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By: Trudy Rankin

Trudy Rankin, Founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program, hosts this podcast for new and emerging online business owners who are determined to do what it takes to reach their financial goals, help people along the way and learn a bunch of useful new skills. Have a love/hate relationship with the tech? We talk about that. Not sure you have what it takes to achieve success? We talk about that, too, plus how to deal with mindset challenges. Trudy shares experience-based guidance and actionable tips on how to really get your business growing, as well as interviews with experts...

5 Top Tips For Helping Small Business Owners Avoid Expensive Legal Mistakes With George Paramananthan

In today’s podcast, lawyer George Paramananthan joins me to talk about ways of avoiding expensive mistakes. George has a background as a corporate lawyer in large global corporations. His drive was always about helping people, which led to him starting ParamCo to help small businesses and founders with the legal side of business.
George has a passion for art but has always found ways to incorporate it into his life through his work over the years.
From a legal perspective the first question to ask when starting a business is whether your Business will be a Profit or...

How To Start Your Own Business Even If You're Stuck Working On Someone Else's Dream With Nick Nallback

Today Trudy is joined by Nick Nallback, founder of 9-5 to Freedom. Nick has a day job AND he’s working on building a business of his own in the rest of the time he has available.
By day Nick is a project manager who travels throughout the United States for his job. Nick always thought about entrepreneurship and starting his own business was something that was out of reach, till he read the book Millionaire Fastlane by Millian Quinteros. Nick realised anyone can become an entrepreneur. It just takes a mindset shift.
Nick uses his project management ex...

9 Tips On How To Build Your Confidence For Using Technology In Your Business

Do you think of yourself as a “non-techie” person? Are you afraid of using technology to grow your business because you’re scared you’ll mess things up?
In today’s episode Trudy walks you through what you can do if you’re worried about using technology (especially digital technology) in order to grow your business.
Here are her 9 insightful tips on what you can do to overcome your “fear of tech” hurdle -
Sign up for a free software account if they have one and spend the time looking at the menu functions the software hasFind the help section...

Episode 48 How to Understand and get past what your limiting beliefs are in business with Katrina Streatfield

Katrina joined us in a previous podcast episode that was about Imposter Syndrome. Katrina joins us to talk about self-limiting beliefs and meeting our potential.
Self-limiting beliefs are there because the goal or what people face has an unknown and it’s sometimes more about the fear of success rather than failure. This then becomes a safety mechanism and understanding that pushing through self-limiting beliefs that it’s normal to feel anxious, uncomfortable and any other emotion.
It’s also a biological reaction, the body and brain switches on the emotio...

How To Be Brave And Go From The Corporate World To The Small Business World With Hans van Weerd

Like many people, Hans van Weerd, took the long way around before starting his entrepreneurial journey as a small business owner. Hans started his working career as a biologist and his subsequent work as a consultant ook him around the world. After a stint of teaching, Hans spent the next twenty years in Amsterdam working as a Marine Biologist. It was that role, which then brought him and his wife to Australia, where he joined the Melbourne Zoo as an executive.
And then it happened. Hans and all of his executive level colleagues were made redundant due to a...

How To Work Smarter, Not Harder So Your Business Can Grow With Peter Liston

Peter served for 12 years in the Military as a logistics officer. He had always had ideas for starting a business, but never done it. It wasn’t until he spent time in Afghanistan that he realised it was time to change his career direction.
Peter had always had a passion for small business and after leaving the military, set up a couple of them before landing on the idea for his current business, “Trust The Process”. The first business he started was putting window locks on buildings because a law in NSW was passed that all windows had to have l...

How Social Media Works Like An Ecosystem And Why That Matters For Your Business

Kate graduated as a social worker but soon realised it wasn’t the path she wanted to take. She then went down a few other paths before she realised that her passion was all about working with Not-For-Profits and helping them stand out.
As she began helping more Not-For-Profits, she realised that there is no necessarily right or wrong way of doing social media, it’s about trial and error. And Kate’s business, Social Mediology, was born.
Kate is most passionate about working with change makers and innovators. Often change magers and innovators have a tribe or commun...

How A Lawyer Can Help Your Business Get Ahead with Noel Bagwell

Noel Bagwell, founder of ExecutiveLP, calls himself an entrepreneur first, then a lawyer second. Noel is a preventative lawyer, which is a lawyer who takes a forward looking approach to business … kind of like a holistic health-focused GP tries to do for their patients.
Noel used to be a litigation lawyer, but after seeing many of the problems that small-to-medium-sized businesses were faced with, he decided that he wanted to help them BEFORE it was too late.
All of that knowledge gained as a litigation lawyer has come in handy, especially with regard to his focus on prevention. Hi...

