What She Said Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Shanae Hall

"What She Said" Podcast - Is a podcast that allows three ladies to interview men(and women) from every walk of life to find out where the disconnect between men and women continues to happen. As the marriage rate decreases and the number of single-people increases, people want answers. These ladies go beyond the surface topics to get to the truth and the lies that create obstacles on the journey of connection.

Episode 18. Are Bonnets, Fur Slippers, and Giving a Child the Mother’s Last Name a Sign of the Times?

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and co-host Rhonda Frost are joined by our new co-host Josh Powell to discuss what is going on with women. The group weighs in on comedian Mo’Nique’s recent comments on how women dress in public and how women get possessive of their children.

Episode 17. Stop With the Bullshit

On the episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and co-hosts Rhonda Frost and Josh Powell along with special guest David Butler discuss the challenges of dating after 40.

Episode 16. If Your Friend Slept With Your Significant Other Before You Met, Would You Want to Know?

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and her co-hosts Rhonda Frost and Tina Shaw ask the question “Would you want to know if your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend slept one of your friends?” Special guests Josh Powell and David Butler.

Episode 15. Is It Okay For Your Girl To Accept Drinks From A Stranger At A Bar?

We went live on this episode of What She Said Podcast! Host Shanae Hall and her co-host/mom Rhonda Frost chat live with former NBA player Darnell Jackson and Apt 4B owner Glen Wilson. You will definitely be surprised by some of the responses. Don’t miss this!

Episode 14. Affion Crockett as Himself

On this episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall and her co-hosts Rhonda Frost and Shai Ellison chat with Affion Crockett who is the epitome of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.  Of course the comedian has jokes, but he also speaks openly and honestly about his relationships and the role he plays. From Comedy to Sincerity, it’s an all-incisive episode you will not want to miss.

Episode 13. Bridging the Gap

It’s easy for us women to dismiss the pain of men because they don’t normally talk about it. Being vulnerable is just not their thing, or so we’ve been told. Men do not talk about brokenness, trauma, or childhood issues. So when we are trying to date or get to know them, too often we are left confused. We find ourselves asking “why does he act like that”? In this episode of What She Said Podcast, we interview two successful men, Josh a former NBA player, and Jay a successful producer and writer who put their pride...

Episode 12. 20 Things Women Wish Men Knew

On this episode of What She Said, Shanae Hall and co-host Rhonda Frost invite four other ladies to the panel to discuss all the things that women wish men knew before they started dating and the things that women hate, that men unknowingly do. 
This episode is certainly relatable for most women and I’m sure that some of the things that the ladies say during this episode will resonate with a lot of men around the globe. This is certainly not an episode that you want to miss. It’s filled with comedy & pure adulterated truth, fro...

Episode 11. What Men Wish Women Knew

On this episode of What She Said, Shanae has a conversation with a panel of men to discuss some of the things that men wish women knew before they start dating and after they’re in a relationship. The panel was open about their desires… everything from having their steak cut to not wanting their woman to touch the thermostat.

Episode 10. From $35 to Millionaire

On this SPECIAL EDITION episode of What She Said Podcast, host Shanae Hall sits down with the owners of Dunwoody Diamonds to discuss wealth building. This 30 minute episode could change your life.

Episode 9. A Deeper Look into Polygyny vs Monogamy

After such an engaging topic last week, Shanae and Rhonda had to bring back Ahlazar and Brian Casey for a part two to discuss the bible scriptures that contradict the rules of engagement as described in the previous podcast. This is definitely an episode that examines both sides of the coin a little more closely.