World of Sports

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By: Mike Plowden & Rodney Plowden

Come Relax, Laugh, and have a good time with Mike and Rod as they take a dive into the crazy, exciting, Wonderful world of sports. Enjoy Guests, Current events, and the hottest topics in today's sports. If you love sports just as much as us, join us and let's enjoy the World of Sports.

NFL Week 1 Recap, WAS/LAC Recap, Rookie QB's Struggled, 2nd Year QB's Flourished
Last Tuesday at 11:00 AM

WAS/LAC recap NFL Week 1 RecapRookie QBs struggled2nd year QBs shinedBAL/LVR Monday night PreviewNFC south Division best in NFL?What’s newDude of the world Thin-ice 

NFL Week 1 Preview/Game Picks, WAS vs LAC, College Football Week 1

NFL week 1 Preview WAS Vs Chargers preview College Football is back NFL Game picks New Pod structure What’s newDude of the world Thin-ice 

Preseason WAS vs BAL, Roster Cuts, Deshaun Watson News, Fantasy Football

Baltimore crushes Washington in preseason finaleJk dobbins injuryRoster cut guesses Washington Twitter over or under-reacting? What we’re looking forward to this season Deshaun Watson finally on the move? Impact of playing starters in preseason vs notFantasy football What’s new Dude of the world Thin-ice 

Kellerman Gets Canned, NFL Preseason, Stock Up/Stock Down, WFT/Bengals

Kellerman getting dropped from First takeGame 2 Recap WFT/BengalsStock up/downSurprise cuts Preseason Around the leaguerookie QBs looking decentWhat’s new Dude of the world (fans who spin bad play to It Thin-ice 

Merch Update, Football Is Definitely Back, WAS/NFL Preseason week 1, Rookie Standouts

Vacation/ returning back to lifeMerchandise updateFootball is definitely backWAS preseason Recap NFL pre season recapRookie standouts What’s newDude of the World Thin/ice  

NFL Training Camps, Covid in the NFL, WFT Depth Chart, Wentz down Again

All 32 NFL training camps are underway Preseason preview (HOF Game)COVID Still impacting football in 21’ Depth chart previewCarson Wentz InjuryKD breaks scoring record for USAUSWNTSha’carri is missedSee you guys in 2 Weeks!WOS Merch in the Early Production Stage!

Bucks in 6, NFL Breakout Players in 2021, Tokyo Olympics 2021

NBA FINALS RECAPGiannis is KingWhat’s next for The Suns/CP3Wiz hire Wes Unseld Jr. Trade talks for Russ and Beal Too much love for WFT? Can they live up to it? NFL breakout Players Texas/OU moving to SECOlympics underwayUSWNT suffers crushing defeatWhat’s new Dude of the world Thin-ice 

Bucks Big 3 Heating Up, Lebron Winning With Cavs Vs. Kawhi Winning With Clippers, Best NFC Offense Vs. Best AFC Offense

- NBA Finals Update
- Bucks Big 3
- Middleton Heating Up
- Lebron Winning With The Cavs Vs. Kawhi Winning With The Clippers
- Beal Out of the Olympics
- Best NFC Offense Vs. AFC Offense 
- WFT Starting Roster Prediction
- Whats New
-Dude of the World 
- Thin-ice

Top 10 NCAA Men's Basketball Ranks, "The Decision", Cade Cunningham, NBA Finals

- NBA Finals Rundown
- 11 Years since Lebrons "The Decision"
- Cade Cunningham Deserve the #1 Pick?
- Juzang Returns to UCLA
- ESPN Top 10 Men's Basketball Ranks (Team)
- Dallas Cowboys on Hard Knocks
- What's New 
- Dude of the World

CP3 Legacy Game, Injuries Diminish Suns Run? WFT "Punishment", NFL Best Offseason Moves

The guys begin talking Chris Paul, Monty Williams and the suns Playoff run. They talk about whether injuries will lessen the praise Phoenix will get for this Playoff run. They discuss WFT's not so harsh Penalty just recently given.  The NFL is only 1 month away from returning and the guys are pumped. While the approach of the NFL season is coming the guys give their top 5 best offseason moves and the top 5 worst moves. They finish with a brief discussion about Sha'Carri Richardsons 1 month ban, and wrap up with What's New, Dude of t...

