Digital Marketing Intelligence for Shopify: Ask the Experts

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Produced and published bi-weekly by NGAGGE, the world's easiest to use, full-featured, completely automated SMS list building, sales and support tools for Shopify, complete with bots. This podcast interviews experts who answer questions from e-commerce store owners and Shopify Partners like you in real time providing actionable insights, strategies, news and trends in the complex and ever changing world of e-commerce digital marketing.

Episode 69: Wail Amrani (Shopify Strategies)
Yesterday at 4:57 PM

The new iPhone security policy is drastically reducing the effectiveness of your Facebook and Instagram ads. Learn 3 actions you can take to keep sales growing.

A Shopify Marketing expert shares these winning insights you don’t want to miss!

Episode 83: Chris Mercer (Shopify Strategies)

Dramatically increase ROI with data driven marketing for your Shopify brand. Turn your basic data into more profitable outcomes.

A leading analytics expert and co-founder of Measurement explains!

Episode 82: Andrew Forman (e-commerce platforms)

Drive more sales and loyalty with the proven concept of ‘donations' vs discounts.

An expert in this e-commerce innovation and founder of Givz explains!

Episode 81: Ryan Kirkley (E-commerce platforms)

Web 3.0 is next generation for e-commerce.

A highly successful digital marketer and founder of Cryptan Media explains Web 3.0 and how you as a Shopify store owner can profit from this exciting new trend.

Episode 80: Gen Furukawa (Shopify Strategies)

3 reasons why the fastest-growing DTC brands use a quiz.

A successful e-commerce strategist, popular e-marketing podcast host and co-founder of Prehook, a leading Shopify quiz platform, explains!

Episode 79: Asher Ismail (E-commerce Platforms)

One of the leading voices in e-commerce fundraising and co-founder of Uncapped, explains the most cost-effective way to fund your e-commerce brand.

Episode 78: Shanif Dhanani (Shopify Strategies)

Hyper-personalization through AI will be the key driver of Shopify store revenue growth in 2022.

A former product data scientist at Twitter and the co-founder & CEO of Apteo explains!

Episode 77: Mati Ram (Shopify Strategies)

Drive faster store growth with these creative strategies in a post-cookie world.

A highly successful entrepreneur, passionate about bringing innovative solutions to e-commerce businesses, explains.

Episode 76: Tom West (E-commerce Shopify Sales)

Covid puts digital transformation and Direct to Consumer (DTC) e-commerce in the spotlight.

The CEO of Shopify’s largest partner explains the near and long term effects of this paradigm shift for your brand.

Episode 75: Angella Hughes (E-commerce Case Study)

Case Study: BEAUTY

Shopify Store: Glomalin

Founder of a natural, organic skincare brand shares how the digital transformation solved a major pain point with overwhelming results!

Episode 74: Paul Gray (Shopify Stratgies)

How to tailor your e-commerce tech stack to drive the best customer experience and increase sales. Author and Product Marketing Lead from Shopify's ecosystem team explains!

Episode 73: Tyler Berglund (Shopify Case Study)

Case Study: Jewelry

Shopify Store: "Tres Colori"

CMO of a hand-crafted jewelry brand explains how he overcame issues created by rapid growth and the ad fallout from Apple's new privacy initiative.

Episode 72: Fred Magnanimi (Shopify Case Study)

Case Study: Jewelry

Shopify Store: "Luca + Danni"

Owner of an artisan jewelry brand explains how he increased traffic, revenue and managed an overwhelming number of SKUs

Episode 71: Lydia Martinez (Shopify Strategies)

How to grow your food and beverage brand on Shopify.

An entrepreneur, marketing agency Founder and Shopify expert shares how to solve some of the biggest e-commerce food industry pain points!

Episode 70: Jennifer McKay Newton (Shopify Case Study)

Case Study: Owner of a global fragrance brand explains how she was able to successfully overcome a shortage of traffic, as well as shipping issues to generate consistent and profitable growth for her Shopify business!

Episode 68: Rand Fishkin

How audience research can dramatically increase customer acquisition opportunities outside FB, Google, and Amazon ads!

Prolific digital marketing author, keynote speaker, founder of Moz and current founder and CEO of audience research firm Sparktoro explains.

Episode 68: Rand Fishkin (Marketing Strategies)

How audience research can dramatically increase customer acquisition opportunities outside FB, Google, and Amazon ads!

Prolific digital marketing author, keynote speaker, founder of Moz and current founder and CEO of audience research firm Sparktoro explains.

Episode 67: Will Laurenson (Shopify Strategies)

Find out how conversion rate optimization (CRO) can pay for itself, while increasing your Shopify store sales by 30% or more!

