Bar Talk with Jenna

24 Episodes

By: Jenna Duddleston

Hosted by Jenna Duddleston Bar Talk is a combination of sports, food & booze while helping people realize we have more in common with each other than we have different.

63. Getting Honest About Miscarriage and Being a Woman in Sports (ft. Ally Redig)
Last Thursday at 12:00 PM

TRIGGER WARNING: Miscarriage/ Infant Loss Jenna sits down with Ally Redig of Athlete Relations to discuss her business, the care she has for her clients that shines through in her work and the inspiration behind her “Woman in Sports” hoodie. Ally also opens up about her miscarriage, why she wanted to talk about it publicly and her advice on what to say to someone that has miscarried.

62. Frank Ruffolo of Franco's - You Can't Move Forward Until You Learn the Lesson

Jenna sits down with Frank Ruffolo, owner of Franco’s Ristorante & il Culaccino. Frank opens up about being a kid working with his father, the ironic coincidence between his birthday and Franconello, and why he felt this was in calling.

61. A Year of Bar Talk - Madison Koekkoek Interviews Jenna

It's been a year since Bar Talk started off as an Instagram LIVE show! Jenna thought on the 1 year mark it was only fitting to bring back Madison Koekkoek, but this time Madison's asking the questions! Get ready to hear what Jenna's learned, what to look forward to and her dream guest.

60. Sweet Emotions

This week Jenna talks about... -sitting in her emotions, how this has greatly benefited her -being able to be the in-game announcer for the PWHPA -letting herself feel joy for the first thing in awhile

59. Meet Mike Rubio - Understanding the Weight of your Words

Get ready to meet Mike Rubio, the brains behind The Greatest Card Trick! Jenna sits down with fellow Bridgeport native to chat about how The Greatest Card Trick came about, and what project he has in the works. Jenna opens up the podcast to discuss the weight of your words and how we need to be careful with how we use them.

58. Can We CANCEL, Cancel Culture

Jenna talks about how Cancel Culture is TERRIBLE for our society. She breaks down... -Erika Nardini & the NWHL -Why what happened with the NWHL only hurts the women -Different perspectives are a GREAT thing -The difference in women's sports vs. men's sports

57. Bar Talk - Meet Saesoh

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56. What a Small Business Owner Wish You Knew & Get You Body Moving w/ Pure Barre

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55. Meet the 10 year old that flipped off Aaron Rodgers

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54. 2020... Wasn't That Bad

Jenna ends the year on sharing what she learned, the realizations she's come to, and how if the pandemic didn't happen Bar Talk might not have either. It's all about changing your perspective on this episode!

53. Bar Talk with John Arenz

A swimming pool accident nearly paralyzed John Arenz from the neck down. The doctors told him he would never use his arms or hands again, but John would not accept the thought go never peeing again on his own. Five months post-accident, John has defied the odds and is proving every doctor wrong.

52. Bar Talk - Grateful For All Of YOU - Happy Thanksgiving

As I sit here with a grateful heart, I want to express my gratitude towards every single one of you during this time. Happy Thanksgiving!

51. Bar Talk Restaurant Edition, RPM Seafood

The RPM brand has become a staple in the Chicago restaurant scene. With the newest addition RPM Seafood, Jenna talks to two of their employees, Clint Miller and Michael McDonald, on what it’s like working there. From the difficulties they are facing working during a pandemic and sharing positive Karen stories.

50. Bar Talk with Bria Anderson

Jenna almost set her house on fire 2 minutes before this interview. Yep, that almost happened. Oh and it's on video. Bria was kind enough to let Jenna get her shit together before chatting it up. Bria opened about her journey of staying true to herself (while being a mom), how she knew her husband, Tim Anderson, was the one and giving yourself patience and grace while raising her kids.

49. Bar Talk - BOTOX with Nico Palanti

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48. Bar Talk Solo Show

This week Jenna's riding solo and sharing some good news! Jenna talks about the restaurant industry, the White Sox, and Bears. Jenna gets real, talking about her struggles with control.

47. Bar Talk with Ed Warm

Jenna heads to Joe’s on Weed Street for a conversation with the man credited for bringing country music to Chicago, Ed Warm. The owner of Joe's, who is also a 3x ACM Promoter of the Year, and co-founder of the Windy City Smokeout, hits all the high notes - from discovering the biggest names in country music to the future of live music and its return.

46. Bar Talk with Barstool Carl

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Shinnick's Pub

45. Bar Talk Restaurant Edition, Pizzeria Portofino

Jenna has on her 2 coworkers from Pizzeria Portofino, Courtney & Gavin, to discuss the famous people they’ve served, what it’s like working at the hottest restaurant in the city and the craziest customer stories they’ve experienced.

44. Bar Talk with Lindsey Simon & Denise Kokinis of Plus Some Inches

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43. Bar Talk with Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle

Chicago Joe Doyle

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42. Bar Talk with Luke Gregerson

Jenna virtually shares a drink with MLB free-agent Luke Gregerson as he shows us his bourbon collection, discusses if baseball is likely to finish this year, and Houston’s cheating scandal.

41. Bar Talk with Pete Houlihan

The Magic of David Gichner. All Ticket Sales go towards the treatments for Nicole Houlihan who is battling stage IV Ewings Sarcoma.

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40. How To Be a Good Teammate with Chelsea Cunningham

After some unexpected time off, Bar Talk is back! In this return Jenna shares a drink with Chelsea Cunningham, her former teammate of 5 years to discuss the recent rise in the fight for racial equality happening in our country. In their conversation, Chelsea talks about how you can be a good teammate while we navigate this next chapter.