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Weekly marketing lessons & learnings. Because no one goes to school for B2B marketing. Hosted by Dave Gerhardt.

Branding, Reputation, & Expertise (Live From The Car)
Last Friday at 2:28 PM

On this quick episode of the DGMG podcast I'm sharing a few thoughts on the power of branding, how to build yours, why reputation matters, and why it pays to be an expert.

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Growth Team vs. Marketing Team & Marketing To Developers (with Martin Gontovnikas, Former SVP Marketing & Growth, Auth0)
Last Tuesday at 4:59 PM

Martin Gontovnikas (@mgonto) is Co-Founder and GP @ HyperGrowth Partners & Ex SVP, Marketing & Growth at Auth0.

Autho0 was acquired by Okta for $6.5B in March 2021.

We talk about the differences between a growth team vs. marketing team (he managed both at Auth0), when to bring on growth, why buyer personas matter for your marketing strategy, how to market to developers, why he hired engineers to write for the Auth0 blog, product-led growth, why demand gen. is just about tapping into habits, where brand and PR fit in the puzzle, why his first two hires...

How To Build a Revenue-First Marketing Org (with Kyle Lacy, CMO, Lessonly)

Kyle Lacy (@kyleplacy) is CMO at Lessonly. Prior to this he served as VP of Marketing at OpenView Venture Partners, Director, Global Content Marketing at Salesforce, and Senior Manager, Content Marketing at ExactTarget. We talk about his 40 person team at Lessonly, breakdown of inbound and outbound marketing strategy, the role of customer marketing, why community always wins, splitting the budget 70/30 demand and brand, and more.

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How ClickFunnels Used Break-Even Funnels & Bootstrapped To $137M ARR (ClickFunnels CEO Dave Woodward)

Dave Woodward is CEO of ClickFunnels. Since 2014 ClickFunnels has grown to $137M in ARR with 100,000 customers using their marketing automation products. I wanted to have Dave on because ClickFunnels bootstrapped their way to the $100M+ ARR mark and they don't do marketing like typical B2B companies. Instead of spending to acquire customers, they have thousands of customers spending money to get in their funnel. We talk about customer acquisition, creating sales funnels, creating a break-even funnel, the power of being an expert in marketing and more.

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This episode...

How To Hire Marketers & Why Product Marketing Isn't Just Sales Enablement (Sarah-Beth Anders, VP Marketing, Guild Education)

Sara-Beth Anders is VP of B2B Marketing at Guild Education and was previously Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn and Director of Product Marketing at Greenhouse. We talked about goal setting, OKRs, how to get better at hiring marketers with the case-study method, why marketing needs QBRs like sales, the modern ABM playbook, making full-time hires for engagement and community, presenting to the board, and how she's spent her first three months at a new company as VP of Marketing.

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The Best Source of B2B Revenue, How To Drive More Inbound Demand, and Where B2B Marketing Budget Is Wasted (with Chris Walker, CEO, Refine Labs)

Chris Walker is CEO at Refine Labs and host of Demand Gen Live. We talk about wasting B2B marketing budget, understanding how people buy, how to think about the ROI of your podcast, short term vs long term marketing, why not all MQLs are created equal, and how to drive more inbound demand.

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The Founder Whisperer: Calendly CRO Patrick Moran (Former CMO at Quip, CMO at New Relic)

Patrick Moran @patrickmoran is Chief Revenue Officer at Calendly.

Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing,

Marcus Andrews (@marcus_andrews) is Director of Product Marketing at

Dave Rigotti (Bizible, Marketo, Adobe) on ABM & Marketing Ops

Dave Rigotti (@drigotti) was VP of Marketing at Bizible, Head of Enterprise Demand Generation & ABM at Marketo, and Director of Acccount-Based Marketing at Adobe.

Ursula Ayrout, CEO at Measure; Former Pantheon, Salesforce, SAP

Ursula Ayrout is CEO at Measure and Former marketing leader at Pantheon, Salesforce, and SAP.

