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By: Dave

Clean or Sober Podcast is a podcast about people in sobriety or recovery. They share their stories, talk about funny, hilarious, or crazy war stories. This is a place to share the hopeless while at the same time showing you there is hope. This is also a podcast which may touch sensitive topics. Most important is we share our experience, strength, and hope. Remember to subscribe, so you have receive notifications when a new episode is uploaded.Any suggestions on topics you'd like to hear or if you want to be a guest, send me an email: cleanorsobercolumbus@gmail.comThanks...

Pistol Whipped in Her Hotel Room
Last Friday at 12:00 AM

My guest today talks about what it was like growing up in a pretty normal household.  Eventually her parents divorced which resulted in life as she knew it changing pretty quickly.

She eventually ended up progressing in her disease where she forged checks eventually ending up in jail with her first felony as a result of her mother pressing charges.  At the time it may have seemed harsh, but was exactly what she needed.

In and out of jail did nothing in terms of stopping the addiction.  She is now heavily involved in service work, att...

My Nickname Was Bambi When I was Smoking Crack
Last Friday at 12:00 AM

A good friend of mine discusses the struggles when it comes to sponsoring other women.  In the beginning of the podcast, she talks about what it is like to have several years clean and begin to think about stopping going to meetings.

Throughout the years, I have felt that way many times.  We discuss the tools used to combat this.  She moves on into what it was like growing up with not one, but two parents who were both in the program.  They held hard lines and eventually she became homeless.

Landing to a story of w...

Permanently "Pissed" Off the Drink

My guest today is from the UK.  She decided once she was well into her sobriety to come over to the United States, not being in great physical shape or as she puts it more eloquently, "Fat, Forty, Funny, and Fucked" and hike across the entire United States.

She talks through the mental challenges of being sober, alone, and on a hike without the support of overseas.  She was able to build a decent connection with COVID pushing so many people to Zoom meetings.

She talks us through how difficult it was for he...

The Universe Threw Me a Hail Mary

I talk to a dear friend of mine, who just happens to be a doctor.  This not to trump the previous doctor, but this episode is definitely jampacked with exciting stories.  We talk about primarily how geographical changes do not work for an addict alcoholic like him.

He moves from New York to Columbus, then over to Guam.  He went from Guam to Japan and had plans to move to Switzerland to end his own life.  Finally he ends  up in the United States, and each time successfully relapses, well I mean as successful as you can relap...

The Universe Threw Me a Hail Mary

I talk to a dear friend of mine, who just happens to be a doctor.  This not to trump the previous doctor, but this episode is jampacked.  We talk about primarily how geographical changes do not work for an addict alcoholic like him.  

He moves from New York to Columbus, then over to Guam.  He then goes from Guam to Japan.  From there he revisits the United States, and each time successfully relapses, well I mean as successful as you can be relapsing.  

From there he makes a move which is final to Georgia.  All the whi...

Dr. Nicole Labor Speaks About Dopamine

Dr. Nicole Labor who is a Medical Director over several facilities, and has over 15 years sober, talks about the medical implications of addiction, what that looks like in the brain, and why staying clean and sober is so difficult.

It Was Fun Until It Wasn't

Today's guest shares about the amazing company she works for called Freedom a la Cart.  They offer many services and help survivors of sex trafficking.  From their site, they mention "People are not property" and go on to say: No person should be bought or sold for sex. Not here in Central Ohio. Not anywhere.

Freedom a la Cart empowers survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation to build lives of freedom and self-sufficiency. We believe that giving a woman practical job skills and developing strong work ethic is vital for creating a pathway to...

Another Perspective

This episode I am joined by KL Wells, founder and CEO of VoicesInCourage (, which is a platform developed for the loved ones of addictions or alcoholics who may have found some resources to help them, but all of them were not a great fit.  

