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Do you want to know how to homeschool your kids? Are you looking for more joy in homeschooling? You've come to the right place. Join families from more than 50 countries around the world to learn more about homeschooling, parenting, and mindset. Our Monday episodes are all about your mindset and on Wednesday's you'll learn more about homeschooling and parenting. Click the follow button so that you will never miss a future episode. Visit Keep reading for more info! Jackie is the founder of HomeSchool ThinkTank and is the mom of one homeschool graduate and is still homeschooling...

Taking Care of Yourself: Self-Care for Homeschooling Moms and Dads |Ep. #147 Mindset Mondays #14
Last Monday at 11:30 AM

How do you take care of yourself when you're a busy parent?

It can be difficult, but in order to care for others it's essential that you take care of yourself too.

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Your Daily Homeschool Schedule and Routine |Ep. #146

How does your daily homeschool routine or schedule look?

In this episode you'll learn how you can structure your days more effectively.

Learn more...

Homeschool Schedules blog post.

Ebook, audiobook, or paperback THINK HOMESCHOOL: Live & Learn Your Way

Styles of Homeschooling blog post.



Creating Opportunity for Your Kids: A Story with Horses |Ep. #145 Mindset Mondays 13

Did you know that you can create your own opportunities for yourself and your kids?

Learn how changing your language and thoughts can change your life.

Homeschooling is Not Public School at Home |Ep. #144

When you begin to homeschool your kids, it's common to try to educate your children in a way that's similar to the school system.'s not necessary.  

Listen to this podcast episode for more information.

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Enoughness & Vision|Ep. #143 Mindset Mondays 12

How do you know when you have enough?

Listen to this episode to see how your vision for your life can help you know when you have enough.

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If you're new to the show, every Monday we talk about your mindset and on Wednesday's we visit about homeschooling and parenting!

About Our Online Homeschool Parenting Group |Ep. #142

Do you want to be amongst other growth minded homeschooling parents?

Regardless of where you live in the world, you can join our online homeschool parenting group.

Enrollment for the January session ends January 5th @ Midnight MST.

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Listening to Your Kids with Intention |Ep. #141 Mindset Mondays 11

Do you listen to your children with intention?

Your kids may talk a lot, and as a parent it can be easy to zone out sometimes.  

In this episode, you'll learn why it's so important to listen to your children in a purposeful way.

Please note:  Our online homeschool parenting group will be opening for enrollment soon, you can learn more about our community here.

Connecting with Your Kids - Interview with therapist, Linda Wiebe |Ep. #140

Have you ever struggled with your relationship with your kids?

Do you want to prevent relationship challenges in the future? 

This interview with therapist, Linda Wiebe, is full of suggestions and information that you can apply today.

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How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends? |Ep. #138

Do you need some fresh ideas to help your homeschooled kids make some new friends?

In this episode, you'll learn how to find other families who homeschool.  

Learn more about our online homeschool parenting group and how we'll help you improve your local homeschooling community.

At the end of this episode we share more about our parenting group.

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Introverts and Extroverts in Your Family |Ep. #137 Mindset Mondays 9

In this episode, you'll learn a simple way to define introverts and extroverts and how to define the differences between these personality types to your children.

Use this knowledge to help your family understand themselves and others better.

Project Based Learning for Homeschooled Kids & Teens |Ep. #136

What is project based learning? 

Learn about the 7 steps that you'll want to include when using this approach to homeschooling your kids & teens.

Tune in for examples that you can use with your children.

Are you or your teen interested in learning how to use podcasting or another online idea for a project?  Get feedback and book a call here.

Wherever You Are There You Will Be |Ep. #135 Mindset Mondays 8

What happens when you realize that YOU are always there?  

Learn more about our Mindset Monday series on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast.

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Gameschooling: A Fun Way to Homeschool Your Kids |Ep. #134

What is gameschooling?

Let's talk about this fun approach to homeschooling your kids and the many benefits of games.

Setting Boundaries |Ep. #133 Mindset Mondays 7

Do you ever struggle with setting boundaries?

In this podcast episode, you'll hear about setting boundaries with your children and your in-laws.  

Sometimes this can be difficult, but when you set limits kindly and firmly ahead of time, everybody can win.

Start The Day Like Cici |Ep. #131 Mindset Mondays 6

Cici greets every morning like it's her best friend in the whole wide world.

How do you start your day?

Discover more Mindset Monday's episodes...

What is a Classical Education Method of Homeschooling? |Ep #130

If you're looking for a comprehensive education model, then you might want to consider a classical style of education.

In this episode, you'll learn the basics of what a classical educational model looks like.

Sitting In Discomfort |Ep. #129 Mindset Mondays 5

I got in the water, and for the first time I was scared...

I was very uncomfortable.

But I felt the fear and sat in my discomfort.


Unit Studies: Different Methods for Homeschooling Your Kids |Ep. # 128

Have you been wondering how to use a unit studies approach to homeschooling your kids?

In this episode, learn why many families like this type of homeschooling.

Discover more styles of homeschooling, videos, and information in the link below.

Smiling In The Rain |Ep. #127 Mindset Mondays 4

A lesson to share with those young and old.

Welcome the green grass and warm sun on your soul.

Walk through the puddles while looking for rainbows. 

Is this a moment that you will remember?