Iris Shoor, CEO at Oribi; From Marketing Leader to CEO & What The CEO Wants From Marketing

Iris Shoor (@IrisShoor) is Founder & CEO at Oribi.

Josh Allen, CRO, Owl Labs (Former Drift CRO, SVP CarGurus, VP LogMeIn)

Josh Allen is CRO at Owl Labs and Former Drift CRO and CarGurus SVP.

Tara Robertson, CMO at Teamwork

Tara Robertson (@taraerobertson) is CMO at Teamwork.

Robin Daniels, CMO at Matterport; Former WeWork CMO, Salesforce, LinkedIn

Robin Daniels (@robin_daniels) is CMO at Matterport and former CMO at WeWork.

April Dunford: Obviously Awesome, Market Strategy, & Positioning

April Dunford (@aprildunford) is a globally recognized leader in positioning and author of the book Obviously Awesome.

Animalz CEO Devin Bramhall on The Brand & Bottom Line Benefits of Content Marketing

Devin Bramhall (@devinemily) is CEO at Animalz.

Ross Simmonds on B2B Content, Influencer Marketing, & Social Media Strategy

Ross Simmonds (@thecoolestcool) is the Founder & CEO of Foundation, a B2B content marketing agency.

Chris Walker, CEO Refine Labs: Modern PR, What It Means To Build A Media Company, & What To Do When The CEO Doesn't Get Marketing

Chris Walker is CEO & Founder at Refine Labs

What To Do When People Aren't Buying

Marketing is about getting people to change. Forget the tools and technology for a minute -- because this might be the *real* reason your funnel isn't converting.

The Fundamentals of Modern B2B Marketing

My take on the fundamentals of B2B marketing. WARNING: traditional B2B marketers will be uncomfortable.

How To Do B2B Creative That Doesn't Suck

How to think about B2B creative (ads, videos, landing pages, design). Plus five tips to help you break through the noise and do B2B creative that doesn't suck.

Lauren Vaccarrello (CMO, Talend)

Lauren Vaccarrello is CMO at Talend and previously VP Marketing at Box and Sr. Director and Head of Digital Marketing at Salesforce.

Twilio CMO Sara Varni

Sara Varni (@saravarnibright) is CMO at Twilio.

Managing Up, Presenting To The Board, And 2021 Planning (With Peter Mahoney, CEO, Plannuh)

Peter Mahoney is CEO at Plannuh and the former CMO at Nuance Communications.

Leela Srinivasan (CMO, SurveyMonkey)

Leela Srinivasan @leelasrin is CMO at SurveyMonkey.

A Quick Message From Me!

Hey it's Dave. Just had a quick message...

Heidi Bullock, CMO, Tealium (CMO, Engagio, VP, Marketo)

Heidi Bullock is CMO at Tealium. Before that she was CMO at Engagio, and VP of Marketing at Marketo where she led demand gen for the SMB and Enterprise business units, content, and events globally.

Bill Macaitis (Former Slack CMO, Zendesk CMO, SVP at Salesforce)

Bill Macaitis is the former CMO at Slack, CMO at Zendesk, and SVP of Marketing at Salesforce.

Christopher Lochhead, 3x CMO, Author of Play Bigger

Christopher Lochhead is a #1 charting Apple podcaster, a #1 bestselling Amazon author, a 3x CMO.

Tom Wentworth, CMO, Recorded Future

Tom Wentworth is CMO at Recorded Future.

Udi Ledergor, CMO, Gong

Udi Ledergor is CMO at Gong.

Allison MacLeod, EVP Global Marketing, Flywire

Allison MacLeod is EVP of Global Marketing at Flywire. We discuss: - What is your role? - What does your company do? - What is the company’s marketing strategy? - What is the handoff between marketing and sales? - What are the marketing channels you’re using today? - What metrics do you report on? - How many people are on your team? - Who are your direct reports? - What regular “rhythms” do you have as a marketing leader? - What is your marketing budget? - Do you have marketing goals? - What are the biggest marketing challenges you have...

Welcome To The B2B Marketing Leaders Podcast

Hey and welcome to the B2B Marketing Leaders podcast.