KL has developed a support system for the family members who may be struggling as a result of our disease.  As she says, "There are meetings for alcoholic addicts, sponsors, retreats, but there are little resources for us loved ones who are also dealing with a lot of our own is...

Two Men and a Baby (Relationships in early recovery/sobriety)

Who is the baby?  One of our dear friends who joined myself, and another friend of ours on the podcast.  We dive mostly into the insanity of what our lives were like without the use of drugs.  

We talk about what it looks like when we are trying to fill a god sized hole with instant gratification items such as relationships early in sobriety and recovery.  This is all driven by dopamine release, and a fueled obsessive, compulsive, and self centered behaviors which lead to unmanageability.  

We end it with the unfortunate shit stories while being...

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

This episode consists of a strong woman who has built herself a strong support group of women.  She talks about attending a private school up until her sophomore year, and then was abruptly thrown into the public school system.

She laughs about checking off all the boxes of the shit she did not do during her more shy years in the first 30 days of public school, which consisted of smoking her first cigarette, drinking and doing drugs, and even kissing a boy!

She had some excellent success early, and from the outside looking in, you w...

What About MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment)?

We talk a lot about relapse prevention, what we believe are the major causes for relapse, or better yet, over the years we have been clean and sober, what do we believe could be the leading cause.  With almost a combined 21 years clean and sober between us, we also discuss the importance of sponsorship.  What does a sponsor do?  What is a sponsors main role as it pertains to the sponsor/sponsee relationship?  

Later in the podcast we discuss MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment) simply as our insight of years of anecdotal experience being in the rooms.  We discu...

From One Side of the World to Another

This episode was amazing.  My guest has a very unique story of being taken, under false pretenses, to another county 6000 miles away from his mother.  To then being brought back many years later.  The struggles in early childhood, which potentially drove him on the path he chose.  He talks about going through treatment programs, sober housing, going to prison, and what peace is like today as a result of working a program.  

Adopting My Child Out in Early Recovery

This guest is a great friend of mine.  She talks about how difficult the choice was to adopt her child out in early recovery.  Partly due to early recovery and partly due to the very toxic father who was still actively using.  She talks about how important the support was of her family, everyone in sobriety and recovery, and not a single person told her what to do.  They pushed her to seek the answer within herself through prayer, mediation, and what turned into a long process of people responding with, "I support you either way." structured answ...

What my Relapse was like.

This was a great trio with two excellent guests!  We cover what their relapse looked like.  More importantly, what details and series of events happened prior to the relapse.  There is some good back and forth with a combined total of 20+ years of sobriety and recovery.  

The relapse was a small bump in the road, and fortunately neither of them ended up where they were the last time they decided to use. 

My Sister, the Runaway, Trafficking Survivor

This podcast my sister decided to join me.  She shares being trafficked at an early age, what that looks like from a kids' perspective, and being a runaway.  She talks about the hopes and subsequent loss of our father at a young age, how that impacted her, and molded a lot of her decision making as she grew older.

We cover a story of her running from me on the street, denying visits while in jail, and ultimately a rather interesting story of her run-in with an undercover officer.

Who am I running from?

This episode is filled with wild things such as him creating an invention, sponsorship, getting clean as a newcomer during COVID, and hiding in the bushes at the young age of 13 after being up for 3 days assuming a star is a police helicopter.

Where Did You Put That Credit Card?

This episode is filled with some great back and forth.  We talk about what relapse looks like.  We speak a little about how COVID has affected going to meetings.  We discuss what our first use looked like, and find a way to include the story about how I shoved a credit card in my ass cheeks.

How did I get here?

My very first Clean or Sober Podcast episode!  I chose a great friend of mine and sponsee.  We have worked together for more than five years.  This is just a snippet of his story.  We do manage to cram into the episode his story of struggling in early use trying to raise a baby at 18.  We talk about the point of absolute hopelessness in which he didn't want to continue living.  We also talk about what his spiritual awakening looks like, and share some war stories.