With Lucas Sailer

Dental Bytes - "Actual Cost of New Patient Acquisition"

Do you how much it's costing you to bring in a new patient? We do!

Joined by our special guest and brain Lucas Sailer and we get into the variables of new patient acquisition. As well as the true value of listing your practice with us to start driving quality patient traffic to your practice.

#dentalmarketing #dentalmarketingtips #dentistry #dentalpractice

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Dental Bytes - The Power of Brand - With Dr. Gordon Chee

Dental Bytes - The Power of Brand - With Dr. Gordon Chee

Marc and Tyler are beyond excited to have the multi talented, Dr. Gordon Chee, Aesthetic Dental Studio, Calgary on the show.

We chat with Dr. Chee about how he uses his creative power along with his gifted eye for photography, blended with his high level of skill for comprehensive aesthetic dentistry to draw steady patient traffic to his boutique dental practice in Calgary Alberta.

The result is not only drawing a lot of patients eyes. But, the eyes of the dental...

Dental Bytes - "Generating Quality Patient Traffic" - With Dr. Faraj Edher

Dental Bytes - ep 7 - With Dr. Faraj Edher - "Quality Patient Traffic"

Marc and Tyler discuss everything patient traffic, with the prolific Dr. Faraj Edher, Prosthodontist.

We sit down with Dr. Edher and discuss, how patients find him to delivering a life changing new beautiful smile. 

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing 9/9 - "Patient Intake, Case Acceptance and Recall."

9 Pillars of Dental Marketing ep. 9 "Patient Intake, Case Acceptance and Recall."

Marc and Tyler conclude "The 9 Pillars of Dental Marketing" with the lovely Theresa Smith from Optimize Dental.

Now that we have spent the time to find and bring this new patient in, now what? More importantly, after their white glove (latex free) service, what do we need to do to make sure they come back to see us?

Consider following our YouTube page, to not miss what we have coming up or to watch previous episodes.

Listen on Spotify, iTunes...

9 Pillars of Dental Marketing 8/9 - "Converting Patient Traffic at the Front End."

Marc and Tyler, discuss the nuances and important piece of front end efficiencies and training. and the difference it means for growing your practice.

Ensuring quality patient leads are being converted at a higher level is crucial to the success of any practice. A good front end is worth it's weight in gold.

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DentalBytes - ep.2 - Bob Piercy, Desktop Health - "3D Dentures in the Dental Practice"

Tyler and Marc have friend of the show, Bob piercy, Desktop Health on the show to discuss everything 3D printing in the dental Practice.



#digitaldentistry #dentalinnovation #dentist #dental #dentalmarketing #dentalbytes

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Dentalbytes ep. 1 Tom Bremner - Castle Builder Financial

Tom Bremner, Marc and Tyler identified three major trends influencing the competitive landscape of dentistry in Canada.

As a Certified Payment Professional, Tom Bremner and Castle Builder Financial serve, take a lot of pride in helping clients to be more competitive, employ more people and boost their terrific standard of living. But working with dentists and contributing their little bit to public health, well, that’s another level. 


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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: 7/9 - "Domain Authority"

Marc and Tyler, along with the Fire Media Group. Discuss how modern day search platforms decide who's content/websites to show at the top of the food change.

With Special Guests: Tyler Trowbridge, Lucas Sailor and AJ Thompson - Fire Media Group 

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: 6/9 - "Marketing Traffic Types"

Marc and Tyler discuss traffic generation and how to find quality traffic that will convert into patients. 

Traffic - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: 5/9 - "Content Curation"

Marc and Tyler discuss the third step in content creation.

Now you have the manicured piece of content. Where do you put it to have the best effect that was intended? How many people actually see your posts? How to get the right eyes to see your content. 

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: 4/9 - "Content Creation"

Marc and Tyler, discuss the 2nd step in creating content.

Now you have those images, video and copy. What message will you mould out of it?

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: 3/9 - "Content Generation"

Marc and Tyler, discuss the first of three steps in content creation.

Before you take out the camera, what are you going to use it for? Who are you, what are you trying to attract in a patient. What's your story?...

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: 2/9 - "Why a Good Website is Crucial to Your Marketing Foundation"

Marc and Tyler, 

We all know your website is important, but why is it important to know in more detail as to why exactly.

