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Every week a featured guest will help to explore a different part of the dynamic beer world. This will allow you to examine the beer world through different lenses. Whether you are new to beer, or a seasoned professional, we will have something for you!

Crafting the Digital Space for a Brewery

The online presence of any business is the welcome mat, usually the first interaction the guest has with the brand. For all breweries, this is an opportunity to shine. Aadam Soorma, Head of Marketing and Guest Experience for Trace Brewing in Pittsburgh, PA joins the show to talk about how impactful the digital space can be for a brewery. He covers what goes into content production and engagement, how this can impact the local community, and how Trace has been able to highlight the talents of their staff. 

Big shout-outs to Liquid Death (excellent b...

Brewing with a Pacific Northwest Heartbeat

pFreim Family Brewers is nestled in Hood River, Oregon, a quintessential town where pFreim made pilsners a local favorite. Now, pFreim is expanding into new chapters. We talk with head brewer Campbell Morrissy to discuss the recent brewery expansion for pFriem, their new canning line, hop selections (tis the season!), and his research work at the Barley World Lab.


Campbell Morrissy is the Head Brewer for pFreim Family Brewers and Ph.D. Candidate at Oregon State University under Dr. Pat Hayes in the Barley World Lab.

Exploring Sake

If there is one thing to take away from this show, it's that sake is NOT a wine. This week, we begin to scratch the surface of this exciting beverage with John Fischer, a professor of wine, beverage, and hospitality management for The Culinary Institute of America, also, a Certified Sake Professional. We talk about how to buy sake, what to look for in sake service, how it's made, and the hopefully soon-to-be open sake brewery in Hyde Park, New York. 


Shout out: John Gauntner, Brooklyn Kura, #floweryeast

Return Visit of Maine Beer Co.

Before the pandemic, we had the opportunity to visit Maine Beer Co. in Freeport, Maine this time, the conversation was just as rich, but sadly, less beer. Anne Marisc, Maine Beer Co.'s Partnership + Communications Manager joins the show to talk about continued innovations (like the Black Barn Program), Quality Control, and the ever-shifting Maine beer scene. Take a listen and hopefully, you will be inspired to plan a beer trip to Maine! 

Shoutouts: Blue Ox Malt House, Maine Grain Alliance, #dowhatsright, #drinkitnow, #peeper 

Crafting Beer Training

A passion for beer is started and maintained with education for both brewery employees and patrons. This week on the show, Chris Shields, the Director of Education at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio, describes what built his education and training program and how he continues to grow it. 


Shout outs: Beer Education, Cicerone, Cider Program

Craft Beverage Research

Throughout the world, people are researching every aspect of beer and brewing. This week, we get nerdy, but I assure you, it's fun! Harmonie Bettenhausen, Director of Hartwick College Center for Craft Food & Beverage, is one of those people meticulously researching craft beverages. She takes us through the research she’s worked on for her Ph.D., specifically how barley contributes to flavor. 


Shoutouts: Ommegang, Big Alice, Finger Lakes Breweries/Cideries 

Beer Reflections: 10 Years In

Lone Tree Brewing Company in Lone Tree, Colorado celebrated their 10-year anniversary, late in 2021. President and Co-Founder John Winter, our guest this week, shares insights on building brewery longevity, business decisions over the years, and beer trends.

Brewery Labs

The topic of consistency in brewing has come up multiple times here on Beer Me, and one of the best tools for that is implementing some kind of brewing lab to ensure quality control. Our guest, Merritt Waldron, Quality Director of Baxter Brewing Co. and author of "Quality Labs for Small Brewers: Building a Foundation for Great Beer" takes us through some brewing lab basics. He covers why brewing labs are necessary, how labs differ depending on the kind of brewery, and what a beginner brewing lab should include.

Riverbend Malt House Celebrates

Over the past few weeks, we've had the opportunity to dig into some of the finer points of beer production. We get to continue our journey with Brent Manning, Co-Founder of Riverbend Malt House, which recently celebrated 10 years of operations. We dive into local malt production, sustainable practices, and a little malt production 101. 

Shoutouts: Fonta Flora, #Riverbend10 film, New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, Craft Maltsters Guild

Brewing Transitions

Breaking into a field and climbing the ladder is a challenge no matter what the endeavor. Brewing is no exception. Megan Seastedt, a brewer, consultant, trainer, and podcaster, joins the show this week. She takes us through her brewing transitions, from homebrewer to production manager and everything in between. We talk about the challenges and what she has learned along the way. 


