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E38 Adele lost 100lbs | WTF is fat-phobic/FitShame | Tell your friends they're getting fat

In this episode we respond back to some backlash from the last episode where we spoke about Krispy Kreme free donut campaign, and how its just adding fuel to this obesity pandemic we have in the USA. We also dive into political correctness behind calling someone “FAT”, and how social silencing is preventing people from congratulating someone on losing weight. Political correctness has corrupted normal conversations between people and how we (Julio & Yeufre) tackle this issue and what we recommend.

Why can’t we talk about obese people? (1:20)Adele gets backlash for celebrating losing 100lbs (3...

E37 Krispy Kreme | Serial Cheater Love guru | Talking about weight with each other

In this episode Julio & Yeufre talk about Krispy Kreme’s campaign to gift one donut to everyone vaccinated even though one of the main causes for severe symptoms and death due to Covid-19 was Obesity. Who is this serial cheater who has monetized a market by being a love guru. Finally Julio & Yeufre discuss how to tell your significant other that they are putting on weight.

 Why isn’t anyone talking about vitamins in the mainstream media? (1:20)Krispy Kreme offers donuts to vaccinated people (1:45)most obese states (5:00)Fauci gets questioned over wearing masks (9:00)why c...

E36 Harry & Meghan saga | Benefits of breathing | Purpose can lead to a happier life

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (1:00)why did Harry and Meghan leave the palace? (4:20)Are they going to cancel the Beauty and the beast? (5:20)why didn’t this racism issue surfaced during their wedding? (8:30)some people have it so good that they make up a “hard life”? (11:00)Cuomo’s fall, intentional bc of nursing home? (13:00)Harry and Meghan made a “GOFUNDME” to pay for their 11m home (15:30)Victimhood and fear SELL (21:00)When you have no purpose in life you will be depressed (22:30)why didn’t Oprah ask Harry about his Nazi uniform? (26:40)Japan passes law to fight obesity (30:30)if you can’t wait for frida...

E35 EV movement |Cuomo’s fall | Florida’s bet

Trump vs Biden (2:00)Auto makers going electric (4:30)USA should stop peddling in the middle east (9:00)why  are democrats staying quiet when Biden attacks Iran?  (14:00)Cuomo time (15:30)Cuomo win Emmy (18:00)its racist to say “2+2=4” WTF (19:40)hypocritical rhetoric by Democrats (23:00)Has “METOO” lost its meaning? (25:00)Florida took a risk and kept the state open (30:00)Cuomo hid deaths for the party and his own political ambitions (33:00)“On Tyranny”- Timothy Snyder (47:30)Super left agenda scares off the middle (52:00)HR-5 Equality act (53:30)Coca Cola has a “try to be less white” talk with employees (1:03:00)

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E34 Anything BUTT fitness | Capital riots | Militias | USA military radicalized

Thoughts on Capital Riots (01:00)Tribalism (02:30)“Ordinary Men” (04:45)Trump has authoritarian tendencies (06:20)Chimps show how tribal we are (08:00)Trump feeds misinformation to his base (13:00)“Trial by combat” comes from Game of Thrones (15:45)Why couldn’t twitter ban Trump sooner (19:30)Force FB to sell IG, Whatsapp (26:00)Far right militia planned to surround capital building (33:45)why were there tours the day before in the capital (37:00)Military being radicalized (41:00)“My pillow” CEO talks about marshal law (44:30)How do we keep people accountable on the internet for what they say? (54:00)Documentary: The social dilemma (57:00)Documentary: The Dissident (1:01:30)Bernie Sanders had a potential to create a 3rd party (1:15...

E33 S.M.A.R.T | Plan your goals 2021 | How to get back on track if you fall off?

In this Episode Julio & Yeufre discuss the S.M.A.R.T way to set up your goals for 2021. The also discuss the social normalization of obesity that can be seen in Cosmopolitan magazine, and lastly they go over how to create habits that will aid in your goals using tips from the book “Atomic Habits”.

Same questions 2021! (01:20)How to set up your goals for the new year? S.M.A.R.T (02:30)What is an attainable goal? (04:00)Break down your goals to smaller, more attainable goals (07:00)35% of gym members never use their membership (09:30)what is a rele...

