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By: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

Your DIY Health is a daily program that airs M-F from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Peoples' Patriot Network. Its goal is to help people to learn how they can restore their health Naturally using Science-based, Clinically verified Medical Nutrition rather than dangerous drugs and surgery! It's based on the research of Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S.,N.D., D.V.M. who proved that everyone needs 90 Essential Nutrients every day to support and maintain good health and when the body has what it needs, it'll fix itself!

YDI-210420_Cancer, Fenbendazole, PMA items in the news
Yesterday at 6:17 PM

Sarge opens the show by discussing a friend who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and then goes on to talk about how one ends up with cancer (in his opinion) and how one can reverse it (from his observations). He plays a video of Joe Tippens who reversed stage four small cell lung cancer which had spread throughout his body and was given no chance of survival by his M.D.s by using fenbendazole! Sarge goes on to discuss items in the news regarding Covid 19, vaccines (alleged) and other items.


YDI-210419_John, Cathie and Robert on SuperOne
Last Monday at 7:07 PM

Sarge is joined by John and Cathie as they discuss the latest information of the fantastic gaming platform that actually shares the profits with those who promote the platform, SuperOne!

YDI-210209_Troy from Texas tells about using Ivermectin for Covid, Call from Robert
Last Thursday at 6:21 PM

Sarge is joined by Constitutional scholar and historian, Mike Gaddy, along with Brad Peoples and Robert as they discuss the case of Marbury v Madison and ask whether it was good for the people or bad. From there they jump forward to today and discuss similarities in what's happening today in comparison with 218 years ago and see that there's really not much that's changed!

Last Thursday at 5:58 PM

"The Cure is more deadly than the disease"

Sarge opens the show by covering yet more people who have died shortly after receiving one or both doses of the mRNA injections. The best estimates are a minimum of 50 million Americans will die from the Covid-19 injections NOT the illness! Now that younger people are ‘qualifying’ for the shots we’re going to be seeing more and more young people dying post-‘vaccine’ and in some cases not just days or weeks, but MONTHS after injection. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny believes we won’t begin to see the true...

YDI-210414_More Covidiocy, young people dying, no rescue if you're not vaccinated...

Sarge opens the show asking the question, "why is it that the CDC and FDA are 'pausing' the use of the J&J injection when 1 in a million develops blood clots and they do nothing about over 3,000 DYING after receiving the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA stabs?" He also covers how young 'healthy' people are dying from the mRNA jabs some several months after their second dose. He also discusses how people who are stuck on a Caribbean island with an erupting volcano are not being allowed to board rescue ships unless they've been 'fully vaccinated'! It's getting really...

YDI-210413_Positive Mental Attitude, nutrition vs allopathic treatments, more vax deaths

Sarge opens the show by discussing positive mental attitude as it pertains to going without a 'face diaper'. Having filed my affidavit correcting my political / citizenship status I know who I am and what my Rights are and act accordingly and hove no problems going just about anywhere 'bare faced'! Sarge plays a couple videos about toxic / deadly Covid jabs in the U.K. and what the 'powers that shouldn't be are planning for us.' Sarge then looks at the news and covers yet more deaths of young people after receiving the covid 19 experimental injections.


YDI-210412_Covidiocy, vaccines and call from Robert

Sarge opens the show by discussing yet more COVIDIOCY! Face masks, vaccines, lock downs - NONE are supported by SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! The covIDIOCY of the allopathic medical community as well as their complicity in the current situation is just disgusting! Sarge covers the Rosenau experiment from the 1918-1919 era where they COULD NOT produce illness in otherwise healthy people by injecting them with snot, blood and other fluids taken from sick people.

YDI-210408_Mike Gaddy and Brad Peoples on How do we fix America?

It's II Chronicles 7:14 day! Sarge is joined by guests Mike Gaddy and Brad Peoples and they discuss what's going on currently and what, if anything, can be done to restore our country.

This was a fascinating show and lots of great points were brought up. I hope we do this again more in the future! 


Sarge opens the show by covering the “SPARS PANDEMIC” document put out by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in 2017 that is the basic blueprint for the Covid-19 Plandemic that we’ve seen rolled out before our eyes over the last year! Set in 2025-2028 this scenario shows the past, present and future of the SARS CoV2 situation! You can see a 90 minute video on it and down load the 75 page .pdf at Sarge also looks at the news and covers more dead after receiving the Covid-19 injections. We’re up to 2500+ in the U.S. alone wh...