Shoutouts: North Country Brewing, Brewers Guild, Pink Boots, OSU Fermentation program, Southern Tier Brewing, Rock Bottom Brewing, BA Education, White Labs


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Norwhey, a Nordic Twist on Hard Seltzer

Countless new ready-to-drink beverages, seltzers, and other canned beverages are flooding the market. One of the newest, and currently only available in Western New York, is Norwhey. This is made from fermented yogurt whey, that would otherwise be waste. Co-founder, and Cornell University Professor, Sam Alcaine joins the show to talk about Norwhey and his journey through the world of fermented beverages. 


Shoutouts: Miller Coors, NY Dairy Promotional Board, Doc Luces (DENVER), Tepache, Pulque 

Some Beer Whimsy

Our Instagram feed has been peppered with delightful, educational beer comics, illustrating beer flavors, styles, or pairings. This week, the creator of these happy posts joins us on the show. Award-winning cartoonist, Em Sauter is our guest this week. 

Em founded Pints and Panels to produce cute and visual beer education. Em tells us about the process of developing educational, fun, and often whimsical, beer illustrations. Check out her newest book, "Hooray for Craft Beer!", on pre-order now. 

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From Grain to Bottle

Beer is a product of agriculture. The grains and hops that are used in a beer recipe are very thoughtfully selected to create vastly different styles. Jeff O'Neil, the founder of Industrial Arts Brewing Company in the Hudson Valley, NY, joins the show. We talk through what goes into sourcing local malt and hops, how the local malt industry has improved in New York, and the shifting hop production in the US. We also dip our toes into water conservation during the brewing process (pun intended).

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Celebrating Women in Craft Beverage

Last weekend, the city of Auburn, NY hosted the first annual Brave Brews Fest. This was a three-day event to celebrate women in craft beverages organized by this week's guest, Dawn Schulz, co-founder of Prison City Brewing. We dive into the event, why it was important, how industry events like this help move women forward in beer, and how women can break into traditionally male-dominated roles within the beer world. 


Shoutouts & Mentions: 


Pink Boots Society, Jacki Hannon (Bells Brewery), Sloop Brewing (their internship!), Celeste Beatty (Harlem Brewing Company), Jackie Dodd Mallory (aka...

Crafting a Safe Space

Beer Me likes to get nerdy, about cask beer, hops…but this week we are taking a deep dive into safety. The landscape of the beer industry is changing and will continue to evolve to be more inclusive. With this change, spaces that beer inhabits need to be safe (taprooms, breweries, bars). Amie Ward, a hospitality veteran, and Safe Bars trainer joins the show to talk about how to intervene in an unsafe situation and why training, like Safe Bars, is vital in this industry.


Hear more about the beer industry confronting sexual harassment and dis...

Crafted Hospitality: Settle Down Easy

How many times have you gone into a brewery and instantly liked it? Or enjoyed an afternoon in a taproom so much you forget the exact beers you tried (overindulging aside), you just know you had a great time? Any service-based establishment is striving to create a crafted experience for their guests. Frank Kuhns, co-owner of Settle Down Easy Brewing Co. joins the show to share how he has channeled years of hotel experience into curating a memorable guest experience. We talk about building a brand, storytelling, and how the customer is always first (not always right). 



Brewing with a Sense of Place

Todd Boera, Co-Founder and Creative Director for Fonta Flora Brewery in North Carolina joins the show to discuss American Farmhouse Brewing. We discuss why this kind of brewery is significant and the different local ingredients Fonta Flora has incorporated into their beers, from pawpaws to local wood.  

Beer Style 101: Porter

Michael Williams, Lead Beer Educator for Great Lakes Brewing Co. joins the show to talk about all things porters, including the history, production, and food pairings. Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland, OH produces a benchmark brew as far American Porters are concerned, with their Edmond Fitzgerald (aka. Fitz, Eddie Fitz). Pour a glass of your favorite roasty, toasty, dark brew, and tune in!

Holiday Drinking

Here on Beer Me! we have a little end-of-year tradition to get some friends in the studio to talk about their favorite beers for the holiday season. We are reviving that tradition, little by little. 

Today, we welcomed back to the show, Sam Nellis, Bar Director for All-Purpose and Red Hen in DC. We dive into holiday beer, non-alcoholic beers, cocktail traditions, and embracing all beverage preferences. Cheers! and we will see you in the new year! 

