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The podcast of JMU SportsNews. Giving you all the JMU Sports news and our take on it. We cover anything and everything involving JMU Sports.

The Curious Case of JMU Baseball | JMU Sports News Podcast
Last Friday at 7:50 PM

We discuss some overarching news items, like Shelley Jaudon leaving JMU Women's Tennis to head to Kentucky and Lacrosse's final game of the season. Then we try and figure out JMU Baseball... Presented by BetOnline.

Lacrosse Heads to the Quarterfinals | JMU Sports News Podcast

We discuss Lacrosse's post season run and dive into what that program's success means overall for the Athletic Department. We also breakdown some transfer portal things in football and basketball. Presented by Bet Online.

Lacrosse Continues to Dominate and what to make of Baseball | JMU Sports News Podcast

We discuss the landing spots of some JMU players on NFL Rosters and mini camp then dive into just how dominant Lacrosse and head over to the Diamond.

JMU Was Denied The Waiver | JMU Sports News EMERGENCY Podcast

JMU was all but assured to get the waiver to receive post season eligibility in football a year early... right?? Well... apparently some things changed over the past month or so. We break down what this means for the upcoming JMU Football season

A Waiver, a Portal and a QB Battle walk into a room... | JMU Sports News Podcast

Today we discuss all the things happening around JMU Sports. From this "waiver" everyone speaks of, to JMU Football's Spring Game, some portal talk and of course what is happening with the Diamond Dukes

Devin Ravenel Joins the Podcast | JMU Sports News Podcast

Devin Ravenel joins the podcast to discuss what the Pro Day was like, his preparation for a shot in the NFL and what it was like to come to JMU and make a name for himself.

Percy Agyei-Obese joins the Podcast | JMU Sports News Podcast

Percy Agyei-Obese joins the podcast to talk about his preparation for the NFL as he gears up to play on Sundays. We also go in depth into his JMU Career and the infamous Arby's tweet.

This is a Golf Podcast | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down all things Women's Golf, Lacrosse and the Diamond Dukes.

Thank You, Kiki | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down the final game of the season for JMU Women's Basketball and our wishlist for the offseason for all of basketball. We then dive into the Diamond Dukes and other Spring Action

Women's Basketball NCAA Tournament Preview | JMU Sports News Podcast

The women's team have a date with the Ohio State Buckeyes. We break down the season to this point and what we expect in the Big Dance. Drink Three Notch'd if you're over 21!

JMU WBB IS DANCING! | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down what we saw down at the Sun Belt Conference Tournament for Men's and Women's Basketball. Including expectations with WBB going to the NCAA Tournament!!

The Basketball Postseason Is Here | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down the Sun Belt Men's and Women's Tournament and take a look across the world of spring sports. We are powered by Three Notch'd!

The Spring has Sprung | JMU Sports News Podcast

Jack and Bennett discuss the insanity that is SBC Basketball and look at how the Spring sports are faring a few weeks into the season. We are powered by Three Notch'd Brewing

JMU Basketball Season Heats Up

Both teams are in the mix for double byes in the SBC Tournament. We are powered by Three Notch'd and BetOnline

Men's Basketball is Back! | JMU Sports News Podcast

The Dukes have won six of their last seven games, leaving us to wonder if they could be putting on their dancing shoes come March.

Basketballs are Poised for Solid Finishes? | JMU Sports News Podcast

Bennett and Jack break down what to expect out of MBB & WBB as they head down the stretch.

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Kiki Jefferson & Co. is THE TRUTH | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down how good this women's basketball team is after going to the game on Saturday against Troy. We also discuss the state of Mark Byington's squad and if there is any reason we should still have hope.

Powered by Three Notch'd Brewing

Can MBB Figure It Out? | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down the weekend that was for JMU MBB as they fell to South Alabama but beat Georgia Southern to move to 3-3 in SBC play. Then we discuss how legit the WBB team is as they hold a 13 game winning streak.

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What Now? | JMU Sports News

We break down where the Men's team goes from here after two abysmal losses at home. On the other hand the WBB team is BALLING!

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A Perfect Start | JMU Sports News Podcast

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Conference Play Preview | JMU Sports News Podcast

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Cignetti Extension & FINALLY the end of Non Con | JMU Sports News Podcast

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Conference Play is Almost Here | JMU Sports News

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JMU Men's Basketball is LEGIT | JMU Sports News Podcast

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Thank you, JMU Football | JMU Sports News Podcast

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JMU's Sun Belt Title Game | JMU Sports News Podcast

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An AMAZING JMU Sports Weekend | JMU Sports News

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What Can JMU Do to Snap this Losing Streak? | JMU Sports News Podcast

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JMU Can Upset Louisville | JMU Sports News Podcast

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Welcome to the FBS | JMU Sports News

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We Aren't Undefeated Anymore | JMU Sports News Podcast

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That's NATIONALLY RANKED JMU to you | JMU Sports News Podcast

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JMU Football Remains Unbeaten | JMU Sports News Podcast

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28-3 Is Never A Safe Lead... | JMU Sports News Podcast

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App State Week | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down some of what we expect this week when JMU travels to Boone to take on App State.

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Todd Centeio For Heisman? | JMU Sports News Podcast

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We Thought the FBS Was Hard | JMU Sports News Podcast

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FOOTBALL WEEK! | JMU Sports News Podcast

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Dukes Do Better? | JMU Sports News Podcast

This week, as the new season is approaching, we chat about the new Dukes Do Better Campaign, the latest updates from camp and the QB Battle. Oh, and we accept a giant jenga challenge.

Bold Season Predictions | JMU Sports News Podcast

We break down some of our breakout players, bold season predictions and preseason awards.