Do You Love Your Work, But You Know It's Time To Move Beyond Being A Solopreneur? with Murray Smith

In today’s episode Trudy speaks to Murray Smith, a consultant who works with small/medium businesses, helping them get ready for transformative growth.
Murray loved his job as an executive with the Victorian Police, but after being in a serious accident, he decided he wanted to change career paths. He realised that if he wanted to make a greater impact on the world, he was going to have to invest in himself, study-wise and take his already existing skills to new heights.
During his learning journey, Murray came across an operational system that gives small businesses vision, (di...

5 Tips For Dealing With Imposter Syndrome With Katrina Streatfeild

In today’s episode Trudy speaks to Katrina Streatfeild who has been a clinical psychologist for 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge around mental health. Katrina is currently doing a research paper on post traumatic stress and veterans and their families.
What is Imposter Syndrome? Impostor syndrome (IS) refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be.
Imposter syndrome can affect every small business owner in some shape or form. Katrina talks about unhelpful self beliefs, how it’s not just the mental blocks but also the phys...

How A Bookkeeper Can Save Your Business Time And Money with Diane McCaffrey

In today’s episode Trudy speaks with Diane McCaffrey from BYO Group. Diane is a transactional accountant who works with businesses of all sizes. She has extensive practical experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, BAS returns (she’s a certified BAS agent) and management reporting.
Before setting up BYO Group, Diane held senior positions in a number of private companies where she was responsible for liaising with banks, external accountants, auditors, senior management and boards.
In short, she knows her stuff.
And in this interview, Diane shares some great tips that will help you as a solo...

How To Make Your Business Profitable From Your Very First Sale with Tracy Sellers

In today’s episode Trudy speaks with Tracy Sellers who is a bookkeeper & Business Activity Statement (BAS) agent. She is also a certified Profit First Professional.
What’s Profit First? It’s the method that’s going to help you set up your business finances so that you can start taking profits from your very first sale. It’s based on the book “Profit First” by Michael Michalowicz and I can tell you that it works because I use this system in my business.

7 Great Tips For Taking Your Email List From Zero To 100 And Beyond

In today’s episode Trudy provides tips on how to build your email list, going from 0 to 100 or from 100 and beyond. Getting started and taking action is key. Even if you’re shy or still feel like you’re refining your services, that’s okay.
Everyone has to start somewhere.

Tips On How To Become A Community Manager - Part 2

In part two of our podcast Trudy continues the conversation with Jillian Benbow, community manager from SPI Pro, about three things that people can do to position themselves to get a job as a community manager, the different types of communities which require different management styles and tips on being a successful community manager.
Jillian provides tips on getting started on your journey to becoming a community manager. Tips like … the first thing to do is join a community. Pay attention to the community culture and get a feel for what the environment is like.
Perhaps not surprisingly, ev...

Top Tips For Getting Started As An Online Community Manager With Jillian Benbow

Do you ...want to become an online community manager?want to start an online community, but you’re not sure where to begin?already have an online community that just isn’t working the way you want it to?
If you said yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. As more businesses move online, the need for people with good community management skills is growing.
And although, community management as a defined role for bricks and mortar-type businesses has been around for awhile, online community management is a d...

On-Air Coaching Call - I Help Ged Shirley Figure Out Who His Customers Really Are

Do you have a business that you're trying to move online for growth and survival?! Especially in these unknown times with Covid?
Trudy chats to Gerard (Ged) Shirley today about his extensive experience in successfully starting and growing several small businesses. Ged has been a business owner his whole adult life, from franchising to venturing out on his own to consulting.
And he knows lots about the speed humps that life throws at you … and he’s learned that you have to be open to changing direction. Which is exactly what he’s done after hitting one of those...

How To Write A Business Book That People Will Want To Read With Kath Walters

Have you ever secretly wanted to write a book? One that was based on your expertise and experience and would really help people? A book that people actually wanted to read?
But you didn’t really know how to get started?
In today’s episode you’re going to get some tips on how to begin the process of writing a book. And the great thing is, with a little careful thought and planning you can start doing it now.
In this podcast episode, Trudy interviews Kath Walters author and coach.
Kath Walters, author and coach, will e...

Your Four Foundations For Small Business Sales And Marketing Success With Steve Brown

Sales … the word is enough to send a shiver up and down the spine of many online business owners. But sales are what make or break your business. Not enough sales means not enough revenue. Not enough revenue means not enough money to pay the bills. So you need a process to help you make sure you’re making enough sales to support your business AND you.
Why is a sales process so important? And how do you make that process personal so that customers are feeling heard about what they want instead of feeling like a number?
In t...

