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Matt Sekeres and Blake Price, two of the most popular voices of Vancouver hockey, formerly on TSN 1040, are back in the digital space. A daily podcast featuring long time Canucks reporter Jeff Paterson and top insiders delivering the latest breaking news, insight, analysis and opinions on the Vancouver Canucks, NHL, PGA, CFL and breaking down the biggest news from the world of sports.

January 27 2023 - Rick Dhaliwal & Chris Gear
Last Friday at 10:16 PM

Matt and Blake further discuss Andrei Kuzmenko's contract extension. What it means for the team's next steps, what was lost, and whether the Canucks understand buying low and selling high. They also talk about the trades to come, including Bo Horvat landing spots and potential pieces in return, as well as the case for dealing Brock Boeser and Conor Garland. Rick Dhaliwal stops by with the mechanics of how Kuzmenko got his name on another Canucks contract, as well as the merits of holding Horvat out of games to keep him healthy. Rick also speaks on the possibility of...

January 26 2023 - Jeff Paterson & Frank Corrado
Last Thursday at 11:30 PM

Big news day with the re-signing of winger Andrei Kuzmenko and new coach Rick Tocchet blasting his team following a 6-1 loss to the Seattle Kraken. The guys analyze Kuzmenko's new deal with Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver), as well as unpacking all the comments from Tocchet. "Soft, predictable, leadership" and second-guessing."... there were plenty of buzzwords and lots of meaning behind the coach's media session. Ex-Canuck Frank Corrado returns with his personal experience playing for Tocchet in Pittsburgh and what Penguins practices are like. Corrado also shared his thoughts on the Top Prospects Game at the LEC and...

January 25 2023 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson
Last Wednesday at 9:46 PM

Darren Dreger (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) stops by with his analysis of why Rick Tocchet was the choice for new Canucks coach, how the Rutherford/Allvin management team proceeds from here, and who among young highly-regarded prospects might be available in a Bo Horvat trade. Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) analyses Tocchet's first day on the job, the propensity of fights for the Canucks, and the looming decision on two-goal hero Andrei Kuzmenko.

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January 24 2023 - Patrick Johnston & Michael Grabner
Last Tuesday at 8:31 PM

Matt and Blake point forward to the Rick Tocchet era as the Canucks prepare for three games in four nights starting with Chicago on Tuesday. From increased roles for role players, to his relationship with Oliver Ekman-Larsson and the daily discussions with management on lineup decisions, the guys lay out what to expect from Tocchet and discuss what can be achieved for this year, and how low they can go in the tank for Bedard derby. Patrick Johnston stops by with what's he's hearing about Canucks ownership, plus analyzes the frank comments from J.T. Miller about how emotional...

January 23 2023 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson
Last Monday at 10:18 PM

Another jam-packed show with Canucks news aplenty. Matt and Blake dissect Bruce Boudreau's interview on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio including his season-long wonder about when he'd get fired, and his refusal to change systems from last year.
John Shannon joins and the former executive producer of HNIC tells us "that's not the Jimmy I know" regarding Rutherford and the clunky coaching change. 
And Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) runs through the tasks (plural) ahead for new coach Rick Tocchet and whether this is the lowest point in Canucks' history.

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January 22 2023 - Bruce, there he goes
Last Monday at 1:12 AM

Matt and Blake produce an emergency pod after the Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, name Rick Tocchet his replacement, and perhaps sink to the lowest point in franchise history. The guys discuss Jim Rutherford’s apologies and half-measure acceptance of responsibility for the way Boudreau’s exit was handled. Will Patrik Allvin now ascend? Sounds like we’ll hear more from him with Rutherford vowing to “zip it.” One year into the job, he’s got his coach and a chance to finally start instilling the culture he’s trying to import from Pittsburgh. Plus, early Tocchet talking points. River hockey. Plans...

January 20 2023 - Trevor Linden & Rick Dhaliwal

A must-listen show given all that's swirling around the Canucks. Matt and Blake lambast the organization for how they've handled head coach Bruce Boudreau. The Welcome Matt tackles these back-to-back home games and hopes to send Bruce (There It Is!) out a winner. Former Canucks president and captain Trevor Linden joins to talk about his late friend and teammate Gino Odjick. Linden shares stories about the legendary Canuck, and commiserates with the plight of current captain Bo Horvat. Rick Dhaliwal stops by with the latest on Rick Tocchet's soon-to-be hiring and the suitors for Horvat.