E32 White Guilt | Humans become tribal | improving cop vs civilian relationship

In this episode Julio & Yeufre talk about how people is taking advantage of the pandemic to move their agendas forward. They also dive into Black lives matter movement, and bounce ideas on how to improve the relationship between cops and civilians.

Everyone taking advantage of this pandemic to move forward their agenda (00:50)The media is becoming dangerous from both sides (1:20)what will happen with covid-19 cases after protests (2:50)humans became tribal (read: SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harris) (4:00)to fight racism, it comes down to the individual level (6:30)White guilt? (10:30)walk to the local black community to learn...

E31 CoronaBros | Should we open up the state or stay closed? | Vitamin supplementation

nasal vs antibody Testing for Covid-19 (1:00)anxiety plus depression can worsen covid-19 symptoms (3:30)China asked the WHO to hold off on releasing information from the world (7:50)Texas had a spike due to more test sites being opened (10:00)response to the pandemic is fully political (10:50)lets talk about an exchange of lives vs economic collapse (13:00)pandemic has affected small business, entrepreneurs, free lancers dramatically (14:50)dramatic changes due to pandemic, from tv shows to universities (16:30)what happens with small business that are closing for good? (19:15) which countries are benefiting and which are losing during this pandemic (20:30)should the government arrest you...

E30 Covid-19 | Dangers of fake news | Micronutrients & your immune system | Virtual Training

Senators make millions over coronavirus (01:00)pharmacy sells masks for $200, fair capitalism? (4:00)Poor income communities will suffer the most (05:20)World leaders getting infected. debunks most conspiracies (07:30)no one knew this would get this bad (10:50)Republicans will back up Trump no matter what (16:30)how will democrats respond? (17:45)how will the general election workout (21:45)how should China work on lowering these virus outbreaks? (23:00)“Chinese virus” racist or not? (24:00)The power of fake news (33:30)working out is a MUST and people will take their health more seriously (37:00)supplements you should be taking to aid your immune system (Life extension ) (40:45)take vitamin C with some fats...

E29 Business & Fitness: Shomari Osakwe Ali | Infinite Wellness Online

Shomari Osakwe Ali owner of Infinite Wellness Online (00:14)Free workouts in the Bronx for 8 weeks (00:45)Giving back to the community= rewarding (03:25)Rap album to full time trainer (04:50)how long have you been a personal trainer? (06:30)All in kind of personality from being in the hood to all in for personal trainer (08:00)Shomari talks about his arrest (10:00)“this is how I got treated, this is my value”- Yeufre (10:15)As an entrepreneur you need entrepreneur friends (14:00)People will respect you for being YOU (16:00)Homeless for a couple months and the lessons you learn when you lose everything (19:00)Working out builds confidence in o...

E28 e-Book details

This episode has details on the upcoming e-book that will be released soon. This is for anyone interested in starting your fitness journey with proper guidance. A lot of information from nutrition, correctional exercise, to methods of progression, along with a 12 week program that you can use to workout twice a week or 4 times per week depending on your schedule. 

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E27 Women vs Trans women | Equality Act | Who can use the N word

women fighting back against Trans women in female sports!!! (00:30)what should trans women do in order to play sports? :03:00)how identity politics affect people’s lives (07:00)TransRacial? (08:30)HR5 (Equality Act) a possible amendment to the constitution (09:50)When Yeufre got called a homophobe (16:50)the double standard exist! but its ok! (19:30)Netflix employee gets fired for using the N  word (21:00)who gets the past to use the N word? (22:20)The struggle gets you the pass (24:30)white people want the pass like it was crack (30:00)when did the use of the N word by the african american community start? (31:50)we are the mo...

