Collisions YYC

40 Episodes

By: Tyler Chisholm

A podcast on the economic transformation that's happening in Calgary, and the leaders, innovators, and thinkers that are at the heart of it.

Current & Critical - Iggy Domagalski, M&A In the Energy Sector
Last Tuesday at 9:49 PM

In this episode, I am joined by Iggy Domagalski, CEO at Tundra Process Solutions, to discuss their exciting acquisition by Wajax and what that means for Tundra moving forward.

Current & Critical - Casey Kachur, Tech start-up in YYC

In this episode, I am joined by Casey Kachur, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtuo, a Calgary-based, tech-enabled concierge service that streamlines the complete homeownership journey.

Current & Critical - Scott Jenkins, Innovation in the Construction Industry (and why Calgary is awesome)

In this episode, I am joined by Scott Jenkins, President and CEO of ZS2 Technologies, a Calgary-based start-up specializing in developing innovative construction technologies that are stronger, safer, and healthier for people and the planet.

Current & Critical - Trish Josephs, Getting Albertans Back to Work

In this episode, I talk about pivoting and what that means for Alberta’s transformation with Trish Josephs, Vice President, Global Business Development at ZS2 Technologies.

Current & Critical - Adam O'Brien, Bitcoin, Bitcoin and more Bitcoin

In this episode, I am joined for a good old fashioned update with Adam O’Brien, Founder & CEO of Bitcoin Well, an online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of Bitcoin in Canada.

Current & Critical - Vis Naidoo , Innovation in Education

In this episode, I am joined by Vis Naidoo, Director at SAIT, to discuss the new Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies – a new, flexible experience that offers online and in-class courses for further professional development.

Current & Critical - Rob Palmer, Calgary Airport Authority

In this episode, I discuss the future of airports and travel in a post-COVID world with Rob Palmer, CFO at the Calgary Airport Authority.

Current & Critical - Andrew Coates , Accessing International Markets

In this episode, I am joined by Andrew Coates, VP of Sales and Marketing at ProAll Industries, an international, industry-leading manufacturer of mobile concrete mixers based out of Olds, Alberta.

Current & Critical - Cam Linke, Machine Learning Leadership - Alive and well in Alberta

In this episode, I am joined by the CEO of The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), a non-profit that supports world-leading research in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Current & Critical - Richard Simpson, Alberta IOT on the Global Stage

In this episode, I am joined by Richard Simpson, VP of Business Development at ZeroKey, a hyper-accurate technology that digitizes location of assets, personnel, and equipment across large industrial environments.

Current & Critical - Jon Cornish, Calgary Black Chambers

In this episode, I am joined by Jon Cornish, Canadian Football Hall of Famer and Co-Founder of The Calgary Black Chambers, an organization that forges opportunity for Black professionals and entrepreneurs.

Current & Critical - Scott Gravelle, 3D Robotics - Reimagining Global Supply Chain

In this episode, I am joined by Scott Gravelle, CEO & CTO of Attabotics, the world’s first 3D robotic goods-to-person platform that can keep up with modern-day shoppers and their unique ordering habits.

Current & Critical - The 51 (Judy Fairburn and Shelley Kuipers), Female-powered capital unleashing the next economic wave

In this episode, I am joined for a good old-fashioned update with Judy Fairburn and Shelley Kuiper, Co-Founders of The 51 Ventures Fund, a platform for Female-powered capital that will unleash the next economic wave.

Chris Foster, VP IS & CIO of TC Energy

Join me for a good old-fashioned chat about the importance of curiosity and how it can help us stand out from the rest with Chris Foster, VP IS & CIO of TC Energy.

Current & Critical - Jim Hill, The Experience Economy - Alive and well in Inglewood

In this episode, I am joined by Jim Hill, Founder of The Esker Gallery and commercial real estate owner, as we discuss the future of retail post-COVID and the importance of good landlord-tenant relationships

Current & Critical - Savana Radley, Robots are Awesome

In this episode, I am joined by Savana Radley, Founder & CEO of Radley Robots, a new, affordable in-home check-in service via a telepresence robot companion.

Current & Critical - Dr. Bob Bray, Health Care in Alberta - A Physicians Perspective

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Bob Bray, Orthopedic Surgeon, as we round out our series on our healthcare system with his valued perspective as a 30+ year Alberta healthcare worker.

Current & Critical - Brian Milloy, Diversification - The Only Way Forward

In this episode, I am joined by Brian Milloy, Co-Founder, President & CEO of Levvel, a Calgary-based organization that offers, among many things, software QA testing opportunities to women in Rwanda.

Beyond the Echo - Marc Pavlopoulos, The Canadian Tech Talent Opportunity

In this episode, I am joined by Marc Pavlopoulos, CEO & Founder of Path to Canada and Syndesus, as he shares his vision for a cross-border way of business to create opportunities for American and Canadian tech workers.

