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The award winning Trash Talk is back! Felix Von Hof and Pistol Pete Hooley will be dishing out NBL hot takes left, right and centre in 2021. All your favourite segs are back, plus some new ones: The Tip Off, Trash and Treasure and more.

TRASH TALK! Adel released! Giddey's get another triple double!
Last Tuesday at 4:54 AM

Felix and Pistol Pete are back to dissect all the happenings in NBL land. From the shock release of Deng Adel by the llawara Hawks, to Chris Goulding threatening to piff the ball at a ref. The boys ponder whether Giddey's draft stock shouldn't be higher and Felix has a shit tweet for the ages.

TRASH TALK! Another Triple Double!

Felix returns from enemy territory with a newfound affection for the harbour city...Josh Giddey triple-double and more!
#NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! Giddey up? Or Giddey down?

The boys breakdown another big week in the NBL!

#NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! Daniel Johnson overlooked again!

The boys talk the mid-season top four, if the coaches should be allowed to speak their mind in the post-game press conference, and ponder Conner Henry’s Twitter prowess.
#NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

TRASH TALK! Felix fires up against the public narrative... again.

The fellas get stuck into another week of NBL action! Brandon Paul in the dog house? Will Jessup be a warrior by season's end? and GOAT talk! Cotton or Gaze?

Trash Talk! To play or not to play? Josh Giddey hangs in the balance.

The boys breakdown a potential Taipan's turnaround, do the refs need to swallow the whistle, and some horror plays down the stretch for the Phoenix. #NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! Everyone is getting dunked on!

Felix has braved the scourge of allergic rhinitis to make his way in for this episode, and thank go he did! Someone needs to investigate the vicious spate of dunking that's broken out up and down the league, leaving victims strewn on the parquet. The boys also look into the future of the NBL Cup and speculate which teams should consider an import heading into the Finals run-in.

Trash Talk! FVH interrogates Decalgate

After a 6 month hiatus, Felix is fired up again! Decalgate continues to be an issue...and one team is firmly in the firing line. #NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! The NBL cup is in full swing!

Crocker goes up hard against Jack white while a few players and officials are yet again in the "Molohofe cocktail's' firing line....
#NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! NBL Cup has Begun!

It’s NBL Cup time, the boy’s discuss whether they have overestimated the 36ers, underestimated the Phoenix and if Deng Adel’s 0/15 was worth forgiving?
#NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! Snake in the Grass

Hooley found out to be a United Loyalist, and Baron Von Hoferham demands change! Plus we talk Decals, NBL Cup, and Justinian Jessup as an NBA prospect.
#NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

Trash Talk! Round 4 Recap.

Sloane’s Gone, Illarwarra is back, and Felix gives some NBL fans a proper whack! Plus we talk Coach of the year, Yudai Baba’s ceiling, and Sobey’s exclusion from the Boomers! #NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

TRASH TALK! Public apology time??

The Molohofe Cocktail drops a new signing, Pete caught eating on broadcast and all the biggest talking points! #NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

TRASH TALK! The real Hooley revealed...

The boys are back for another week! Felix grills Hooley’s on-screen alter ego, discuss the baptism of Craig Moller and more! Plus, In-Play or Out of Bounds, Hot or Cold and Sh*t takes. #NBL21 #Trashtalk #TrashtalkSB

TRASH TALK! #NBL21 Round One complete!

Round one is done and the boys take a deep dive into some footage on and off the court and hear some questionable mic'd up moments. Plus, In Play or Out of Bounds, Hot or Cold and Sh*t takes.

The show goes on!

The boys give their preseason award predictions, assess the rookies and Felix winds up in the crosshairs of his own segment!

NBL21 is upon us!

NBL21 is upon us! and that means Trash Talk is back! Felix blows his lid over a tweet and the boys break down each teams chances heading into a very unpredictable season!

Give Me SOMETHING - Ep 1 | Weather markets, esports and more

With a swathe of sports cancelled, Sportsbet's sharpest minds run you through some hidden gems you can still bet on!

TRASH TALK! Wildcats are the champs and the Kings backflip!

The boys dig deep into the mess surrounding the leagues Grand Final decision and ponder a few off-season movements.
Kings Reaction Terrico on the move? Could the League have survived a corona Crisis? and much more!

TRASH TALK! NBL Finals Game 4 !?

Home court means Jack Sh*t, Casper’s playoff struggles continue and IN play or OUT of bounds: Should games 4 & 5 have been moved forward??
Also on the table for discussion:Adam Caporn potentially the new head coach of the 36rs Nick Kay deserves a trip toTokyo You’re not a boomer unless you play at the WC or olympic games The kings season has failed if they don’t win the championshipWeaver has been out-coached by Gleeson
Plus much more! #trashtalksb

TRASH TALK! The finals are rolling and the cats draw first blood!

Felix is still wrapping his head around game 3 of the semi's and has some choice words for the Kings! - Should the finals scheduling be changed? - Kings ticket prices - grand final game 2 predictions

TRASH TALK! Kings fall and it's game threes for all!