E26 Astral Fitness | Tribalism among Latinos and in Politics | BOOK: 12 Rules for Life an Antidote for Chaos by Jordan Peterson | MYTH: Spot Reduction

Astro fitness needs to be more costumer service focus (01:30)why is it that our own people who start problems (06:10)can you record yourself in the gym? (07:20)do we, latinos, have a “conquered mentality”? (09:50)learning about your own culture will create confidence within (13:00)Tribalism in politics (21:00)11% men and 12% women are proficient readers (23:00)Warren vs Biden a fight between who’s more progressive= pathetic (25:50)conspiracy: DNC held impeachment articles to help Joe Biden win the nomination (32:00)Biden is not the right candidate again Trump (35:45)BOOK: “12 rules for life an antidote to chaos”by Jordan Peterson (39:00)why is Jordan Peterson seen as an ALT-RIGHT...

E25 WW3 | book: Atomic Habit by James Clear | Weekly myth: Foam rolling

WW3 (00:20)feelings vs science (02:00)who are you to demand respect? (03:45)when did you experience racism? (04:20)yeufre’s early college experience (06:50)Trump will never lose his base (09:10)Iran vs USA distraction (11:55)Russia moon base (16:25)De Blasio ships homeless to NJ (23:30)Homelessness in NY (23:00)Book recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear (30:40)how to build good habits (35:00)$100 rule (44:30)MYTH: Should you foam roll? (49:30)post workout foam roll (51:05)ice baths post workout (53:43)dynamic warmup/mobility drill better than foam rolling (59:35)the weird self pressure point stick (1:02:15)client went to PT for 10 years with no results (1:05:19)foam rolling recommendation (1:13:00)

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E24 Lizzo’s indecency | Karol’s “kidnaping” | Weekly myth: lose 7lbs of fat in 1 week | New Year New Me mentality

who is Lizzo? why is her ASS out at a game? and why feminist love her? (00:30)Jlo’s ass or Lizzo’s? (06:00)Let’s stop glorifying obesity? (07:20)why are we labeling naked pics are BRAVE? (09:00)we are not looking at your ass, we just want to use the machine? (13:10)everyone is political expert? (16:30)Karol’s kidnap and its affects? (17:20)why aren’t we talking about Karol’s boyfriend who’s 26? (21:20)Follow Don Jr on IG? (24:00)pedophilia more common with priest or teachers (25:10)the last Inca emperor? (31:30)MYTH: lose 7lbs of fat in 1 week (33:50)to burn 7lbs of fat you need to burn 38,500...

E23 Julio’s health scare | Free clinic (The institute for family health ) | Men’s mental health | E-book coming soon | “Man up” is not sexist | Future plans for Revival Fitness

Julio’s health scare (00:15)The Institute for family health- For people with NO INSURANCE (00:55) AIDs test that gives results in 2 minutes (03:00)Julio talks about state of mind while going through health scare (03:57)“A baby and an old man both reach for a hug” (06:55)Men need to talk and put their ego on the side (11:15)being raised tough can be an armor(12:50)Rachel Mariotti (14:50)The positive affect of IG influencers (16:00)Emotional support Pet- Tony (18:20) “MAN UP” is not sexist!!! (21:00)e-book COMING SOON (23:19)the difference between other ebooks and ours (29:00)Beginners shouldn’t be doing a 1RM (31:00)Can’t be a trainer for...

E22 “Game changers” documentary| Dr. Shawn Baker | SOY BOY BETA CUCK| Veganism is about money | Investing in BeyondMeat

Home gym pros and cons (01:30)Toilet paper deficit (03:00)“Game changer” Netflix documentary, the good and bad (04:50)“The carnivore diet”- Shawn Baker [IG: shawnbaker1967] (06:10)Jordan Peterson supports the carnivore diet (09:37)The problem with the vegan agenda (11:30)is cholesterol levels an individual number? (12:39)everyone is different, diet should be individualized due to DNA and likes and dislikes (15:00)what is a SOY BOY BETA CUCK???? (17:25)vegans consumption of soy at a record high which increases estrogen (19:30)Veganism has become part of your identity (23:00)how are we going to feed a fast growing world population? (27:50)life expectancy in USA has dropped along with the high...