Current & Critical - Marcela Mandeville, Women Entreprenuers in Alberta

In this episode, I am joined by Marcela Mandeville, CEO at Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, as we discuss their evolution over the last 25 years and the opportunities they’ve created for women in Alberta.

Current & Critical - Dr. Misheck Mwaba, Innovation in Education - Getting Albertans Back to Work

In this episode, I am joined by the new President & CEO at Bow Valley College Misheck Mwaba as he shares his vision that will attract skilled people to Alberta and support the retraining of our industry leaders.

Current & Critical - Naseem Bashir, Emerging Tech in the Construction Industry

In this episode, I am joined by Naseem Bashir, President & CEO of Williams Engineering Canada, as he walks us through the ways AI and machine learning are being integrated into the construction sector.

Kent Hehr, Lawyer and former Liberal MP

Join me as I chat with Lawyer and former Liberal MP Kent Hehr about why we need to keep an open mind for what our future has in store rather than cling to the past.

Current & Critical - Matthew Wilson, Venture Capital

In this episode, I am joined by Matthew Wilson, Founder & Managing Director of Allied Venture Partners, as he talks about bringing the world of angel investing into our Alberta’s start-up ecosystem.

Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

For our 100th episode, I am honored to be joined by Mayor Naheed Nenshi as we discuss his vision for Calgary's way forward despite the challenges in our economy and the struggles faced by the pandemic.

Current & Critical - Devon Livingstone, Ai in the Medical Field

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Devon Livingstone, Founder & CMO of ENTiD, a digital platform that uses automated machine learning to help diagnose and treat ear, nose and throat disease.

Current & Critical - Tim Rahilly, Education in Alberta

In this episode, I am joined by Tim Rahilly, President and Vice-Chancellor at Mount Royal University, as we discuss the transformation in post-secondary education in a post-COVID world.

Current & Critical - David Shepherd , Heath Care in Alberta - New Democratic Party

In this episode, I am joined by David Shepherd, MLA for Edmonton-City Centre as he shares his unique perspective on our economic transformation as both a politician and a proud Albertan.

Current & Critical - Tyler Shandro , Health Care in Alberta - United Conservative Party

In this episode, I am joined by the Health Minister of Alberta, the Honourable Tyler Shandro MLA, as we discuss the state of our healthcare system, the effect COVID-19 has had on long-term plans, and what healthcare might look like in the future.

Beyond the Echo - Michael Litt, The Kitchener / Waterloo Tech Ecosystem - What we can learn

In this episode, I am joined by Michael Litt, Co-Founder and CEO of Vidyard, as he takes us on his journey to Silicon Valley and shares his thoughts on our digital transformation.

Current & Critical - Norm Bogner, Being a Tech Start-up in YYC

In this episode, I am joined by Norm Bogner, President & Co-Founder of Zerosound, as we chat about their active noise control technology and the pros-and-cons of being a start up in Calgary.

Current & Critical - Adam Ludgate, Tech Talent & The Future of Work

In this episode, I am joined by Adam Ludgate, Head of Technology of Aleta, as we chat about our digital transformation and how he helps start-ups bridge the gap between a big idea and a successful execution.

Beyond the Echo - Kari Viccars, Learning from the Global Tech Ecosystem

In this episode of Beyond the Echo, I am joined by Kari Viccars, Senior Marketing, Communications & Partnerships Consultant, as she talks about coming home to Calgary from New Zealand and how each tech and start-up cultures compare.

Current & Critical - Jil Macdonald, Digital Transformation for non-technical leaders

In this episode, I am joined by Jill MacDonald, Director Enterprise AI Integration at AltaML, as we talk about AI from the human perspective and the opportunities it creates for our digital transformation.

Current & Critical -Megan Szanik, Small Business Reality in Calgary

In this episode, I talk about the transformation of the retail experience post-COVID with Megan Szanik, Founder & CEO of espy Experience.

Current & Critical -Ian Burns, FinTech - The New World of Finance

In this episode, I talk about the innovations in FinTech that will transform traditional banking as we know it with Ian Burns, President & CEO of Alberta Central Credit Unions.

Beyond the Echo - Chris Black, Why the world needs more Calgary

In this episode of Beyond the Echo, I am joined by Chris Black, CRO of Jolera, as we talk about breaking down our siloes and giving the world a lot more of what Calgary has to offer.

Current & Critical -Justin Havre, The Future of Real-estate in Calgary

In this episode, I learn about the latest innovations and trends in Calgary’s residential real estate market from Justin Havre, Realtor with RE/MAX First and Team Leader of Justin Havre & Associates.

Jeff Adamson, Co-founder of SkipTheDishes and Co-Founder & CMO of Neo Financial

Join me as I chat with Co-founder of SkipTheDishes and Co-Founder & CMO of Neo Financial Jeff Adamson about why he believes Western Canada can lead our country forward through innovation in the tech space.

Current & Critical -Billy Rideout, Technology Disruption in Oil & Gas

In this episode, I talk about the disruptive technology space and its impact on the transformation of our energy sector with Billy Rideout, President of Exergy Solutions Inc.