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Welcome to the podcast of C3LA, a church for the people of Los Angeles. Our lead Pastors are Jake and Nicole Sweetman and we pray these episodes leave you encouraged, strengthened, and confident in God’s love and good plan for your life. To connect with us or find out more about C3LA, visit c3losangeles.com

Church Rules & Christian Dating | Pastor Adam Smallcombe
Last Monday at 3:00 PM

A refreshing message that teaches us how to navigate relationships and sexual desires as believers using the word of God as our guide and grace of God as our power.

It's Not My Body

Part of our "Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing" series, Jake delivers one of the greatest, hope-giving messages on sexual immorality with practical ways to live out God's call to glorify Him with our bodies.

It's Not My Body

Part of our "Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing" series, Jake delivers one of the greatest, hope-giving messages on sexual immorality with practical ways to live out God's call to glorify Him with our bodies.

Repost Mentality

A prophetic message about the how we can overcome reposting mentality and rebuild our stamina for processing the truth and God's word in our lives.

Servants, Stewards, and Siblings

A heartfelt and straightforward message about Paul's call to radically shift how we think about the church & what three identities help us do that.

ONE NIGHT : What's unity got to do with it? A conversation with Pastor Jake Sweetman and friends James Fowler & Amara Ononiwu

A refreshing discussion about how the Bible defines unity and the way it impacts diversity and moves of the Holy Spirit.

The Grace to Grow Up

In a time where it seems like comparison is tempting us every direction we look, Lead Pastor Jake Sweetman brings a refreshing word about the grace God has for each of us individually and our need to allow it to mature us in Christ.

The Gospel & Our Part In It

In part two of our book study through 1 Corinthians, Joe Pringle unpacks chapter two, to introduce us to three ways we allow the gospel to get us involved in God's incredible plan for humanity.

When the Main Thing Becomes the Hardest Thing

A re-orienting message that reveals how Christians are the world changed by Jesus and that when we get on as the church in the way the New Testament teaches us to, God will use that to change the world.

Prayer and The Holy Spirit

A poignant message unpacking Jesus' final discourse so that we can understand the gift of the Holy Spirit and the powerful outworking of prayer in our lives to reach the world.

The Source of Our Dreams

A message about the power of abiding in Jesus and allowing the Father to come in and cut things away so that instead of carrying what feels like a broken, barren branch forward, we are able to make room for the new sprout that will bear fruit.

Let Hope Have The Last Word

In this brilliant message, Amara brings us the truth about how living with Christ as the center of our hope empowers us to live boldly and expectantly instead of in fear, waiting for the 'other shoe to drop'.

Good News of Great Joy

A refreshingly honest message about why the gospel is good news and how it's by living a life in relationship with Jesus that we experience the greatest joy.

Vision Sunday

A message about the goodness of God and the life of adventure His goodness calls us into.

Are You Asking The Wrong Question?

Finances affect all of life— a truth we are all aware of. In this message, Jake brings invaluable truths and practices that help us live our lives from a revelation of His abundance and His purpose for the Church.

ONE NIGHT : Building Endurance with Pastors Jake Sweetman, Michael & Jillean Whittle, and Joseph & Christine Pringle

This ONE NIGHT featured a panel that challenged us to ask the questions, How is endurance cultivated in our lives? How do we carry vision individually and corporately? Through our trials. Through our faithfulness. We see God’s hand at work in our life. What vision is God inviting you into for the coming year? 

Not One is Missing

Part three in our By Way of Terrain series brought us a message uncovering the reasons we're tempted to direct our trust to idols other than God and strengthened our hearts to turn back to God and wait well.

Going Global

 In this paradigm-shifting message, Jake Sweetman teaches from Isaiah 40 and the Israelites return from exile to help us get a bigger vision of who God is and the future He's prepared.

Make Way for the Word

Kicking off our new series, 'By Way of Terrain', Jake Sweetman brings a message about how to live a life that personally experiences the power of God's word.

Making Sense of Morality

The Old Testament had a lot to say about morality. And today, there's a lot being said whether or not it applies to Christians. In this message Jake helps us understand how this question can only be rightly answered when we understand how Christ treated and fulfilled the Old Testament law.