Let's Celebrate Lagers

December 10th is National Lager Day! (We are embracing made-up holidays, especially when it involves lagers). Lisa Allen, Head Brewer of Heater Allen Brewing in McMinnville, OR joins the show to discuss everything that is lagers! Or course we get off track, but that's part of the charm. 

Hard Seltzer 101

Hard seltzers are a rapidly growing market segment that is projected to grow even more in the coming years. Craft brewers are embracing the trend and the selection is never-ending. Thankfully, Eric McCrory, Sr. Manager of Product Education + Culinary at The Boston Beer Company, (and Advanced Cicerone) was willing to join the show this week to give a quick Hard Seltzer 101, specifically how it's made. As usual, the show takes a few detours, but we get there eventually! 

Craft Beer Marketing: Well Deserved Recognition

All breweries have stories to tell, but how they tell them has developed drastically over the years. Jim McCune, co-founder of the Craft Beer Marketing Awards joins the show to talk about how beer marketing is constantly reinventing and pushing new boundaries. Beer can art alone is a prime example of that. He also shares insights into often overlooked ways a brewery can share their story. 

Craft Beer Evolution, For Everyone

The Brewers Association (BA) faced the #metoo movement in craft beer head-on during September's Craft Brewers Conference. Many of the seminars, training sessions, and speakers focused on the evolution that needs to happen in craft beer. One of those voices, a very strong one, was Virginia Morrison, Esq. She is the co-founder, chief executive officer, and chief legal officer at Second Chance Beer Company, she is also the DEI chair on the BA's Board of Directors and comes from an extensive background in employment law. She joins the show to talk about the importance of building a positive work...

Beer Histories, Now

A filmmaker, professor, journalist, and brewer walk into a bar...or rather, a panel, hosted by Theresa McCulla on October 22nd. This virtual event is in collaboration with the National Museum of American History and will discuss beer in the US, the past and present. Aside from this exciting event, Theresa shares how her work as the curator of the American Brewing History Initiative has morphed over the past year to capture the ongoing evolution of the craft beer community. If you are in the DC area, check out the American Brewing Exhibit at the National Museum of American...


This past May, Brienne Allan kicked off a reckoning within the craft beer community in regards to sexual harassment and discrimination. Brienne joins the show along with LeBaron Meyers, President of NotMe Solutions. #Notme is a reporting platform for those who have experienced or witnessed racism, harassment, discrimination and misconduct. ‚ÄúCraft beer is in a liminal phase‚Ķan in-between‚ÄĚ said Bart Watson of the BA during last week‚Äôs Craft Brewers Conference. There has been a call to action, and the industry is certainly responding.¬†

Brewery Ardennes: Opening A Brewery In A Pandemic, It's All In The Details

Brewery Ardennes: Opening a brewery in a pandemic, it's all in the details

Nestled in the banks of Seneca Lake in Geneva, New York is newly opened, Brewery Ardennes. Derek and Stacy Edinger opened the brewery in May 2021, but have this stunning, Belgium-inspired brewery producing and operating like a veteran brewery. With backgrounds in aerospace engineering and hospitality, Derek and Stacy have a deep understanding of attention to detail, which shines through in the beer and the brewery. Listen in to hear tips for opening a new brewery and the challenges they faced opening...

Homebrewing Chats with Annie Johnson

In 2013, Annie Johnson won the American Homebrewer Associations' Homebrewer of the year award. She is now a brewmaster, a certified beer judge (BJCP), a chapter leader in the Seattle Pink Boots Society Chapter, and a member of the Governing Committee for the American Homebrewers Association. She shares her story and some tips along the way for homebrewers everywhere.

Brewing in Asia

Craft beer continues to grow in popularity throughout Asia. For the 6th year, Seabrew, an annual conference, and trade fair for the brewing community will commence in Taipei this November. Charles Guerrier, Director of Seabrew, takes us through the importance of this conference and what has been the most impactful for brewers who come from all over Asia.  

Monstruo de Agua Cerveceria: Tenaciously Sustainable Brewing in Mexico City

Matias Vera Cruz Dutrenit, founder of Monstruo de Agua Cerveceria in Mexico City, joins us on the show to discuss how his brewery (part of the Colectivo Axolote) embraces Mexican terroir and seeks to support sustainable practices in beer production. We dive into the importance of agroecological-regenerative practices and how impactful they can be. 

Shipping Solutions: Importer with a Jazz Soul

Jon Lundbom, Division manager from Importer, B.United joins us on the show. We dive into creative shipping solutions and how exciting international breweries are breaking into the U.S. market. Jon is also the jazz guitarist for the band "Big Five Cord"...we recommend sipping your favorite brew while listening to some of their albums. 