Comebacks and blowout wins! the first 2 semi-final's had it all! the boys try to make sense of what went down.
- Finals breakdown - Joey Wright saga - Social media backlash

Trash Talk! Finals time and there's no holding back!

Does a week off hurt the kings? Does a week off hurt the league??
The boys are fired up! #trashtalksb

TRASH TALK! The MVP has been crowned and the finals matchups are set!

Did they get it right? Magnay 10 day contract? Does United have a chance against the kings?
And much more!

Trash Talk! Owners caught snitchin' and is Joey on the move?

- Award season breakdown- Could the MVP not make the all NBL first team?- Mitch McCarron DPOY
And much more!

Trash Talk! The boys are fired up this week!

Owners stepping out of line, Webster back to the Breakers? and should players be interviewed straight after the game?? And much more!

Trash Talk! Rest easy, Kobe.

Trash Talk! Felix Von Hofe and Pete hooley touch on the tragic passing of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant. As well as all the answers you need for the pointy end of the NBL season! - Is Plumlee the answer for Perth? - What on earth was Ngatai thinking?? - Should the kings keep Lisch on the sidelines? and much more!

Trash Talk: Massive NBL week recap, Kings without Bogut & Johnson Boomers exclusion explained!

They're back! FVH and Pistol Pete don't hold back after a MASSIVE week of NBL news.
- FVH hits a nerve with a team owner - Can the kings win without Bogut? - Daniel Johnson Boomers exclusion explained!
and much more!

Trash Talk: A special guest joins Felix and Pete

Former member of the Townsville Crocodiles, and current Geelong Cat, Josh Jenkins joins Felix von Hofe and Pete Hooley to discuss: Miles Plumlee joining the WildcatsThe NBL's awards seasonSome incredible stories from his time in Townsville as John Rillie's water boyAnd an unwelcome visitor up north

Trash Talk: LaMelo's $100m deal? Rebounds to be renamed Pineaus? Trimble vs Ware

Australia's number one Aussie hoops podcast is back for 2020, with Pistol Pete Hooley and APAC Hinge Ambassador Felix Von Hof ready to dive into the biggest NBL stories of the week. The boys tear apart rumours of LaMelo's $100m sponsorship rumours, recap Dane Pineau's massive game on the boards for SEM, ask does the MVP have to come from the top four? Plus best bets for the week and much more.

Trash Talk - Christmas edition! Top turkeys, NZ Breakers beef and a few gifts for struggling teams.

Pistol Pete Hooley joins FVH and Wortho for a special Christmas edition.The lads take on:- Who's been naughty or nice!- Felix continues his beef with the Breakers- NBL's top 5 turkeys!

Trash Talk: Prather injury hurts United, have the refs gone too far? Plus uninspiring debutants

Your favourite Aussie hoops pod is back. Pistol Pete and FVH take aim at all the biggest stories in the NBL this week, plus Wortho's rant and more.

Trash Talk: LaMelo gonna go? Bronny to the NBL + Kings reality check

Pistol Pete Hooley and Felix Von Hofe are back to dissect all the biggest stories in the NBL this week. Including the strange dip in form of the Sydney Kings, Lamelo's NBL-ending injury? and rumour swirling that Bronny is considering a stint down under before the 2023 draft.

Trash Talk - LaMelo's triple double, Xavier Cooks and a foul fest in Sydney

Pistol Pete Hooley joins FVH and Wortho to talk NBL and NBA action.The lads take on:- Melo's back to back triple double’s- Xavier Cooks joins the Kings- A foul fest in sydney- Should Daniel Johnson be a part of the best centre debate?
and much more!

Trash Talk is BACK - Melo's triple double, RJ new opportunities and the misfiring Bullets

TRASH TALK is back! With a new line-up - Pistol Pete Hooley joins FVH and Wortho to talk NBL and NBA action.The lads take on:- Melo's triple double- RJ's new opportunities- The misfiring Bullets- The biggest NBL same game multi ever

NBL Rnd 1 Wrap - Is LaMelo for real? Is Shaun Long actually a traffic cone?

Worth, Corey and Felix are back for the start of the NBL season wrapping an intense first few rounds of games. Plus Wortho is dropping bombs left, right and centre, and a big one -- no one saw coming.

NBL 2019/20 Monster Preview Special

The boys preview the NBL's upcoming 2019/20 season in a monster podcast that all Australian basketball tragic will be dying to get their ears around. Every team gets its time in the spotlight, plus some deep dives in a few high profile recruits you might light up the league this year.

Boomers miss the gold + Breakdown of the FIBA World Cup

The Boomers missed out on Gold, and the boys breakdown where it all went wrong.

FIBA World Cup breakdown + Boomers route to a medal + Why Serbia will beat the US

The Trash Talk boys are flying after the Boomers' 5-0 run at the FIBA World Cup. The boys review the tournament so far and Wortho spells out how it's going to play out come medal time.

Free Agency free-for-all + NBA pre-season betting bonaza

The boys are back in the studio to recap a crazy NBA off-season -- with more moves than Wortho on the dancefloor, the boys have got heaps to get their teeth stuck into. Plus they preview the whole season -- to try to find some value for the punters out there.