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Qur'an Demystified: How Tajweed Healed My Heart
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

Sh Saaima Yacoob, a renowned scholar of tajweed and qira'aat, demystifies Qur'anic mysteries of qira'aat, and shares her deeply personal journey of how studying tajweed healed her heart.

What Muslim Couples Get Wrong (And Right!)

Marriage coach Megan Wyatt tackles the big question: is there really a Muslim marriage crisis? Or do Muslim couples go through the same challenges as everyone else? And even more importantly... what are Muslim husbands and wives doing RIGHT in their marriages?

Sustainable Modesty: Hijabi Thrifting

Zainab bint Younus speaks to Shifaa Syed, the entrepreneur behind the first hijabi thrift shop, on launching the first hijabi thrift store in Canada, making modesty accessible to all Muslim women, and considering Islamic ethics vis a vis sustainable fashion.

Public School, Islamic School, or Homeschool?

Omar Abdul Fatah, a BC certified teacher, sits down with Zainab bint Younus and Irtiza Hasan to discuss the different options Muslim families have for their children's education. Comparing and contrasting public school, Islamic school, and homeschooling, brother Omar offers a new alternative to traditional homeschooling for Muslim families.

Man2Man: Sweetness & Success with the Qur'an

Irtiza Hasan talks to Hafiz Hamzah Ghiah, Director of Hamd Institute in Houston, on effective Qur'an memorization strategies, helpful tips for parents, and his recent partnership with Mifta Institute.

Beyong "It's Haraam": Muslim Parenting with Purpose

In a world inundated with messaging that contradicts Islamic values, how can Muslim parents successfully parent with purpose? Whether it's holidays like Christmas and Halloween, facing the onslaught of LGBTQ ideology, or developing a meaningful sense of Islamic identity, Muslim parents and their children are navigating an endless minefield of challenges.  Eman Ahmed and Zainab bint Younus speak on what it looks like to engage in age-appropriate, purposeful, Islamic parenting - moving beyond "it's haraam!" or, on the flip side, "Everything is okay!" This in-depth discussion will help Muslim parents understand what it means to establish strong spiritual foundations for o...

Keeping It Halal: Summer Holidays for Muslim Families

How is your family keeping this summer halal? Zainab bint Younus and Irtiza Hasan chat about ways that Muslim families can maximize the holidays - whether it's having fun, connecting more deeply with one another, or increasing in worship.

Man2Man: Afghanistan Beyond the Headlines

Afghanistan - the name evokes mental images of the "War on Terror," of bombings, violence, humanitarian crises, and Western media declarations of the necessity of "liberating women." Yet Afghanistan has a rich, diverse history that consists of so much more than being the site of political and military warfare. Irtiza Hasan speaks to Abdullah Zikria about the Afghanistan that few people know about: a lush country of mountains and valleys, of unmatched generosity, and of a complex history that left Afghanistan with a reputation for being "the graveyard of empires." This episode provides an insider glimpse into the realities of...

Are Gym Selfies Haraam?

Imam Tom Facchine is back to talk about Muslim male modesty! Are gym selfies haraam? Is TikTok dancing okay? Why is male hayaa' not seen as important compared to women's hijab?

The LGBTQ+ Curriculum in Public Schools

Former public school teacher Omar Abdul Fatah speaks to Irtiza Hasan about the LGBTQ movement's powerful presence in public schools, what Muslim parents need to know about what their kids are being exposed to, and ongoing legislation endangering parental and religious leaders when dealing with LGBTQ concerns.

Man 2 Man: How Social Media is Killing Your Imaan

Shaykh Navaid Aziz, Siraaj Muhammad, Omar Usman, and Irtiza Hasan talk about how social media consumption impacts your faith and your brain and the importance of being intentional on the Internet.

What Not To Say To Muslim Converts

Sister Amanda Morris, a mentor at Cardiff New Muslims Care and host of the New Beginnings podcast, tells us all what NOT to say to Muslim converts! From "convert stories" to marriage nightmares, raising children as converts and healthy convert support, Amanda shares the wisdom of her decades of experience.

The Eid Mubarak Episode

Zainab bint Younus and Irtiza Hasan reflect on the ending of Ramadan, convert struggles in Eid, and celebrating Eid as an act of ebaadah and resistance.

