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40 Episodes

By: Hallett Philanthropy

Listen to the weekly podcast “Around with Randall” as he discusses, in just a few minutes, a topic surrounding non-profit philanthropy. Included each week are tactical suggestions listeners can use immediately to make their non-profit, and their job activities, more effective. Email Randall with a topic for a show: Email Randall with a thought regarding specific a show:

Episode 62: The Hierarchy of Needs, Maslow, and the Work Environment
Last Thursday at 8:47 PM

In this episode, we take a deeper dive into Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how this theory comes to play in the nonprofit world. Listen for more details.

Episode 61: Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Health in 2021

This year, I am grateful for so many things but most of all my family, friends, clients, and you - my listeners. Gather 'round to hear what else I am thankful for this holiday season.

Episode 60: Nonprofit Changes in Today's Economic Environment

How are you compensating your team? Is your benefits package in line with comparable for-profit organizations and positions? Now, more than ever, nonprofit organizations need to take a good hard look at how they are compensating employees to ensure they can continue to attract and retain the best employees.

Episode 59: The "Big 3" of Boards

What should your board be doing? They should focus on the big three - fundraising, governance, and structure. If they get that right, they can accomplish huge things. Listen to this podcast to learn why.

Episode 58: Dealing with Change

Change can be difficult. Whether you're switching roles, moving to a new organization, or getting a new boss, you might be feeling stressed or anxious. Relax! It's normal. I've managed many changes throughout my career. Listen to this podcast for my tips on managing change in the workplace.

Episode 57: Planned Giving Part 4 - Infrastructure, Marketing, Communications. and Blended Gifts

In episode four of this four-part series, I discuss blended gifts, marketing, and even some accounting details you'll want to watch for when working with donors on planned gifts. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can make planned giving part of your strategy moving forward.

Episode 56: Planned Giving Part 3 - Charitable Trusts and Bargain Sales

In today's episode of "Around with Randall", we are discussing charitable trusts and bargain sales. They sound complicated, but I promise, they aren't. Listen to this podcast to learn more about these instruments and how your nonprofit can leverage them.

Special Edition 6: Great Philanthropists - Walter Scott and the Private-Public Partnership

Allow me to introduce you to Walter Scott, one of the great philanthropists of our time. Walter really perfected the idea of the Private-Public partnership. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

Episode 55: Planned Giving Part 2 - Bequests and GCAs Making it Easy

In part two of our planned giving series we talk about bequests and CGAs. These items can be intimidating for gift officers, but in reality are quite easy to manage. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can easily implement bequests and GCAs into your planned giving program.

Episode 54: Planned Giving - Understanding the Basics and Overcoming Fear

Does your organization have a planned giving officer? Do you focus on planned giving as part of your annual plan? This podcast addresses planned giving and how you can become more comfortable addressing planned gifts from your major donors.

Episode 53: Leadership - Innate or Learned; How to Become a Leader

Is leadership in your DNA or can you learn to be a good leader? Listen to Randall's thoughts on this important topic.

Special Edition: Great Philanthropists - James and Marilyn Simons

In this episode of "Around with Randall" we discuss great philanthropists Jim and Marilyn Simons and their scientific approach to philanthropy.

Episode 52: Understanding and Creating Productivity in Non-Profits

Now more than ever, we're seeing productivity increases that appear off the charts. But, is your team as productive as it could be? What are you doing to ensure productivity? Listen to this podcast to learn how productivity impacts your organization, and how you can help your team.

Episode 50: Coaching - Getting to an Individual's Potential and Meeting their Needs

As a leader in your organization, are you mentoring younger team members? If you're new to an organization or career, do you have a mentor? This podcast explores the benefits of coaching and mentoring and why everyone needs a mentor. Listen now.

Episode 49: Moves Management - Leveraging Meetings

Is your organization effective when it comes to moves management? Follow these seven simple steps to ensure your moves management process runs smoothly and maximizes the best results for your team.

Episode 48: Government-Nonprofit Partnerships

Government-nonprofit partnerships are not new, but in some communities, they might be novel. Listen to this podcast to learn about these types of partnerships and how your organization, and your community, could benefit.

Special Edition 4: Great Philanthropists - Hansjoerg Wyss, Looking Beyond Yourself to See the Need

Today we learn about Philanthropist Hansjoerg Wyss, who has dedicated his fortune to protecting the environment. Listen to this podcast to learn about philanthropists who have a futuristic view and want to protect something for future generations.

Episode 47: Campaigns - New Ways to Look at Campaign Counsel

When hiring a consultant to assist with campaigns, are you utilizing them the best way possible? Listen to this podcast to learn how you can maximize your consultant's expertise.

Episode 46: Campaigns - The Value of Mini-Campaigns

Not all campaigns are created equal. Have you ever managed a mini-campaign? Mini-campaigns can be a strategic game-changer for your organization. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can successfully bring mini-campaigns to your non-profit.

Episode 45: Understanding Case Statements

This podcast addresses an important piece of the campaign puzzle - case statements. What are they? How can you write an effective case statement for your campaign? Listen to this podcast to learn more.

