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By: Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka SJ Childs

Are you looking for an engaging podcast that will help you stay informed and inspired on the topics of education and parenting? Look no further than The SJ Childs Show! This podcast is ranked in the top 10% of all podcasts globally and covers a wide range of topics, from neurodiversity and inclusion to parenting and education. Featuring interviews with top experts and inspiring discussions, this show offers unique insights and perspectives on the world of education and parenting. Join us on an enlightening journey that will challenge your beliefs and help you become a better parent, educator, and global citizen...

Autism Podcast Series Episode 176-Founder of CARD Center for Autism and Related Disorders-Dr. Doreen Granpeeshah
Today at 7:00 AM

In this episode, I have the great honor of speaking to an Icon and Pioneer of Autism related services. Doreen Granpeeshah opened the CARD center in 1979 and now there are more than 280+ centers across the nation. She is a very intellectual, compassionate, and inspiring woman. She has a daytime Live show on the "Autism Live" show on the Autism Network. You can check her out, ask questions, and learn so so much every Tuesday at 10 am Pacific.  Be sure to check out the latest project the Pocastathon which will be a 44-hour-long podcast takeover by dozens of podcasters, including m...

Autism Podcast Series Episode 175- Austrailian Musician, Pro-Wrestler and Advocate-Gareth Holmes
Last Wednesday at 6:00 AM

In this episode, I have an exciting conversation with a musician and pro wrestler out of Australia, Gareth Holmes. Growing up in a 9th generation of music, it was a natural thing for Gareth to enjoy, but with his love of physical activity and pushing himself to achieve his dreams, he became a pro wrestler and is carving out a career of living out his dreams!  

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 174- Autistic Blogger, Former Educator, IEP and Disability Law Advocate C.S. Wyatt
Last Sunday at 6:00 AM

In this episode with C.S. Wyatt, an autistic blogger, former educator, IEP and Disability Education Law advocate, we dive deep into the American School System, its systematic issues, dilemmas, and advice on how to help change the information~

Check out his blog here:

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 173-Autism, 2e Mother of 3, Creator of the Award Winning Film O'Kelley Legends: 2e Behind the Scenes-Harri James O'Kelley

This is one of those AH HAH moments episodes. You know what I mean, that moment you realize, have I just discovered a piece of myself through another? So profound. Harri James O'Kelley, for those who do not know, is a legendary actress, filmmaker, director, and producer of this era! Go check out the fantastic works shes been a part of, not to mention the reason she is here today- a film, created out of a ploy to get out of doing homework.... I'll say no more, please listen, enjoy, and then click the link below to view the...

Autism Podcast Series Episode 172- IRL Social Skills Program with Mara McLoughlin

In this episode, I have the honor of chatting with the founder of IRL Social Skills Mara McLoughlin. I've copied this directly from her website because I couldn't sum it up better myself!! Great episode, enjoy! New Classes Starting Now for Spring!! 

"A self-diagnosed autistic human and certified provider of the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®), Mara holds both her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communication Science. She knows that communication is the key to life. Mara was appointed to the Oregon Commission for Autism Spectrum Disorder by Governor Kate Brown for a...

Autism Podcast Series Episode 171- Author, Hypnotherapist, and Autism Mom Angela Myer

In this episode, I explore a conversation with the Author of the "Undetected Narcissist" Angela Myer. She is also a hypnotherapist and helps others find the best paths to let go of things that do not serve them. She has a son on the Autism spectrum, and she's used her practice to help support and build skills for herself, her family, and her community.  All the links to her book and socials are below! Enjoy!

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 170- Autism Dad and Author-Clay Boatright

In this episode, I have a vulnerable and tender discussion with Author and Autism Dad of 2 daughters, Clay Boatright. 

In his new book titled "God's Plan Our Circus" Clay discusses his journey from the beginning, through tragedy, loss, and unconditional love. Don't miss this one, and have the tissues ready for a possible tear-jerker!