Raising Kids as Huffadh

Shaykha Fatimah Barkatullah shares her family's journey of raising her children within a culture of Qur'an with the goal of becoming huffadh.

Ramadan Vibes: Connecting with the Qur'an

Let Ramadan be the time you fall in love with the Qur'an and its meanings! Shaykh Muhammad Ziyad Batha talks about establishing an emotional connection with the Qur'an and planting the seeds of Qur'an in the hearts of our children.

Ramadan Imposter Syndrome | Shaykha Taimiyyah Zubair

Shaykha Taimiyyah Zubair speaks on how to beat Ramadan Imposter Syndrome: when you feel like you're not a good enough Muslim to 'deserve' Ramadan.

[Man to Man] Decaffeinated: Physical Prep for Ramadan

Bilal Khan, Irtiza Hasan, and Siraaj Muhammad talk shop on how Muslim men can maintain fitness and healthy lifestyles while fasting in Ramadan.

[Man to Man] Beast Mode: Spiritual Preparation for Ramadan

Dr. Yusuf Shere and Irtiza Hasan talk about practical steps for Muslim men to spiritually prepare for Ramadan.

What Are The Limits Of Wifely Obedience?

Dr. Hatem al-Haj tackles the topic of wives owing husband obedience, conditions of obedience, what obedience means, and to what extent it can be applied. Is the legal always strictly ethical? What does a healthy, balanced, Islamic marriage look like?

African American Islam: Past and Present

C. Islaah Abd’al-Rahim and Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Heshaam Jaaber are two African American Muslim elders, reflecting on and sharing insights on lesser focused aspects of Black Muslim life.

Why Western Academics Hate Hadith

Hadith expert Abdullah Moataz, Irtiza Hasan, and Zainab bint Younus sit down to talk about hadith as a living connection to RasulAllah (sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam), academic attacks on Abu Hurayrah (ra) and the hadith tradition, and making hadith relevant to the lives of young Muslims today.

Earthquakes & Death: What's the point?

Zainab bint Younus, Irtiza Hasan, and Siraaj Muhammad discuss the survivor's guilt, spiritual challenges, and parenting questions on the topic of the Turkey/ Syria earthquakes.

Vulnerable Sinners vs Arrogant Saints: How to sin the right way

Are we vulnerable sinners or arrogant saints? Who does Allah love better? In preparation for Ramadan, Shaykh Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee speaks on being vulnerable sinners with Allah, taking sins seriously, and how to shift our mindset about sinning.

Happily Ever After: How to Find Your Match Made in Jannah

Shaykha Sana Mohiuddin and Shaykh Abdullah Misra, both licensed counselors, speak to the Muslim marriage crisis, gender wars, marital roles, and the unrealistic expectations that are getting in the way of marriage. How can YOU find your match made in Jannah?

Man to Man: Why Muslim Families Should Limit Screen Time

In this episode Irtiza interviews Siraaj and Omar Usman (author of “Fiqh of Social Media”) to discuss the impact of social media and internet usage on the Muslim family today. They explore practical tips, best practices, behaviors to avoid and realities of living in this modern age where everyone seems to be on a gadget at all times.

Man to Man: A New MuslimMatters Show

MuslimMatters is announcing the launch of a new podcast show! "Man to Man" with Irtiza Hasan is a show dedicated to Muslim fatherhood, masculinity, and family discussions.

The Coddling of the Muslim Mind

Dr. Jonathan Brown tackles the question of artistic portrayals of the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam) in Muslim history, Islamophobia, and the sacred and the secular on campus.

Back to the Future: OG Street Da'wah and the Fate of the Ummah

Sh AbdurRaheem Green takes a trip down memory lane of 90s da'wah, the development of street da'wah, and how the fate of the Ummah lies in upholding da'wah to non-Muslims.

Bringing the Heat: Siraaj Tells All

MM's Acting Executive Director Siraaj Muhammad spills the tea on MM's secret agenda - is it Salafi? Is it SJW? And how has MM been influencing the Muslim scene during 2022? Take a listen and find out!

Book Talk: "Mantle of Mercy" & Islamic Chaplaincy | Tricia Pethic

Zainab bint Younus speaks to Chaplain Tricia Pethic about the book "Mantle of Mercy: Islamic Chaplaincy in North America" to do a deep dive behind the scenes of Islamic chaplaincy.

