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Episode 631: Biden’s Mandate and Getting to a Hoppean Framework w/ Stephan Kinsella
Today at 2:00 AM

51 Minutes PG-13 Stephan is an American intellectual property/patent attorney, author, and anarcho-capitalist. Pete and Stephan discuss the Constitutionality of Biden’s vaccine mandate and then get into discussions about Hoppe’s plan for local politics and how it can fight against overreach by the Feds. Stephan’s Anti-IP Books and Articles Stephan’s Articles and Speeches Get […]

9/13/21 Aaron Maté on the Seemingly Forgotten American Occupation of Syria
Today at 12:41 AM

Scott talks with journalist Aaron Maté about his recent piece bringing attention to the U.S. occupation of Syria. The U.S. military currently controls about a third of Syria with an official troop count of 900. But considering officials were willing to lie to the former president about the real troop numbers, Scott and Maté are […]

COI #163: Matthew Hoh Names the Reps. Most Responsible for the Afghan War Disaster
Today at 12:18 AM

On COI #163, Matthew Hoh joins Kyle Anzalone to discuss the villains of the Afghan War. Hundreds of members of Congress helped to keep the conflict going, but Matt names some of the worst offenders. He shares personal stories about reps who used their support for the war to build political capital needed to pass […]

9/13/21 Mathieu Aikins on the Recent US Drone Strike in Kabul and Life in Afghanistan Post-Withdrawal
Last Wednesday at 10:46 PM

Scott interviews journalist Mathieu Aikins who has remained in Kabul to report for the New York Times. Aikins and his team recently investigated the drone strike the U.S. carried out on August 29th that officials claimed had targeted a car carrying explosives believed to be driven by a member of ISIS. However, the team from […]

COI #162: The Pentagon Used Movies, Media, & the NFL to Sell War
Last Wednesday at 2:29 AM

On COI #162, Scott Spaulding – an Iraq and Afghan combat vet who hosts the ‘Why I’m Antiwar’ podcast – returns to the show to discuss the villains of the Afghan War. Scott explains how American culture was infected with bloodlust by the Pentagon’s post-9/11 PR campaign, while the State Department partnered with Hollywood, the […]

Episode 630: The Bonds Of ‘Civil’ization Are Breaking w/ Tom Luongo
Last Wednesday at 2:00 AM

74 Minutes Some Strong Language Tom is the proprietor of the Gold, Goats and Guns blog and has written for everyone from to NewsMax. Tom joins Pete to discuss recent events including Biden’s vaccine mandates, woke progressivism but especially what people who desire liberty in their lives should be doing taking into consideration the […]

9/9/21 Joe Dyke on the Civilian Bodycount of American Airstrikes
Last Wednesday at 1:38 AM

Joe Dyke from joins the show to discuss his new report, coauthored with Imogen Piper, which attempts to count civilian deaths resulting directly from U.S. airstrikes during the Terror Wars. Dyke says he and his colleagues want civilian deaths to be part of the broader ongoing discussions about the cost of these wars. Scott […]

9/9/21 Dave DeCamp on Developments in Afghanistan and Syria
Last Monday at 11:00 PM

This week on Antiwar Radio, Scott talked with Dave DeCamp. DeCamp gives an update on Afghanistan where the Taliban are attempting to form a government. Both Scott and DeCamp agree that the Taliban are likely to face difficulties as they try to govern the country, especially if they continue to only appoint Pashtun men to […]

9/9/21 End of the Empire – Episode 1
Last Monday at 4:10 PM

On Thursday, Pete Quinones and Scott Horton live-streamed the first episode of their new podcast End of the Empire on the Libertarian Institute’s Youtube Channel. In the episode, the two discuss Pete’s recent appearance on Tim Pool’s show Timcast. Scott commends Pete’s approach to debunking China hawk propaganda in front of a right-wing audience. The […]

The End of a War w/Scott Spaulding and Matthew Hoh
Last Monday at 1:47 PM

Scott Spaulding and Matthew Hoh joined me to share some of their experiences and observations from their time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to discuss their opinions on the end of the war. Why I Am Anti War Twitter Scott Spaulding Twitter Semper Fi Fund Project K-9 Hero Eisenhower Media 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course […]

COI #161: Biden’s Medical Martial Law
Last Monday at 4:39 AM

On COI #161, Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter reflect on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the innumerable ways they changed America forever. Will and Kyle also recall their own experiences growing up under the burgeoning War on Terror and how the attacks affected and influenced their lives. The Biden administration continues to […]

Nullify COVID-19 Mandates Ep. 182
Last Monday at 3:10 AM

I imagine that many of you, like me are feeling angry and demoralized about Biden’s vaccination mandates last week. Many people I know are worried and their number one question is: What can I do? In this episode, I highlig uncanny parallels between the issues we are currently facing and the issues that the founding […]

Episode 629: The End Of The Empire w/ Pete and Scott Horton
Last Monday at 2:00 AM

