Community x Capital

2 Episodes

By: Alexis Ohanian, Michael Sidgmore

If money is what makes the world go around, it's community that keeps it turning. There are two things that are foundational to the human experience. One is capital and the other is community. Alexis Ohanian is a long-time champion of creators. Now, everything is community. If companies don't have a community strategy, they better get one. Because community-led companies are the future - and community can create a competitive advantage. Michael Sidgmore is a long-time believer in democratizing access to financial services. Now, everything is FinTech. If companies can't figure out how to offer financial services products on platform...

The Coinbase Episode
Last Tuesday at 8:41 AM

This episode opens with: “Coinbase, is that a thing?” Should Coinbase go into traditional financial services or should they go deeper down the crypto rabbit hole? Alexis says why not just build the new world order? Michael says wait, what about institutions? How do they keep one foot in the traditional world while gaining exposure to the cryptoeconomy? With the IPO of Coinbase tomorrow and Alexis being one of Coinbase’s earliest investors in their initial Seed round, we thought it would only be fitting to stick to the news and discuss Coinbase’s upcoming IPO. Coinbase, in many respects, encapsul...

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