Why Making Google Analytics Your Secret To Success Is A Good Idea with Irene Pollak

Are you using Google Analytics in your business? And if you are, are you using it as your secret sauce to help your business get ahead? Yes? Then today’s podcast episode is for you. No? Then it’s way past time you got started :-) because Google Analytics is brilliant at helping you turn numbers into information you can use to grow your business.
In this podcast episode, Trudy interviews Irene Pollak from Rumble Media.
As a measurement marketer, Irene gives business owners clarity on their business by maximising the value that Google Analytics data brings to stra...

How Challenges Can Help You Grow Your Email List with Zach Spuckler

Are you working on building up your email list? And you’re a bit stuck for ideas on how to do that more successfully? Then today’s podcast episode is for you.
In this podcast episode, Trudy interviews Zach Spuckler from Heart, Soul & Hustle.
Zach helps people take their business idea and turn it into a product or packaged up service. And he loves showing people how to use Challenges as a way to introduce customers to that new product or packaged service.

Why Starting A Podcast Could Be The Best Thing For Your Business Since Sliced Bread

Have you considered starting a Podcast for your business, but aren’t sure about whether it’s worth your time or energy? Or you don’t know where to start?
In today’s podcast Trudy interviews David Perez who built a successful business helping people get their podcast episodes ready to publish. David has his own podcast Audience Coach and he now works with coaches and mentors to help them start their own podcasts.

How To Successfully Get Sales For Your Business Without "Selling" With Nikki Rausch

As a small business owner, do you cringe at the thought having to sell in your business? Are you just not into sales and don’t like to be pushy with people?
In today’s podcast Trudy interviews Nikki Rausch who has a strong background in sales. Nikki started out working in male dominated industries and didn’t feel comfortable using their traditional sales methods. So she figured out her own way of selling … a way that didn’t include any of the typical characteristics of a pushy salesman.
Nikki was very successful. And when she realised that other wome...

How to reduce overwhelm and get more done by hiring your first virtual assistant with Steph Gobraiel

As a small business owner you have to wear a lot of hats, especially if it’s just you on the team. That can make it really hard to grow. There’s just not enough time to do all the things.
If you’ve gotten to the stage where you KNOW you need to get help with some of those tasks, but you’re worried you can’t afford it or you just simply don’t know where to start, then this episode is for you.
In today’s podcast Trudy interviews Steph Gobraiel from Virtual Associate Services. Steph was one...

One Of The Best Ways To Market Your Business If You're An Introvert with Dov Gordan

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, consultant or expert who is brilliant at what you do, but feel really uncomfortable about selling or marketing your products and services? Does the thought of being the public face of your business make you want to go home, go to bed and pull the covers over your head?
If you tend to shy away from the limelight and don’t enjoy being front and centre, this podcast episode is for you. Dov Gordon, Founder of the Alchemist Entrepreneur, helps consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs develop a consistent flow of their ideal clients.
In to...

1 Simple thing you can do as an entrepreneur to improve your well being and happiness with Maria Failla

In today’s episode Trudy speaks to Maria Failla, millennial, Broadway actor and entrepreneur. Maria is passionate about all things plants … not just because they are amazing, but because she wants to help business owners experience the shift in mindset and wellness she has experienced.
Maria started a Podcast called Bloom and Grow Radio as a hobby, which, to her surprise, took off like a plant on growth hormones. When the pandemic hit and nobody could go to plays, she turned her passion project into a sustainable business. She even developed a fun (and very useful) quiz that can tell...

The Critical Marketing Skills You Absolutely Must Master So Your Business Can Grow

When it comes to marketing and marketing strategies for small business owners, the question is always where do I start?
In today’s podcast, Trudy speaks to Sam Hurley, founder of Marketing Entourage, who helped the OBL Program identify the gaps in our Marketing Strategy … which we didn’t even know existed.
In today’s discussion, Sam talks about what can help you as a small business owner, especially learning to think more strategically when it comes to your small business.

5 Questions To Ask That Will Help You Choose Your Email Service Provider

In today’s podcast Trudy talks about the relevance and importance of having an email service provider and how it could be beneficial to your online business.
By going through a list of questions and answers, Trudy gives you the tools to help you work out which email provider is right for your business … both now and later when your business grows.

How to create the right habits to help your business grow - Part 2

Last week Trudy started this two part series with the first three habits. As a small business owner you’ll need to expand your thinking to make sure all areas in your business are covered. This podcast is based on Trudy’s past experiences and lessons she’s learnt the hard way.
In today’s Podcast Trudy talks about two more important habits you need to develop to make your business last. These include looking at the bigger picture for your business and creating habits to grow your business successfully.