YDI-210407_SPARS 2025-2028, Call from Robert

Sarge opens the show by discussing a 75 page document from Johns Hopkins University that paints a broad picture of what's been going on and will be going on in the future when it has to do with the SARS-CoV2 'Plandemic'! The document is called: "The SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028" A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators. This document lays out the whole plan for global take over via medical tyranny and not only explains what's happened so far, but WHAT'S TO COME!

Robert calls in with questions and comments and Unplugged in the chat...

YDI-210406_Civil Rights, Religious Exemption, Vaccine superspreaders, Call from Samuel and more

Sarge opens the show by discussing 'Civil Rights' as they pertain to the state and corporate attacks against us from the Covid-19 PLANDEMIC. We need to become a belligerent claimant of our Rights and to stand up against these self-appointed dictators or we soon will have no Rights left. Samuel calls in with questions and comments. Sarge plays a video montage of scientists, doctors and public figures warning about the dangers of the 'Covid-19 injections' and that as many as 50,000,000 Americans could die from those injections.


YDI-210401_Guest Mike Gaddy, Robert and Chris discuss multiple subjects including vaccines, Alexander Hanilton and Aaron Burr

Sarge is joined by Historian and Constitutional Scholar, Mike Gaddy, Robert and Chris and they discuss the new voting law in Georgia, other legislation around the country, voting in general, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and much more. Great show with many interesting topics.


Sarge opens the show by describing his new T-shirt “America or Mushroom”! He spends a lot of the show covering items in the news on deaths related to the Covid-19 injections, vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, as well as Big Pharma’s move to inject teenage girls with their toxic Covid jabs. He discusses the move by ‘institutions of higher learning’ to mandate or at least strongly recommend that all students registering for on campus, in person instruction prove that they’ve received the Covid-19 injections. More…



YDI-210331_Canadian Doctor Speak out, Covid injections, 1918 flu and more

Sarge opens the show by talking about his new "Which one are you? An American or a Mushroom?" T-shirt! He plays a couple commercials currently being aired in Ohio about 'the only way to get back to normal is by getting vaccinated' and says the only way to truly get back to normal is for all Americans to 'just say NO!' to all this covid-19 propaganda and lies! He covers info on health care workers quitting their jobs to avoid being injected. Samuel calls in with info on an interesting study on the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu showing person...

YDI-210330_Yet more deaths following Covid injections!

Sarge opens the show by discussing his perception of what's being done to the population of the world by those who want to control our lives from cradle to grave. He covers a number of people who have died shortly after receiving a Covid injection and discusses the insanity of taking the risk of being injected with one of these toxic jabs for the perceived reason of being 'protected' from an infection that has a 99.9+% survival rate!


YDI-210329_John, Tonja and Robedrt on SuperOne

Sarge is joined by John, Tonja and Robert as they discuss SuperOne and how important it is to diversify one's income stream.

YDI-210325_Guest Mike Gaddy, Government encroachment of our Rights

Sarge is joined by regular Thursday guest, Historian and Constitutional scholar, Mike Gaddy and they discuss the growing and more open attempts by the government to usurp and deny our God-given, Constitutionally protected Rights. We discussed the usual Covid-19 related draconian measures like lock-downs, socialist distancing and face diapers and added in the additional twist or calls for 'common sense' gun control including the Biden administration's request of the SCOTUS to approve warrantless searches and gun confiscation - which, by the way, is an impeachable offense if ever we saw one!<...


Sarge opens the show by asking the question, “Are you an American, or a Mushroom?” By that he means are you someone who will follow the lead of our founders and question government at every turn, or are you someone who enjoys “being kept in the dark and being fed manure (B.S.).” Sarge contends that if there were more ‘true Americans’ in America this whole ‘plandemic’ would have been over before it got started! Sarge also covers the government attempts to curtail our God-given, Constitutionally protected Rights through Covid-19 mandates and, now, renewed calls for ‘gun control’ in the wake of two rece...

YDI-210324_People are dying from the JnJ shot, Call from unplugged

Sarge opens the show by commenting on all of the encroachments on our God-given, Constitutionally protected Rights by government such as the lock downs, distancing, face 'diapers', and now the renewed call for gun control following the two recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Colorado. From there he moves to more deaths following Covid-19 toxic injections now from the newly approved Johnson n Johnson jab. Unplugged calls in with comments and questions. The listen to the latest Covid-19 injection commercials by the Ohio Dept. of Health - just more lies and propaganda!


