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By: The Fandomentals

The Fandomentals Tabletop Talk Show! Conversations with the artists, writers, designers, and publishers behind the games fueling the tabletop revolution. From board games to RPG's to even the odd wargame, it's the one stop shop for all things tabletop.

Episode 13: FATE In The Skies W/ Dylan Greene

This week I talk to Dylan Greene from Silver Lantern Games about his upcoming project Cloudrunner: Fate of the Skies, an original steampunk RPG using the FATE system. Starting out as an idea for a novel, Cloudrunner has been a longtime project for Dylan and it all comes to fruition this August on Kickstarter! (Silver Lantern Games) (Fate of the Skies) (Follow Dylan on Twitter) Don’t forget to go give us a review on iTunes or (Podchaser)! It helps us ge...

Episode 12: Steal This Game w/ Oli Jeffery

This week Dan has a chat with Oli Jeffries from (Sinister Beard Games), publisher of games like Quietus and Night Rain. He gives the skinny on his newest game (Extreme Meatpunks Forever), an adaptation of the hit ( game )made in conjunction with the original's creator! Topics of discussion include the weird posthumous appeal of D&D 4e, the value of politics in tabletop games, and why punching nazis is still so satisfying. (Oli's Twitter) https://sinisterbeard.itch...

Episode 11: The Year of the Vampire w/ Kira Magrann

This week we have a chat with Kira Magrann, designer of games like Something Is Wrong Here and Cozy Nest as well as contributor to Quietus, Blue Rose, and most recently Van Richten's Guide To Ravenloft. We discuss failed games of Vampire, the body politics of fantasy, and what exactly good cyberpunk is. (Kira's Twitter) (Kira's Patreon) (Serpent Cyborg Games) (More Seats At The Table) Don't forget to go give us a review on iTunes or Podchaser! It helps us get...

Episode 10: Radical Kindness w/ Jay Dragon

In this episode, Dan talks to indie RPG designer Jay Dragon, who won an Ennie for Sleepaway and who's most recent release Wanderhome is currently taking the world of tabletop by storm with its charming setting and very different approach to tabletop storytelling. We discuss how Jay got into RPG's, the queering of the tabletop space, and the magical power of Then, we dig into Wanderhome to figure out what about it resonated so well with us during quarantine. (Jay's Twitter) (Possum Creek Games) (Sleepaway ) ...

Episode 9: Riveting Headspace w/ Tony Miller

Dan has a chat with Tony Miller, one half of (New Mill Industries ) and the brains behind games like (Fire In The Library), (Kabuto Sumo), and New Mill's newest game currently on Kickstarter: Rivet Heads. Tony gives some insight into his process in designing these games, founding New Mill with designer Daniel Newman, and just what it means to be a "punk rock" board game publisher. (Rivet Heads On Kickstarter) (Tony...

Episode 8: Fun With Fungi w/ Toni Winslow-Brill

In the final episode of our Candlekeep Mysteries series, Dan talks with Toni Winslow-Brill, a supermom and sometimes half-dragon who also contributed "Xanthoria" to the new book, a dark and horrifying story of a power mad druid and her quest for lichdom. We discuss how she approaches storytelling in her writing, the editorial process in publishing, and whether D&D will get teenagers to think you're cool. (Toni on Twitter) (Toni on Instagram) (Baldman Games) 4:00 - Getting Into D&D 10:00...

Episode 7: Outcrabbing The Final Boss w/ Graeme Barber

This week I sit down with Graeme Barber aka POCGamer to discuss "The Book of Cylinders," his adventure in D&D's book Candlekeep Mysteries, as well as the rather complex relationship he's had with D&D since Fifth Edition launched. Plus, we delve into the colonialist aspects of the game and hash out how we might go about de-colonizing out game tables. Follow Graeme: ( (Twitter) (Facebook) (Fantasy AGE) (Blue Planet) 1:30 - Discovering Tabletop Games and...

Episode 6: Accessibility Assessment Squad w/ Jen Kretchmer

This week we're talking with another contributor to Candlekeep Mysteries, Jen Kretchmer, who is perhaps best known for her work on shows like Monsters & Fables, Silver & Steel, as well as her advocacy for accessibility in the tabletop hobby. We have a very frank discussion about the need for disability advocacy in D&D and other games, as well as the ways that players and DM's can help make their games more representative and understanding. Jen also gets into some of her inspirations as a storyteller and explains why tabletop streaming seems to have found a home in...

Episode 5: Psychic Twitter Damage w/ Alison Huang

We're back with another contributor to Candlekeep Mysteries: Alison Huang. A writer and game designer currently living in Melbourne, Alison was a contributor to Uncaged Anthology Vol. 1 as well as the author of Then Came The Rain (both available on the DM's Guild) as well as multiple indie titles on her page. She also is an instructor for the RPG Writer's Workshop and a contributor to MCDM. Follow Alison on Twitter: @Drazillion Preorder Candlekeep Mysteries now at your https://locator.wizards...

Episode 4: Fighting The Tech Gremlins w/ Sarah Madsen

This week we speak to another creator being published in the upcoming Candlekeep Mysteries: Sarah Madsen, author and writer for D&D, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Soulbound, Kobold Press's Midgard setting, and more! (Apologies for the audio, we had some technical problems on both sides of the mic.) Follow Sarah on Twitter @UnfetteredMuse Instagram: Facebook: All Bark, No Dice is fueled in part by Found Familiar Coffee Co. Use the code FANDOM at checkout to get 10% off of your order!

Episode 3: Flesh Golem Flavor w/ Amy Vorpahl

This week we kick off a little mini-series as I talk to some of the authors behind the upcoming D&D release Candlekeep Mysteries that debuts on March 16th. First off is Amy Vorpahl, professional bard, about her journey as a D&D player, skitterwidgets, and the problem with agnostic Paladins. Catch Amy on Twitter @vorpahlsword Instagram: Twitch: All Bark, No Dice is fueled in part by (Found Familiar Coffee Co.) Use the code FANDOM at checkout to get 10% off of your...

Episode 2: The Write Stuff w/ Ashley Warren

In this episode, Dan has a chat with Ashley Warren, prolific writer and editor on projects like the Uncaged Anthology series, Rime of the Frost Maiden, and the Heckna! campaign setting. She also runs the RPG Writer Workshop. They talk about getting into writing, the beauty of collaborative storytelling, and the difference between warlocks and clerics.Scribemind: ( Ashley On Twitter: (!: ( of...

Episode 1: Critical Toll w/ Adelaide Gardner

In the debut episode of the official tabletop podcast of The Fandomentals, Kori and Dan sit down with TTRPG content creator and roleplayer extraordinaire Adelaide Gardner to discuss "WendysGate," the problems of tabletop fandom, and gatekeeping within the community.