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 169- Autistic Advocate & Professional DJ-Jake Maxwell- HEADS UP~Sensitive and Adult Discussions in this episode

In this episode I speak with Jake Maxwell, he is autistic and also lives with a mitochondrial condition. This is an adult discussion with topics such as LGBTQ+, LOBO, and Adult themed topics. Please be aware as listeners, this episode is better suited to a 17+ audience. Jake runs a non-profit organization in which he holds events of all inclusion! Check out his website, and social media below! Enjoy~

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 168- Autism and Fragile "X"-Exploring the Connection with Kirsten Fowler

In this episode, I have a vulnerable discussion about Autism and Fragile "X" Syndrome. You'll understand more about Fragile "X" and Autism and how closely related they can be. Plus she shares her book "Family, Faith, and Fragile X: The Raw Story of a Mother With Three Special Needs Children", and her experiences in writing it. 

Get the Book Here:

Check out her website here:

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 167- The Modern Spectrum- Founder Christine Binko

In this week's episode, I talk to The Modern Spectrum Neurodiverse Family Parent Coach, Christine Binko. If you are a parent of a neurodiverse child, you know how challenging it can be to navigate the world with a unique perspective. This podcast is here to help you find the resources, strategies, and community you need to thrive as a neurodiverse family. Christine discusses the latest research and shares real stories of neurodiverse families who have found success. Learn how to create an inclusive environment, foster relationships, and build a support system for you and your child. Tune in and...

Autism Podcast Series Episode 166- Autism Special Education Teacher with Tourettes- Mark Chartier

Mark is an exceptional teacher and has such a commitment to his students. He teaches them to have faith and belief in their value as humans. We could all wish to have such an amazing teacher with our special students. So grateful for having him on the show. We discuss student rights, needs, accommodations and support systems. Enjoy!

Go check out An Apple a Day Podcast with Jimmy Apple

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 165- Rob Gorski, Autism Dad and Podcast Host of the Autsim Dad Podcast

In this conversation, I speak with Rob Gorski, founder and host of the Autism Dad Podcast. Throughout his journey with 3 on the Autism Spectrum, he has created a blog and podcast to help bring community, resources, and togetherness for Autism Families! Enjoy this great episode!

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 164- Autism Legal Advocate Professor Samuel Levine

I'm honored to speak with Professor of Law and Director of the Jewish Law Institute Samuel Levine in this episode. Over his years working as the director of the Touro Law Center, Professor Levine has advocated and spent countless hours discussing and providing direction and advocacy for autism and other special education areas.  We discuss the importance of individual education plans (IEP) and also the laws and regulations protecting the disability community in education.

Professor Samuel J. Levine joined the Touro Law Center faculty in 2010 as a Professor of Law and D...

Autism Podcast Series Episode 163- Autistic Singer Songwriter and New Upcoming Icon Advocate-Cierra June

Cierra June is an upcoming Autistic Icon. She is a singer, songwriter, and an advocate showing the world that hard work, dedication, and commitment to being your true self, is how you can find success no matter your ability! 

Enjoy this episode with an exceptional musical performance to start it off~

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 162- Autism Pioneer and Mom- Autism TikTok Influencer-Betsy Hicks Russ

Autism Pioneer Mom and TikTok influencer Betsy Hicks Russ in this episode. She shares her stories of Joey, her adult autistic non-verbal adult son, and their journeys to teach the world about the importance of general compassion, kindness, and inclusion for all. Please follow Betsy and Joey on this remarkable educating journey of love, struggles, and the real life of @BetsyontheGo

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 161-Tim Goldstein Neurodiverse Communications Specialist Part 2

In this 2-Part Episode, I have the honor to speak with Tim Goldstein. Tim was late diagnosed as autistic and has found his calling as a neurodiverse communications specialist. He is an Author, Education Trainer, and he also does neurodiverse consulting. I further invited him to attend the 1 in 44 Tour Virtual Autism Summit, you can check his session out there too if you were a ticket holder. Enjoy this Two-Part Conversation!

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 161-Tim Goldstein Neurodiverse Communications Specialist Part 1

In this 2-Part Episode, I have the honor to speak with Tim Goldstein. Tim was late diagnosed as autistic and has found his calling as a neurodiverse communications specialist. He is an Author, Education Trainer, and he also does neurodiverse consulting. I further invited him to attend the 1 in 44 Tour Virtual Autism Summit, you can check his session out there too if you were a ticket holder. Enjoy this Two-Part Conversation!