Ho Ho Haraam: Christmas Carols, Workplace Parties, and Inferiority Complexes

Christmas is around the corner, and the Christmas carols, decor, and workplace parties hype is at its peak! What does that mean for Muslims? Can't we all sing Muslim carols, have a crescent shaped tree, and celebrate the Mawlid of Prophet 'Eesa (as)? Or is Christmas really haraam? Ustadha Alima Ashfaq shares how Muslims can navigate the Christmas season in a way true to our Deen and sensitive to individual situations, without compromising our Islamic principles.

Beyond the Matrix: Masculinity & Modesty in Islam

In a world ravaged by debates over masculinity and femininity, Muslims are left wondering what Islam says about men and masculine traits. While characteristics such as courage, strength, and dominance are often brought up, we hear very little about the concept of modesty for men. What does hayaa' mean in relation to Muslim men? Are gym selfies okay for Muslim men to post? How can Muslim fathers teach their sons about masculinity and modesty in Islam? Imam Tom Facchine and Zainab bint Younus discuss what Islamic modesty looks like for Muslim men, the spiritual virtues of hayaa' vs the bare m...

Rebellious Wives, Neglectful Husbands: Book Talk with Hadia Mubarak

In this episode of the MuslimMatters podcast, Zainab bint Younus speaks to Hadia Mubarak, author of the new and fascinating book "Rebellious Wives, Neglectful Husbands: Controversies in Modern Qur'anic Commentaries." From polygamy to nushooz, Mubarak compares and contrasts the many different ways that Islamic exegetes (mufassiroon) conceptualized and discussed these contentious topics in the Qur'an.

Spare the Road, Spoil the Child? Islamic Education & Corporal Punishment

Sh Abdul Rahman Chao takes on the topic of corporal punishment in Islamic education, discouragement of critical thinking, and the dangers of abusive teaching.

Harry Potter, Matilda and Islam's Views on Poetry

Sh Shahin-ur Rahman and Zainab bint Younus tackle the ever-pressing question of "Is Harry Potter haraam?", understanding the Islamic perspective of poetry, and the importance of literature and fiction for Muslims.

A Glimpse Into Muslim Bookstagram

Kirin Nabi (The Islamic School Librarian) and Zainab bint Younus talk all things Muslim bookstagram!

From the evolution of Muslim fiction and the theological implications of Muslim fantasy, to diving into critical reading and Muslim bookish pet peeves, this episode is no-holds barred!

Dhul Hijjah Global Activism Drive with CAGE: Close Guantanamo Bay

It is the time for all of us to organize and ally with one another to call for accountability on behalf of those who are unable to advocate for themselves. Guantanamo Bay is more than just a symbol, it is our obligation towards the oppressed and to our own selves. 

For more information about the Dhul Hijjah Global Activism Drive, visit:

To learn more about CAGE's tireless and invaluable advocacy, visit:


Visit MuslimMatters daily for ongoing information about Guantanamo Ba...

[Audio Article] Spiritual Preparation for Hajj

How should you get ready to go on Hajj? There are so many types of preparation for Hajj you should think about–including preparing to be the best version of yourself when you go for Hajj. But why? Hajj is first and foremost a spiritual journey. The end goal of Hajj is simple–receive the gift of complete forgiveness of all of your past sins. Listen to this article to hear tips and pointers for getting yourself spiritually prepared for this beautiful pilgrimage.

Do Muslim Women's Shelters Ruin Families?

How many Muslim women actually experience domestic violence? Do Muslim women's shelters ruin families? What about keeping Muslim families intact? In this episode of the MuslimMatters Podcast, Zainab bint Younus and Yasmine Youssef of NisaHomes tackle these tough questions and more. What can Muslims do to proactively prevent or reduce tragedies like the murder of three generations of Muslim women in Texas? Domestic violence remains a painfully relevant topic for the Muslim community, and one that cannot continue to be ignored or dismissed. More than ever, it is necessary to address domestic violence from within an Islamic paradigm, drawing upon o...

[Khutbah] Domestic Violence and the Rights We Owe People by Shaykh Yaser Birjas