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The Limitless Performance Podcast: Sports Psychology, Sports Mindfulness, and Ancient Philosophy to Increase Performance for Any Athlete or ParentLimitless Performance is a holistic youth sports performance and training company offering year-round services and camps. With over 350+ 5-star reviews collectively online, Limitless Performance is the most premiere youth sports organization in southern Wisconsin. We are currently located in Janesville Wisconsin. Ages for our youth client pool range from Kindergarten through college athletics.Limitless Performance Main Services Center Around:Athletic training and camps.Sports psychology individual sessions and classes.Volleyball training and camps.Basketball training and camps.Our mission as a company...

How a 72-Hour Meditation Transformed My Coaching Approach

In this podcast episode, Coach Jack shares insights from his 72-hour silent meditation retreat, emphasizing the value of mindfulness, acceptance, and social connection. He explores how these principles are not only vital for personal growth but also applicable to sports coaching and the development of young adults. His reflections aim to inspire listeners to incorporate these practices into their daily lives for improved well-being and performance.

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Living with Purpose: The Key to Fulfillment Through Defining and Prioritizing Your Values

In this week's podcast episode, Coach Jack speaks about the crucial role of defining personal values and creating a meaningful life. He draws on a Warren Buffett analogy to stress the importance of clarity in life's direction and purpose. Coach Jack introduces the "values ring" concept to help listeners prioritize their core values, which act as a compass for decision-making. He shares insights from his own life on achieving fulfillment by aligning with one's true desires. The episode wraps up with advice to regularly reassess one's values to live a purpose-driven and satisfying life.

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The Most Impactful Insights on Personal Growth and Well-being from Thailand

In this episode, Coach Jack shares insights from his trip to Thailand. He discusses the significance of embracing different cultural perspectives, the value of being present, and the necessity of not dwelling on the past. Drawing from his experiences, he stresses the importance of open-mindedness and integrating Eastern and Western philosophies for personal growth. Observations on local resilience despite economic hardships lead to a broader reflection on internal well-being. The episode concludes with advice on mindfulness and concentration as tools for personal development.

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The Most Transformative Book on Mental Training: "Be Water, My Friend" by Shannon Lee

In this episode of the Limitless Performance podcast, Jack explores the concept of mental training, emphasizing its importance for everyone, not just athletes. He reviews "Be Water, My Friend" by Shannon Lee, highlighting Bruce Lee's insights into the mind's role in our lives. The book's message encourages readers to embrace adversity and negative emotions as opportunities for growth, using the analogy of life as a river. Coach Jack also emphasizes the importance of accepting life's challenges and viewing them as lessons.

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Unlocking Success: Coach Jack's Guide to Business, Mental Well-Being, and Embracing the Now

In this podcast episode, Coach Jack shares his journey and insights on business, mental well-being, and life. He discusses the significance of happiness, personal growth, and living in the present. Jack talks about his company, CTG, and his mission to bring mental training to the youth. He emphasizes the importance of social connections, maintaining a positive mindset, and daily non-negotiables like meditation and reading. Jack reflects on personal development, the impact of consistent actions, and the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences, offering advice and inspiration for listeners on their own paths to fulfillment.

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Why Focusing on Social Connection Increases Performance and How to Build It

In this episode of the "Limitless Performance Podcast," Coach Jack delves into the significance of social connections for happiness and well-being. Coach Jack discusses the positive effects of happiness on life and the importance of focusing on it intentionally. Introducing the "message cleanse" as a mental training tool, he shares his personal experience with this practice, designed to enhance social connections by reaching out and engaging in meaningful conversations. Coach Jack advises listeners to be selective and intentional about their social interactions, fostering compassion and selflessness.

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The Art of Focus: Enhancing Sports Performance through Concentration and Meditation

In this episode, we delve into the crucial role that concentration plays in our daily lives, particularly in the realm of sports. Concentration is a key aspect of sports mindfulness, our CTG Mindset curriculum, and it significantly influences an athlete's performance and overall experience of the sport.

The ability to focus, to keep our minds on the task at hand without distraction, is vital not only in sports but in virtually every aspect of our lives. It enables us to perform tasks more efficiently, learn more effectively, and enjoy our experiences more fully.

In the...

The Best Beginner's Guide and Activity to Build Focus

In this follow-up episode, we delve deeper into the wisdom encapsulated in Thich Nhat Hanh's enlightening work, 'You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment'. This book, which we touched upon in our previous episode, offers invaluable insights into the art of living in the present moment, a skill that is crucial to sports mindfulness and our CTG Mindset curriculum.

The ability to live in the present, to fully immerse ourselves in the 'now', is a transformative skill that can significantly enhance our sports performance and overall quality of life. By being completely present, we...

The Power of the Page: How Reading is the Secret Sauce Everyone is Looking For

In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative power of reading. Reading is more than just a leisurely pastime. It is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance our wellbeing, broaden our perspectives, and shape our lives in unimaginable ways.

Books are often described as portals to different worlds, and in many ways, they are. However, they are not just gateways to fictional realms or historical epochs. They are windows into the minds of others, into experiences we may never have, into wisdom we might not otherwise be privy to.

The lessons that an...

Learning How to Love the Unpleasant: A Guide for Athletes

In this episode, we delve into the heart of sports mindfulness, a concept that is increasingly becoming a game-changer in the world of athletics. We focus on a critical yet often overlooked aspect of mental training for athletes - the art of embracing and finding value in tasks that are typically viewed as unpleasant or undesirable.

Our conversation begins with an exploration of the concept of sports mindfulness itself, illuminating its impact on an athlete's performance, mindset, and overall well-being. We then progress to the core subject of our discussion - learning to appreciate the tasks we'd...