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Autism Podcast Series Episode 160- Dr. Kerry Magro Ed.D Award Winning Author and Icon Advocate in the Autism Community

Welcome to Season 6, we're going to do things a little differently for the new year! In this episode, I talk with Dr. Kerry Magro Ed.D., an award-winning autistic professional speaker, best-selling author, and autism entertainment consultant. This conversation is full of great information, advice, resources, and more!

Autism Real Estate Sensory Specialist
Autism Friendly Interior Designer creating/designing spaces for children’𝚜 developmental milestones

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Design Your Space with Your Intuition-Keynote Speaker, Life Designer, and Writer Shana Francesca

When you think of interior design, what do you think of? In this episode, I speak with Life Designer Shana Francesca as we discuss designing with intention and intuition. So much to learn in this discussion and take away in your life. Learning to design with your intuition can help bring balance to all areas of your life. Sit back, listen, take notes and enjoy!

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Santa Reading Autistic Kids Christmas Lists 2022

Santa brings us this special video reading Christmas lists from Autistic Kids in the Autism Community

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John's Crazy Socks with John and Mark Cronin-Down Syndrome Doesn't Stop Him From Spreading Happiness to the World

John Cronin was born with Down Syndrome, he is a kind, compassionate, smart, enthusiastic business owner! Yes I said it BUSINESS OWNER! John and his father Mark own John's Crazy Socks, an apparel company made with Love for Down Syndrome awareness and acceptance. You'll love this conversation with John and Mark and learn how it all came to be!

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Communication Expert and Founder of MasterTalk -Brenden Kumarasamy

Brenden speaks about many topics relating to communication such as presentation skills, storytelling, and speech. Starting MasterTalk at the age of 20, you'll have plenty of takeaways from Brenden. Anyone that loves speaking, wants to improve their speaking engagements, or just starting out! There are plenty of skills to start practicing today!

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Gramps Jeffrey, Award Winning Author

Award Winning Author Gramps Jeffrey, gives parents a new perspective from a baby-boomer grandfather's point of view. How do you relate to your toddler? Great conversation, advice, and discovery of his books, passions, and most of all the love for his family! 

Amazon link:
“I Don’t Want To Turn 3”

Barnes & Noble link:
“I Don’t Want To Turn 3”

Winner of the Firebird Book Award:

Recipient of t...

Autistic Author- Chatter Box: My Life with Autism a Mother and Sons Perspective

In this episode, Martin Slyngstad shares his journey of Autism and how it ultimately led him and his mother to see the need for a book called - Chatter Box: My Life with Autism a Mother and Sons Perspective check it out today everywhere books are sold.

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Social Security Disability Revealed-With Spencer Bishins

In this episode Spender Bishins shares his book:

Available now!  Social Security Disability Revealed: Why it's so hard to access benefits and what you can do about it - an insider overview on the inner workings of the Social Security Administration with an in-depth view on applying for Disability benefits, why you might not succeed, and how to make the process easier on yourself.  

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Autism Doesn't End at 18- A conversation with Joanne Geresner

Joanne Geresner from Eden II Programs help families with Autistic individuals throughout their lives, with education, adult day programs, residential care, family support, respite, and a number of other services. If you are in the Greater Long Island area, please click the link below for more info on services!

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Captain Ahab-A Story of Bravery, Misfits, and Adventures Around the World with Geeg Wiles

Geeg Wiiles' grandfather left his post and took a piece of the country with him. However, upon arriving back, he could never again find the home of Captain Ahab-Thus his adventures in traveling the world began. Learn more at their website-

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150th Episode-Autism Advocate Social Media Influencer, Award Winning Children's Book Author, Podcaster-Laura Hales

150th Episode-
Have you ever met that Mom that is just doing ALL OF THE THINGS? Introducing, Laura Hales- Autism Mom 1st, Author, Community Advocate, Social Media Autism Influencer, Podcaster, Voice Actor, and Personal Trainor!  SEE- she wears ALL the hats! Find out more about her and enjoy this genuine, educational, and most of all FUN conversation! 

To see all the places you can find her visit:

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Becky Fry-Autism Mom Life Coach-No one should feel alone on their journey

Each families' Autism journey and experience is so vastly different. But one thing that can be found most in common is the lack of support moms can feel. Becky Fry is an Autism Mom and a life coach for others. Sharing hope and goals for Moms and their success with their children, but most importantly keeping themselves cared for as well.