Trae Young and Giannis Showdown, Ben Simmons Future, Carl Nassib Announcement, WFT Stars

- NBA Playoffs Update
- Is Trae the Best New PG?
- the Giannis Year?
- Ben Simmons Future
- Carl Nassib Announcement
- WFT Stars, Antonio Gibson, Chase Young, Jon Allen Contract talks
- Whats New
- Dude of the World
- Thin-Ice

NBA Injuries and Short Offseason, NFC East Breakdown, NBA Playoffs, Olympics Preview

- NBA Playoffs
- Injuries linked to short Offseason?
- Expectations  for the Packers without Aaron Rodgers
- NFC East Breakdown
- Euro Update
-What's new
- Dude of the World
- Thin-Ice

Top 5 NBA Young Guns, NBA Playoffs, Whats Next for Wizards? WFT OTA's and Minicamp

- NBA Playoffs Recap
- Top 5 NBA Young Guns
- What's Next for Wizards
- WFT Minicamp and OTA's 
- No A-Rod in Green Bay/ Julio to Tennessee
- What's New
- Dude of the World
-  Thin-Ice

NBA Playoffs Con't, Lebron Loses First Round, Damian Lillard, NFL News

-NBA Playoffs Recap
- Lakers get bumped first Round
- Damian Lillard is very good
-Lebron's Legacy
- NFL News

Klay vs. Ray, NBA Playoffs Round 1, NFL OTA's, Aaron Rodgers

Mike begins talking about his recent trip to Cleveland, visiting the NFL HOF, and attending the Cleveland Indians game against the Twins. Mike and Rod then discuss the better player between Klay Thompson and Ray Allen. They run through the NBA playoffs first round, and Finish with a Aaron Rodgers discussion. Finally, What's new, Dude of the World, and Thin Ice.

The Damien Bartonek Interview, Caps Win Game 1, NFL rookies have taken the field

-Caps Scrape by with a win in game 1 
-NBA regular season coming to an end
- NFL rookies have taken the field
-What's New
-Dude of the World
-Damien Bartonek Interview 

Boxing is DEAD, Aaron Rodgers to DC?, Russ Ties the Triple Double Record

- Mike rants about boxing
- Aaron Rodgers to DC possibility
- Lakers should be worried
- Russ ties Oscar Robertson's Triple Double Record
- Steph Curry's Red hot 1st Quarter
- Bucks, Sixers, Nets, Who takes the east?
- Whats new
- Thin-Ice
-Dude of the World 

NFL Draft Recap, Lebron is Back, NBA Playoff Format, Wizards Hot Streak

- NFL draft Recap
- Big names and where they ended up
- Shocking Draft Picks
- Steal of the draft
- Washington's Draft
- Lebron is Back
- NBA Playoff Format
- Wizards Hot Streak
- Dude of the World
- What's New
- Thin-Ice of the Week

World of Sports 2021 NFL Mock Draft

The guys give their entire First round NFL mock draft, with brief a analysis of each pick. Come along and enjoy the relaxing, Smooth run through of the entire first round.

Steve Nash Coaching Blunder, Way Too Early NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

The guys talk Steve Nash's Coaching last week, and what this means come playoff time. They give a NFL top 10 Power ranking, and discuss Tampa Bay or KC at #1, also they talk where Washington Football should be ranked. Followed up with Dude of the World, Whats New, and Thin ice of the Week.

Kevin Durant is Back, Tiger Woods Accident, NFL draft Analysis

Kevin Durant is back for the Brooklyn Nets, Mike and Rod discuss how strong the Nets can be down the stretch. Each give their takes on what happened to Tiger Woods, Also they talk about who has risen or fallen in the upcoming NFL Draft. The guys continue to have fun while discussing a number of topics, they also discuss the new number rule change that could take place this season in the NFL.

NCAA Men's/Woman's Final Four, Roy Williams Retirement, MLB Opening Day, Poirier/McGregor 3

The guys Move through a bunch of topics starting with NCAA Men's and Woman's Final Four. They give a little insight to Roy Williams Hall of Fame career, and briefly discuss MLB opening day. They give a review of the Third fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. Also, they touch on Stephan A's Comments about Russell Westbrook. Lastly, Dude of the World, Whats New, and a new segment. 

NBA Trade Deadline News, Brief Review of Zach Wilson's Pro Day, NFL Trade That Will Shake up the Draft

The guys open with a review of the NBA trade deadline and who will make an impact on their new teams. They briefly talk about Zach Wilson's Pro Day and the "Insane Throw". Finally, they discuss the Trades that occurred in the NFL on March 26th, 2021 and how things might shake up the upcoming draft. Also, Tune in for a twist on Dude of the World.

NCAA Tournament Upset Central, NFL Free Agency Continuation, WFT Signings, Dude of the World

Mike discusses the unique content that the podcast brings, They move into NFL free agency, they talk about splash signings and some of the signings around the league. They talk about the NCAA Tournament and the upsets that came in the round of 64, and whats to come in the following rounds. They finish with Dude of the World and What's new in the World of Sports.

World of Sports Introduction, NFL Free Agency, Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, NCAA Basketball Tournament Favorites

Mike and Rod open with their reasons for starting the podcast. They talk about NFL Free Agency, Deshaun Watson's situation in Houston and Russell Wilson in Seattle. They discuss multiple fits for Washington, and end up discussing Lamar Jackson's upcoming extension and Baltimore's Offense. They finish with Whats New in the World of Sports, and Dude of the World.