Episode 44: Campaigns - Feasibility Keys

Has your organization ever done a feasibility study to gauge how a potential campaign might perform? This month we are talking about campaigns. This episode is dedicated to feasibility studies. Give it a listen to learn how you can leverage a feasibility study to benefit your organization.

Episode 43: Results from the 2021 Employment Survey

Recently, Hallett Philanthropy surveyed individuals who work in the nonprofit space to gauge their employment satisfaction. Today, Randall is sharing some results of the survey. Full details and a white paper will be available on soon.

Special Edition 3: Great Philanthropists - Charles Feeney - Not Waiting to See, Hear the Impact

There are many wonderful philanthropists - some famous and some not so much. Charles Feeney has flown “under the radar” but is one of the greatest philanthropists of our time. Listen to this podcast to learn more about Mr. Feeney.

Episode 42: Working with Millennials

By 2030, an estimated 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials. Millennials are changing the way we work - they are motivated in different ways and look for different qualities in their workplaces and workspaces. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

Episode 41: In Search of Self-Actualization

One of the most important characteristics of a great gift officer is that of self-actualization. Are you self-actualized? Listen to this podcast to find out how you can become more in-tune.

Episode 40: Concerns with Salary-Benefits for Non-Profits

If you're hiring in your non-profit, or if you are in the process of looking for a new job in the field, you're likely thinking about salaries and benefits. Some will argue that non-profit employees should be paid less because of their altruistic views at the work they are doing. However, to hire top-notch staff, you must pay their worth in experience and expertise. Listen to learn more.

Episode 40: Employment Issues in Non-Profits

Hiring great employees is critical in any industry, but especially in non-profit. How does your organization attract and retain staff? What do you do, as an employer, to ensure your team is happy? Listen to this podcast to learn more.

Episode 39: Salaries and Benefits for Non-Profits

If you're hiring in your non-profit, or if you are in the process of looking for a new job in the field, you're likely thinking about salaries and benefits. Some will argue that non-profit employees should be paid less because of their altruistic views at the work they are doing. However, to hire top-notch staff, you must pay their worth in experience and expertise. Listen to learn more.

Special Edition: Great Philanthropists - Azim Premiji

What does it mean to be a trustee of the community? Trustees can come in many forms, and perhaps your largest donor isn’t your only trustee. Azim Premiji, a leading philanthropist, has a great understanding of what it means to be a trustee. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

Episode 38: Building a Team Through Team-Building

Building a stellar team is not easy. Once you've taken the time to hire the right people, you have to work to ensure they stay happy and continue to add value to your team. Listen to this podcast to learn more about team-building and why it matters.

Episode 37: Getting Prospects and Donors to Decision Points

How are you moving prospects and donors through the giving process? Has your process changed during the pandemic? Clients are sharing their challenges with prospects and donors who are not as far along in the process as they had hoped. Listen to this podcast for my take on Moves Management and what you can do to positively impact your bottom line.

Episode 36: Social Media and its Effects on Philanthropy

Are you using social media? Is your audience? Depending on their age, they probably are. Different generations utilize social media differently. Listen to this podcast to understand how certain generations are using social media and what its impact is on philanthropy.

Episode 35: Mother's Day Edition - A Salute to Moms

On this Mother's Day, let's take a moment to appreciate all the great moms out there, especially those working in philanthropy. Thank you, moms!

Episode 34: Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Not everyone is awesome all the time. And not every situation is great. How do you deal with challenging people or situations? I have some tips that I think will be helpful for you. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

Special Edition: Great Philanthropists - John and Laura Arnold, Using Data

How does data impact philanthropy? Listen to this special edition podcast about philanthropists, John and Laura Arnold, to learn about their philosophy behind their massive giving campaign and how data is a driving force.

Episode 33: Work-Life Balance in a Complicated World

Creating a balance between your work life and your personal life can be a challenge, especially during Covid. How are you adjusting? Do you have boundaries between work and personal time? Does your employer respect your boundaries? I address this and more in this podcast. Give it a listen.

Episode 32: Concierge Services - Getting it Right

Concierge services have been in the news a lot lately as health systems begin administering the Covid-19 vaccine. How do Concierge Services work? What makes a great program? Listen to this podcast to learn more about these types of programs and the do's and don'ts to creating a great concierge service for your health system.

Episode 31: Older Studies Relevant to Today's Fundraiser

Over the years I have read many terrific books and studies pertaining to philanthropy. Even though these books and reports were written some time ago, their ideas and themes are relevant today. Listen to this podcast to learn what resources I still recommend.

Episode 30: The History of Philanthropy

Where does the idea of philanthropy come from? You might be surprised to learn philanthropy can be traced back more than 2,500 years ago to Greek mythology. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the history of philanthropy and why we give.

Episode 29: Leadership and Location - Where is Your Team Working?

Given the changes of the past year, your team is likely still working from home. Is your team effective when working remotely? Are they happier? More productive? Listen to this podcast for my thoughts on leadership and location.