76 Minutes PG-13 Scott Horton is director of the Libertarian Institute, editorial director of, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from He’s the author of the 2021 Book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism, the 2017 book, […]

99% of Neocons Still Believe This Lie!
Last Saturday at 6:38 PM

(The)…first complete data set of all suicide terrorist attacks around the world from 1980 to 2009…nearly all emerged from communities resisting foreign military occupation… Pape and Feldman 2010, pg. 8 PDF of Sources:  0:00 – Ayyan Quote / Intro  1:29 – Tactical Recommendations / Sermon  2:11 – Why We are Fighting You  9:26 – […]

Former Military Officer Details Psychological Operations Techniques – Chase Hughes

… intellectuals, academics, and the media are not motivated by truth alone. Murray N. Rothbard Irrepressible Rothbard, p. 10 Find Chase Hughes here: LBRY / Odysee BitChute Flote Spotify Minds Archive

COI #160: White House Slams the Door on Diplomacy with Iran

On COI #160, Kyle Anzalone discusses deteriorating US ties with Iran. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned the window for negotiations with Tehran would soon close, not long after the US announced a new round of sanctions. Israeli officials, meanwhile, have vowed to step up efforts to confront the Islamic Republic. Together, the aggressive US […]

9/6/21 Clive Stafford Smith on Ahmed Rabbani and the Other Innocent Men Being Held at Guantanamo Bay

Scott interviews Clive Stafford Smith about a recent article written by his client Ahmed Rabbani. Rabbani has been in custody for 19 years without a single charge being brought against him. In 2002 he found himself in the hands of the CIA who allegedly believed he was a man named Hassan Ghul. But even after […]

Breaking The Cycle w/Josh Smith

Josh Smith joined me to talk about the libertarian party, his future in the libertarian party, and arguments against the libertarian party as a solution. Josh Smith Twitter Josh Link Tree Break The Cycle 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon

COI Bonus: How the War Party Responds to the Afghan Withdrawal

On this Conflicts of Interest bonus show, Joanne Leon and Connor Freeman, join Kyle Anzalone to discuss how the media is spinning the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Neocons, Republicans, and liberals are pushing Americans to start new wars and continue bombing Afghanistan. Odysee Rumble  Donate LBRY Credits bTTEiLoteVdMbLS7YqDVSZyjEY1eMgW7CP Donate Bitcoin 36PP4kT28jjUZcL44dXDonFwrVVDHntsrk Donate Bitcoin […]

9/6/21 Magnus Panvidya on the Upcoming Day of Antiwar Protests

Scott sits down with Magnus Panvidya to discuss the upcoming antiwar protests that will take place all over the country on September 11th. All indications point to a sizable turnout that is, importantly, not monopolized by any one party or idealogy. Just as the antiwar movement ought to be. Further information can be found in […]

The Blatant Contradiction of “Anarcho-Communism”. Ashton Birdie & Keith Knight

Free-market capitalism is a marvelous antidote for racism. In a free market, employers who refuse to hire productive black workers are hurting their own profits and the competitive position of their own company. Murray N. Rothbard Making Economic Sense, p. 385 Find Ashton Birdie here: YouTube Instagram Full discussion LBRY / Odysee: BitChute: […]

COI #159: The People Who Were Right About Afghanistan

On COI #159, Kevin Gosztola joins Kyle Anzalone to discuss the people who were right about the Afghan War all along, among them Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who cast the sole ‘no’ vote against the 2001 authorization to attack Afghanistan. Lee correctly predicted that the bill would be exploited to justify an endless war, and has […]

Episode 627: This Global Propaganda Campaign w/ Richard Grove

67 Minutes Some Strong Language Richard Grove is the proprietor of, the man behind “Ultimate History Lesson w/ John Taylor Gatto,” and is the creator of Autonomy. He has a new podcast called, “Grand Theft World.” Richard joins Pete to talk Afghanistan, the worldwide COVID regime, and how to mitigate its impact on your […]

9/3/21 Coleen Rowley on the Many Ways 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

Scott speaks with FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley about the institutional failures that occurred before and after the 9/11 attacks. Rowley believes that there are many ways the attacks could have been prevented ranging from better information sharing between agencies to the locking of cockpit doors. After the attacks, Rowley says bureaucratic changes alone would have […]

BONUS: Australian Trucker’s Strike w/Gord

Gord joined me again to bring this bonus episode about what is happening in Australia with the truck driver’s strike. Gord Twitter 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon

Christianity and Libertarianism w/Mike Korbel

Mike Korbel of The Invictus Mind joined me to discuss how virtue is required to acquire liberty. Mike Korbel Twitter Mike Korbel Link Tree The Invictus Mind 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon

9/3/21 Danny Sjursen on Afghanistan, Veterans and Counterinsurgency

Scott interviews Danny Sjursen and gets his reaction to the Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Sjursen thinks the Taliban’s campaign to take control of the country may soon be studied in war colleges. He also thinks that Scott’s book Fool’s Errand should be studied at war colleges, or at least books just as critical of the […]