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Christy Ann Clark Host of the Sociocultural podcast Perceptionists Anonymous

Such a fascinating discussion with the brilliant Christy Ann- host of the Perceptionists Anonymous Podcast, a sociocultural podcast. We have a deep discussion of childhood, parenting, adulting, and living life to the fullest. 

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Alignment Coach and Retreat Host-Shantel Reitz

Shantel Reitz was crowned Mrs. Premier World 2019-20 by empowering others to become the person they were always meant to be. Inspiring women and men alike and paving a pathway of transformation for all she encounters. What happens when you give in to the power within yourself? 

"Stop worrying about what others think of you and start unconditionally loving and accepting yourself."

To find out how to get in touch with her and support her journey:

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Autism Episode-TRAVELING DIFFERENT by Dawn Barclay a Consumer/Travel Trade Reporter and Author

Traveling her whole life, Dawn envisioned a totally different travel future for herself and her young family.  But when she endured travel with her two neurodiverse children, she soon realized, it was nothing short of challenging. In her book Traveling Different, she talks about the good times and the bad and shows how accommodations can be made to bring travel as comfortable as possible when you're Traveling Different. 

Check out Her Blog,Book, and Website at:

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EmpowerHER Podcast Host and Event Host Kacia Ghetmiri

Do you ever feel like you are not aligned in your life? How do you know? When do you pivot and change? Today, I  talk with Kacia Ghetmiri, an Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Event Host. She talks about finding alignment and how to shift in those moments of comfortability to push yourself further and be the best you can be. Be sure to check out her podcast EmpowerHER and Upcoming Events at her website below:

"Empowering ambitious women with the mindset shift and spark they need to...

Leading With Joy with Akaya Windwood and Rajasvini Bhansali

Leading With Joy-Practices for Uncertain Times written by Akaya Windwood and Rajasvini Bhansali 

Do you lead with joy? What practices are you partaking of to bring joy to yourself and all those around you? In this episode, we discuss the importance of balancing joy, grief, happiness, and leadership. Come join us in learning new ways to empower yourself and those around you.

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Autism Self Advocate Ryan Litchfield

Today I sit down with Ryan Litchfield, an Autism Self Advocate, and Autism Coach. Ryan shares his story of overcoming obstacles and paving a way for his future. 

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Infinite Healing Connections with Julie Carlisle

Do you know how to heal from past trauma? In this episode, I discover the why behind Julie Carlisle, a wellness coach. She wants to help each individual breakthrough with emotional transformations to help bring the existence you'd love to live to life.  
Check out her website

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Teens and Social Media-Adolescent Addiction Expert Richard Capriola

Do you know when your teen is misusing social media? Alcohol? Drugs? What are the warning signs, and how do I get my teen to talk to me? Teen Addiction Expert Richard Capriola helps break down the signs, strategies, and dangers of teens and social media.
The Addicted Child is a roadmap on adolescent substance abuse for parents.

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October 22, 2022 Autism Safety Summit Announcement

Join Us for the First Annual Autism Safety Summit on October 22, 2022 where we will have 16 Autism Safety Experts to help educate and share resources for Autism safety in the world today.  Early Bird Tickets on Sale for $10 code SAFETY at checkout!

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Bullying Buddy App-Founder, CEO and Author Tara Lynn Townes

Welcome to Season 5 of The SJ Childs Show- Today I had the fantastic opportunity to do this episode LIVE from the International Podcast Day Summit. In this great conversation, I speak to Tara Lynn Townes. She is the Founder and CEO of the Bullying Buddy App. She has authored two books, and we discuss how her son with dwarfism endured horrible bullying, and through that, they learned together, how to take on the bullies, the schools, and now the whole community. This is an informative and educational episode, please follow up by sharing these resources with the families, and...

Signing Times Creator and Host Rachel Coleman-Communication, Compassion, and Education to the World for Supporting the Deaf Community

Wrapping up Season 4 with an amazing episode and guest who I have known for over a decade! Not only has she changed the lives of MILLIONS of families and deaf individuals, but she talks about her journey as a mom, TV Host, and Producer, and you will just love to be able to know more about Rachel Coleman, Creator, and Host of Signing Times.

To be a guest, say hello, or follow my social media: