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By: Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka SJ Childs

Are you looking for an engaging podcast that will help you stay informed and inspired on the topics of education and parenting? Look no further than The SJ Childs Show! This podcast is ranked in the top 10% of all podcasts globally and covers a wide range of topics, from neurodiversity and inclusion to parenting and education. Featuring interviews with top experts and inspiring discussions, this show offers unique insights and perspectives on the world of education and parenting. Join us on an enlightening journey that will challenge your beliefs and help you become a better parent, educator, and global citizen...

Episode 259-Raising the Next Generation with Guidance and Grace- Family Coach Kathy Bowers
Last Saturday at 3:00 PM

Ever wondered how a simple shift in parenting approach can lead to a harmonious family life and resilient children? Kathy Bowers, a remarkable family coach from England, joins us to share her transformative journey from nursery nursing to empowering families through her innovative coaching methods. She dives into the heart of modern parenting challenges, discussing the delicate balance between nurturing independence and providing a safety net, along with the significance of self-care for parents.

Imagine children thriving on accountability, learning from their stumbles, and growing into independent young adults. That's the vision Kathy paints as she unravels...

Episode 258-A Conversation with Carice Anderson on Cultivating Self-Leadership and Embracing Collaboration

Embark on a journey with Carice Anderson as she unfolds her life story, from her humble beginnings in Huey Town, Alabama, to her days as a global wanderer and scribe. Her narrative is a tapestry woven with the threads of family values, spiritual richness, melodious tunes, and scholarly pursuits. Your ears will be treated to tales of her South African adventures, where cultural revelations broadened not just her horizons but her very essence. As a bonus, Carice generously offers a beacon of guidance for the fledgling professionals among us, sharing the wisdom gleaned from her own slip-ups with the...

Episode 257-The First 6570 Days: Nellie Harden on Mindful Motherhood and the Architectural Blueprint of Parenting

When Nellie Harden, a seasoned marine mammalogist turned human psychologist, made the pivot to mindful motherhood, she uncovered the profound impact of those first "6570" days on a child's development. Her story, filled with perseverance and the transition from her own challenging childhood to raising four daughters, resonates deeply with anyone who has ever questioned the nuances of parenting. Nellie joins us to impart her wisdom on positive discipline, tailoring strategies to meet the unique needs of each child, and the architect-like role parents play in designing the foundation for our children's futures.

In the company of Nellie...

Episode 256-The Link Between Self-Esteem and Academic Success: Insights from Gabrielle Crichlow

Have you ever pondered the intricate dance between a child's self-esteem and their academic success? Gabrielle Crichlow, the founder of Step Ahead Tutoring Services, joins us to illuminate this fascinating interplay. From her early days as a peer helper to a full-fledged entrepreneur, Gabrielle's journey epitomizes the transformative power of education. She offers a treasure trove of insights on how fostering a positive self-image in students is just as crucial as nurturing their academic prowess.

This conversation peels back the layers of individualized educational support, aligning with the Common Core standards, and how it's tailored to meet...

Episode 255-From Silver Screen to Storybooks: Celebrating the Magic of Children's Literature with Carrie Pierce

Have you ever held a storybook and felt its magic ripple through to the core of your being? That's the sensation Carrie Pierce and I celebrate in our heartfelt conversation, where we traverse her amazing journey from the silver screen to the cozy nook of children's literature. Together, we uncover the intrinsic value of tangible books in nurturing the young mind and heart, challenging the ever-present digital distraction. Carrie brings to light the profound impact literature has on personal growth, the preservation of intergenerational bonds, and the shaping of society's future custodians.

The narrative deepens as we...

Episode 254-Mastering the Journey of Parenting Teenagers: Resilience, Independence, and Embracing Neurodiversity with Chantal Cote

Every parent knows the road to raising teenagers is paved with a unique blend of challenges and triumphs. In our latest episode, we're joined by Chantal, a teen psychology expert, who offers a map for navigating this terrain with grace and wisdom. Together, we uncover the keys to fostering resilience and independence in adolescents, discussing the fine line between giving them the freedom to soar and the safety net they need. I reflect on my own parenting journey, sharing insights on the art of allowing our children to learn from their struggles and why a supportive stance can be...

Episode 253-Empowering Childbirth: Navigating Legalities, Medical Interventions, and Advocacy with Expert Attorney Gina Mundy

Unlock the mysteries of childbirth with the guidance of Gina, a veteran childbirth attorney, as we navigate the often complex and emotional landscape of bringing new life into the world. With over twenty years in the trenches, Gina shares her profound insights on how to prepare for the unpredictable nature of labor and delivery. This episode is a must-listen for expectant parents, as we break down the legal intricacies and medical interventions like Pitocin, and emphasize the paramount importance of informed decision-making and having a supportive delivery team at your side. 

Embark on a journey through the h...

Episode 252- Paul Zolman-From Generational Anger to Empathy: Transforming Relationships Through Boundaries, Love Languages, and Kindness

Have you ever felt the weight of generational anger shape your worldview? My guest, Paul, and I explore the raw and riveting transformation from anger to empathy, revealing how one can reconstruct an upbringing awash with frustration into a life brimming with understanding. We discuss the pivotal role of education in breaking free from the shackles of inherited discord and dive into the potent mix of self-aware change as a catalyst for healthier communication.

Setting boundaries is an art form, and in this episode, we paint a vivid picture of personal growth through the mastery of this...

Bonus Episode-Riding Shotgun with Vic Ferrari: Tales from a Retired NYPD Detective

Step off the streets and into the squad car with Vic Ferrari, a retired NYPD detective with a library of tales that would keep even the most seasoned crime novelists on their toes. In a candid chat, Vic offers us an insider look at his two decades with the NYPD, revealing the highs and lows of life in blue. From his start, influenced by the gritty crime dramas of his youth, through the challenging days in Narcotics and Auto Crime, his career reads like the pages of the very books he now writes. Strap in for a journey through...

Episode 251- Charting a Course for Intentional Parenting with Amy Weichel: Family Goals, Technology, and Cultivating Worldly Children

Embarking on the parenting journey often feels like navigating uncharted waters, but imagine steering your family ship with unwavering intention and faith. That's precisely what Amy Weichel, founder of Faithful Parent, has mastered. In today’s episode, we traverse Amy's personal odyssey from professional teaching to the intimate classroom of homeschooling her four children. As we exchange stories, it becomes clear that whether it's moving cross-country or establishing weekly family goals, Amy's zeal for nurturing independent, focused learners shines bright. Her insights on embracing life's unpredictable waves with a flexible mindset make for a conversation as refreshing as it is...