E21 Colorado trip | How to vacation after a diet | Box squat benefits | Marathon 2020 | Joker

Colorado trip recap (00:20)Can you train high? (00:50)Problems with New Yorkers traveling (02:15)Marijuana is not for everyone (06:50)yeufre- vacationing after dieting 28weeks (16:10)recommendations on how to vacation while maintaining your goals (17:50)your body doesn’t want to be lean!! (19:50)Jerky sticks- PERFECT SNACK !!!! (22:19)Julio talks about being 200lbs (23:50)Benefits of pre-workout smoothy (26:10)Julio Talks about his current program to squat 500lbs (28:40)deadlift + squat= HARD! (30:4)what happens when you overload the same movement patter (33:10)pros and cons of BOX SQUATS (34:00)DO what works for you!!! (35:30)High, mid, and low box squats, the difference and benefits (37:45)Have a plan but listen to yo...

E20 MindHunters | 6 Essential movements for beginners | GIVEAWAY: 12 week program

MINDHUNTERS- recommended this show (02:10)Beginners programing (07:00)6 movements for beginners (8:20)Is there a Perfect squat? (12:00)Don’t use “your body” as an excuse for a shitty squat (14:30)The perfect squat is an individual’s perfect squat (16:00)how to start with the 1st movement, THE SQUAT(17:50)Goblet squats (18:30)progressive overload for beginners (20:30)write down your workouts (22:08)PUSHUPS (25:24)benefits of unilateral dumbbell press (29:00)Neutral spine (31:30)HIP THRUST, hinge movement (33:00)CHEST SUPPORTED ROWS/PULLDOWNS(34:50)don’t shrug when you row (37:10)REVERSE LUNGES (38:30)OVERHEAD PRESS (41:10)minimum frequency will be 3xWeek (42:00)recap (45:30)GIVEAWAY: 12 WEEK PROGRAM (48:20)what works for people is what people WANT to follow (51...

E19 Amazon fires being used for Vegan propaganda | Tsimane diet vs Eskimo diet | 70% Amerians nutrient deficient | Yeufres 26 week diet

Epstein Conspiracies and Amazon fires (00:30)Vegans using Amazon fires to promote anti-beef movement (04:30)Tsimane diet- Amazonian tribe eat 70% carbs, 15%protein, 15% fats. Lowest heart problems. (10:10)authority vs obedience experiment (15:00)test results of 750 Tsimane (18:00)high inflammation due to high intake of carbs? (22:30)Eskimo diet high fats and protein, 2-8% carbs (26:00)processed food is the true enemy (29:00)baby fed strict vegan diet gone wrong (31:00)what are rickets? (34:45)70% of Americans have a nutrient deficiency (37:00)talking about a balanced diet with your clients (43:30)be easy with add ons like cream cheese (46:25)Yeufre’s progress after 26 weeks dieting (51:20)SLEEP is key for progress (54:20)macros breakdown (56:20)fasting (57:00)


E18 Client with back pain | Energy massage a scam?| Beyond burger vs. grass fed beef


Client progression focus: Back painJulios experience dealing with a new client with spinal fusion(1:00)Training with no progression can make thing worse (7:00)Yeufre’s experience giving a medical massage treatment to the client (11:00)Massage therapy vs regular massage (rubbing oil and energy work) (19:00)Reiki and polarity a scam? (20:30)Yeufre describes how painful it was to get through a polarity class (21:00)Can energy work heal muscle? (24:00)Beyond burger vs grass fed beef (28:00)Ingredients in the beyond burger (30:00)Carbon foot print reduce for going vegan? (35:00)New vegan movie (40:30)Social media identity and marketing (44:00) 

Articles mentioned:

E17 Wonder Women in Fitness: Genesis Quezada 2

Genesis getting ready for Nationals [Teen category](01:00)Genesis talks about feeling depressed after June MEET and how she handled it (02:30)Staying consistent while busy (04:30)mental breakdown and taking responsibility for your own success (05:20)Last MEET results and is it all mental to use Kilos (08:50)other factors that contribute to depression (12:00)you have to respect yourself and have your priorities in order (18:20)finding your purpose is key to a happy life (19:20)Short terms goals for genesis (20:00)changing the little things make a huge difference (Atomic Habits) (21:35)Nationals Goals (24:00)going down in weight class after nationals (27:30)what is a bad relationship with...