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January 19 2023 - Jeff Paterson & Rob Williams

Busy as always with the Canucks and on Thursday's show with reports that Rick Tocchet could take over as head coach as soon as Monday. The guys discuss the treatment of Bruce Boudreau and why the Canucks chose to hang their coach out to dry. Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) joins with his assessment of the Canucks' 5-2 loss against Tampa: the good (Kuzmenko, Hughes), the bad (4-0 after one period) and the ugly (Spencer Martin). Jeff tells us that he was a little underwhelmed by the Rogers Arena crowd and its response to the Gino Odjick pre-game ceremony...

January 18 2023 - Darren Dreger & John Shannon

Big insider show with both Darren Dreger and John Shannon telling us what they've heard surrounding the Canucks. Dregs (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) on a Bo Horvat fit with Carolina, the likelihood of re-signing Andrei Kuzmenko by the trade deadline, Luke Schenn making sense for Minnesota, and why -- why?! -- the Canucks continue to let Bruce Boudreau twist in the wind. Shannon on the Rutherford presser, Rick Tocchet, why he thinks Schenn makes sense for the Oilers, and the legacy of the late Gino Odjick.

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January 17 2023 - Jay Janower, Jeff Paterson & Patrick Johnston

Another jam-packed show as the Canucks World Turns. Jay Janower of Global BC, who asked several tough questions during Monday's press conference, joins us to give us his take on what he heard from Jim Rutherford. Jay wonders what the fascination is with Rick Tocchet and speaks to the awful treatment of Bruce Boudreau. Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) on a practice that was stopped by Boudreau and on the uniforms (and tribute to Gino Odjick) for Wednesday's game against the Lightning. Patrick Johnston covered the team's 5-game road trip and returns with his thoughts on the Rutherford press...

January 16 2023 - Kirk McLean, Nathan Rourke & Jeff Paterson

Incredibly busy show with so much happening around the Canucks. Matt and Blake make the passing of Gino Odjick their lead discussion point, as well as the subject of the Welcome Matt. The fellas catch up with Kirk McLean, a Canucks ambassador, board member of the Canucks Alumni and a friend/former teammate of Gino. The Canucks legend was beloved by the B.C. hockey public, and today's To the People segment was dedicated to stories and memories of Gino. Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) joins to interpret a wide-ranging press conference from Canucks president of hockey operations Jim...

January 13 2023 - Rick Dhaliwal & Jeff Paterson

The Canucks lose a 3rd straight in Tampa in a game filled with frustration and fisticuffs. Also a curious decision to play Curtis Lazar over Andrei Kuzmenko in the dying minutes. Quinn Hughes says the Canucks mishandled Tanner Pearson's injury. We discuss with Rick Dhaliwal and Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver). The guys also talk about successors to coach Bruce Boudreau, Elias Pettersson wearing an 'A' and his future with the club, and #FreeTheSkate.

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January 12 2023 - Rob Williams & Gregg Bell

Oliver Ekman-Larsson's scratching and Tanner Pearson's season-ending surgery feature as Matt and Blake discuss the mid-point of the Canucks season and a playoff bid that is already lost. The Price is Right tackles what to do with OE-L, while the Welcome Matt deals with the decision looming on winger Brock Boeser, whose agent is seeking a trade. Rob Williams stops by with his analysis of the #FreeTheSkate campaign, and a prediction for when BC Place will host a regular-season NFL game. And Cpt. Gregg Bell previews the Seahawks playoff game against San Francisco, and points forward to the offseason...

January 11 2023 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

Another blown lead by the Canucks, who fall 5-4 in Pittsburgh after taking a 3-0 lead in the first period. Matt, Blake and Jeff Paterson discuss the unbelievable amount of blown leads from the Canucks this year, and the way they've lost games. Beyond that, Darren Dreger checks in with his understanding of how long Jim Rutherford is for Vancouver. The Canucks president of hockey operations turns 74 next month and sounded frustrated with the lack of progress in a Pittsburgh column earlier this week. Dregs gives us his understanding of where the Andrei Kuzmenko situation will go from here...

January 10 2023 - Patrick Johnston

Matt and Blake discuss Jim Rutherford's interview with a Pittsburgh newspaper and why it might mean he's not long for the Canucks. Plus, a look at two defence pairs: Quinn Hughes and Ethan Bear; Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Tyler Myers. The guys welcome Patrick Johnston of The Province to the show and to talk about the cringiest destinations for Bo Horvat to be traded to, as well as the road forward for Thatcher Demko and Canucks goaltending.