Radical Candor + Growth with Julia Herz

This week we welcome back to the show Julia Herz, Founder and CEO of HerzMuses Enterprises LLC. As the keynote speaker for The Women's International Beer Summit in April, we dive into proactive ways women can use their voices and how we (collectively) should never shy away from tougher conversations. Julia also shares one of her new projects: Gray for Good - For all Womanhood (I grayed, I saved, I gave). And of course, we get to talk about love for cask ale.  

Beer Me is Back!

After a difficult pandemic season, Beer Me is back! Katie Marisic, the Federal Affairs Director for the Brewers Association joins the for this special relaunch. Katie shares how the Brewers Association responded to the major revenue losses their members experienced in the midst of the pandemic. We also dive into the recent @RatMagnet stories that revealed the mistreatment of people in the beer industry and discuss the question: is there actually progress being made in this area? Katie also shares the resources provided by the Brewers Association to address the mentioned issues in this episode.

A Virtual Beer Dinner with Bell's Brewery

During this time, we have to get creative, this includes beer dinners. Jacki Hannon from Bell's Brewery organized and executed a top-notch beer dinner - all online! She calls in to chat about how she put it together, and tips for how to do your own. She also catches us up on how Bell's Brewery is coping with our current pandemic. We go a little off-topic with a shot out to The Brewers Association - the Craft Brewers Conference is online folks! In summary: "If you could drink one beer for the rest of your life, why would it be...

The Pink Boots Society

Today Odessa Winter and Lily Schulz from the DC chapter of The Pink Society discuss what they hope for the craft beer industry and what they are doing to make those changes. The Pink Boots Society is a non-profit with members all over the world that: "was created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education."  Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

Beer Giving Back

Brewers are stewards of the community. To list all the good brewers have done for their neighborhoods - we can't, it would take too long. Today we are highlighting one big thing: A St. Baldrick's Event at Boundary Stone to help conquer childhood cancer. This annual event (this year: March 15th) fueled by donated beer, and many a DC brewer's participation/fundraising. We also manage to talk over some beer news and the new Atlas Brew Works location in Navy Yard.  Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

Crowdsourced Beer

Raman Santra (Creator of Nightlife blog Barred in DC), Bobby Bump (Head Brewer at Right Proper Brewing Company), and Michael Stein (President of Lost Lagers and Sr. Staff Writer at joined forces to brew a beer that is built through a series of online polls. For example: "What should the appearance of the beer be?".  The results are in and the beer will be released late March. We get into beer social media, the restrained palates of the general public, and get some fun beer history tidbits. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

Beer Storytelling

A topic that comes up a lot here on Beer Me! Is how the craft beer industry has expanded so much over the years, that establishments really need to make an effort to stand out. Breweries, brewpubs, and beer bars need to tell a story and create a brand. Dmitri Chekaldin, the owner of Dacha Beer Garden in the Shaw neighborhood of DC and Dacha Navy Yard, has a story for both of his locations, and very specific ways he tells that story. Today he joins the show to talk about the little details and choices he scrutinized over to...

A Sip of Something Else: Tiki Drinks

This series of episodes will cover beverages that are near and dear to the beer world. This week: Tiki cocktails. Brewers and beer professionals have a true affinity for tiki. You see the flavors pop up in brews throughout the US - and most beer professionals love tiki bars and cocktails. Who doesn't?! Jeff Faile, spirits specialist for Bacchus Imports is on the show to talk tiki history and cocktails. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

Drink Better Beer

Josh Bernstein is a beer, spirits, food, and travel journalist. He has written some pretty cool beer books, like "Brewed Awakening" and "Homebrew World." Well, what do we need now? MORE BEER BOOKS! And Bernstein has delivered with his newly \-published "Drink Better Beer: Discover the Secrets of the Brewing Experts." Calling in from his home in Brooklyn, he discusses our burning questions about this new read! Powered and distributed by SImplecast.

Homebrewing VS. Commercial Brewing

Pete Jones (Education and Competition Committee Chairman of the DC Homebrewers Club), Jake Grover (Events Committee Chairman of the DC Homebrewers Club) and Ron Fink (Lead Brewer at Jailbreak Brewing Company) join us in studio to discuss how these two brewing worlds differ in ingredients, processes, and mindset. We also manage to cover other homebrewing facts and get nerdy about lagers. Powered and distributed by Simplecast