E16 Federal complaint for racing boys who identify as girls| what is H5?| Julio's first MEET| Mental transformation

High school girls files federal complaint for having to race BOYS who identify as ‘girls’ (00:50)should schools allow it? (03:30)yeufre wants to know about the girl that placed 3rd, how pissed is she? (09:20)if H5 passes in congress men should unite and get all the female records (13:15)identity shifts mid conversation (17:00)what is H5? (19:00)Stefie Cohen (28:10)Julio first MEET experience (29:10)how julio picked his attempts (33:00)First time MEET fuck ups (35:00)talks about squats (37:00)programing for MEET (41:30)new plan for a taper (47:30)future goals (52:00)Motivating others to compete and Revival Team (54:00)Vishala’s bench (56:00)Strength training vs HIIT classes (1:02:00)Genesis’ bright future a...

E15 Coaches Corner: Michael Garzia

In this episode Yeufre sits down with Personal trainer and nutrition coach, Michael Garzia. He has a bachelors in Nutritional science and biochemistry. He owns his own business focusing on online coaching and personal training.

Topics covered:

The mindset behind training and dietingHow to get back on track when dieting and training takes a back seat  Contest prep dieting and training strategies Supplement protocols Strategies with working with online clients 

Instagram: michaelgarzia_fitness

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E14 Low fat diet & low testosterone | Fat sex therapist & Nazi personal trainers | Cannabis pre-workout

Julio has diarrhea (01:15) 

Julio registers for his powerlifting meet (3:00)Article: Low fat diet leading to low testosterone men (11:30)What fats should you eat to increase testosterone (16:40)Soy foods and high levels of estrogen (17:45)Vegan products doesn’t necessarily mean healthy (18:50)Article: The fat sex therapist (20:20)Therapist compares personal trainers to nazis and children dieting to sexual assault (21:40)“phobic” labeling culture (29:00)Did society create a norm for what is attractive (30:00)Whats with the fascination of big butts and small waist (31:20)Why did Julio start working out (32:00)Julio ask girls to “play the guitar” (33:10)Why Yeufre started working out (34:00)Evolutiona...

E13 Pec tear rehab| Worthless friends| Tennis elbow|


Yeufre talks about tearing his pec(00:30) Pec tear rehab program (4:00)How did Yeufre deal with the tear mentally (7:08)“Good” mentality (7:40) Positive attitude to overcome adversity (10:00)Having friends that help keep you motivated (12:30)Cutting off people that are negative (14:00)How to keep your friends motivated (17:00)Toxic relationships (20:30)Learn how to be selfish (21:45)Be selective with who you share your time with (24:00)Yeufre talks about his client with tennis elbowMovements and muscles involved with tennis elbow (32:00)Stability and strengthening for the forearm and elbow (37:00)Anyone is susceptible to getting tennis elbow (41:00)Use head to facilitate recovery (43:00)Allow your...

E12 Recovery| Jussie Smollett| IG influencers & mental health| Magic pill for muscle

Recovery and when we to rest (00:30)Jussie Smollett’s Trainers business is growing due to the controversy (2:30)how much would you need to get paid to fake an assault? (5:45)instagram influencers- good vs bad (7:05)how many online clients is too much (9:00)generic programs (11:15)camera angles are important for online training (13:05)mind-body crew |near best for “customized” programs| (15:15)“Genetic Ass” fitness model (17:55)the mental health problems caused by instagram influencers (21:00)Be responsible (22:45)Julio’s IG NAKED PICTURE story (23:52)the “fuck it” mentality (28:14)The Pouch (29:15)New fitness scams (30:30)“start with a calf” |Progressive overload| (34:00)magic pill exist: grows muscle without exercise (36:11)tore pec minor injury &am...

E11 Business & Fitness: Dennis Remorca- Remorca Fitness

how did you go from nursing into personal training? (01:01)when did you start your fitness journey? (02:30)the lawyer/ doctor expectations to personal trainer, how did your family feel? (03:27)don’t waste your talent (client advice)  (04:45)1st boutique fitness studio (06:19)in a sea of people you have to stand out, using stereotypes to your advantage  (07:30)what do you notice in the industry that’s trending? (09:10)people crave human interaction, customer service comes first  (09:35)when people exercise its like meditation for them which allows the to think logically (13:00)service you clients on a personal level, hard to connect with clip...