What Is A Traditional School at Home Model of Homeschooling? |Ep. #126 Homeschooling

If you've ever wondered what it means when someone says a "traditional homeschooling approach," or a "school at home model of homeschooling," then this episode is for you.

Learn more about different methods, styles, and approaches to homeschooling in the article that corresponds with this episode.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life & Live With Passion and Excitement |Ep. #125 Mindset Mondays Series 3

Have you ever felt stuck?  How do you get past that feeling?

If you need help finding your purpose in life, then this episode is for you.

Learn how to live a life of passion and excitement.

When you can do this for yourself, then you are better able to help your children find a develop their life's purpose too.

Get more information at

How To Use Educational Homeschool Curriculum|Ep. #124

What is curriculum?  

While you have a general understanding of what it is, let's talk about it and how to approach the homeschooling curriculum that you've been using.

Get information about curriculum, homeschooling methods and more.


Excited At 5:09 a.m. |Ep. #123 MM.2

What has you so excited that you can't wait to start the day?


Are you grappling for something?


It's okay, we've all been there, but that's no place to stay.


Tune in and get inspired!

HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Introduction & Welcome

Homeschooling isn’t just about education.

It’s about your kids, it's about your family, & homeschooling is a lifestyle.

Each week HomeSchool ThinkTank shares two podcast episodes.

While our Monday episode is all about mindset, the other episode is all about homeschooling & parenting.

Tune into this introductory episode to learn more about how we serve homeschooling families around the world.


What I Know About Mindset |Ep. #122 MM.1

In this episode Jackie shares a snippet of what she knows about mindset.

See how this journey is improving her life and how you can begin taking steps toward a better future too.

Discover more at

Introducing Mindset Mondays on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast |Ep. #121 MM.0

Are you wondering what mindset has to do with homeschooling and parenting?


These episodes will inspire you to make a positive changes in your own life. 

Get ready for this weekly, raw, real, and nearly unedited mindset series.  

Take these lessons, apply them, and see how your mind can transform your life.

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The Definition of Learning: Schooling vs. Learning |Ep. #120

Have you ever thought about what learning really is and how a person learns?

How do you know when your child has actually learned something?

As homeschooling parents, do we need to follow the school-at-home model for our children to learn?

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about learning :)

Check out the article that goes with this episode for more videos and recommended resources about learning.

How To Help Your Kids Feel Secure |Ep. #119

Do you want to help your children feel secure?

I learned this lesson at an online parenting conference.

These four words are words to live by when parenting your children.  You want to help them feel...

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What's The Happily Family Parenting Conference? |Ep. #118

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It itches, it's scratchy, it doesn't feel right! Kids & clothing... Ep. #117

Do your kids have sensory processing issues with clothing?

Is getting your child a new outfit or shoes a battle?

Listen to this episode to learn how to deal with kids and clothing issues.



This is a replay of episode #18.

How Your Kids Respond To Your Facial Expressions |Ep. #116

Do your kids ever respond to you in a way that maybe you don't think they should have?

It might be time to consider your facial expressions.

Learn more about the workshop mentioned in this episode.

How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids |Ep. #115

Do you want to know how to stay calm?

Sometimes parenting is frustrating, and when you don't know what to do, you might find yourself yelling.

In this episode, you'll learn steps that you can take to stop yelling at your kids.

You can lean more about the parenting workshop that's mentioned in this episode and and discover more resources at the link below.

Parenting Workshops with Dayna Abraham |Ep. #114 (Replay of #7)

Do you feel like parenting is harder than it should be?

Do you want to learn some new tips & strategies to help you parent your children more effectively?

Discover how best-selling author, Dayna Abraham, helps parents guide their out-of-the-box kiddos.  


Are you dealing with challenging behaviors? Hear Natasha's story & join the workshop... |Ep. #113

Is you're child or teen is having meltdowns, anxiety, tantrums, or outbursts?  

Do you need help with a strong-willed, stubborn, or defiant kid?

Or just want to learn a few skills to up your parenting game.

Nataha's been learning from parenting expert and best-selling author, Dayna Abraham, for several years now.  

You can learn more about Dayna's next free workshop and course here:

Why You Need A Homeschool Philosophy & How To Create One For Your Family |Ep. #112

Do you have a philosophy of homeschooling?  

I'm betting you said, "A what???  No!"

Don't worry, most people don't.  But if you do have a homeschooling philosophy, it can change the way you approach raising and educating your children.

Learn more in this episode!

Are you looking for an older episode about homeschooling philosophy?  Scroll back to episode #63.

Hey there, we've got news!

Hey there!  We're moving to Wednesdays!  

News is on the way...  :)

Learn how you can search our podcast, discover new educational podcasts, join our community, and read our blog.

We'll see you this Wednesday!

Deschooling 101. What it is, the history, and how to do deschool your homeschool family |Ep. #111

What is deschooling?

Why would I want to deschool my kids?

What's the difference between unschooling and deschooling?

What is Deschooling Society about and who is Ivan Illich?

This episode is your introduction to the what, when, where, why, and who of deschooling.  

Search this episode, get the links and more at

Are You Interested In Unschooling? Homeschooling Styles |Ep. #110

Have you been wondering what unschooling is all about?  

Start learning more about this style of homeschooling in this episode.