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January 9 2023 - Jeff Paterson & John Shannon

The guys return following a busy weekend in sports which saw the Canucks lose again, a new shooter in the Bo Horvat sweepstakes, and the Seahawks sneak into the playoffs. John Shannon returns to the show for the first time in 2023 and discusses Canucks goaltending, defensive play plus Bruce Boudreau turning 68. John gives his insight on whether the Kraken have the goods to acquire Horvat. Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) wonders about Elias Pettersson's frustration level, whether Thatcher Demko (or even Arturs Silovs) can ride to the rescue, and on Horvat's near-term future, including his pursuit of a career-best...

January 6 2023 - Ray Ferraro & Jeff Paterson

Awesome show heading into the weekend after two terrific hockey games on Thursday. Ray Ferraro (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) stops by to discuss the World Juniors, the gold-medal game and (naturally) Connor Bedard. Ray tells us who Bedard reminds him of and forecasts his NHL career, as well as discussing the other particulars from Canada's win over Czechia. Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) dissects the Canucks comeback victory over the Avalanche. The guys talk about Andrei Kuzmenko, Bo Horvat's all-star snub, Curtis Lazar and wonder whether Collin Delia should supplant Spencer Martin as the team's primary goaltender while Thatcher...

January 5 2023 - Frankie Corrado & Rob Williams

We welcome former Canucks defenceman Frankie Corrado back to the show!

Frankie touches on transitioning from hockey to the media world, the magnificence of Connor Bedard, his time in Vancouver that popularized the term "asset management" after he was claimed on waivers, playing for Torts, training with Bo Horvat when they were prospects and the uniqueness of the Vancouver hockey market.

With Dylan Guenther having a strong tournament for Canada at the World Juniors, Rob Williams drops by to revisit the disastrous OEL and Garland trade. We also get into the Black Skate jersey and...

January 4 2023 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

Matt returns to join Blake for the first S&P show of 2023. The guys discuss a soul-crushing loss to the Islanders, including Bruce Boudreau's comments after the game that drew a line between himself and the players.

Darren Dreger (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) stops by with info on Boudreau's coaching future, Bo Horvat trade timeline, and his optimism about a Tyler Myers turnaround and trade.
Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) assesses JT Miller's move back to the wing at Wednesday's practice as well as his preference for a Horvat trade.

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January 3 2023 - Rick Dhaliwal & Patrick Johnston

Happy New Year! We're back! Well, Blake is. JPat is in for Sekeres, who'll return on Wednesday, January 4.

Rick Dhaliwal on the Canucks’ interest in Alexis Lafrenière, Plus, Ricky gives us some J.T. Miller and Bo Horvat updates, plus a Canucks prospect coming to the WHL next season?

Patrick Johnston reacts to the perplexing Miller/Rutherford comments on the play of number 9, the tough Canucks schedule ahead, and Quinn Hughes finally scoring.

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January 2 2023 - Scott Rintoul

For the first show of the 2023, Matt and Blake welcome back Scott Rintoul to discuss the big project he has been working on.

Scott takes us through his process for a nine-part episodic podcast on the iconic West Coast Express. He tells us about the five pillars (voices) he needed to get on the show, as well as where he begins and ends the story.

The fellas discuss not only the line itself but the people who comprised it, where they are today and how they reflect back on this exciting era of Canucks hockey.

S&P Presents - Raffi Torres

In one of the funniest and most candid interviews S&P has done, former Canucks winger Raffi Torres joins to reflect back on his journey through hockey and his season with the Canucks.

Torres takes on his reputation as one of hockey's dirtiest players and most-feared hitters, the struggles he had in New York, the high times of Edmonton and his most eventful year in Vancouver which included a trip to the Stanley Cup final, a hat trick, a 23-game goal-less streak and a mentor met in the form of Manny Malhotra.

From "getting buckled...

Decemeber 28 2022 - 2022 Year in Review

Matt and Blake go month-by-month in reviewing 2002: the year in B.C. sports.

From Patrik Allvin's hiring in January, to Andrei Kuzmenko's signing in June, to Nathan Rourke's heroics, the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Vancouver Canadians and all the way up to the anniversary of the Canucks house cleaning, the guys look back at the Canucks, Lions, Whitecaps, Canadians, Connor Bedard and the Olympics in wrapping up the last 12 months. 

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S&P Presents: Keith Ballard

Matt and Blake catch up with former Canuck Keith Ballard for an emotional interview filled with introspection, honesty and the perspective of an ex-player who recently turned 40.

From his early days at fishing lodge near the Minnesota-Ontario border, to an impromptu meeting with #99 and #4 in Arizona, to his time in Vancouver that didn't go as planned, Ballard gives us an honest assessment of his life and times in hockey. 