The One Minute Indisputable Case for Libertarianism – Dave Smith

The well-known theme of “separation of Church and State” was but one of many interrelated motifs that could be summed up as “separation of the economy from the State,” “separation of speech and press from the State,” “separation of land from the State,” “separation of war and military aff airs from the State,” indeed, the […]

COI #158: Afghan Kids Killed By US Bomb, Pentagon Claims “Success”

On COI #158, Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter update the aftermath of a US drone strike in Kabul that killed at least 10 Afghan civilians, most of them children. While the Pentagon claims it struck a car carrying Islamic State explosives, and that secondary blasts caused the civilian deaths, victims’ family members are disputing that […]

9/3/21 Gareth Porter on Media’s Reaction to the Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Gareth Porter joins Scott on Antiwar Radio to discuss his latest piece about the media’s reaction to Afghanistan. Porter lays out how virtually the entire media ecosystem is arguing the withdrawal was done prematurely from both a counterterrorism standpoint and in terms of the evacuation of American citizens and allies. However, the media is ignoring […]

Episode 626: A Marine’s On The Ground Perspective Of Afghanistan w/ Jared

62 Minutes Some Strong Language Jared, formerly of the Biting the Bullet podcast, joined Pete for a livestream to talk about the culture, terrain and his overall opinion of Afghanistan from his time as a Marine there. Today’s Sponsor: Open an IRA w/ iTrustCapital to Invest in Physical Gold & Crypto TAX-FREE! Get 1-Month FREE […]

9/3/21 Dan McKnight on Defend the Guard and the Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Scott talks with Dan McKnight about the effort to pass Defend the Guard legislation, which would block the use of National Guard troops in foreign combat operations without a declaration of war. McKnight gives background on what led him to become involved in political activism and how the absence of the Louisiana National Guard during […]

Why Anarchism is the ONLY Justifiable Position. Ashton Birdie & Keith Knight

… I define anarchist society as one where there is no legal possibility for coercive aggression against the person or property of any individual. Anarchists oppose the State because it has its very being in such aggression, namely, the expropriation of private property through taxation, the coercive exclusion of other providers of defense service from […]

COI #157: Biden Puts Israel First

On COI #157, Connor Freeman – writer at the Libertarian Institute – returns to the show to discuss Biden’s Israel policy. Biden entered office with a prime opportunity to revive the Iran nuclear deal, but has instead caved to the demands of Tel Aviv. Now the deal is nearly dead and Israel is plotting more […]

Episode 625: Tradition, Family, Democracy and a Century of Democide w/ Pete and Tommy Salmons

74 Minutes Not Safe For Work Tommy Salmons is the host of the Year Zero podcast and a contributor at Tommy and Pete have a discussion about things that are normally not discussed in libertarian circles like family, tradition, cultural preferences and the results of democracy. Tommy at LibertarianInstitute Get Autonomy 19 Skills PDF […]

Debunking the White Male Privilege Conspiracy Theory! James Lindsay & Keith Knight

… there can be no more blatant case of involuntary servitude than our entire system of conscription. … What else is involuntary servitude if not the draft? Murray N. Rothbard For a New Liberty, p. 98   … it is the State that is robbing all classes, rich and poor, black and white, worker and […]

COI Bonus #2: FedEx/Police Partnership and Fake Stories From Afghanistan

On the second COI bonus show, Kyle Anzalone and Patrick MacFarlane discuss a new police partnership with FedEx that allows cops to use drug dogs in the company’s facilities, leading to constitutionally questionable raids. Will Porter joins Kyle and Pat to discuss news from Afghanistan, including several fake and misleading stories. Kyle, Will and Pat […]

COI #156: The Occupation of Afghanistan, Biden Vows to Continue Bombing

On COI #156, Kyle Anzalone discusses the departure of the last US soldiers in Afghanistan. After 20 years, the occupation has finally ended. However, the US war in Afghanistan may not be over as Biden has vowed to continue drone strikes in the country. The latest strike left seven children dead. The Biden administration says […]

8/30/21 Jack Murphy on America’s Failed Drone Campaign in Afghanistan

Scott talks with Jack Murphy about the piece he wrote detailing the surge in drone strikes that took place under President Trump.  Murphy explains how the whole project started when a distraught drone operator approached him. It quickly became clear that that drone operator was not alone. Murphy details how Rules of Engagement (ROE) are […]

Episode 624: The AntiTax – The First Step To A Private Society w/ Andrew From Popular Liberty

72 Minutes PG-13 Andrew is the host of the Popular Liberty channel on YouTube and the mind behind the concept of Archotropism. Andrew joins Pete to introduce his AntiTax plan, his first step on the road to a private society. Popular Liberty on YouTube Antilibertarian Substack Get Autonomy 19 Skills PDF Download The Monopoly On […]