Functionally Autoimmune

40 Episodes

By: Brandi Muilenburg

Living Your Best Life with Autoimmunity and Chronic Illness

How to Make Fitness A Priority W/ Chad Austin
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

Chad is a personal trainer, speaker, award winning author and gym owner in Kansas. 

Chad and I discuss starting a fitness program, we discuss making goals and keeping them. Chad tells us how to enter a gym without fear, how to choose fitness that works for us and how to overcome excuses, pain and other areas the stop fitness in its tracks. 

Chad shares his book Beat the Excuses with us at
You can find chad at Make Fitness a Priority, online and on social media 


Rewrite Your Story W/ Kimberly
Last Thursday at 7:00 AM

Kimberly Spencer is an award winning high performance , trauma-informed coach, trainer, best selling author, speaker and founder of Crown Yourself. 

Kimberly and I discuss how to shift your mindset to obtain the goals and the life you want. How trauma in childhood and throughout our lives can manifest in our bodies and how to release these. 

You can reach Kimberly at www.crownyourself. com

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Keys to Detoxification W/ Dr. Trubow

Dr. Trubow is a Functional Medicine Gynecologist and author of Dirty Girl, Ditch the toxins and feel freaking amazing. 

On this episode Dr. Trubow and I discuss the hidden locations toxins can get into your body, 
 We discuss how to determine if you have toxins and heavy metals and the tests needed to get the answers. 

We discuss autoimmune disease and how toxins can effect you. 

We discuss her book Dirty Girl and Dr. Trubow offers listeners a free promo. 

You can find Dr. Trubow at


Creating The Life You Want W/ Adriana Keefe

Adrianna and I discuss living your best life as a parent. How to reduce clutter and tips and tricks to improving your own resilience and self-care 

You can find Adrianna at:
or her podcast Women Who Want More

On social media 
FB Women Who Want More
IG Adrianna Keefe

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Green Living W/ Therese "Tee" Forton-Barnes

Therese "Tee" Forton-Barnes joined me on the show today to discuss environmental toxins in the home and how to make small but powerful changes. 

Tee is an environmental toxin health coach, head guru at The living green gurus. She is an entrepreneur, activist, educator and has her own household product line called Tee's Organics.  

You can connect with Tee on her website

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How to Stop Binge and Overeating W/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

Dr. Glenn Livingston joins me on this episode to discuss his personal journey with disordered eating and how he created a system that has helped thousands stop binge and overeating. 
Dr. Livingston is a veteran psychologist with 30 years of practice experience. He was the long time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm that services several food and pharmaceutical industries.  He has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times and more. Dr. Livingston spend decades researching the psychology of overeating and conducted a research project with over 40,000 participants. 

Dr. Livingston and...

The Power of Yoga W/ Beth Shaw

Beth joins me on the show today to discuss all things yoga. 

Beth is a wellness pioneer starting yoga and meditation at a young age. She has brought yoga around the world with her company Yogafit. Beth is an author and advocate. 

You can reach Beth at
Her books can be found at Barnes and Nobles and on her website. 

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Clear Your Clutter W/ Julie Coraccio

In this episode Julie joins us to talk all things clutter.

Julie can be found on her podcast called Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out
on her website 

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Skin Care Secrets W/ Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson joins me on this episode to discuss some of his amazing skin care tips. 

Chris is a skin care expert, holistic health coach/esthetician and You Tube sensation. 

Chris tells us how he got started working with skin care, how he has defied aging and looks like he is still 20 years old. 
 We talk diet, and the 3 main ingredients you need in your health care routine. We also talk about illness and lifestyle effects the skin and how to reverse damage. 

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Food As A Prescription W/ Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio

 Have you or a loved one been prescribed a dietary change because of autoimmune issues, skin irritations, or digestive complications? Or, do you simply want to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle?

"Food As A Prescription" is THE perfect guide for those who need to change their diet for a healthier life!

World-renowned professional entertainers, Anthony Lo Cascio (Tap Dogs) and Staci Lo Cascio (Sesame Street Live!), understand the importance of the body’s well-being. When health challenges once put their careers in jeopardy, they sought answers and eventually found food was their prescription. After fin...

RA and Navigating the Health System W/ Stefanie Remson

Stefanie and I discuss RA and how to navigate the medical system and get your life back.


FB: Stefanie RheumatoidArthritisCoach

Pinterest: Rheumatoid Arthritis Coach

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The Keys to Health and Wellness w/ Steve Wiltshire

Steve Q. Wiltshire has made fitness, health & mindset a priority for 3 decades! Shortly after winning the Mr. Oregon Body Building Competition, Steve developed an autoimmune disease that originated from a serious gut complication that almost ruined his health.
Most everything Steve learned from experts and harsh chemicals in supplements
compromised his gut health. 18 months after being diagnosed, Steve healed himself by
following the philosophy and wellness practices taught by the Hypocrites Clinic in Southern
Florida. Through Steve’s journey, he has developed a process that has led him to assisting thousands of people how to...

Intermittent Fasting W/ Adam Potash- Celebrity Chef and Creator of Approach

On this episode Adam and I discuss how he got involved in the health industry. We talk about his childhood illness, becoming a celebrity chef and health coach. Adam shares his Approach program and his thoughts on intermittent fasting. 

Adam can be found at 
on facebook @adampotashapproach
on Instagram @adampotashapproach

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Reducing Toxic Load with Essential Oils W/ Sabrina Zielinski

Sabrina share her recipe's for household cleaners, skin care, gardening and more. 

Sabrina shares resources around essential oils, her books and website 

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Thyroid Health and Support W/ Marina of Paloma Health

Marina and I catch up on all the great things Paloma Health has been up to. 