E10 Shoulder pain while benching

pain while bench press? (01:24)don’t go online and search “shoulder pain”, be specific (02:12)bench set up and assessment (02:30)5 points of contact for the bench (04:05)Scapular positioning (05:30)are you able to hold the weight without your arms shaking? (06:43)how to improve shoulder stability (08:05)guillotine bench press (09:30)movement is key for recovery (10:03)posterior chain to aid bench (11:30)shoulder muscles (11:40)change your movement to help recovery (13:00)movement recommendations for rehab (14:00)bicep tendonitis (15:00)if pain is high, take a step back (17:15)warm up routines (18:40)form is key (22:30)Julio’s shoulder injury (24:00)Yeufre’s shoulder injury (25:25)recovery movements (28:15)activating your lats for bench (31:00)the arch while...

E9 Keys to recovering from training-Bernie Sanders and his terrible posture-Transgenders in sports

main stream “recovery” fab (01:06)2 types of recovery to focus on (01:29)recovery for your nervous system (01:43)higher protein intake (04:00)fighting muscle soreness with food (05:30)bar weight, bar speed (07:00)benefits of having an intense working out partner (07:27)what does it mean when you start twitching (08:57)sleep sleep sleep (10:15)muscular recovery (11:25)focus on blood flow, monitoring calories (12:10)stretching while sore (12:40)why 2minutes static stretch (15:12)static hold for recovery (12:22)tips for trainers for muscle recovery (self) (17:50)cryotherapy (19:30)Bernie Sanders horrible posture (21:30)Obese POTUS (22:29)Trump likes ketchup more than Yeufre (22:45)College basketball champions get fast food at white house (23:10)how intense is baseball tho (24:40)Andrew Yang...

E8 Q & A: Alcohol and fat loss-Best accessory movement for the deadlift-Pre and post workout nutrition.

can you drink and still lose weight? (00:36)Julio and Yeufre drink as an experiment to see how we feel (01:10)affects of alcohol in you body (02:46)alcoholic drinks are “dead” calories (04:49)alcohol induces appetite & inhibits judgment (5:47)what to do if you HAVE to drink? (6:40)recovering the day after drinking (8:51)talk to your bartender about non alcoholic drink (11:00)alcohol induces inflation (14:26)hormonal side affects (15:04)no one wants to give up alcohol and its annoying (21:40)do you really need to drink to be part of a social circle? (23:40)the social drinker (27:37)shredded and weak or fat and strong AF (33:30)would you lose 5 year...

E7 Business & Fitness: Vinnie Laspina

E7: business & fitness: Vinny Lespina 

Into: owner of The Fitness officeBeing a rockstar (0:01:02)Vinny studied music and entertainment business (0:01:28)Ed Cohen influenced him (0:01:46)Entering the music business (0:03:05)Working in Nashville but dreamed about NYC (0:03:56)People now a days lack of drive to get experience in whatever field (0:05:42)Read the fine print! (0:06:50)Life in a cubicle (0:08:54)Spotify direct threat to the music industry (0:11:10)Vinny moves to Pennsylvania and starts from the bottom (0:12:50) Searches for new opportunity with Kamionka entertainment (0:15:02)Vinny follows Kamionka Entertainment Van (0:17:16)Vinny meets Mr. Kamionka (0:18:31)Vinny stands out as the “In shape kid” (0:21:52)Vinn...


Julio’s knee surgery experience (0:00:40)Biggest difference between 1st and 2nd surgery (0:03:08)Insurance companies won’t approve MRI before PT (0:04:10)Reasons for Julio’s meniscus tears (0:06:15)Surgery is a Bandaid (0:08:07)Post surgery Recovery (0:10:02)Doctor tells Yeufre’s client to not walk (0:11:26)overuse vs misuse (0:12:36)Assess your knee pain (0:14:15)Client recovering from quad tear (0:15:22)Knee anatomy (0:18:16)Yeufre’s Patellofemoral compression syndrome (PFPS) recovery  (0:20:00)Yeufre gets hit by a car (0:21:46)Physical therapy experience (0:24:08)Yeufre’s knee recovery (0:26:05)PFPS (0:29:50)Exercises for knee pain (0:30:12)IT band syndrome (0:31:54)Reasons for Knee pain (0:34:32)Diminished foot arch doesn’t mean you have NO arch (0:36:12)Knee pain Self Assessmen...