YDI-210323_20 countries halting covid vaccine, calls from Robert and Samuel

Sarge opens the show by covering the latest death tolls of people who have died shortly after taking the Covid=19 toxic injection (1739 as of 3/11/21). He covers Jon Rappoport's latest blog about 20 countries suspending the Covid-19 injection by Astra Zeneca. Robert and Samuel call in with questions and comments.

YDI-210322_John on SuperOne

Sarge is joined by John Kacarab and they discuss SuperOne and the ability it gives people to earn a residual income that can't be attacked and stolen by the government!

YDI-210318_Guest Mike Gaddy and Robert on multiple topics

Sarge is joined by Constitutional scholar and historian, Mike Gaddy and Robert and they discuss numerous issues from the Navajo Americans, life on the reservation, the NRA, gun control, the Bill of Rights, the President of Tanzania who stood up against the western plandemic of Covid-19, PRC testing and mRNA injections and is now dead of (allegedly) heart failure at age 61.



Sarge opens the show by covering an article / video of ‘Resident’ Biden where his hand appears to pass through a reporters microphone proving that the video is FAKE and is a CGI (computer generated image). It definitely makes one question virtually every video they’ve seen of the ‘Usurper in Chief’! Sarge then moves on to cover the numerous deaths, miscarriages, still births and other ‘injuries’ that people have coincidentally experience within hours to days of receiving a Covid-19 injection. Sarge ends the show by covering the testimony of Mark Trozzi MD where he says, “I have never seen a patient sick w...

YDI-210317_Calls from Phil and Patrick varried topics

Sarge opens the show by discussing his concerns that businesses will continue to require their employees and customers to wear face diapers even after the states drop their mandates. This has the potential to become a permanent thing if people don't wake up. He begins to discuss a pediatric nurse who bragged about getting the Covid vaccine while pregnant and 8 days later her baby was still born. Unknown if the two events were related, but it seems to fit the pattern of bad things happening to people around the same time as they received the stabs. Phil and Patrick...

YDI-210316_Sarge RANTS about the level of STUPID in this Country

Sarge opens the show by discussing the fund raiser he attended on Saturday (3/13/21) to support the Ohio Stands Up law suit against the governor and dept. of health where two doctors spoke and neither mentioned nutrition and good diet as the best way to support a healthy immune system and to protect against illness in general. He further goes on to discuss the level of 'Covidiocy' in this country when it comes to masks, distancing and lock downs. Where are all the AMERICANS?


YDI-210315_John and Cathie on SuperOne

Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Robert and they discuss the latest developments in SuperOne.

YDI-210311_Guest Mike Gaddy, The Trial of the Century

Sarge is joined by his normal Thursday guest, historian and Constitutional authority, Mike Gaddy. Mike suggests they discuss the 'Trial of the Century' "We the People vs the U.S. Government"! The conversation covers many areas after that and it's all great conversation!

Link to: Malice by Jennifer Jaynes


Sarge opens the show by covering yet more ‘covidiocy’! More people are dying shortly after receiving the toxic, DNA altering WuFlu jab (now up to 1,637 as of 3/9/21)! At the same time states are running TV ads lying to the people saying the injections are ‘approved’, ‘safe’, ‘effective’ and ‘rigorously tested’ (Ohio Dept. of Health ad) – COMPLETE AND TOTAL LIES! We’re now looking at the potential of the injections being given actual FDA approval which will open the door to states and the federal government attempting to mandate the jabs for all Americans! Buckle up folks – IT’S GONNA GET UGLY!


YDI-210310_More Covid stab deaths, Isrealis dropping dead after Covid shots, first mandatory vaccine law suit and more _8kbps

Sarge opens the show by discussing even more deaths following Covid-19 shot injections. Israel is leading the world in injections and is seeing people of all ages dropping dead shortly after getting the jab. Sarge plays a video of a blog regarding many who have died in Israel. He also plays a video showing the correlation between the illness and the roll out of 5G cell phone technology. Lots more covered on today's show!


YDI-210309_Vaccine deaths, TV host refuses Covid jab, CoronaLand Theme park, more

Sarge opens the show by giving an update on the current Covid injection insanity. Unplugged in the chatroom shares a link of a story of TV host Wendy Williams saying she won't take the Covid jab and Dr. Oz trying to convince her to get it! Some other items discussed are a possible federal regulation that if enacted could cause trouble for those who utilize bitcoin exchanges. Sarge covers info on Austria putting their Astra Zeneca Covid stab roll-out on hold after one nurse dying and another developing a pulmonary embolism shortly after receiving the toxic jab. Sarge end...