We discuss home thyroid testing, their amazing thyroid supplement, virtual medical visits, virtual nutrition visits and their amazing new app. 

Paloma is doing so many amazing things for thyroid health. Marina offered all FA listeners a discount code for $20 Off Lab testing, using 

Code functionallyautoimmune 

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The Power of Healing W/ Jason Sisneros

Jason is a public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and the host of The Bald Avenger podcast. He is also the board member of Nurish. Me 

Jason and I talk about all the amazing things he is up to, things like stopping child trafficking's and domestic violence. but especially Nurish.Me and their amazing curcumin products. 

We talk amazing stories of healing and he has offered you a discount code for 20% off using code FA20

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The 4 Core Secrets W/ Tim James A.K.A Health Hero

One this episode Tim tells his story, how he went from athlete to ill back to the best health of his life to support a friend through cancer. 

Tim shares his 4 core secrets to feeling better, gaining more energy and healing your body from the inside out. 

Tim talks about the best water to drink and shares his method to better hydration,

and how amazing sauna work can be with this revolutionary home sauna system.

You can find Tim on his website

The Power of Essential Oils W/ Dr. Eric Zielinski

In this episode we discuss the power of essential oils in the care of chronic illness as well as symptoms related such a fatigue, obesity, pain. and more. 

Dr. Z's new book will release 9/7/2021 and is available for preorder at this time. You can find him at 

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Revealing the Root Cause W/ Elizabeth Harris

On this episode we discuss Elizabeth's journey that took her from doctor to doctor and even to court to heal her sons condition. 

We discuss the root cause of many conditions and amazing new treatment options to heal the body and remove symptoms. 

Elizabeth's new book can be pre-ordered @

You can also reach her on her website for consultation, information and more.

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Chronic Stress: Symptoms, Effects and How to Calm It

On this episode I discuss chronic stress and ways you can begin managing your stress levels today. 

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On this episode I discuss weightloss, the pitfalls and traps people find themselves in when on a weightloss journey 

Tips and tricks for sustainable weightloss 

My non diet plan to losing weight 

Supplement a great diet with

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Weightloss Resistance and How To Win the Battle

4 steps to breaking the weightloss resistance battle. 

Episode brought to you by

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Instagram  @brandimuilenburg 

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The Dangers of Mold w/ Michael Rubino

Michael and I discuss the dangers of mold on your health

Signs to look for in your home to know if you may have a mold problem

Steps to take if you do think you may be suffering from mold exposure 

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Intuitive Eating, Is it Right For You?!

On this episode I discuss intuitive eating. What it is and how to us it. 

When intuitive is beneficial and when you should hold off. 

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Intermittent Fasting and Autoimmunity

I discuss the details of intermittent  fasting and why I have mixed feelings about its use. 

When its helpful and when it's detrimental 

How to properly use it,
Use link for discount 21%off, free vitamin D3/K2 and 5 free travel packs

@brandimuilenburg on Instagram 

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All Thing Poop and Digestion

Many people are embarrassed or afraid to talk about poop, however it is so important to your health to discuss poop and digestive issues. 

steps to heal your gut and digestion and things to look for. 

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Q&A- Your Questions Answered

On this episode I answer your questions about food allergies, going grain-free, grass-fed vs grass-finished meats and more.


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Gluten- Free vs Grain-Free

Gluten-free may be mainstream however did you know that going Grain-free may actually make you much more healthy and heal your gut.
On this episode I talk about the make up of Wheat and why it causes so many issues as well as why going grain free may be a better option. 

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Celiac/ Gallbladder Connection

I discuss gallbladder disease, celiac disease and how they are connected as well as food allergies and sensitivity 

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The COVID Vaccine and Autoimmunity

My experience with the vaccine, 
Data on the RNA vaccination
Distribution questions answered 

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The Power Of Tea W/ Jenny Tse of Sipping Streams

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Conventional vs Functional Medicine.. What is the difference?

What is conventional medicine?
What is functional medicine?
How are they different?
What about holistic medicine?

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Botox and Autoimmunity, What you should know.

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Botox, What is it
How does it work, 
How it effects autoimmunity, 
My experience with Botox and my thoughts on using it. 

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Sugar and Sugar Addiction; What you should know

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Introducing Shape & Foster with Guest Calum McGuigan

Shape and Foster is an amazing new program that brings you 6 experts in the health and wellness arena into one place.  Life coach, Yoga instructor, Finance coach, Mindset Coach,  Health Coach, Fitness Trainer 
Memberships are available coming soon.
14 day Free trials for all 
Visit www.shape&
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Memberships $399.99 annual 


Break the Dieting Cycle

Why diets dont work 
how to break the cycle
What are Carbs, Fats and Proteins 
Make nutrition sustainable 

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The Power of Breath

we talk lung health, 
Why is breathing so important
How can I focus more on my breathing?
What is my body really asking for?
How do the lungs work?

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Goal Setting: Break the IF/THAN Cycle


Follow these easy steps to setting up your own achievable short term goals
Do not get caught up in the if/than cycle of goal setting
Wanting is the most detrimental for human kind. 
Self -sabotage can be avoided when you set achievable short term goals for yourself.

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HMO- Prebiotic from Layer Origin with Guest Beau Berman

Beau and I discuss:

HMO Prebiotic

What Layer Origin is up to

The scientific backing behind all their products 

Gut health and so much more....

Find them at

Listeners will receive 20% off with the Code 20Autoimmune 

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Diagnosis Trauma

On this episode we discuss, the journey to diagnosis and the trauma it causes. 

What my journey and trauma looked like

How to avoid this during your journey. 

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