E5 Wonder Women in Fitness: Meghan Lydon

Meghan introduction (0:00:45)Meghan’s mega Taco Bell order (0:01:25)Meghan signs up for a gym (0:03:09)IdealFit Challenge (0:03:34)Find something your passionate about and monetize it (0:05:28)Benefit from weight training for women (0:05:50)Ladies pick up some heavy weight (0:06:34)Trainers are always learning (0:09:42)How to talk to a trainer that thinks they know it all (0:10:15) Evolving as a trainer (0:12:31)First client experience (0:13:14)Know your shit so you can answer the “why” (0:15:15)Change is not supposed to be comfortable (0:15:55)Julio’s first client experience (0:18:35)How long did it feel for Meghan to feel comfortable in her profession (0:21:20)Getting dirty helps you learn more as train...

E4 Weight loss vs Fat loss

E4: weight loss vs fat loss 

Eating one meal to lose weight  (0:01:00)The human body wants to survive (0:02:17)Food is energy, higher protein diet will burn more calories  (0:03:25)Going from zero to a thousand on nutrition (0:05:45)The law of thermodynamics (0:07:12)The Twinkie diet (0:08:00)Bias studies funded by the sugar company (0:09:38)Sugar industry vs fats (0:10:40)Replacing fats with sugar (0:11:05)Sugar is Bad! (0:12:05)Eating zero carbs ((0:12:40)What happens on the first week of a Keto diet? (0:14:26)Celebrities enforcing certain diets  (0:15:06)Celebrities on drugs in order to get in shape for a role (0:15:30)Stop following celebrities (0:17:00)The...

E3 Wonder Women in Fitness: Genesis Quezada part 2

Body dysmorphia (00:50)Being happy with your body and how diet aided (01:30)Helping friends with body dysmorphia by distancing from social media (03:15)Booty programs from IG influencers (04:00)Yeufre considers buying calf program (04:12)Keep track of your own progress and not others (05:05)Powerlifting as a women (06:19)Debunking the notion that women that lift heavy “look like men” (08:30) Respecting each other (09:25)Fake accounts on IG to criticize genesis, dealing with online criticism (10:30)Misconceptions about cardio (11:33)Pros and cons on powerlifting (13:25)IG top 9 and none of her lifting (14:55)Body shaming on social media (16:08)Genesis faces Instagram stalker after tagging location (19:09)Powe...

E2 Wonder Women in fitness: Genesis Quezada part1

In this episode, Yeufre & Julio invite Genesis Quezada to the show. They discuss powerlifting and what got her motivated to the sport, challenges she’s faced as a rookie and how social media has effected her body dysmorphia.

Introduce Genesis (1:30)When did she start training & powerlifting (2:38)Her first inspiration when it came to fitness (4:00)How Instagram played a role in her training (6:10)How did she deal with people criticizing her body goals (6:30)First power lifter she looked up to (7:25)Her lifting numbers before her first competition prep (8:12)How she felt after her first meet (9:00)Did she ev...

E1 Back Pain

In this episode, Yeufre & Julio discuss low back pain and how to get rid of it. They also discuss dad bods, fat shaming among other topics.

Back pain statistics (1:00)Daily habits that can potentially cause back pain (3:50)Is your occupation causing you back pain? (7:20)Benefits of a deep squat (9:20)Should you get a diagnosis? (16:20)What should trainers look at when dealing with clients with back pain (12:50)Core endurance vs core strengthening (15:28)Exercises for core endurance (16:36) Foot imbalances and back pain (21:40)Does tight hamstrings lead to lower back pain?(25:47)Muscles involved in lower back pain (28:00)What is...


In this episode Yeufre & Julio talk about themselves and the current state of the fitness industry. They talk about their careers in personal training and how much has changed since they have started.

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