YDI-210308_John and Cathie on SuperOne

Sarge is joined by John and Cathie and they discuss the great new business opportunity called SuperOne.


YDI-210304_Guest Mike Gaddy and Tough Question Thursday, Call from Robert

Sarge is joined by guest, Historian and Constitutional scholar, Mike Gaddy for 'Tough Question Thursday'! Mike poses thought provoking questions about where we are in American life and what the remedies might be. Robert calls in and the conversation varies to cover the POW/MIA issue, the traitorous John McCain and more.


Sarge opens the show by discussing the difference between health insurance and ‘health ASSURANCE’! One you pay for, the other you give yourself through avoiding the bad foods, supplementing and clean living! He then covers how employers CANNOT make Covid vaccination a condition of employment per Federal Law. He looks at articles about Italian teachers dropping like flies (calling in sick) after taking the Astra Zeneca Covid stab as well as a large number of still births and miscarriages after pregnant women took the Covid vaccines, many after being recommended to do so by their OB-GYN.

website: ...

YDI-210303_More deaths following Covid vaccinatioin, call from Unplugged

Sarge opens the show by covering yet more stories detailing how people are dying shortly after receiving a Covid-19 'vaccination' but authorities are still denying that their deaths had anything to do with the injections! He also covers how the Tanzanian government is not going to allow its people to be 'guinea pigs' for Big Pharma and their Covid vaccines.

Unplugged calls in and asks if there's any way to get rid of the mRNA stuff once a person has received the injection - based on the available information at this time the answer...

YDI-210302_The Story of Carmella, Natural health, calls from Samuel and Doug

Sarge opens the show by covering the 'Story of Carmella' that highlights the problem with allopathic medicine and their lack of understanding of the relationship between nutrient deficiency and disease. He takes a call from Samuel about a restaurant owner in California who won't comply with state Covid mandates. Sarge covers an article about employers requiring the Covid vaccine to work for them which is a violation of federal law (see articles below). Lastly Sarge takes a call from Doug who discusses the sad situation of people blindly accepting the Covid vaccines.


YDI-210301_John and Cathie on SuperOne

Sarge is joined by John,Cathie and Robert as they discuss Covid vaccines, Vitamin C and SuperOne. Lots of great information!

YDI-210225_Guest Mike Gaddy and tons of history!

Sarge is joined by guest, Constitutional Scholar and Historian, Mike Gaddy. They cover a wide range of topics including how the government uses the Constitution AGAINST US!, How several states are unconstitutional based on how they were established, and much, much more. As always this hour teaches tons of things that you should have learned in school but were never taught!


Sarge opens the show by saying, “Just Say NO!” to face diapers, injections, lockdowns and any of the other draconian measures being foisted upon the American populace in the name of ‘public health’ when it’s actually about ‘population CONTROL’! He discusses the number of vaccine adverse events and deaths reported to the VAERS system so far (40,000 and 1200 respectively) as a result of people taking the Covid-19 injections. He also covers the fact that Joe Biden just gave $4Billion to Bill Gates and the WHO for an Global Covid Vaccine Injury Compensation program; so American tax payers will be footing the bi...

YDI-210224_Covid Nazis, Boobus Americanas calls from Unplugged and Robert

Sarge opens the show by discussing his experience with one of the local 'Mask-Nazi' establishments, Marc's grocery. He went there last night and no sooner got in the door than he was confronted by a 'rent a cop' who said he had to leave if he wasn't wearing a mask. He ignored the 'Medical Exemption' tag Sarge was wearing and didn't even offer to allow entry with a 'face shield' which their website says can be used.

Sarge plays a short clip about a lab in CA that tested 1500 positive covid cases and only...

YDI-210223_Mandated Covid vaccines unlawful, say no to masks, call from Robert

Sarge opens the show by paying tribute to a dear friend, Walter Hurd, Commander US Navy who passed away Friday, 2/19/21 at the age of 91 and that the reason Sarge is doing a live show today rather than being at Walter's funeral service is because the funeral home is forcing all to wear face diapers. Sarge chose to stay home and do the live show in Honor of Walter's Oath to the Constitution and in defiance of government tyranny.

Sarge discusses an article stating that it is a violation of Federal Law for employers to...