The former Head of Conversion at one of the world’s leading entertainment providers explain

Episode 66: Patrick McCarthy (Shopify Strategies)

How to customize your Shopify store to meet your brand, product and customer needs.

An expert Shopify and Shopify Plus store builder and marketer explains!

Episode 65: Nour Saber (Shopify Strategies)

Designing, implementing and managing winning PPC ad campaigns for your SHOPIFY store.

A marketing manager for the world’s largest retailer, and former Shopify marketing executive explains how!

Episode 64 Evan Padgett (Shopify Strategies)

Subscriptions are the driving force of recurring revenue for Shopify stores, while data and analytics provide the energy that keeps them alive and growing.

An e-commerce expert with 20 years experience helping grow subscription e-commerce businesses from startups to enterprise explains!

Episode 63: Luke Smith (Shopify Sales)

Facebook ad secrets to give your Shopify stores sales a huge boost in 2022.

A leading Facebook ads expert, e-commerce agency Founder and Director explains

Episode 62: Brock Shillington (Shopify Strategies)

A well-thought-out branding strategy will be the key differentiator for successful Shopify merchants in 2022.

An ex-Shopify team member and successful Shopify store owner shares the 3 cornerstones of a strong brand strategy!

Episode 61: Adam Pearce (Shopify Strategies)

Regardless of product and pricing, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE will be your Shopify store competitive advantage in 2022.

A leading Shopify marketing agency CEO explains.

Episode 60: Wail Amrani (Shopify Advertising)

Advertising should be the lifeblood of your Shopify store growth in 2022.

A Shopify marketing expert outlines a winning strategy with some insights you won’t want to miss!

Episode 59: Ulli Haslacher (Shopify Sales)

Learn how to drive sales to your Shopify store in 2022 with app integration, Shopify reporting, SMS and email campaigns.

A top-selling Shopify beauty company founder and award-winning inventor explains.

Episode 58: Arjun Sharma (Shopify Marketing Strategies)

Digital Marketing roadmaps to grow your Shopify store faster in 2022 and beyond?

A leading digital marketing consultant to Shopify and Deloitte explains.

Episode 57 : David Meerman Scott (Digital Marketing Strategies)

Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans.

An award winning author of ten books, including three international best sellers, a keynote speaker and leading digital marketing strategist explains.

Episode 56 : Shauna Moran (Digital Strategies)

The secrets to managing your remote e-commerce team more effectively in 2022.

An award-winning executive coach and remote team expert shares her insights.

Episode 55: Virginie Glaenzer (Agile Marketing)

"Agile Marketing", what it is and why it's crucial for your success in 2022.

An award winning author, keynote speaking and digital marketing expert explains.

Episode 54: Sam Richter (Sales Intelligence)

Learn the "secrets" of "Sales Intelligence" to guarantee more conversions in 2022.

An award-winning author and sought-after keynote speaker explains this invaluable concept!

Episode 53: Carla Johnson (Innovation in Digital Marketing)

Innovation is the key to creating competitive advantage for any business.

A prolific author and keynote speaker explains how to become an innovator in your digital marketing campaigns.

Episode 52: Neal Schaffer (Social Media Strategies)

Social media strategies for startups and small business in 2022. A celebrated author, keynote speaker and social media marketing expert provides his insights.

Episode 51: Richard Matharoo (Network Marketing)

How to quickly grow your network marketing business online using a proven marketing and sales strategy. A renowned international podcaster, speaker & coach for the network marketing industry explains!

Episode 50 : Sarah Noel Block (Content Marketing)

How to use content marketing effectively to generate new leads, month after month. A digital marketing expert explains the 5 steps every startup and small business should follow for success!

Episode 49 : Gustavo Escobar (Linkedin Sales)

Strategies to double your sales using LinkedIn. A leading LinkedIn marketing expert explains his proven methods!

Episode 48: Thomas Barta (Marketing Leadership)

Break down the silos between marketing, sales and support.

Get insights from the world’s leading expert on marketing leadership!

Episode 47: Colin Lepiscopo (CRO: Part 4)

Join NGAGGE for our 4 part series on how to increase conversions by more than 200%!

Part 4: Landing Page Optimization

A former Director of Marketing of the world’s largest social media marketing resource and CRO expert explains!

Episode 46: Bruce Turkel (Branding)

An effective branding strategy is the lifeblood of business success.

An award-winning author, keynote speaker and one of the world’s leading brand strategists shares what it takes to make your product or service a winner!

Episode 45 : Colin Lepiscopo (CRO: Part 3)

Join NGAGGE for our 4 part series on how to increase conversions by more than 200%!

Part 3: Page visitor's thought sequence and sales page content flow.

A former Director of Marketing of the world’s largest social media marketing resource and CRO expert explains.