With special guest and Digital Design and Development Professional, Lucas Sailer 

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9 Pillars of Dental Marketing: - 1/9 "The 3 Types of SEO" With Lucas Sailor

Marc and Tyler have a conversation with digital expert, Lucas Sailor - Co-Founder of Fire-PR. To discuss the 3 types of SEO and why knowing what they are will help grow your practice.

This is the first of nine episodes Dentist on Demand, where we dive into the full spectrum of a sound modern day marketing strategy. 

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Dentist on Demand Special: A Lot About Everything and A lot About Nothing.

Launched our brand new sparkling site! Check it out 

Marc and Tyler update on the latest Dentist on Demand news. As well as get into Tyler's past career in acting. Learn what a "Stand In" is and does! learn which famous people he's met! Most of all, hopefully be entertained by an unscripted conversation. 

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Dentistry Unboxed 21: Dental With No Boarders - Dr. Nekky Jamal

Nekky is extensively involved in volunteering with, Change for Children, where he provides dental care to children in developing countries. To date, Nekky has volunteered on 15 dental brigades across Central and South America . He has also volunteered in Guatemala,  Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru and India providing dental treatment and educating the locals on oral health.  Nekky also founded the Quench initiative, a project in coordination with Change for Children's Nicaragua Water Project. Thus far, Quench and its proud supporters have drilled 12 water wells in the drought-stricken, Chinandega region of Nicaragua. For more information , or to donate, please visit ht...

Dentistry Unboxed 22: Dental Lab Fun - Frontier Dental - David Bird

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Dentistry Un-Boxed 20: Trampolines, Dancing Out Sunroofs and The HIPAA Chick

We spend some time with Danielle Mckinley (@thehipaachick) discussing the hot topic of HIPAA and PIPEDA complacence. Most of all, we had some fun along the way.

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Dentistry Unboxed 19: Virtual Time Savings - Dr. Nick Seddon

Recorded June 2020*

Dr. Nick Seddon was kind enough to join us for a conversation about the benefits of virtual tools and the time savings it gives his booming downtown Vancouver Practice (Oceanfront Advanced Cosmetic + Implant Dentistry).

Apologies for the gaps in the feed. Dr. Seddon was joining us from beautiful Tofino, taking time away from his getaway.


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Dentistry Unboxed "Prequel": - Dr. Ed Lowe - Dec 2019

"Prequel" Just like how George Lucas did it. Well... Kind of... 

Dec 2019... Before all this pandemic mess. Before we knew how to shoot a podcast properly. The beginning of it all.

After many hours of stitching video and audio together, we finally have this amazing conversation with an absolute beautiful human being (Dr. Ed. Lowe)

Yes it was filmed during Christmas (2019) But! this one had to be seen/heard. Ed. Lowe is a true friend of a show and a true believer of what we are doing here at Dentist on Demand. We a...

Dentistry Unboxed 18: A Series of Dental Leaps - Russel Brown

From South Africa to Durban Dental Laboratories in Burlington Ontario Canada. Russel Brown takes us on his journey into the dental industry. A hand selected pick by Stanley Bergman himself.

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Dentistry Unboxed 17: "Holy Cow, I Love You Chekkit"

Add firepower to your SEO with this incredibly powerful multi demential tool.

Kianna Friesen from Chekkit, joins us to discuss just how easy this tool is to use and the incredible power it wields.

What are you doing to drive your SEO? you might want to listen, this is important.

Also, Tyler tells Kianna he loves her, which was really sweet. 

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DOD Special: Bob Piercey - Co-Travel Podcast Dentist on Demand Interview.

It was our turn to be in the hot seat. Who are we and what is Dentist on Demand? We answer those questions and more. In a time where everyone is breaking their comfort zones and following new dreams.

With fellow dental podcaster Bob Piercey. Make sure you follow his podcast found on all your favourite podcast platforms.

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Dentistry Unboxed 16: Scanning For Dentures - Can It Be Done? - Eric Kukucka

It's a world of: you verses you. Eric Kukucka (The Denture Center) has gone full on journey into the digital world. 

Not without a lot of thought put into the process. Will there be a day that analogue does not exist? Eric has a good argument that digital will be the complete future. Eliminated steps and speeding up the process. 

Is digital right for your practice? That is a question you have to ask yourself.

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