How To Create The Right Habits To Help Your Business Grow

It takes a surprising amount of work to shift your mindset from being an employee to being a business owner. However, there are some skills that you need to bring with you and adapt to your new business, which will hugely increase the chances that your business will survive over the long term.
In today’s Podcast Trudy talks about the habits you need to develop to make your business last. This includes planning and scheduling time, shifting your mindset to being a business owner and understanding what your business needs in order for it to grow.

How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For Business Success With Louise Bogan

LinkedIn used to be the place where your online CV or resume gathered virtual dust.
No longer. These days LinkedIn is THE place to showcase your business and look for leads.
Today’s guest speaker is Louise Brogan, who is a LinkedIn specialist. Louise brings a wealth of knowledge and tips about LinkedIn that can help businesses grow. Louise’s LinkedIn Framework analogy (of which you’ll hear more about) is all about having a stool with three legs and how it all needs to balance out to work.
Trudy’s 101 questions to Louise covers so much in today...

Why You Should Care About Your Personal Brand With Lorraine Taylor

Lorraine Taylor is the ‘beBrandYOU’ Coach as well asn Author, International Speaker and Personal Brand Communication Strategist.
In today’s podcast Trudy speaks to Lorraine about personal branding and what it’s all about when it comes to your business. Lorraine’s key advice is how Personal Brand is an internal journey and how the shifts in life will reflect in your branding.

How Finding Your Voice Can Help You Succeed With Jo Evans

Speaking in public is one of the fastest ways of introducing other people to your business and the services you offer. And it builds credibility quickly.
Credibility is important, because it helps people make up their minds about whether they trust you or not, when they are thinking about purchasing your products or services.
Unfortunately, the thought of speaking in public scares a lot of people. So much so, that they never do it.

How Belief and Collaboration Saved Vicky's Business

Sometimes, as busy business owners, we get so caught up in our busy lives and busy tasks, that self care … even for something as important as nutrition … can take a back seat.
And for some of us, COVID-19 has limited our ability to provide ourselves with that self-care. Limits on exercise. Limits on where we can shop. Maybe even limits on our food budget.
Definitely limits on our ability to have some quiet times for ourselves.
Before COVID-19 hit, Vicky Jamieson was spending her days running her successful, day-spa oriented business, Better Body. But when the lockdowns hit...

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel From Scratch

Are you thinking about having your own YouTube channel so you can grow your business? But you’re not quite sure how to get started?
In today’s podcast, Trudy speaks to Kim Fernandas, from Marketing Entourage, who helped set up our Online Business Launchpad YouTube channel

How To Get Potential Customers To Respond To Your Offers

Are you at the point in your business where you have great services to offer? All your I’s are dotted and T’s crossed in your sales funnel? BUT you’re still getting crickets … nada … zilch … nothing … from your customers?
In today’s podcast, Trudy gives you tips for figuring out what’s wrong and how to fix it. Tips that will help you think about what might be stopping your customers from responding. Tips on how to both review what you’re doing AND take action that will result in customers paying attention to you and responding.

How Running Out of Money Can Help Start Your Business

Have you ever worried that you weren’t qualified enough to run your business? That your background and life experiences haven’t prepared you for turning your business into a successful, thriving enterprise?Nick Abregu and his partner, Alia Steglinski come from very different backgrounds, but have successfully built GorillaCo into a solid company that helps businesses use videography to create impactful marketing.

How To Get Started Making Your First Hire

Are you ready to grow your business, but there’s not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done?
And you know you need to bring someone in to help, but the thought of outsourcing the work or hiring someone is a bit scary? Not sure where to start?
Then today’s episode is for you :-)

How Being A Problem Solver Can Lead To A Successful Business

Our Community Manager, Zay Canters, does an amazing job of supporting our Online Business Lift-Off program participants. Listen in as Zay talks about their own business journey and how those experiences are very helpful to people just starting their own business journey.

Why Doing The Thing That Scares You Can Be A Breakthrough In Life with Christina Canters

In today’s podcast Trudy speaks to Christina about the origins of confidence and how childhood plays a role in our confidence levels as adults. Christina talks about how mindset, challenges, fear and coming out of your comfort zone helps you grow and gain confidence, especially in setting up your own business.

How refusing to accept past fates as your own can make you a winner with Sandy Barber

Today’s guest Sandy Barber who is a Dja Daj Wurrung/Yorta Yorta woman and part of the Stolen Generation. She shares with Trudy her personal journey of discovery about her identity and how that led her to her current online business.