Ballard struggled mightily with concussions, both in Vancouver and in retirement. He takes us through those struggles, which still prompt emotion.
He's a youth hockey c...

December 23 2022 - Cam Robinson & Jeff Paterson

An abbreviated show today as the guys head into the Christmas weekend wishing listeners a happy holidays!

The Welcome Matt tackles the big stories with the three big Vancouver sports teams: Canucks, Lions and Whitecaps.

Cam Robinson of Elite Prospects stops by with his preview of the three Canucks prospects at the World Juniors, his assessment of the Canadian team and North Van's Connor Bedard, and a look ahead at 2023 draft prospects.

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) joins with his top 3 Canucks stories of the year plus an honourable mention.


December 22 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal & Rob Williams

On the final live show of 2022, Matt and Blake discuss the Canucks rivalry with the Seattle Kraken and who is closer to contending. The guys also unpack another curious lineup decision to scratch Ethan Bear, and the XMas present journeyman Lane Pederson gets playing beside Elias Pettersson.

Rick Dhaliwal stops for his final hit of the year and talks Tyler Myers, Bo Horvat, Brock Boeser, Kyle Burroughs & prospect Aidan McDonough.

Rob Williams thinks Quinn Hughes is absolutely untouchable, also informs us that Rogers Arena security is on the lookout for people throwing jerseys on the...

December 21 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

The guys discuss the conditions around trading Tyler Myers with hockey insider Darren Dreger from the Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast. Dregs tells us about the type of teams that would be interested, under what circumstances and why he would be in-demand. They also point to two teams who are expected to be active on the trade market in 2023, and whether the Canucks might be trying to sell Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser on a market that also includes Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) stops by with his read on coach Bruce Boudreau's...

December 20 2022 - Jeff Paterson & Patrick Johnston

The snow doesn't stop S&P! The guys made it into Wall Centre and the Go Goat Sports studio to unpack a 5th (yes 5th!) 5-1 loss on home ice this season. More "Sell the Team" chants from fans and more disbelief from the leadership group of Bo Horvat and Luke Schenn.

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) has done the math on what it would take to make the playoffs. He also explains why head coach Bruce Boudreau remains positive.

Patrick Johnston on the demotion of Nils Höglander (on his 22nd birthday) and on t...

December 19 2022 - John Shannon & Vanni Sartini

An amazing weekend of sports, just not the Vancouver Canucks.

The guys discuss a 5-1 loss to Winnipeg, Patrik Allvin's inability to inspire confidence in his After Hours interview, and the distinction between Elias Pettersson being untouchable while Quinn Hughes isn't.

John Shannon tells us how Winter Classic teams/sites are picked, and gives us his two cents on whether the Canucks will be influenced by another jersey thrown on the ice in protest.

Vanni Sartini on an "iconic" World Cup final, why it was the best WC tournament ever, and what format...

December 16 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal & Ray Ferraro

Matt and Blake discuss reports that the Canucks are looking for young NHLers as much as picks and prospects in any Bo Horvat trade. With the salary cap hampering many teams' ability to add salary, a hockey trade is easier than a pure seller's trade. It's also the Canucks' preference as they continue to rebuff a rebuild.

Rick Dhaliwal has the latest on Elias Pettersson's future in Vancouver and what he could command, as well as tidbits on Horvat, Andrei Kuzmenko, Ethan Bear and Danila Klimovich.

Ray Ferraro (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) on why a...

December 15 2022 - Jeff Paterson, Rob Williams & Nathalie Rees

Happy Birthday to a young Blake Price! Can you guess his age? He and Matt discuss the Canucks' 4-3 shootout win against Calgary, including the Shorty Line of Dries, Garland and Höglander who stepped up when the usual suspects weren't going.

Alongside Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver), the guys wonder about the sustainability of that line with Garland suffering a bone bruise after a shot block, and the presumed return of Brock Boeser (illness) for Saturday's game against Winnipeg. Other topics include a six-game road winning streak, the turnaround of the penalty kill and whether the C...

December 14 2022 - Darren Dreger & Nathalie Rees

The guys get into the festive spirit with Nathalie Rees, who is back with some giveaways for lucky listeners.

Darren Dreger (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) joins from the Board of Governors meetings in Florida where Bo Horvat's name is on the lips of GMs. Dreger gives us the latest from his sources on how the Canucks are approaching their big decision on the captain, as well as Brock Boeser.

