Greater Possibilities

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By: Invesco

Investing is all about possibilities — identifying the opportunities that can help people retire comfortably, save for their children’s college, pursue their hobbies, and create a legacy. Finding those opportunities requires a big-picture view of how our world is changing, as well as meticulous research into the companies that are driving that change. In this podcast, we sit down with portfolio managers, market strategists, economists, political experts and more, for candid conversations about the possibilities they see ahead. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

The road ahead for infrastructure
Last Friday at 2:49 PM

As politicians debate the details of Biden’s infrastructure proposal, we take a step back to assess the landscape for this asset class. How much money is needed to upgrade our nation’s infrastructure? How does the US’s approach to paying for infrastructure compare to the rest of the world? And how does infrastructure impact the ongoing concerns about inflation? We discuss this and much more (5G, ESG …) with Darin Turner, long-time infrastructure investor and Co-CIO of Invesco Listed Real Assets. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

From: Invesco
Hosts: Brian Levitt and Pam Mutumwa
Guest: Darin Turner

Is the best yet to come for US stocks?

There’s no shortage of worry among investors today: Is the economy overheating? Will inflation persist? Will the Federal Reserve prematurely tighten? But equity market strategist Talley Léger has been combing through decades of data, and he believes the best is yet to come for US stocks. Listen in to find out why. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

From: Invesco
Hosts: Brian Levitt and Pamela Mutumwa
Guest: Talley Léger
Recorded May 13, 2021

Taxes, infrastructure, and vaccines: Assessing Biden’s first 100 days

It’s time to talk politics again! Andy Blocker returns to the podcast to assess Biden’s first 100 days in office and discuss what lies ahead. Listen in as we share our opinions on the direction of taxes, the feasibility of an infrastructure package, and which issues could see bipartisan support. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

From: Invesco
 Hosts: Brian Levitt and Pamela Mutumwa
 Guest: Andy Blocker
 Recorded May 12, 2021

Value investing takes the spotlight

If value stocks haven’t been on your radar screen in a while, you’re certainly not alone. After all, growth has been in favor for years. But late last year, value began to outperform growth as more economies started re-opening after COVID-related lockdowns. Does this comeback have room to run? We talk with Kevin Holt, Invesco’s Chief Investment Officer of US Value Equities, about the environment for value and his outlook going forward. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

A bright outlook for emerging markets: Part 2

In Part 2 of our conversation with Justin Leverenz, we expand the emerging markets discussion beyond China. We explore the economic “scar tissue” that COVID-19 created in Latin America, and the “demographic dividend” that he says may power India’s future economic growth. (Invesco Distributors, Inc.)

A bright outlook for emerging markets: Part 1

In a relatively slow-growth world, China may be the dominant economic growth engine for the next half century or more. So says Justin Leverenz, Chief Investment Officer of Developing Markets Equities at Invesco. In this episode — the first of two parts — Justin explains why he’s bullish on emerging markets in general and China in particular. (Invesco Distributors, Inc.)

Income, inflation, and interest rates

Of all the indicators that investors use to predict the direction of the economy, some say the bond market gets it right more often than most. So what's the bond market been telling us lately? We’re joined by Matt Brill, Head of North American Investment Grade for Invesco Fixed Income, who talks about his expectations for inflation, his view of the 10-year Treasury rate, and his quest to boost yield without taking on too much risk. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

Investing in the ideas that are changing the world

For Randy Dishmon, investing is about ideas — not market cycles. In this episode, he discusses the first principles that guide his thinking, the structural changes that inspire his portfolio ideas, and the critical questions he asks before deciding to invest in a company. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]

What should investors expect in Biden’s first 100 days?

Investors have a lot of questions about what to expect during the Biden administration. How much more fiscal support is in store, and how sustainable is this spending? Are tax rates going up? Will certain segments of the economy become more highly regulated? Co-hosts Brian Levitt and Pam Mutumwa discuss these questions and more with Invesco’s Head of US Government Affairs, Andy Blocker.

What’s in store for markets in 2021?

2020 was a disastrous year for the economy, yet equities had a great run off of their March lows. Looking into 2021, where do we go from here? Naysayers are worried that markets have gotten way ahead of themselves, while opportunists want to know if they should position their portfolios for an economic recovery. Our guests Kristina Hooper, Talley Leger and Alessio de Longis talk about their outlook for the economy and markets, and where they see greater possibilities ahead in 2021.

The road ahead for munis

How have municipalities held up during the COVID-19 crisis, and what may be in store for this asset class under a Biden administration? Mark Paris and Stephanie Larosiliere from the Invesco Municipal Bond team talk about what kept them up at night during the depths of the crisis, the factors that helped munis weather the storm, and where they see greater possibilities ahead in 2021.