Fear of God

The fear of the Lord is the antidote to the fear of man and in this message, Nicole Sweetman teaches us what kinds of confidence is the fruit of a healthy fear of God.

Body Language

 In the final message of our Disintegrated series, Sarah Wallick speaks from the truths that God is good & our bodies belong to Him; teaching how integrating our lives with the Bible equips us to honor God with our bodies.

Change of Heart

 In part three of our Disintegrated series, James Crocker uncovers the difference between culture’s way of handling our emotions and God’s, and how only one of them leads to life, love, and freedom.

The Jesus-Shaped Mind

In part two of our Disintegrated series, Michael Whittle teaches how faith doesn’t only speak to our feelings, but should transform and inform our intellect about all of life.

ONE NIGHT: Called to the Church, Committed to the City with Pastors Jake & Nicole Sweetman

In our monthly ONE NIGHT gathering, Jake & Nicole share their revelation on the implications of the Church being the living expression of Jesus to the onlooking world.

Christian Truth, Secular Culture, and An Unshakeable Life

 Launching our new series on the marriage of belief and life, Lead Pastor Jake Sweetman preaches from the eye-opening conviction that Christianity isn't religious truth, it's total truth about the whole of reality.

The Greatest Expression of Love | Amara Ononiwu

Happy Sunday! We're so glad you're joining us today. In the chat we’re connecting with community + sharing what’s encouraging us in service. Let’s open our hearts and invite God to speak to us today.

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2 Tim 3:16-17
Ephesians 4:32
1 John 2:5
Eph 1: 22-23 MSG

Consider Your Ways

In a time where we're constantly fed choices to make and it can seem like we're living in one gigantic algorithm, Joe Pringle brings a powerful teaching on staying aligned with the word of God.

God’s People and God’s Word

A powerful message from Jake Sweetman about how the people of God are to approach the word of God and live courageously under the Lordship of Christ.

The Grace Gap

 Each of us was created intentionally, creatively, uniquely. In this message, Jillean Whittle empowers us with a message about how grace & truth help us rise above our insecurities and resist the temptation to disqualify, isolate, and render ourselves disconnected from the Body.

ONE NIGHT : There's Joy In The Journey with Pastors Jake & Nicole Sweetman

With our world the way it is right now, how are we supposed to have joy in the journey? Lead Pastors Jake and Nicole Sweetman break it down for us at our church-wide One Night.

I've Been Thinking

In this brilliantly simple message, Pastor Michael brings our attention to an often over-looked detail in a well-known story in the Bible that reveals how we can be believers who’s thoughts align with the truth of who Jesus is.

Open Doors

Looking Blind Bartimaeus and Zacchaeus, Pastor Nicole brings a powerful word about what causes us to miss open doors of opportunity and how we can posture ourselves to follow where God is leading.

You Have The Words

In this message Pastor Jake introduces three practical ways to bring our whole life under the Lordship of Jesus, so that we can experience the identity, joy, salvation, and strength that is available to us through God’s presence.

A Conversation with Jake Sweetman and Tim Ross

C3LA Lead Pastor, Jake Sweetman, sits down with Pastor Tim Ross for an attention-holding conversation about Jesus' Lordship and how it impacts our whole lives from our ethnicity and culture, to personal rights and responsibilities.

ONE NIGHT : My Mind, My Responsibility with Pastor Filmore Bouldes of C3NYC

The mind is the gateway to the soul and in this pastoral word we are equipped with practical tools to take responsibility for our thought lives and allow them to be transformed by God.

God's Plan

Pastor Tim Ross brings us a fresh word on God’s plan by looking at what Paul taught the believers to share in from pain to promises, and how our decision to live as one body has the power to change the world.

A Church In Motion: Part I

Comparison is often warned against, but in this unexpected and empowering message, Pastor Jake Sweetman shares invaluable wisdom about what we should actually do with comparison if our aim is to be more like Christ.

The Blessing Of Being

Love is how Jesus builds. In this brilliant message from Pastor Jake Sweetman we learn how our identity is shaped by our being a part of the church Jesus is building in love

His Lordship, Our Life

Join us for this first message in our newest series ‘Congregate’, which is all about how a true revelation of who Jesus is and His Lordship is what enables us to live the lives we were destined to live.