Matt and Blake also discuss the merits of an expanded playoffs, and an historic night for Alex Ovechkin.

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December 13 2022 - Jeff Paterson & Patrick Johnston

The guys discuss Canucks captain Bo Horvat releasing a statement about how he won't discuss his future for the rest of the season as well as whether the reports about what Horvat turned down are posturing or the real McCoy.

Matt and Blake discuss not only a Horvat trade, but other Canucks on the block including Brock Boeser, Luke Schenn and Andrei Kuzmenko.

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) stops by with his analysis of the captain's situation and Patrick Johnston discusses potential landing spots.

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December 12 2022 - Jeff Paterson & John Shannon

After an emotional weekend in sports, the guys talk about the Canucks being shutout (for the first time this season) and booed at Rogers Arena; the future of club captain Bo Horvat; the Seahawks blowing it against a very beatable opponent; and England bowing out of the World Cup dramatically (as per usual).

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) stops by to explain the message-sending ways of Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau, as well as to discuss Horvat's future and a potential return of the Lotto Line.

John Shannon takes us through Gary Bettman's messaging on...

December 9 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal & Rob Williams

Big show heading into the weekend as the guys discuss the one-year anniversary of Jim Rutherford leading the Vancouver Canucks. Matt gives out a grade in his editorial, Blake explains why F isn't an option and that more time is needed.

Hilarity ensues when Rick Dhaliwal learns he's allowed to curse on the show. And yes, he takes advantage! He also provides tidbits on Luke Schenn, Brock Boeser, Bo Horvat and the search for a cheap goalie to patch the dam.

Rob Williams takes on the myth of Canucks players practising a Cup celebration in 2011 as...

December 8 2022 - Ray Ferraro & Jeff Paterson

Matt and Blake go over another thrilling Canucks OT win, a third straight for the club. They take stock of the team 1/3 of the way through the season, including Elias Pettersson's start and prospects for a 100-point campaign, and the first year of the Jim Rutherford/Patrik Allvin regime.

Ray Ferraro (Ray and Dregs Hockey Podcast) stops by with his love for the Canucks' fourth-line, including a bold prediction for Nils Ă…man and the growth he sees in Dakota Joshua's game. Ray reminisces about the fire-wagon hockey of the 80s because it seems to be returning in a...

December 7 2022 - Darren Dreger & Bryan Burnham

The Canucks, Lions and Canadian athlete-of-the-year are discussed as seasons, careers and the year 2022 wind down.

Darren Dreger (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) takes us through the Canucks trade chips, including his understanding of where the Brock Boeser file goes from here. Dreger speculates on a Bo Horvat deal, and what Luke Schenn might fetch on the trade market.

Bryan Burnham gets introspective about his magnificent run with the B.C. Lions and tells us why he is retiring. He also identifies his favourite catches over the years -- and it's a long list! 


December 6 2022 - Jeff Paterson & Patrick Johnston

8-6 in Carolina. 7-6 over Colorado. An 11-0 score against Calgary way back when. The guys go through some of the craziest games in Canucks' history and where last night's 7-6 overtime game against the Habs ranks.

Rink Wide: Vancouver's Jeff Paterson, with his impressive recall of Canucks games past, stops by with his take on the wildest Canucks game in years. The guys also discuss Brock Boeser's trade value and what holds it back.

Patrick Johnston reminds us that the NHL is at its most offensive in years, and how hockey fans are the...

December 5 2022 - Jeff Paterson & John Shannon

After an enormous weekend of news, Matt and Blake unpack all the matters with Brock Boeser. The healthy-scratching that wasn't. The goal. The trade rumours. And the one-year anniversary of the firing of Jim Benning and Travis Green.

Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) stops by with his interpretation of all that happened Saturday, including whether the Canucks were shopping Boeser previously, and how he ultimately got back into the lineup. Jeff also talks about the Canucks one year since cleaning house.

John Shannon tells us that Jim Rutherford is typically a patient man who stubbornly...

December 2 2022 - Ray Ferraro, Rick Dhaliwal & Jeff Paterson

Capping off a busy week of news, Matt and Blake recap a second straight 5-1 loss by the Vancouver Canucks, this one to Florida, and the bigger worry about injured goaltender Thatcher Demko.

Ray Ferraro (Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast) joins to talk about the game, the loss of Demko, and why J.T. Miller continues to be a go-to interview. Also, on retiring numbers and whether keeping them in circulation is a better policy.

Rick Dhaliwal with the latest on Andrei Kuzmenko's future, Demko and more.

And Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide: Vancouver) gives...